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"Alright, where was I?"

"What do you mean nobody has passed the 10 challenges!? What was the highest challenge someone has ever gotten to?" Sally asked.

"Challenge 6." Friend replied.

"They were close…what happens when you can't pass a challenge?" Amy asked, her curiosity getting the best of her.

"You stay in this world for the rest of your life with no chance of escape."

"Are you serious…?" Sally asked.

"Yes, I am. My world, my rules. How about we begin with our first challenge?" Friend suggested.

"Sure, why not? Unless Sally doesn't mess it up…" Amy muttered.

"I heard that. Maybe it might not even be me but you instead." Sally spat.

"We'll see. Friend, what's the first challenge?" Amy asked.

"A trust fall," Friend paused. "On a cliff."

"What?! Friend! I thought you said the first 5 were the easiest!" Sally cried.

"I did. It doesn't sound as bad once you see how it works. Now, let me just transport you along with Amy to your destination where you must climb to the cliff. With one snap of my finger, it's up to you two to climb it together. Good luck."

As Friend snapped his finger, Sally and Amy were both transported to what seemed to be an isolated mountain with no trees or any signs of animal life. They both looked around and saw nothing but the blue sky and a huge mountain with a visible cliff at the top.

"We might as well start making our way up that mountain." Amy spoke, looking up at the mountain.

"You don't tell me what to do. I decide when to start climbing." Sally exclaimed.

"I can't believe out of all the people in the world who I could have been paired up it, it just had to be you." Amy angrily muttered, loud enough for Sally to hear.

"You think I like this? Well, I don't. I'd rather be paired up with Sonic than with you."

"Leave Sonic out of this. Of course you would choose him since Sonic and you are good friends. I don't even know why he introduced you to our team. We were doing perfectly fine without you." Amy remarked, crossing her arms.

Sally was left speechless. She knew Amy had a point and that Sonic didn't have to introduce her to the gang. She didn't say anything after what Amy said and remained quiet, giving Amy the satisfaction of winning. As they began walking, Sally walked ahead of her which irritated Amy. Sally kept on walking while thinking of what was actually going on. She had a fight with Amy, ends up in a forest, falls into a hole where a mystical world exists, apparently needs to get along with Amy to escape this world alive. It seemed nothing but a dream to her.

Meanwhile Sally was deep in thought, Amy was also deep in thought. She didn't want to believe her life was at risk all because she can't get along with the person she most disliked. But can she really be best friends with the last person she would least expect? It seemed impossible but if they were destined to fall into the hole and go through life risking challenges, than it wouldn't hurt for her to try right?

After minutes of complete silence, both girls saw the cliff they needed to reach. They're legs were exhausted and they couldn't wait for this challenge to be over. A couple more minutes went by and they both arrived. Friend was already waiting for them up in a cloud.

"It's about time you guys got here." Friend spoke, sarcastically.

"You try walking up this mountain with no water or any place to take a break." Amy angrily replied.

"Yeah!" Sally agreed.

"Yeah, yeah. Anyway, with the trust fall challenge I need someone to volunteer with the falling part."

Amy and Sally both looked at each other with shock and fear after realizing what this challenge was really going to be like. Friend chuckled and rolled his eyes.

"Either you guys choose or I will." Friend warned, impatiently.

"I won't do it." Amy exclaimed.

"Well, I won't do it either." Sally replied.

"Just go."

"No! You!"

"Ughhh. Amy you stay up here and Sally and I will be at the bottom of the cliff." Friend quickly remarked, disappearing with Sally.

"Wait!" Amy cried.

Friend and Sally arrived at the bottom of the cliff with Sally not knowing what she was going to do.

"You're going to catch Amy when she falls." Friend explained, nonchalantly.

"WHAT!?" Amy yelled from above, hearing every word Friend spoke.

"You heard me girl. You will have to jump off and fall alright?" Friend yelled.

"As if!"

"I'll push you if I have to. Sally, you must catch her if you don't want to lose your life or put it at risk."

"…..A-Alright…" Sally whispered.

Amy felt her heart beating as fast as Sonic's speed. She didn't trust Sally at all. But the point of this challenge is to trust her. That's what best friends do. They trust each other no matter what. Unfortunately, Amy and Sally weren't best friends. But this was just one big step she will ever take to become best friends with Sally. She turned her back not facing the cliff and took small steps backwards closing her eyes. As soon as she felt that her left leg didn't touch the ground, she knew it was now or never.

"Here I go…" Amy whispered, feeling a tear roll down her cheeks. She fell back and felt gravity pushing her down. She was falling with no gear on and a person who was supposed to catch her that doesn't like her. But she knew if Sally didn't catch her, she would have to pay for it in whatever way Friend had in mind. After seconds of falling, she lost hope and faith in Sally catching her. Finally, she felt a pair of two arms that seemed to have caught her. She opened her eyes and she was surprised Sally had actually caught her.

"You caught me…" Amy spoke, not knowing what else to say.

"Well duh. I don't want to risk my life." Sally muttered, letting Amy go.

"Well done! Now Sally…it's your turn." Friend exclaimed, disappearing with Sally.

Sally looked down below her and she felt her head spinning. If Amy could do it, so could she. Without any other thoughts, she jumped and immediately started screaming. Amy couldn't help but chuckle. She quickly caught Sally and set her down.

"You're welcome." Amy muttered, walking away from Sally.

"See? Wasn't so bad right? Challenge 1 complete. Tomorrow's challenge will be quite interesting. I'd like to see how Sally will react and what she will do." Friend explained, giving no more detail.

"So, where are we going to sleep?" Amy asked.

"In this cabin that I built for you two." Friend pointed, showing the cabin.

"Ooo. That's a pretty cabin. Can't wait to relax." Sally remarked.

"Now, go get some rest. I am impressed at today's challenge. But remember, this is just the beginning." Friend exclaimed, disappearing.


"Wow!" Rouge excitedly spoke.

"This is getting good. No way he had you guys fall from a cliff." Tails exclaimed, not believing Amy and Sally's words.

"It happened." Amy replied.

"Keep going!" Cream demanded, excited to hear more.

"Alright! Challenge 2 it is."

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