Hey guys! I decided to start a new story! This one will be short like maybe 10 chapters? Dunno. I hope you guys like it…! Italics will represent the past alright? Don't want you guys to get confused. ENJOY!

"Omg Sally… can you believe we hated each other for no reason?" Amy laughed, going through a photo album.

"Yeah. We were so silly…but I can't believe it's been a year already since that incident happened." Sally replied, sticking some pictures on a scrapbook.

"What happened when you guys fell?" Tails asked.

"Yeah! Tell us everything. We want to know how it all started." Cream remarked, excitedly.

"We didn't tell you?" Amy laughed.

"Nope." Silver replied, crossing his arms.

"Okay. I guess it wouldn't hurt to tell the story. How should we start the story?" Sally asked Amy.

"Hm…maybe we can start after the picnic incident?" Amy suggested. Sally nodded in agreement.

"Alright, so it all began after the picnic incident…" Amy began.

1 year ago

It was a sunny Saturday morning. The birds were chirping, the sun was shining, and the sky was clear with no sighting of clouds. It was reported that today was going to be a very hot day and that staying indoors was not recommended. Amy was already awake early in the morning as usual doing her daily normal routine. As she was doing her chores, she received a text from Tails. The text said that she was invited to a picnic that Tails organized and that everyone must bring something. She was recommended to bring her famous chocolate cake that everyone loved. She replied with no hesitation and set her phone down.

"Might as well start with that cake." Amy remarked, making her way into the kitchen.

It took her 1 hour before the cake was perfect. She packed the cake into a box and set it on her counter. She looked at the time and she was only 5 minutes behind. She ran to her room and chose a fresh outfit. She chose a white sundress with white sandals. She tied her quills into a high pony and placed a white head band. She looked at herself into the mirror a couple of times before picking up her cake and leaving her house. Her destination wasn't as far as most of her friends thought it was. They complained that walking was not necessary since she lived 'far' from Tails but that wasn't true. Amy enjoyed walking.

After a couple of minutes of walking, she arrived at Tails' workshop and headed to his backyard where the picnic was being held. Already she heard music and laughter from her friends. As soon as she came in, she was immediately greeted from everyone except one specific person that was no surprise to her.

Sally Acorn.

Ever since they first met about 4 years ago, they immediately began arguing and disliking each other. Everyone in the gang knew about their hate and rivalry. They had hope that one day they would get along and be the best of friends. Amy took a deep breath and smiled at her friends while greeting them. She set her cake down and talked with Blaze and Rouge. Sally was eyeing Amy from her peripheral vision and couldn't help but feel a bit jealous. She sighed and talked to Sonic and Shadow. Amy couldn't help but eye Sally talking to Sonic. She knew Sally was only talking to him to make her feel jealous and she couldn't stand it.

Amy made her way to the picnic table to pick out a bit of food. She was amazed at what everyone brought. She picked up a plate and chose a bit of fruit salad along with a vanilla cupcake. She grabbed a cup and filled it with fresh, ice cold lemonade. She sat down on a picnic table and happily ate by herself. She was right in front of her cake and admired how beautiful it looked. As she was eating, she wasn't aware of Sally walking up to her table to take a piece of her chocolate cake only to 'accidently' trip on a rock. To Amy's shock, the chocolate cake landed on her dress and all over her hair.

"Sally! What the heck was that for!?" Amy yelled, catching everyone's attention.

"I am sooo sorry! I accidently tripped on a rock." Sally replied with a hint of sarcasm. Amy knew she was lying but nobody else saw what happened to back her up. Amy looked down at her dress and sighed. She did what her mind was telling her to do and Amy picked up the rest of her cake and threw it at Sally.

"Now you did that on purpose!" Sally yelled.

"Nooooo. I accidently tripped on a rock." Amy spat with sarcasm while rolling her eyes.

"Ugh! I don't know how the gang can be friends with you. I should just replace your spot on the Sonic Team and maybe the team will do a lot better with my skills compared to yours."

"As if. I train every day and I only get better. Unlike you, I'm not an obnoxious, bratty princess who thinks she's better than everyone else only because she's rich and she can offer so much. Well you know what? Not everyone has that opportunity and pleasure but I would be a better princess than you will ever be!" Amy angrily spat, running away from the Picnic. Sally also ran away the opposite direction.

The gang was left speechless trying to comprehend what had just happened. Never would they have expected such an outbreak between the two. Sure, they argued, but never like the one the just had.

"Do they really hate each other that much?" Silver asked.

"Well obviously. But what I don't get is why." Rouge replied, scratching her chin.

"Let's just let them cool down a bit and we'll talk to them later and hopefully sort this out. In the meantime, how about we clean this mess?" Sonic suggested.

"I really wanted to eat some of Amy's chocolate cake." Knuckles sighed.

"We all did." Blaze exclaimed.

With Sally

"Gosh she can be a pain…" Sally muttered. She didn't want to go home so instead she walked into a forest that was not often visited by people. As she walked deeper into the forest, she didn't notice how dark her surrounding got and she didn't know where to go. She couldn't go back because somehow, it had disappeared and she was suck in a small part of the woods.

"Great…now I'm lost. Where else am I supposed to go?" Sally asked herself, looking around. She couldn't find any exit but what she did find was a deep, dark whole that wasn't in that spot a few seconds ago. Her curiosity got the best of her and she couldn't help but kneel down and look down at it. Out of nowhere, she felt a push from her back and in an instant, she fell into the hole. She screamed as loud as she could hoping someone would hear her but what she didn't know was that only she heard her own screaming. Nobody else could. The hole soon closed.

Her fall seemed like forever and that there was no end but after few minutes, she landed in a shallow river. She quickly got out and coughed out the water she accidently swallowed. She looked around her surroundings and all she saw was a blank, white room.

"Hello?" Sally called out. No reply. She started walking but she never got far from her previous location. She was confused and stressed not understanding what was going on.

"What do you think you are doing?" An unknown voice spoke, scaring Sally.

With Amy

"One day she'll leave. I don't even know why Sonic introduced her to our gang 4 years ago. Everything was going perfectly fine without her." Amy muttered. She started walking not knowing where she was going. Instead, she found herself in the woods. She didn't know any woods nearby which she found odd but that didn't matter to her right now. She just wanted to be far away and have some time to think. She kept on walking until her legs felt tired and weak which she also found odd. She took a break to rest her legs but it didn't work. She kept on walking trying to resist the pain. Soon, she started walking very fast not aware of what was ahead.

A stacked pile of leaves was in her way and instead of going around them, she stepped over them. Unfortunately, she fell into a dark, deep hole that frightened Amy. She didn't stop screaming but after a couple of minutes of falling, she stopped. After finally seeing some color other than black, she fell into a river. She quickly swam out of the river and tried drying herself.

"Where the heck am I? Why am I in a white room?" Amy asked. She began walking but to her shock, she knew she wasn't moving. All of a sudden, she saw brown figure and she couldn't believe who it was.

"Sally?" Amy called. The sound of her name caught Sally's attention. She turned around and gasped but soon glared at her.

"What are you doing here?" Sally asked, crossing her arms.

"I'd like to ask you the same thing." Amy spoke.

"I brought you two here for a reason." The deep, unknown voice spoke.

"Who are you?" Amy asked.

"I am known as the friend." The voice replied.

"Okay, well friend…get me out of here. I don't want to be anywhere near her." Sally pointed.

"Hey! Pointing is disrespectful. I'm the only one here anyway…" Amy spat.

"You really think I have respect for you?" Sally asked, chuckling.

"GIRLS! SILENCE! If you can be quiet, I can explain what's going on here." Friend remarked.

"Then explain." Both girls said in sync.

"I brought you two here because you guys were destined to fall into the hole and become the best of friends you guys were meant to be. But in order to find that inner friendship between you two, your friendship is put to the test with following challenges I will throw at you. Don't think this is easy because your life is at risk if you don't successfully pass my challenges."

"What?!" Amy yelled.

"This is crazy! I'm not risking my life because of her." Sally rudely remarked.

"You will never leave if you don't even try," Friend spoke. "I have given you these outfits for your first challenge."

Amy and Sally were suddenly wearing the outfits friend gave to them. Amy wore a pink tank top with brown shorts and pink running shoes. Sally wore a light blue tank top with brown shorts and blue running shoes.

"I will explain the challenge. There is a total of 10 challenges with each one getting harder as the last one. The first 5 are pretty decent but the last 5 are the most difficult." Friend explained.

"Has anyone ever completed the 10 challenges?" Amy asked.

"Nope." Friend responded.


"Woah! So this friend voice actually did all of that?!" Silver asked amazed.

"Yeah. Believe me, it was scary." Amy responded.

"This is very interesting. Keep going!" Sonic excitedly remarked.

Everyone laughed.

"Alright, where was I?"

A/N: I hope you enjoyed the first chapter! This was fun! I came up with this not so long ago. Came up with it during class. I know a lot of you guys don't like Sally being the bad one or vice versa but Sally and Amy will get along obviously. TRUST ME, THIS WELL GET GOOD! If you have any suggestions about any friendship challenges Amy and Sally should face, please review your suggestions or PM me. I would be happy to see what ideas you guys have because I'm still THINKING. I'll update the next chapter as soon as I can. Hope you enjoyed this chapter. BYE!