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-This will be slightly AU in some parts in order to fit my own plot.

-This will not focus on the majority of the Cullen's. ONLY on Emmett and some Carlisle.

- I am taking creative license on some parts since they were never really explored by Meyers.


- I do not own Twilight, only my OC characters and my plot

Nothing's Wrong [Information] - AlistairOC

Name: Iona Doyle
Gender: Female
Birthday: April 15th
Species: Vampire
Age Changed: 22 years old
Born in: Kilkenny, Ireland
Changed in: Boston, Massachusetts
Current Home: Unknown-Nomad
Diet: Both animal and human blood
Special Abilities: can hide herself (or anyone she touches) for everyone and everything
Coven: Member of the Irish Coven lead by Siobhan and Liam

Name: Alistair
Gender: Male
Birthday: around 1300
Species: Vampire
Changed: 1320s by George
Age Changed: around 20 years old
Born in: England
Current Home: Unknown-Nomad
Diet: Human blood
Special Abilities: Tracking
Coven: None


-If the FIRST sentence starts with BOLD lettering then this SECTION happened in the PAST

Nothing's Wrong [01] – AlistairOC




My name is Iona Doyle.

I come from a bloodline rooted in the Irish lands. My mother left our family as soon as she was cleared by the doctors, instead I raised by my loving father. He worked odd hours for years so that he could have the time to be with me.

I was blessed.
I was loved.
I was normal.

My plan to move to America started soon after my father passed away from a heart attack. I made sure my grades were good and when it was time I packed what few things I could and I left my homeland.

America was different.

There were so many people, buildings and cars everywhere- even the air was different. It was a big change for me considering I was used to "small town" life.

I made my way to Boston, Massachusetts eager to start my new journey at Boston University.

My first year at BU was amazing-it was academically challenging and I had to work two jobs to make ends meet but it was everything I wanted. It was everything my father wanted for me.

Making friends was always hard for me but I was lucky.

I was lucky that my roommate took me in with a wide smile and introduced me to others who openly accepted me. I was finally living.

Then things changed.




I noticed them a couple weeks into the beginning of my sophomore year.

They came out of nowhere and were often the subject of conversations. That family would often come to school together in separate cars- expensive cars. They were uncharacteristically beautiful- it seemed impossible for a whole group of people to look like that. Most of all, they were always together outside of class. Never would they talk or interact with other people unless they had to. It was odd.

But I had more important things to worry about.

So I left them alone and focused on myself.

Not that it did me any favors.

I started noticing his glances towards me during classes.
Ignore him, I told myself.
Every now and then I'd catch him outside when I got off work.
Ignore him, I told myself.
Then he sat in front of me at the school library and said nothing.

He did it twice a week. Odd but flattering.
Ignore him, I told myself.
When he finally said "hi" I felt myself flush and his eyes darkened.

Foolish! I was so foolish.




My shift at the bookstore had ended early. I was looking forward to going home and indulging myself with a few glasses of wine along with a movie or two. He was waiting for me outside-walking me home he informed me with eyes bright and a smile so charming it was impossible not to blush.

It's his fault.
He just couldn't help himself.
He and his so-called "father" just left me there in the back of the alley by my apartment building.
They thought me to be dead- believed that he had bled me to death.

I was left by myself to bleed out. Tears streaming down my face I prayed hoping to see my loving father soon and as the darkness overtook me- I wondered if this was really how I was going to die.

It wasn't until an early morning when my body shook violently and screams erupted from my throat that I realized something was not right. My body ached and my throat burned fiercely. I wanted it to stop. It needed to stop. It hurt so much.

Confused and slightly delirious I managed to notice a patch of my skin shimmering as the beam of sunlight hit it. Everything was insane. It all looked so much sharper, the smells were stronger and the slightest sounds had me flinching. When a man stumbled into the alley I reacted without a second thought. By the time I realized what I had done, the man was dead and I was horrified.

When I got to my apartment it was empty. There was a note on the counter from my roommate saying she would be back in a week from visiting her parents. I showered, packed what I could and then I ran.

I needed answers.

I never got my answers.
At least not from him or his family.
After his "slip up" that family left Boston and left me behind to deal with… this.
That bastard.




My journey took me back to Ireland.
It was a welcomed sight, I felt at home once again.
Our old house was now mine-it was odd being back there.
But it was good to be home.

Not long after my arrival there I met them- Siobhan and Liam.

Siobhan took to me right away, Liam on the other hand did not.
It was only because of Siobhan and Maggie that he agreed that I could stay with them.
They were kind enough to explain it to me- Vampires. They were shocked by my tale, horrified that it was a Cullen who had done this to me.
Apparently I am Emmett Cullen's singer.

I stayed with them for a long time.
They took me in, taught me live and be happy with the life I have now.
I owe them so much.

Eventually I left.
I left to travel the world.
I left to learn new things and meet others if possible.

One by one I met nomads and other covens.

I discovered I had a gift- I could make myself invisible and hide from everyone and everything.
Holidays often found me back in Ireland enjoying their company.
But I would leave soon after.

Siobhan would urge me in her motherly tone to make contact with him, with them.
She urged me to hear him out because Carlisle and his family were good people.
I'd smile politely and decline.

I would be gone the next day.

I was exploring New Zealand when Siobhan and the others found me.
They were heading to America- to Washington.
Recognition flashed along with bitter resentment and Maggie gave a supporting smile.
Liam shrugged and explained they were asking for witnesses for Renesmee- who they claimed was not an Immortal child. The Volturi were coming.
Apparently Edward Cullen has been busy.

Siobhan urged me to come along with them.
Once again she urged me to come and confront him so I could get closure.

Forgiveness... I don't know that I will ever fully forgive him because I would surely never forget.
Never would I forget that night and what he did.



Two days later I trailed behind Siobhan, Liam, and Maggie invisible to everyone, as they approach the house. It was lovely and hidden deep in the green forest.

There were other Covens there, covens that I had run into at one point or another. The most obvious one being the Denali coven known for their "vegetarian" diet. But I can see the Amazon and Egyptian covens are there too. The only one that makes me shudder is the Romanian coven- Vladimir and Stefan are two vampires that I would rather continue to avoid. I've heard a lot about them on my travels and nothing was all that good- I was happy that they did not know of me but I guess that would be changing.

Surprisingly enough some others that I knew to be nomads were there too. I tilted my head smiling slightly at the grinning dark-haired Garret. Up by the trees I can see another-I do not recognize him but he is resting on a thick branch. His red eyes, blonde hair and the scowl on his lips stand out to me right away.

The door opens and I can see the Cullen's spilling out onto the porch looking relieved at seeing that the Irish coven did indeed come help them.

Cullen's... the Cullen's looked the same- with the addition of the child and the mother.
How fortunate for them that their lives kept on going as normal after that night.
When he walks out along with his blonde mate, I can feel myself scowling.

They all walk into the living room introductions flying right and left. Siobhan, Liam and Maggie stand by a bookshelf staring at the child in wonder. Yes, the child was quite a miracle but all I can feel right now is resentment.

Siobhan shot a disapproving stare in my general direction while Maggie shrugs and positions herself a bit closer to me. Liam grins approvingly knowing there's not much he can actually do to stop me- not that he wants too.

Instead I position myself by the doorway and I let my invisibility fall away.

Carlisle is the first to notice- his eyes go wide and an "Impossible" falls from his lips.

The others are understandably shocked- if the blonde could faint I'm sure she would but they don't matter.

Emmett Cullen is trembling visibly, his eyes are wide in horror, and he is mumbling to himself almost hysterically.

I feel satisfied.
I feel vindicated.

"What's wrong Emmett? You look like you've seen a ghost?" I ask mockingly, as the intriguing blonde-red eyed vampire from outside joins us looking amused.

I will always haunt you.



I am a Vampire.

I am Iona Doyle.



...Yeah I don't know why I do this to myself... but oh well.

I LOVE Alistair and I just had to write this.

-Please let me know what you think.

-This will most likely be two or three chapters.




"Nothing's Wrong" - Echosmith

We walk like there's nothing wrong

She's sitting alone in the chair
She covers her eyes with her hair
She smokes one last cigarette
And waits for the whole world to turn

She's loving the smell in the air
She'd stop but she really doesn't care
What's she to do? Wait for the whole world to burn?
Cause kids like us,
We don't know when to stop

We walk, we walk
We just keep walking
We move, we move
We just keep moving on
We sing, we sing,
We sing at the top of our lungs
We walk, we walk,
We walk like nothing's wrong
We walk like there's nothing wrong

He places a rose in her hair
He stops for a moment and stares
Her beauty's a wonder,
Makes him forget about the end
Cause when it's all over
Who's really gonna care?

We're gonna walk (oh) [x4]

We walk, we walk
We just keep walking
We move, we move
We just keep moving on
We sing, we sing,
We sing at the top of our lungs
We walk, we walk,
We walk like nothing's wrong
We walk like there's nothing wrong