Hinata heinous horror.

Here the challenge by TwilightKingA5L here it is.

A challenge to anyone who is a fan of Spider-Man and Naruto.

I want you to make crossover story between Spider-Man/Naruto, featuring Hinata Hyuuga and Venom. You make your own twist in the story, but here's the idea:

The story takes places before/after the Chunin Exams, Hinata Hyuuga is training very late, until she stops to see a shooting star, which contains the Venom Symbiote. Hinata makes a "wish" towards the star, wishing to be stronger and to be more confident with Naruto. The star lands somewhere near the Hyuuga Compound or outside the Village Walls, Hinata sneaks out to see the meteor. When Hinata sees the meteor, as the meteor is spilling a black ooze (the Venom Symbiote), Hinata checks out the ooze with a stick, the Symbiote starts attaching itself to Hinata, forming a female version of the Symbiote Spider-Man outfit, becoming She-Venom. During the 2 and a half year skip, Hinata gained a new attitude, thanks to the Symbiote. The symbiote was gaining strength through Hinata's anger, who tricked her into releasing her anger towards the people who hurt 'their Naruto-kun', which Hinata and the Symbiote became one being.

Author notes:

I will try to used the Japanese honorifics, but I don't know them by heart and am using the famously accurate information source of Wikipedia so wish me luck.

changing the mother name from Haha to Nana.

I don't own Naruto he is owned by Masashi Kishimoto and Studio Pierrot.

Summary: A challenge A TwiligtKingA5L, basically what if Hinata got the venom Symbiote, will she overcome the alien parasite or will it bring out her darkness of the secrets of the super sinister Symbiote that sacrifice for self-worth sickening satisfaction for screams from space.

The Hyuga compound training grounds:

Hinata was training in the forest. The pale eye girl recently decided she would go out of her way to improve since her defeat at her cousin Neji hands, she been training like crazy to improve herself. Mainly in her family style when she here, whenever she training in her family compound she couldn't use her better style but she manage to use her more flexible version with her team. The young Hyuga Kunochi got tired and decided to take a little nap, she sat down closing her eyes hoping to get a little rest. She did train like crazy, not Rock Lee level but more so than before and was just tire.

Unknown to the small girl she was being watch by an extremely evil extraterrestrial existence ending entity who expanded to or exterminate the Earth. The black goop started by getting the Hyuga heiress by going up her legs moving to her ankles, then to her knees follow by her waist. Once the goo reach there it move to her wrist quickly covering up her palms along with the fingers to the tips. Once her hands were cover up, the slime started to move up reaching her elbows and middle of her stomach around the same time. The goop rejoin together once it reach the short shoulders and climb to her neck stopping when she move her head to the side in her sleep but once she held still the slime cover her up. Once she was completely cover up by the black and white slim it start to seep into the pores of her skin to alter her body along with the mind.

Hinata found herself in a weird version of the hidden leaf village but the buildings looks more like the buildings of the Hyuga clan than the unique architecture the rest of the village had. Hinata looked up, in place of the Hokage monument was another monument one with Nana (Hinata mom), next to Hiashi, followed by Neji and last by not least to Hinata was Naruto head. "Hmm odd the weather is strange for this time of year." Hinata said since this is perfectly normal to her. She was happily walking by the 8 foot tall version of Akamaru being brush by a smaller version of Kiba brushing him, "Hey Kiba-san don't forget if you lose him you're going to disappear into the ether." She said, trying to be helpful to her feral teammate.

"Thanks for reminding me, I don't know what I would do without you." Kiba said.

"Yeah, she is amazing." Said the giant down, "Don't forget between my ears."

"I won't." Little Kiba said.

"Then why do you, Kiba-Kun?" Akamaru asked.

"What this Kun thing about." Kiba said,

"You two stay out of trouble you hear." Hinata said, they two agree before going back to arguing.

The next thing she saw was a shadow wearing a jacket and some sunglasses. "Hello Hinata-san, the weather is nice here." Shadow Shino said.

"Yeah, although it does seem darker than normal." Hinata told her comrade.

"Logically you should asked Kurenai-Sensei, she is smart and have more experience than anyone else." Shadow Shino told her friend.

"Thank you Shino-san you are so smart." Hinata said, she knew her team would be lost without him and their sensei. "Where might you think Kurenai-Sensei be?" She asked.

"Last I saw her she was waiting for you at the cinnamon buns store you like so much." Shadow Shino said.

"Thanks, I hope you get that bug you been looking to join your hive." She said, knowing how Shino love getting news bugs, she sometimes think he sounds happy when he finds a new one.

"Thank you." Hinata said, leaving her shadowing teammate. She happily walked by a chibi Choji laying down and happily eating from a bag potatoes chips ten times the size he was and a chibi Shikamaru using his friend belly as a pillow. She saw chibi Tenten and Chibi Rock Lee were training with a pouting version of Neji who keep saying training with non Hyuga was pointless and he only do that under the orders of his sensei for the glory of the Hyuga clan. She walked by Ino and Sakura chibi form were dress as cheerleaders spelling out Sasuke name on either side of a chibi Sasuke with a rain cloud above his head.

Hinata eventually found a taller version of her sensei was waiting for her. Kurenai smile, "How my favorite student doing?" She asked, "I over hear some news involving Naruto, you two can get marry now." She said.

Hinata was so happy, the heiress turn around to see Naruto in a ceremonial outfit wearing a blue outfit with some orange highlight ready to marry her, Hinata smile until a dark shadow suck him up and the rest of the world but no one bother to reaction. Everyone disappear and everything change for Hinata once it reach her.

Hinata found herself in her room in the compound, "How did I get here?" The heiress said confused.

"I brought you here my dear." A kind sound woman voice said.

Hinata eyes widen and she turn around at break neck speed, "Mommy is that you?"

To be continued…