I'm in a little writer's block for my other fandoms and I wanted to try out the Fallout fandom.

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Nora was a big girl, she was six! She really was, and the best part about being a big girl was the fact that Nora could enter with the older kids in her middle school's ballerina classes. Her mommy was happy that her daughter was taking up a girly hobby since Nora loved to play outside in the river with Nate and the older boys. While her mother disapproved of her boyish whims, Nora's father was more than happy to indulge his only child.

Sundays he would play ball with her in their little neighborhood of Sanctuary Hills, and on Tuesdays when he got back from the Fraternal Post 115 he would take Nora out to the Drumlin Diner. Every other weekday he would trade off with her mother and pick her up from her dance practices and the two would go to the Freedom Museum in Concord.

Now don't get Nora wrong; she loved her mommy but Mommy was more stern than her Papa. She believed in the traditional American dream and Nora was something that didn't fit into that tight restrictions. But her Papa was the opposite of her Mommy; he had seen war with the 'damned commie bastards' and when he got home to America he decided to live his life to the fullest. After a tour of the country he came back to the Commonwealth and met her Mommy; sometimes when Papa explained this to Nora he used big words like 'elope' and stuff like that.

Something she would learn when she was older.

But back to what she was saying, her Papa was more lenient with her because he could see her innocence past the horrors of war. So if his little girl was happy then he was.

Currently Nora was happy dancing like a pretty princess at night and playing in the dirt with Nate at day.

Oh! Nate was the most annoying boy she could have met, but with that dimpled grin and bright blue eyes Nora was more than happy to put up with him and his shit. Of course Nate was baffled when she said stuff like shit and dick, but he promised not to tell her Mommy if she snuck him some Nuka Cola Quantum.

She on the other hand was a pretty little girl (her Papa said so!) with her long black hair and pretty green eyes. Okay, Nora was shorter than most girls her age but this didn't stop her from many things. She had a big smile and could charm the coldest of hearts.

So when the Vault Tec Representative came to the door while her Mommy made breakfast and her Papa was shaving, Nora was able to get the impatient man to wait for her Papa. Papa picked her up from the floor and settled her on his hip, and talked amicably to the man who then left when he got what he wanted.

"Papa, what's a vault?" Nora asked when she was sat at her chair and her Papa took his coffee from Codsworth.

"Its a place for people to go if the bad guys make the world go boom," he told her as she began to shake some Sugar Bombs into her bowl.

"But why do we need it?"

Her Mommy poured milk into her cup and bowl before giving Nora her spoon, "Because darling, its just in case."

Nora nodded and ate her Sugar Bombs; Mommy and Papa liked to having things just in case of emergencies. That's why they bought Codsworth! But even Codsworth couldn't prevent her doggy Lily from leaving her home.

She was humming happily to herself after she finished her breakfast and went to her room to get into her cream dress like her Mommy wanted. Her parents said something about going to the Post tonight for a speech but all Nora could think about was playing football with Nate. Her hair was left waving in the wind as she put her black Mary Janes on and grabbed her football.

"Where are you going young lady!?" Her Mommy yelled.

Nora rolled her eyes but said, "To play with Nate!" and as she ran out the door she could hear Mommy grumble about Nora getting her dress all dirty.

Of course Nate was at the small playground and with a little bit of coaxing she got him to follow her down to the little wood bridge by the creek. She frowned at the heightened activity near the little dirt path and looked at Nate. He shrugged and took her ball from her and started to run up the hill. She yelped and ran after him but in her fancy shoes it was harder to do so.

Both of the kids stopped when a vertibird flew overhead and the sirens started to play their shrieks.


"Yeah Nora?"

"I want to go home," she said as a soldier in Power Armor passed the two of them with a big gun. Nora didn't wait for him and started to run down the path to get to her Papa and Mommy. She passed her frantic neighbors and heard Nate yell at his Daddy to put him down, and she eventually tripped over a fallen motorcycle and skinned her knees.

Tears welled up in her eyes and she tried not to cry but she couldn't help it. Her wailing caught the attention of everyone but no one came to her with a bandage. Eventually she heard her Mommy scream for her and Nora wailed louder, and she was picked up by her Papa. "P-Papa!" she shoved her head in his neck as he and her Mommy ran back up the path.

She raised her head a bit when they stopped for a second and she saw the Vault-Tec Representative ran passed them. Screaming about how Vault-Tec would hear about this.

When her Papa started to run again Nora took in her surroundings and saw people in a panic. The bright red and yellow leaves fell as they would for any other day and she asked her Papa, "So we won't see the game at Fenway Park?"

"No, Nora we won't."

Across the small platform was Nate and his Daddy, unlike her the eight year old was standing there with his dead Mommy's necklace in his hands. "LOWER THE ELEVATOR!" and Nora watched as the soldier that yelled it ran to the little building and began to go through the controls there. She turned her head to look at the view and before Nora knew it there was a huge mushroom cloud in the sky and a big wave of debris heading towards them.

"HOLD ON!" Papa yelled and she screamed as the platform began to go down. The last thing Nora saw of the surface was the bright sun being drowned out by dark clouds.

She was daydreaming as her Papa walked through the Vault, but snapped out of it when a nice doctor took her to another room to change into the bright blue vault suit. She sniffled and whined, "But I don't like it!" To which the employee sneered for her to get over it.

Nora was led back to her Papa who was wearing his suit too and cracked a joke that either he or she had to go home and change but Nora was too shocked by the recent happenings to do much other than hold her Papa's hand. Mommy held her other and they were brought over to the weird looking seats, first she was hugged by her Mommy as Papa helped her into the pod.

Then it was Nora's turn to get into her pod and she held onto her Papa, "It'll be okay sweetheart, it'll be over before you know it. Now where's my strong little girl?" And she tried to smile at him.


"I can't hear you soldier!"

"HERE!" and with that he gave her a last hug before lifting her into her pod.

Faintly she could hear Nate whine, "Why does Nora get her own pod?"

"Because her family paid for it."

"I love you Caroline, Nora."

"I love you Nathan, Mommy loves you Nora."

Her pod closed before she could tell her Mommy and Papa the same thing but with her Papa in front of her she huffed onto the glass and drew him a big heart. Papa smiled and then a loud female voice began to count down and it got cold. Quick.




And Nora was frozen in place with her hands curled in front of her face, resembling a heart.


When Nora woke up again the female voice was talking again in big words and there was two people standing in front of Nate and his Daddy's pod. One was in a hazmat suit and the other was a bald man in funny clothes.

"This one," and she watched as the pod opened and her friend started to cough. Nora pounded her fists on the door and tried to get their attention but she was ignored. Across from her her Papa was doing the same as Nate was helped down from his pod before the bald man pulled a gun out on his Daddy.

"NO!" she yelled as the kind was killed and Nate was being dragged away kicking and screaming.

The man looked at her and smiled cruelly, "At least we have the back up."

Nora spit at the glass and cried out when the man waved a hand and the pods around hers began to dark and her Papa began to wheeze in his pod. "PAPA!" but she watched what she would later find out was her father's death. And it would be nothing like the ending he always envisioned for himself, to go out with a bang.

Instead he suffocated in a dank dark vault with his only child watching it.

Then Nora froze again and this time her face was a bright red and tears and snot were streaming down her face. Nothing like the hopeful little girl that had been frozen for 150 years with heart shaped hands.

It seemed like a lifetime ago that Nora had sat down at her dinner table with some Sugar Bombs and her Grognak comic book. Her Papa reading the news and her Mommy cleaning the dishes with Codsworth.

Now after what seemed like a second but was 60 years later, Nora woke up and this time she was alone. Her pod opened up because something went wrong and she vomited on the floor. Nora cried and wiped at her face before crawling over to her Papa's pod; and she it the one button near his pod and it opened up. With some trouble she climbed into his pod and curled up next to his ice cold body and wept.

In her childish mind she knew that her parents were gone and that she was truly alone.

Nora didn't know how long she stayed next to her Papa but when she got up she whispered to him, "I'm your big girl daddy, I'm your little soldier." She slipped his ring off his finger and went over to her Mommy's pod. Hers didn't open easy but with a good kick to the door it popped open for Nora. She gave her Mommy a kiss and took her ring too.

She walked around in the vault and hopped over the skeletons and hoped they were fake.

"KYAAAA!" and upon seeing the biggest roach in history and ran from it. She went through hall after hall and found herself in the overseer's office and picked up the gun there. Her Papa taught her the basics to shooting and she knew that she should turn on the safety. But she didn't.

Her little hands picked up a small bookbag and stuffed the gun into it with the accompanying extra rounds. Then she stumbled into an inventory room where her dress and her family's clothes were stored. Nora took the cream dress that her Mommy bought and her shoes; then a Nuka Cherry that was hidden in someone's purse.

When she was done stuffing the big bag up she ran over to the entrance and screamed at the roaches there. Her vault suit was stained with blood when she stepped and kicked it. Then her eyes landed on something she couldn't believe.

"A Pip-Boy!" and although she kicked the arm from it, Nora couldn't help but to feel happy. Her very own Pip-Boy!

Sure it was a little big but if she believed hard enough then she could wear it. Her fingers fumbled on a small plug in the back to pulled out with a wire and she looked at it then up to the platform's plug in. Nora stood on her tippy toes to push the thingy in and she hit the button when the glass box on it popped up. She jumped when the huge vault door opened loudly and lights and sirens began to start up.

Nora walked up to the platform and jumped on it as it started to move as the entrance opened up before her, and the elevator that she had been carried on was there. Waiting for her. The cage on the elevator opened and after a minute of standing on it the elevator began to raise up.

Leaving the vault behind her, six year old Nora Millicent Williams emerged into a Commonwealth that was much more different than she had last seen. Nora gasped when she reached the top, oh it was terrible. The once vibrant landscape was drowned out in the bleary wasteland's brown hue. In the distance she could see fallen buildings.

And to think that Vault-Tec was prepared for the future!

The only thing Nora could do was go home, but looking to the elevator to the vault she sighed. Her Mommy and Papa was where home was, but they were gone. Her small feet tread carefully on the radiation soaked dirt as she searched around the area above Sanctuary Hills; her eyes alight in slight wonder as she placed Rad-Xs and RadAways into her bag. In a wooden crate she found a Giddyup Buttercup Head but she couldn't carry it around with her.

She got to the the bottom of the vault's path and walked over what once was her neighbors and her country's protectors. Desperately thinking about how it was just a funny Halloween trick. Anything other than it could have been Mrs. Walker that gave her cookies and let her and Nate read her Grognak comic books. Or kind Mr. Allen that would sneak her a Nuka Cola even after Papa said no.

But now she was walking through the skeletons of her old neighborhood and gasped.

"CODSWORTH!" she ran up to the Mr. Handy and hugged one of his arms and the British accented robot gasped.

"Miss Nora? Is that really you?" and she nodded frantically, "Well lets get you something to eat. Where is Sir and Mum? Oh its been a while since we have had a family dinner together!"

"B-But we can't!" she cried out.

"Why is that Miss Nora?"

She sniffled and said, "Mommy and Papa are gone and someone took Nate! I-I want to find Nate!"

Nora sat in the dirt and let Codsworth ramble on about how it was understandable that she would be hysterical; trauma and not eating for 200 years would do that to a sane person. He led her to the kitchen of her home and she climbed up on a stool while he set about to find her some dinner. Her green eyes caught the worn edges of her Grognak comic book and she sat there to read it. She was disappointed to see that some pages were gone and her hysterics had finally calmed down as the smell of cooking meat filled the air.

"I apologize for the wait Miss Nora, but I went to the other house and I have found only the best I can," and in front of her was cooked meat? and a Nuka Cherry. She let him open the bottle and with her hands she ate the meat. "Granted it came from the biggest radroach I could find," and Nora spat out the meat.


"I must implore you to eat, get your strength up. You did want to find Young Nate?"

She nodded, "Then please eat your food Miss Nora."


Her room was different then she remembered; the bright pink wallpaper was peeling and some of the walls were broken down. Her floors were dusty and it looked like someone had been going through her things! She looked under the bed and smiled, the knife her Papa taped to the bottom of the frame was still there. Nora's pajamas were old and threadbare but she put them on and let Codsworth tuck her into bed and he read from her books.

Dreams of her Papa and Mommy flew through her head and when she woke up she half expected her Papa to be in the living room reading the newspaper and for her Mommy to still be asleep. Instead she got Codsworth laying out her fancy cream dress and white socks, not her Papa or Mommy doing it for her. "I'm afraid that as there is no running water you cannot bathe today."

That was okay, she didn't like baths anyway.

Tiny feet were clad in white and her dress covered her scabby knees; she tugged her collar into place and didn't brush her hair. "I don't think I can brush my teeth," she said when she found her toothbrush was gone. Her new book bag was set by the orange door and a little help from Codsworth she heaved it on her back and let him pack some Dandy Boy Apples and fresh water into it.

"Where are we going?"

"Concord, there might be some people there that could help find young Nate."

Nora kicked broken pieces of concrete down the road and she wished that she was riding in her Papa's car. She gasped as Codsworth suddenly blocked her view and floated over to pick something up. "What is it?" Nora asked as she bounced around him.

"I must beg you not to look," but she didn't listen to him.

The poor man in front of her had his eyes open and there were little bugs crawling around in his mouth and neck. Next to him was a Stimpak that she picked up and handed to Codsworth. She averted her gaze after that, not even daring to look at the animal next to him with the tire iron in it. A bark in the distance got her attention and in her desperation she started to run to the Red Rocket.

She screamed when something exploded from the ground and fell onto her bum. Nora raised her hands up in defense but nothing happened; opening her eyes she stared. "Lily?" but the dog in front of her was not Lily, no Lily was a Golden Retriever. This was a German Shepard and it was biting the head off a huge monster.

As Codsworth and the dog scouted the area for anymore of those things she merely curled up in a ball and cried.

"I want to go home."

Looks like someone wasn't prepared for the future.

Hopefully this helps get rid of my writers block.

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