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-This will be slightly AU in some parts in order to fit my own plot.

-This will not focus on the majority of the Cullen's. ONLY on Emmett and some Carlisle.

- I am taking creative license on some parts since they were never really explored by Meyers.


- I do not own Twilight, only my OC characters and my plot

Nothing's Wrong [Information] - AlistairOC

Name: Iona Doyle
Gender: Female
Birthday: April 15th
Species: Vampire
Age Changed: 22 years old
Born in: Kilkenny, Ireland
Changed in: Boston, Massachusetts
Current Home: Unknown-Nomad
Diet: Both animal and human blood
Special Abilities: can hide herself (or anyone she touches) for everyone and everything
Coven: Member of the Irish Coven lead by Siobhan and Liam

Name: Alistair
Gender: Male
Birthday: around 1300
Species: Vampire
Changed: 1320s by George
Age Changed: around 20 years old
Born in: England
Current Home: Unknown-Nomad
Diet: Human blood
Special Abilities: Tracking
Coven: None


-If the FIRST sentence starts with BOLD lettering then this SECTION happened in the PAST

Nothing's Wrong [05] – AlistairOC




I am Vampire.

I am of the Irish Coven.

I am Strong.

I am Iona Doyle




Three weeks later I stood before them nervously.

"My name is Iona Doyle… I was attacked, bitten, and left to die. I'm sure he thought he had drained me dry. Instead I was left alone in the dark alley of my apartment to suffer through the change by myself. I killed a man after waking and fled not long after."

Siobhan, Liam and Maggie looked at me with understanding eyes and then grew shocked at my last statement.

"The one who did this to me was named Emmett Cullen…"




The Irish coven was certainly surprised at my story. Even the man-Liam who clearly did not trust me, looked upon me with empathy. Siobhan looked so horrified, if vampire could go pale I am sure she would have resembled a ghost, instead her hands trembled. Maggie launched herself at me, strong arms wrapping me in a hug that made me squirm awkwardly.

It was a long and confusing night. A night full on unanswered questions finally being answered. Finally I was learning about this new thing that I had become. Information that made sense and that was given to me by those who have been like me for much longer. Books and fairytales were ridiculous for the most part.

Siobhan and Maggie explained everything, Liam cutting in here and there when he felt the need. It was so much. So much. So many things that he should have told me, that his family should have answered. If only… if only he hadn't run away… if only his father would have bothered to check on me…

"I hate him…" I whisper cutting through Siobhan's explanation of The Volturi.

There is a moment of silence before she nods, "It is okay to hate him but do not let that hatred and anger take over. Do not let it motivate your reason for living now…"

"… I don't know that I can do that."

"You can. It took me a long time to let go of my anger… but once I did- it was liberating. I realized that I had a second chance at a life of my choosing," Siobhan smiles warmly over at Liam.

I do not want to let go of my anger. I cannot do that.

I hate him. I hate him. I hate him.

I want him to know what he did to me. I want him to hurt like I am now.

I glare at the table, so angry… I am so angry just at the thought of him. "I will not forgive him Siobhan. He deserves to suffer for this."

"Singers… singers are temptation to our kind. Their blood is… like a sirens call that cannot be ignored…"

"That does not excuse what he did to me!"

"Iona… you have to understand that resisting a singer is hard. It is not something that most vampires can do. In the presence of one most vampire lose control of themselves. In their mind all that matters is thirst…"

"Then he should have stayed away! No one forced him to follow me everywhere! No one told him to approach me!" I scream my hands shaking.

"His father should have checked on me… instead of leaving me there like garbage," I hiss standing abruptly, the wooden chair splintering under my grip. I stare at the pieces of wood aware of Siobhan approaching me while looks at me intensely.

"I will never forgive him…" pushing the anger and anguish aside I glance at these three new people in my life before I storm out of the house.

I will never forget.

I will never forgive.

I won't let him forget either.




"I hate him… years later and the anger has never left me," I mumble against his neck. The room is bathed in the soft glow of dawn. "I've lived a good life- full of adventure and happiness but it is always in the back of my mind…"

His hand lays heavy on my hip, a welcomed weight that grounds me. The scent of leather and rain makes me practically boneless around him.

"Siobhan always tells me to let go of the anger and to forgive him. If only so that I can 'truly' move on but I can't. I won't." My words echo in the room and I know that everyone in the house can hear me as well.

"Whether you forgive him or not is up to you. You are entitled to your feelings and actions no matter what others may think you should do or feel…" his lips touch my hair and I press my own on his skin. He shudders and I smile, content as my hand plays with his fingers.

Is this what love feels like father?




Maggie and I are standing in the forest around us all the others are practicing their fighting skills. Just in case they say. It is a smart move on their part. The Volturi are certainly not coming to this dreary state to hear reason.

For the most part they've all paired up and are sparing. At the other end of the clearing Bella is still being motivated to actually manifest her powers into helping someone other than herself. As entertain as it is to see Edward crumple at the electrical bolts, her whining voice is grating me.

"Are you going to give it a try?" she asks, her eyes focused on the shifter that is now fighting one of the Amazonian sisters.

I glance at them and roll my eyes annoyed at having been force to come her by Siobhan. "No… you should give it a try though. You've never gone against any of them after all…"

Emmett is leaning by a tree, isolated from everyone else. At his side is the blonde mate and some of the Denali coven members.

"You have?"

He looks up and catches my eyes, he looks guilty and apologetic. But I am past wanting apologies or explanations from him. I'm sure he heard me this morning.

"The benefits of traveling. You meet a lot of nomads and covens along the way…"

A heavy arm lands on my shoulders and I huff at hearing his laughter. "It's how I met this bottle of sunshine," Garret teases. "We were both after the same prey if I remember correctly."

"Tch… I found him first and if it wasn't for me you would have exposed us with your glittering form," I shrug his arm off smirking.

"You were glittering too sweetheart…"

"I didn't almost get caught by Demetri…"

"Only because you were so busy stealing my breakfast."

"Early bird gets the worm and all that jazz," I drawl grinning. Garret always has a way of making me forget about everything. He always finds a way to make me smile.

"Demetri from The Volturi?" Maggie exclaims eyes wide, "You never said anything to us about that."

I scoff, "Siobhan would have found a way to keep me in Ireland for the rest of my life if she knew. Besides if it hadn't been for that who knows if ever would have befriended this goofball," I smile at Garret bumping into him affectionately.

"Yeah… we bonded over escaping Demetri's grasp. Been best friends ever since," he chuckles and pulls me away toward the house leaving the others behind.

The tress are vibrant and we can hear the animals within it. It is a peaceful walk and comforting to have him at my side after a couple of years of not seeing each other.

"He asked about our relationship you know?"

"Who asked?"

He gives me a dull stare and I crack a smile as I look away.

"It's amazing to see you become so flustered at the mention of someone. You've never showed interest before," he teased grabbing my hand and swinging them between us.

"I have so," I cried indignantly.

He snorts, "Your brief stint with Demetri doesn't count…"

"That was one time and we agreed to never speak of that incident ever again!" I hiss squeezing his hand and throwing his into a tree. "You pinkie promised!"

He lays sprawled on the ground laughing uproariously, "I know…I know… I promise never to mention it to your new beau…"

My eyes go wide in panic, "Don't even joke about that! Geez… it was a moment of insanity that I never repeated again…"

"Not that he didn't try," he teases grinning up at me as I glare.

He pulls me down to the forest floor with him still laughing, "I really missed you sunshine."

"I missed you too goofball…"




We were all gathered in the living room waiting for the main Cullens to grace us with their presence. Most were scattered around the room talking amicably. Siobhan and Liam were in a discussion with Amun and his mate, while Maggie seemed to be in an animated talk with one of the younger wolf shifters.

I stood close by the door mindful of those around me. Garret sat by the Denali member Kate, angled towards her, his gaze never really leaving her. Interesting. I would have to tease him about that next time.

"Feeling better?"

Startled I look at Alistair and I am so thankful that I can't blush anymore. My human-self would have been bright red by now and probably stuttering. He leans against the wall next to me, his arm brushing against mine, and those red eyes locked on me. I nod, not able to make up any words at the moment.

Across the room Garret snickers, at me no doubt, causing me to grab the fake piece of fruit and hurl it at his face. "You missed sunshine!" he crows laughing not seeing the second piece of food which pelts him in face.

"Ha!" I laugh leaning against Alistair as I giggle joyously holding onto his arm. He smiles softly down at me making me look away but I smile nonetheless.

The room is lighthearted until they come in grim-faced.

The Doctor steps to the head of the room, the rest of the Cullens flanking him in a show of a united front. Obviously this is not good news.

"It seems that they are close to the Midwest now. They should be arriving in a couple of days," Carlisle tells us with a frown. Esme holds onto to his arm in comfort, lips tight and eyes weary.

Jasper steps up informing us, "A friend reached out and said that The Volturi has been going around eliminating those that they believe might help us."

"Well that's not good," Garret broke in trying to lighten the mood.

Vladimir and Stefan both scoff but I can see the glee in their eyes, at the thought of fighting against The Volturi when the time comes. Those two were dangerous.

At my side Alistair drapes his arm around my shoulders; a heavy and welcomed weight that draws me away from bad thoughts.

"We will have to use our time wisely and keep preparing for them," Carlisle says before turning on the passive looking Isabella, "You have to keep going until you manifest the shield Bella… it is the one thing that might help us."

The woman nods quietly before gliding upstairs to her child, Edward not far behind her. She's scared and running. I wonder if she could escape cleanly from all of this, before the confrontation happens… if she would. Would she damn us all to The Volturi if she could escape with her child and Edward? She probably would…

Shaking my head I push away from the wall grabbing his hand and pulling him out of the house with me. "I've been wanting to see the little town… come with me?" I ask as I continue to walk down the path not waiting for him.

There is a rush of air before I am lifted off the ground and placed over his shoulder. He is running at full speed his laughter sharp and enchanting, even as I scream and my own laughter joins his- I feel… complete.




The little town is just that… a little town with a few local shops and restaurants. Everyone seems to know everyone and the people who are walking around are happy.

Alistair and I are walking down the street, his arm around my shoulders once again. Despite not being able to really feel the weather I take advantage of it in order to press myself closer to him. I'm sure to everyone else we seem like a normal couple. How amusing…

In the end we end up sitting at a small table outside a café. There's cups of coffee in front of us just in case the humans get suspicious.

"How did you meet him?"

Glancing at him I smile, "You mean Garret?" at his nod I grin.

"It was quite amusing actually. I had just gotten to Anzio, Italy a couple days before I ran into him. I was hungry so of course I found this man and I was working on luring him over to me. When Garret pops up out of nowhere not even bothering to hide in the shadows- he's just standing there in his almighty glittering form… in front of this human. We were lucky there was no one else around as well to see."

Snickering I continue. "We started fighting over whose lunch he was and we got so into it that we didn't notice that the human was running away from there. By the time we noticed were weren't alone anymore…" I trail off and look at him.

His red eyes are soft but gleaming in the soft glow of the café. The night sky and glowing moon makes his blonde hair stand out. He continues to smile softly, not saying anything.

"While we were busy arguing in broad daylight over the human Demetri of The Volturi had found us…"

"He found you?"

"Yeah… he was not happy. Garret and I had no choice but to work together to escape him. He followed us for over a week until my gift finally manifested and we were able to lose him somewhere in eastern China."

"But you and Garret have been friends ever since?"

"I couldn't get rid of him even if I wanted to. The goofball is my best friend…" I tell him smiling softly.

"I'm glad you have someone like him," he says his hands caressing mine. "He was quite adamant that should I hurt you he would make me suffer since death would be far too lenient."

At that I burst out laughing because it is something that Garret would do. "He didn't scare you off did he?"

He smirks and pulls me away from the café to the edge of the forest line; settling the rose he swiped from the table within my hair before we take off on a run smiles on our lips.




I am Vampire.

I feel complete.

I am Iona Doyle.




So Garret kind of pushed himself into this chapter BUT I made sure to include Alistair/Iona moments!

I'm not all together happy with this chapter and I might go back and edit somethings... I don't know... I guess I'll see.
I hope you guys like it though.

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"Nothing's Wrong" - Echosmith

We walk like there's nothing wrong

She's sitting alone in the chair
She covers her eyes with her hair
She smokes one last cigarette
And waits for the whole world to turn

She's loving the smell in the air
She'd stop but she really doesn't care
What's she to do? Wait for the whole world to burn?
Cause kids like us,
We don't know when to stop

We walk, we walk
We just keep walking
We move, we move
We just keep moving on
We sing, we sing,
We sing at the top of our lungs
We walk, we walk,
We walk like nothing's wrong
We walk like there's nothing wrong

He places a rose in her hair
He stops for a moment and stares
Her beauty's a wonder,
Makes him forget about the end
Cause when it's all over
Who's really gonna care?

We're gonna walk (oh) [x4]

We walk, we walk
We just keep walking
We move, we move
We just keep moving on
We sing, we sing,
We sing at the top of our lungs
We walk, we walk,
We walk like nothing's wrong
We walk like there's nothing wrong