Kit sniffed as she stuck her hands under the tap, her nose still running. When she decided her hands were wet enough, she pumped eight dollops of soap into her hands, working the mediocre scent into a foamy lather.

She cleared her throat, and grimaced at the burning feeling. She cleared it again. It was the type of throat pain you got when you were on the verge of a cold, but Kit knew that she wasn't getting sick.

When she was finished washing her hands, she shut off the water and ripped some paper towels from the dispenser, sighing heavily.

Emmett was probably waiting for her.

She always tried to not take too long, but sometimes, her body just wouldn't cooperate and do what she wanted it to do. She felt like she had rolled around in a mud pit and all she wanted to do, was go home and take a long shower.

She threw away the paper towels and reached into the front pocket of her school satchel, pulling out her mint strips. She knew they didn't get rid of the smell entirely and wouldn't last forever, but if she took five, then hopefully, she would be okay until she got home.

She popped open the cap, then gasped loudly, her heart sinking.

"Noooo," she drawled to herself, shaking her head, "No, no, no…"

It was empty.

"Oh my gosh, no," she ran a hand through her hair. Her mint strips were all gone and she couldn't recall when she had used them up.

So, now, she was going to have to go back to the lunchroom, her breath reeking of vomit and Emmett was sure to notice courtesy of his enhanced senses.

She couldn't have that. This was hers and she wasn't ready to let go of her secret. Every time she blinked, Emmett became aware and it was getting to the point, where she was starting to resent Edward. Gift or not, he needed to mind his own business.

She wondered if it was possible that he was listening to her thoughts now.

Shaking the bitter thoughts from her head, she tried not to panic at her current situation. She couldn't just stay in the bathroom until lunch was over.

She startled, her heart jumping in her chest when she heard footsteps approaching. Quickly, she went back to the sink and turned on the water, sticking her hands under the faucet for the second time. She bit her lip, trying hard to look casual.

"Oh, well, look who it is!"

Kit closed her eyes as dread filled her system and her heart began to race. Lately, anytime she heard the voices of Lauren and her friends, Kit had begun to feel…terrified.

Right, now, if Lauren wanted to, she could beat Kit up and no one would know.

'Just leave, Kit,' she thought to herself, shutting off the water with a shaking hand, 'Don't say anything and don't look at her.'

She ripped down a few more paper towels and dried her hands, desperately trying to focus her gaze anywhere else but on the other girl. For some reason, Lauren was just standing there, staring, having yet to go and occupy a stall.

With her hands once again dry, Kit kept her head down and began to take her leave. She supposed she was just going to have to go back to Emmett with her gross breath and come up with some kind of an excuse. Maybe he wouldn't notice. After all, she knew that human food smelled like dirt to Emmett and his kind.

However, she couldn't leave because Lauren held her ground, a purse over her shoulder and her hand on her hip.

'I guess it's good that she's alone,' Kit thought, releasing her bottom lip, 'I think Jessica scares me more, and she keeps saying she's going to beat me up.'

"I—um," she whispered, "P-pardon me…"

"Pardon me," Lauren mocked, then she jerked her body forward, making Kit flinch back violently in retaliation.

Lauren laughed, a sound that echoed in the bathroom.

"Oh, God," she giggled, "That never gets old. Does it, Kit?"

"I—I," Kit stuttered, shifting her weight. She didn't say anything else, but peeked up at Lauren.

Lauren wasn't glaring at her or looking at Kit with disgust like she usually did. Instead, she looked intrigued, with her head tilted to one side, causing her blonde hair to spill over her shoulder. There was a smirk on her thin lips and she looked perfectly content just standing there.

Kit broke the gaze first, looking down at the ground. Maybe Lauren was going to beat her up. Taunt her until she cried? Threaten her or make up some wild story?

"Look, Kit," Lauren exhaled softly, "Unlike you, I'm a good person. I'm popular, boys like me, I get good grades and I don't need to sleep around to get what I want. I'm not a fat whore like you."

Kit's head dropped even lower and she shuffled her feet slightly, until they were together. From this angle, she could look down at her thighs and she could see how gross and fat they still were. They almost ripped through her high-waisted jeans and there was still no gap.

But she was trying…


She gasped loudly, the wind getting knocked out of her, when she was shoved into the bathroom wall.

Her head snapped up and Lauren was glaring at her.

"Were you listening to me?" Lauren hissed.

Immediately, Kit nodded, not wanting to know what would happen if she had hesitated or said no.

"Y-yes!" she said, quickening her nods, "I was."

"That's what I thought," Lauren snapped. She turned to reach into her purse, "These are for you."

'Ow,' Kit thought, wincing when she rolled her shoulders, 'That hurt. It's going to bruise again.'

Not wanting to be caught not paying attention, she flicked her eyes up to Lauren, just as the blonde pulled something out of her purse.

With a sweet smile, Lauren extended her arm and instinctively, Kit flinched a little, but relaxed when no strike came.

"These are for you," Lauren said kindly, "Because I'm a good person."

Kit peered at the zip-loc sandwich bags Lauren was holding out to her, but instead of food, they were filled with pills. One was filled with tiny sky blue pills. The other was filled with bigger, white pills.

"These," Lauren tossed her the white pills and Kit gasped as she caught them, "Are diet pills. And these ones are," she tossed the blue ones, "Are laxatives."

"Wait, what!?" Kit gasped, eyes widening. She stared at what was in her hands, "Laxatives?"

"They make you shit out extra calories," Lauren said and Kit's nose scrunched up at the vulgar language, "And they take away water weight. The diet pills? I mean, come on, do I really have to explain those? I know you're stupid, but are you that stupid?"

'Aren't laxatives addicting?' Kit's brain was a whirlwind, 'And I thought diet pills could cause heart attacks? I can't take thesewell, I mean, I guess I could, but what if I do it wrong and something happens? What if I have to go to the hospital? And laxatives are so gross…"

Finally, she snapped out of her thoughts and shook her head, trying to hand the pills back to Lauren. She didn't want to say anything to set her off and Kit had to choose her words carefully.

"T-thank you…?" she said, "But, I don't do drugs."

"I know, so unhealthy, right?" Lauren giggled, "Not like starving yourself or puking all the time," she shook her head, "Hypothetically, of course."

Kit resisted the urge to bite her lip, "I-I don't want these."

Lauren looked her up and down, "You need them."

Kit blinked, "I don't want them."

"Fine," surprising Kit, Lauren shrugged, "Garbage can is over there," she nodded towards the can, "See you later, Kit," she spat the name before strutting out of the bathroom, "Don't keep Emmett waiting too much longer."

The words floated behind her in a sing-song voice.

Kit squeezed the baggies between her hands, feeling the shape of the pills through the plastic. There were so many. She had never seen so much medicine before. They were almost fascinating to look at.

She swallowed thickly, glancing at the trashcan, then back at the pills. Just because she had them, didn't mean she had to take them. She was having so much trouble losing weight. There was no scale at home, but she could tell by the way she looked in the mirror that she wasn't losing anything.

She grimaced at the thought of using laxatives. It sounded awful. She had no problems going to the bathroom, so, what would happen if she took medication that made you go? Would it tear apart her stomach or force her to go when she didn't have to?

'I can't get away with that at home,' she sighed, 'And I don't know how to take diet pills.'

For all she knew, they weren't what Lauren said they were. What if she took one and they killed her or something?

"I really don't have time for this," she bit her lip, going back to look at herself in the mirror.

Part of her was tempted to take a diet pill, now.

Chewing the inside of her cheek, she undid her satchel and shoved the pills inside. It probably wasn't wise to throw them away at school. What if someone saw them in the trash and reported it to the principal? It would be easier to throw them away at home…easier to hide them.

With her eyes darting around, she left the bathroom and headed back towards the cafeteria. She still didn't know what to do about her breath.

'I guess I can just sit down and take a quick bite or a sip of water,' she decided.

She felt incredibly anxious as she walked through the lunchroom towards the table where she sat with Emmett. She kept her eyes trained on her feet.

"There you are, baby!" Emmett grinned at her, "I was starting to worry."

Kit smiled tightly as she took her seat. She picked up her strawberry flavored water and took a large sip, licking her lips.

"You don't need to worry about me," she said with a brighter smile, "I was making sure my outfit looked okay."

"It looks fantastic," Emmett stressed and Kit chuckled, taking another sip of water.

"Thanks," she said shyly.

From the other side of the cafeteria, Kit saw Lauren wink at her.

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