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Chapter 128

Shadow of Nordrassil

Nobu'tan spun out of the way as a massive iron wedge, connected to a chain, slammed into the ground where he had stood. The Dragonspawn wielding the weapon didn't let up, ripping the flailing weapon back and swinging it once more.

Dozens had already fallen trying to push past Nobu'tan, and the warlock was already weary, but the shouts of those fighting on the other side of the Kalimdor Horde's base reached his ears, it redoubled his resolve to hold this juncture.

Diving to dodge the next swipe at his head, Nobu'tan rolled, aiming the Elder Wand as he came up on one knee, and blasting the dragonspawn with the curse of death, sealing the final portal of Infinite Dragonspawn trying to swarm the rear of the base.

Letting his head hang, Nobu'tan sighed in relief that he had a moment of reprieve. But it was short lived, even as the ground quaked with a thunderous footstep.

"Cry for mercy!" boomed a demonic voice from beyond the fort, "Your meaningless lives will soon be forfeit."

Knowing that he had to be of use to the defenders now that the Infinite had been pushed back, Nobu'tan surged to his feet. Quickly he conjured several water elementals to watch the rear of the fortress once more; the warlock turned and ran for the front gate to check on the state of the battle.

Thrall and Jaina were there, rallying their combined forces as they dealt with increasing numbers of demons, mixed with Scourge undead, and a towering Doomlord starting toward them up the path of the mountain.

From over the ridge leading to the top of the mountain, a flock of hippogriffs swooped down, carrying Night Elf archers on their backs, to counter the swarming gargoyles and provide air support to the forces on the ground.

Nobu'tan sent spells forward, blasting the side of the battle with fire and arcane; pinpoint strikes to eliminate demons that were holding the defenders back from rallying against the newest threat.

A shower of ice and snow from Jaina washed over the remainder of the flank, cutting off the advancing Legion forces, and opening the way for Nobu'tan to reach the front.

"You deaths will be a painful," the Doomlord said, driving its massive blade into the ground, crushing a pair of defenders and sending a shower of rock and dirt toward the base.

Looking around quickly, Nobu'tan tried to find a way to elevate himself, to have a better vantage to offer what aid he could.

The towers on either side of the front would be ideal, but the gargoyles were swarming them, trying to remove the spear thrower trolls and orc shaman that were posted there.

Dodging through the melee, Nobu'tan made his way for the nearest one, using the arcane to shimmer his way through the battling demons, Alliance, and Horde members. Arriving at the base of the tower quickly, the warlock stormed up the ramp to the lowest level, conjuring flames in his hands.

As soon as he came into view of the flyers harassing the defenders here, he unleashed a concentrated beam of flame, incinerating the flying menaces and clearing the line of fire for those protecting the others on the ground.

Nobu'tan stopped at the top level, with the best view of the slope down toward where the Legion was swarming. The Doomlord was nearing the base already, and countless demons huddled in the shadow on his bulk, waiting for the cue to overwhelm the defenders.

Nobu'tan breathed, slowing his heartbeat and concentrating on the power of the arcane around him, allowing himself to dip into the might of flame. Orbs of fire started to appear around him, controlled and withheld by the arcane for his command to burn.

To this, Nobu'tan muttered the spells of explosive flame and the dark chant for Fiend Fyre. He had been accused of using the spell so often on Earth, that Nobu'tan made it a point to research the spell when he finally had the liberty to do so, and discovered how drastically different from the Fel the spell was.

Sentient fire, something completely unheard of in Azeroth, outside of elementals, easily beckoned, yet difficult to control.

Opening his eyes, Nobu'tan saw through the streaming arcane, his target. The hordes of undead and demons would be scoured from this place. "Burn them all…" Nobu'tan whispered, and the flames surged to obey. The orbs of flame shot forward, exploding on contact with the force of muggle explosives, leaving craters and masses of undead limbs where they struck.

After that, the patches of fire rose up, eager to burn the whole of the mountain if left unchecked. The demons, unaware of the dire threat they were marching into, were the first to be consumed, their screams as the sentient fire leapt upon them echoed up to Nobu'tan's ears, almost musically.

But his influence on the battle did not go unnoticed. The Doomlord turned, swinging the massive blade at the tower upon which Nobu'tan stood, cleaving through the lower portions and causing it to collapse.

Twisting in a flash, Nobu'tan apparated to the opposite tower, still under attack by another wave of Scourge gargoyles.

They were already diving at his face as he turned, but the undead sky-horrors were struck by a crashing bolt of lightning before Nobu'tan could react himself. Looking down at the front line of the ground defenders, Nobu'tan spotted Thrall himself, lowing the smoking Doomhammer from where the orc Warchief had defended the warlock once again.

It seemed, even in these strange events of time travel, that his destiny was intertwined with his counterpart of the Kalimdor Horde.

Nobu'tan exchanged a momentary nod of acknowledgement with the young orc leader, before turning his attention back to the massive threat before their gate. "Miserable nuisances!" the demon shouted, stomping over a small barricade that had been hastily erected by the Horde.

"Do not give an inch of ground!" Thrall shouted, rallying his troops as they charged at the host of undead and demons at the feet of the Doomlord, and Nobu'tan rained down icicles to provide support as the groups clashed in a deadly melee.

An orc and troll quickly took position on either side of Nobu'tan, adding their ranged weapons to the barrage down onto the ensuring struggle on the ground, completely uncaring of the illusioned human form of Nobu'tan. If anything, the warlock could sense the same comrade-in-arms feeling between them all that he knew existed within the Dark Horde, and felt a pang of regret.

If the Horde and Dark Horde could have united, the height of their strength would know no equal in all of Azeroth, but because of his secret agenda to destroy the Legion from within, he could not threaten so many that had already freed themselves from the demonic enslavement in his quest for revenge.

Still, there was a shining light among these peoples, who rejected the dark powers that Nobu'tan had embraced as his means to undo all those who had wronged him and those he loved. "Come power of the Arcane, heed my burning call!" Nobu'tan spoke aloud, feeling the flames crackle to life at his words, even as the Fiend Fyre across the battlefield surged upward once more.

Lifting the staff of Medievh, Nobu'tan orchestrated a fiery symphony of the screams of demons and the Scourge minions. The fires entwined at his will and command, navigating around Alliance and Horde alike, seeking out only those who were Nobu'tan's true enemies, and consuming them to ash.

Even the Doomlord was not protected, as flames leapt upon him from all sides, setting great patched of the matted and blooded body alight.

The massive sword swung again, even as the demon raged in pain and hatred, seeking to cleave the other tower just as he had the first.

"Hold on!" Nobu'tan shouted, grabbing both Troll and Orc, dragging them alongside him as he apparated to the rear lines of fighters on the ground.

The tower crashed into a smoldering heap, but the three of them were safe, for the time being.

In front of them, casters of both factions were hurling spells over the heads of the melee fighters, but they seemed to be splashing harmlessly off the Doomlord's hide, even as the cursed wizard fire ate at the vile flesh.

Tearing through the ranks to the front of the pack of casters, Nobu'tan turned to them, "Funnel your magic into me!" he declared, holding Aetish aloft. Whatever hesitation that the various races might have had was shattered the moment that Lady Proudmoore cried out, "They've broken through!"

The others, reacting to the encroaching army on their doorstep, acted, channeling the rage of the elements, as well as pure arcane power, into the Guardian's staff.

Nobu'tan turned toward the wave of foes, and concentrated on binding the opposing magic together. Wizarding charms spewed from his lips, even as he grasped the staff tightly in both hands, lifting it to point directly at the Doomlord.

The hulking terror passed by the towers, entering the line of the base officially, and raised its sword high, intend on crushing their entire line in one blow.

"You will not enter here!" Nobu'tan cried, unleashing the stored power outward. Crackling lightning flew from the raven crown of the staff, mixed with the violet radiance of the Arcane, while fire and frost spiraled around the semicircle of spell casters, consuming any demon or undead that drew too near.

The attack launched outward, straight as any arrow, striking the Doomlord in the head with an explosion of might.

The beast was knocked backward, and lost its grip on the massive weapon, even as it crashed violently to the ground, sending shudders through the earth and staggering anyone nearby.

The demons saw their leader fall, and fell away, fleeing for the time being, and granting the remaining defenders a small moment to gather themselves.

"Victory or Death!" Thrall shouted, and the Horde warriors roared their approval of their temporary victory.

The Alliance returned to cry of joy, swords clanging mightily against their shields.

"We have precious moments," Thrall ordered, "rearm the defenses, and prepare for their next assault!"

The orcs, trolls, and tauren rushed forward, many carrying more goblin-crafted mines, while the Alliance tended to the wounded, dragging bodies off the battlefield and to the camp in the rear, where priests and shaman waited with healing magic and salves to mend their wounds.

Nobu'tan attempted to slip away, in order to return to keeping a vigil for attempts from the Infinite Dragonflight to attack the base, but a pair of grunts rather aggressively escorted him to the healing camp as well, despite the fact that Nobu'tan knew he was effectively unharmed.

Still, the others weren't convinced until a pair of shaman ran their healing waters over Nobu'tan and declared him healthy. Finally, the warlock managed to slip away, and quickly returned to the rear gate of the base, checking on his water elementals.

Fortunately, there were no signs of a returned effort from the invaders from outside the timeline, and another group of reinforcements from the Night Elves was coming to help. Nobu'tan gave them room to pass, the large druid leading the way once more for more of the dark-skinned elves and their fey allies.

If Nobu'tan was less aware of how persistent his enemies were, he would be led to suspect that the Infinite Dragonflight had given up attacking here, even as Thrall shouted "Steel yourselves, here they come again!"

Sighing at the endless onslaught of the battle, Nobu'tan turned back to look, and stiffened as the sky turned dark and Infernal meteorites rained down on the whole of the base.

Nobu'tan understood why the dragons hadn't attempted to interfere at this point. The Legion's attacks were intensifying, and to get caught in the middle of the conflict would be a waste of resources for them.

Nobu'tan dashed back inside, recalling his elementals to assist him as he started to engage the nearest infernal, preventing it from going after the Horde's peons, who were engaged in repairs and honing of weapons and armor for the defenders.

A wave of ice from Nobu'tan encased the Fel-burning fist of the golem, sending it off balance as it attempted to swing at the group of lowly orcs, and Nobu'tan quickly followed his own attack with a blast of arcane magic.

The ice shattered, taking the infernal stone with it, and demolishing the entire arm of the Fel construct. Not that Nobu'tan had expected that alone to hinder the towering creature, which bellowed in response and started toward him.

The elementals swarmed around the feet of the infernal, their watery attacks hissing and steaming as they came into contact with the demonic fire.

Another targeted blast of frigid ice, and Nobu'tan shattered the core of the creature, sending the stone skittering across the ground, harmless and inert once more. Quickly, he started to turn to the next foe, when a bellowing roar above caught his attention.

A trio of Frostwyrms, bones rattling and ice shards falling in the wake of their beating wings, arched over the southern ridge of the mountain, maws opening to unleash an icy torrent against the defenders inside the wall of wooden palisades.

Splitting his attention, Nobu'tan flung a hand outward toward an approaching infernal, icy wind rushing from his fingers, slowing the creature as ice shards quickly formed on its rocky surface. Meanwhile, his other hand rose to the sky, unleashing fire into the sky, the orbs of flame lobbing themselves up into the path of the frostwyrms.

His magic alone, at this range, would be less than effective, with the threat on the ground already, but the missiles flying upward drew the attention of other defenders, and soon the sky was filled with projectiles and magic.

Turning out of the way as the near-frozen infernal sluggishly swung at him, Nobu'tan conjured a massive spike of ice and drove it upward into the Fel-crafted heart of the creature. The infernal exploded, sending rock and ice flying in all directions.

The other infernals seemed to be taken care of, a band of tauren warriors hunting them down and destroying them while the rest of the melee fighters held the front from another wave of Felguards and demonic hounds.

Looking up at the approaching air attack, Nobu'tan took aim at the lead Frostwyrm, even as they started their decent to strafe the middle of the base with the icy breath.

The warlocks started to throw a torrent of fire upward, striking the undead dragon as it entered a more easily hit range. The concussive orbs of flame detonated on contact, rocking the creature as it dove, and Nobu'tan focused his attacked on the wings of the beast, trying to drive it to the ground.

Eventually, one strike tore its way through the decaying sinew in the left wing, upsetting the balance of whatever kept the undead monstrosities aloft, and sent the center dragon plunging the rest of the way to the ground with a shuddering crash.

The other two proceeded on uncaring of their fallen comrade, expelling torrents of ice and frost in long lines across the center of the Horde base.

The two remaining Frostwyrms pulled up into the air, slowly turning to make another pass, but Nobu'tan was focused on ending the dragon that he had grounded, blasting it with more flame and explosive arcane.

The beast was scrambling to regain its feet, but one of the limbs had broken in its fall, and was unbalancing the beast as it attempted to rise over and over.

Bone and ice flew in all directions, as Nobu'tan chipped away at the massive dragon skull with his magic, until the creature's necromantic core was destroyed, and it fell still once more.

Even before Nobu'tan could fully turn his attention to the other two dragons, storm clouds gathered over them, unleashing a torrent of lightning, which struck each of the frostwyrms, sending them to the ground in a smoldering wreck.

The warlock did not have to guess that Thrall had worked toward that little spectacle of magic, although he noted that the Warchief of the Kalimdor Horde had also used the assistance of a pair of other shaman to accomplish the feat.

Age and time apparently were still seeing the orc grow in strength, which was something to note for the future. Thrall's power, even in Nobu'tan's present, was still growing, and he had not nearly reached his peak of magical strength.

But the destruction of the wyrms had opened the possibility once more of the Infinite Dragonflight making their move, and the flashing red light of Medievh's orb told Nobu'tan no more than what he had suspected.

A pair of shadows, moving almost too fast for Nobu'tan to even see, sped across the base toward the orcish Warchief, even as Thrall went to mount his wolf and return to the front lines. Tapping into the arcane, as there was no possible way for him to keep up physically with the assassins going for Thrall; Nobu'tan slowed time around him, before apparating in their path.

The first creature only barely started to react to his appearance as Nobu'tan swung Aetish downward, catching one of the front claws and tripping the dragonspawn as it moved, sending it to the ground in a tangled heap.

The second had more time to prepare, and was twisting to strike at Nobu'tan, even as the warlock sidestepped, blasting the creature in the torso with a sudden burst of flame.

The second assassin was thrown backward, even as Nobu'tan returned to finishing off the first while he had the speed advantage. A molten boulder exploded into the draconian body, reducing it to a blackened smear across the grass.

The spell accelerating time ended, dragging Nobu'tan back to where he had been standing before he moved with wizarding magic, even as Thrall finished turning to look at the spontaneous burst of noise behind him.

Seeing the charred corpses, and Nobu'tan with his hand raised, Thrall put together a series of events that, for him, seemed to make sense, and he nodded silent thanks to Nobu'tan. Sighing at the end of the very near fatal encounter for the Warchief, Nobu'tan went back to his vigil, keeping one eye on the Guardian's orb and another on the base at large, looking for anything out of place as the front lines started to deal with another series of attacks.

The deafening explosions from that direction told Nobu'tan that the mines were doing their work for the time being, and he needn't concern himself with assisting to hold the line against the Legion.

That changed, when another voice sounded over the explosions. Chills went up Nobu'tan's spine as he heard a somewhat familiar voice. "Abandon all hope! The Legion has returned to finish what was begun so many years ago. This time, there will be no escape!"

It was Azgalor, second leader of the Annihilan, and lieutenant of Mannoroth. It was that Pit Lord that had led the forces of the Legion on Earth, and he would be more than aware of Nobu'tan.

It had been odd that the vile fiend had departed partway into the invasion of Earth, which Nobu'tan had to guess was still occurring in this point of time, somewhere out in the Nether.

Still, this was a demon that would potentially break the Horde's lines, if Nobu'tan didn't lend what aid he could. Even as fire started to rain from the sky, he already guessed that the Infinite Dragonflight would suspend their attempts once again, and he sped toward the front.

A fresh wave of felguard was already pounding on the defenders, trying to break through the united Horde and Alliance fighters.

Nobu'tan added a volley of icicles to the air of spears, axes and arrows, skewering a trio of demons and thinning the assault. "Hold them back!" Thrall shouted, hurling more lightning into the ranks of demons and undead assailing them, "Do not falter!"

"We must hold strong!" Jaina added, rousing her own soldiers, even as she added her own magic to the battle, conjuring waves of frigid water to freeze the slope leading to the gates of the Horde camp.

But all that seemed to fade away as the bulk of the Pit Lord started toward them. Azgalor moved with purpose, lacking any of the bravado or pride that his predecessors attacking them possessed. He was a killing machine, lacking empathy or mercy.

Nobu'tan knew that they had to get as many strikes in on the powerful demon before they were overrun, and started preparing his assault. Spreading the arcane as quickly as he dared, Nobu'tan prepared several traps along the pathway that Jaina had frozen. Spikes of ice prepared to rupture from the ground as they were passed by, and elementals in hiding to flank the enemy as they reached them.

It would be a start, but Nobu'tan had plans working within his plans, even as the massive front foot of Azgalor entered his kill zone.

Lifting Aetish, Nobu'tan let out a burst of magic, causing several of the massive spikes to fly upward, impacting the demon under his armor, and hopefully piercing the demonic hide.

From the roar of anger and pain, it had been successful, and both water and ice elementals surged from their hiding places, to attack the smaller demons that walked in the Pit Lord's shadow.

"Reesh, hokta!" Azgalor shouted, bringing his massive spear around, crushing one of the elementals instantly.

The Night Elves in the defending forces seemed to sense that their line was about to break, and started to fall back. Nobu'tan knew that there had to be one more base toward the summit of the mountain, but to abandon their allies still seemed rather cold.

Stowing Aetish on his back, Nobu'tan continued to leverage large amounts of Arcane magic, guiding it with his hands to conjure an arctic blast of wind, chilling whatever it came across as it swirled around the melee.

Even still, his magical supply was running dry, and even Nobu'tan's reserves of magic that kept his illusions in place were starting to drain away. His last ditch effort had to work, or even he would have to retreat.

As Azgalor started forward once more, shattering the line of grunts and footmen before him, Nobu'tan thrust his arms toward the sky.

The imbedded lances of ice and stone that had waited for the very last, now perfectly positioned under the great bulk of the Pit Lord, shot upward, ripping the less armored underbelly and exploding outward once inside the Fel-warped bowels of the demon.

The great creature staggered forward, dropping to front knees and losing his grip on the massive Fel weapon. The fire in the massive maw of the Pit Lord died quickly, the skull looking almost hollow without the flames billowing behind eyes and teeth.

"Your time is almost… up…" Azgalor threatened, looking directly at Nobu'tan, and the warlock sensed the recognition there.

Fortunately, the demon was banished into the Nether with his death, and wouldn't be returned to life any time soon. Even if he was immune to the power of the Bronze Dragonflight, like the Guardian, he would be in no position to betray the actions of Nobu'tan to his masters.

The rest of the wave fled as the massive Pit Lord was slain, leaving the defenders tired and beaten, but victorious for the time being.

"We have played our part and done well," Thrall said. "It's up to the others now."

Jaina nodded, already turning to open portals for both Alliance and Horde to fall back.

Nobu'tan walked away as well, his feet starting to feel like lead. The shimmering golden portal seemed like only a temporary reprieve, especially when he heard a terrible voice on the air, advancing on his position like the footsteps of doom.

"All your efforts have been in vain, for the draining of the World Tree has already begun. Soon the heart of your world will beat no more!" the voice of Archimonde, the Defiler, thundered from just outside the Horde base.

Nobu'tan nearly fell as he made it through the gateway, finding himself back in the chamber with Soridormi.

"Nobu'tan," she said, stepping toward him and offering her hand. "You magic is nearly drained…" she said, making contact and hefting him easily back to his feet.

"Archimonde, he is there… he is launching his final assault…" Nobu'tan reported, suddenly feeling the weariness that had been pushed back by his personal magic for so long already. How any of the other heroes and warriors had kept fighting in that battle had been nothing short of a miracle.

"Then the battle is nearly over." Soridormi said, "You are doing your job well. Just a bit more, and history will right itself with the Defiler's defeat."

"I can't… I can't…" Nobu'tan said, already feeling himself slipping from his feet. It felt as though weights had been strapped to him in just the moments since entering this place.

"I will send you through with a bit more accuracy this time," Soridormi said, "drink of one of the wells, it will refresh you enough to keep fighting. The Night Elves use them to keep themselves refreshed, and I doubt they will deny their allies any of the moon-blessed waters."

Nobu'tan nodded, partially hearing the words. If anything could rejuvenate him, it would be simple to keep fighting. "Through the final gateway then, and to see this miserable conflict to its end," Soridormi said, gesturing at the last doorway into the time period.

Leaning heavily on Aetish, Nobu'tan started through, finding himself on a rocky cliff overlooking the single largest tree he had ever witnessed.

If half of what he had heard about this tree was true, then it certainly earned the title of World Tree. But Nobu'tan hadn't the time to appreciate the view. Looking around quickly, he spotted one of the Night Elves' pools, several priestess rushing back and forth carrying water to wounded members of the Alliance and Horde.

He started forward, and nearly fell in his exhaustion, but strong arms caught him. Looking up at the figure that carried him toward the nearest pool, Nobu'tan saw the same male Night Elf that seemed to lead their forces alongside Tyrande.

"Shado Stormrage," one of the priestesses said, in reverence, as Nobu'tan was sat near the pool and offered a wooden cup of water from the pool.

"Make sure these have all the water they will drink," the male elf said, looking around quickly, "We will need every able body for this final defense. I must see to the Tree."

Despite his inclination to distrust these elves, Nobu'tan accepted the cup and drank from it, his eye widening as it felt like pure magic was being poured into him.

The druid departed, heading down toward the base of the massive tree, even as Tyrande returned. The pair had some private words, but Nobu'tan was busy refilling his cup to care about eaves dropping on the Night Elves.

"This is our final stand," Tyrande cried, leaving the side of the druid and rushing to the front line, rallying all forces as she mounted her frostsaber, "Make every blow count!"

Strength pouring back into him with every drop of the enchanted water, Nobu'tan was able to stand again. He was still nowhere near recovered entirely, but it was a great step in the right direction, far more than any magically conjured food he had eaten.

The Scourge vanguard of the Legion's assault was already bearing down on the defenders, and Nobu'tan drained a third cup of the water before starting toward the front lines, keeping one eye on the orb for when the Infinite Dragonflight may strike, presumably to kill Tyrande.

Hurling a fireball at the first abomination he had a clear shot at, Nobu'tan smirked as he felt his magic returned to him in spades.

Behind the rows of undead, the demons were swarming in droves, and Nobu'tan knew that this had to be the last desperate stand against them. He had to reserve what energy he could, as the defenders had their plan that had led to victory, and only against the Infinite should he dare to go all out once again.

But that changed when he spotted the massive hoof of Archimonde as the demonlord came into view. "Your resistance is insignificant…" the Eredar said, sparing only a glance at the defenders with his minions, before leaping straight down the cliffside toward the World Tree, bypassing their defensive line completely and going for his prize.

"No!" Tyrande shouted, but they were all trapped with the press of their enemies on their front to even try and chase Archimonde.

Nobu'tan knew what he had to do. Conjuring a group of water elementals, he tasked them to guard the leader of the Night Elves, and left the orb to watch for any attempt on the High Priestess' life, and sprinted for the base of the tree himself.

Nobu'tan wasn't sure if he had the strength to oppose Archimonde alone, but he would do what he could to at least delay the demonlord long enough for the Night Elves' plan to come about and defeat him.

Reaching the base of the cliff, Nobu'tan spotted a group of Night Elves, guarding some old shrine and looking up at the battle above. "Go," Nobu'tan yelled, "Your High Priestess is in need of aid!"

But the Night Elves didn't move. Their leader looked at him, "No, it is you who are in need of help, meddler in time…" the Elf said, already transforming into an agent of the Infinite Dragonflight, along with the others.

Nobu'tan hurled a burst of arcane at them, shocked that they weren't trying to attack Tyrande, when he felt his magic seize up within him. Falling to his knees in agony, Nobu'tan glanced up to see the large form of a Dragonkin, the same that had escaped him in Stratholme, glowering back.

"You've caused us a great deal of irritation this day…" the Dragonspawn said, gripping his fists and constricting the magic binding Nobu'tan tighter, "but no more. The advice that we've given to Archimonde will see the World Tree burn this day, long before the Night Elves can spring their trap, and this time you will not stop us!"

The smaller dragonkin advanced, weapons raised, and Nobu'tan searched quickly for something, anything, he could do to stop them.

There was nothing, all his newly replenished magic, still relatively weak, was bound to his body, and without it his physical strength was only enough to keep him upright as he faced his own death. But even as he watched the dragonkin raised the weapons over his head, he spotted the form of a bird swooping down behind them all.

"Rhui Salher!" Medievh shouted, leveling a barrage of arcane energy at all of the unsuspecting Dragonkin, knocking them from their feet and freeing Nobu'tan. Together, the twin wielders of Aetish quickly dispatched the smaller spawn, and turned on the massive, dark scaled caster.

"Curse you both!" the Dragonkin sneered, spread trying to flee once more.

"Not this time," Nobu'tan said, tapping into his inherent affinity for all magic and crushing the portal even as it attempted to blossom to life.

"This time, you will be the one erased…" Medievh added, rotating his arms in a circle before him, before bringing his hands together.

The dragonkin stiffened, as the air around him started to compress, forming a spherical cage, and slowly drove inward, crushing him in a vacuum of nothingness, until it simply wasn't. The entire massive being was just gone without a trace.

"Thank you," Nobu'tan said, pausing to check himself for magical levels. They were less than before, but still relatively the same. Whether that would be enough to stop Archimonde was another matter entirely.

Medievh seemed to know Nobu'tan intent before even asking, "It won't be long, just delay him enough for Malfurion to complete awakening the spirits of the ancient Night Elves."

Nobu'tan nodded, turning toward the far side of the tree, where he could sense the building power of the Fel. The demon was already hard at work drawing power from the tree, tearing at it viciously.

"Archimonde!" Nobu'tan shouted, stepping into view of the massive demon, and attracting his attention. "You will not succeed here. This madness ends…"

"I know not who you are, little warlock," the great demonlord said, pulling away from the tree and turning to face Nobu'tan fully, "but if you dare to challenge me, I will take great pleasure in destroying you utterly…"

Nodding, and understanding that all chances of disguise and illusion were gone in the face of a being as powerful as Archimonde, Nobu'tan shed all excess magic hiding his form. "I think you will find me far more difficult to crush than you suspect," Nobu'tan smirked back, brandishing Aetish, his wings twitching to take to the air.

"So be it…" the Lord of the Legion said, his hands bursting into green Felflame in an instant. "Manach sheek-thrish!" he intoned, hurling a great font of doomfire directly at Nobu'tan, forcing the warlock to take to the air to avoid the blast of all-consuming demonic fire.

Nobu'tan launched a barrage of arcane magic at the demonlord, and watched as it was vainly absorbed by the demonic mage-turned-warlock. He knew from his lessons that Archimonde had mastered all aspects of the arcane before the Eredar had been conscripted into the Burning Legion, and most of his magical abilities would be useless in a one-on-one conflict with the demonlord.

Archominde make a crushing motion with his clawed hand, extending it toward Nobu'tan, and with a sharp shock of surprise, Nobu'tan felt the weight of an unseen force impact all around him, pinning his limbs and rendering him immobile in the air.

Archomide chuckled, a low rumble that shook the ground, "You are a fool to even think of challenging me alone," he said, turned and dragging Nobu'tan through the air toward the World Tree, "If you wish to protect this world so badly, drown in the waters that will nourish the Legion to its ultimate victory!"

Nobu'tan hardly had a chance to even blink before Archimonde slammed his fist downward, hurling Nobu'tan into the spring of water at the base of the tree, and dragging him downward in the mana-rich water.

After the initial shock of pain and momentary fear that came with the loss of breath, Nobu'tan sensed the unmitigated mistake of his enemy. As the water flowed around Nobu'tan, the potent magic of the Well of Eternity seeped into him, mixing with the inborn power of his birthright.

The rejuvenation of the Elven-blessed wells scarcely compared to the sheer power of the original well, and Nobu'tan felt all his strength return, and overflow within him. Raw magic overtook him, and with a wave of Aetish, he soared back into the air, purple radiance flowing from him.