Hinata Heinous Horror 6.

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Thoughts/symbiote speak.

The Konoha training ground:

Naruto was delighted at having someone to train with. Kakashi try to help him but his distress of losing one of his students was beyond the jōnin ability. Sakura was depress, and have an epiphany that her current style of training and performance was ill-conceived, and decided to refine her training (i.e. actually try). There were rumors of someone coming to replace Sasuke but none of Team Seven was ready to go through the vexing setting of training a new member and having him fit in. They also refused to give up on the possibility of Sasuke just to returning.

Naruto would be lying if he said he wouldn't want the return to the status quo, to act like the wreckage that occurred to Team Seven never happen and have his best friend fighting alongside me. Unfortunately life was not that easy and he had to deal with the consequences to his friend defect. So all he could do was get strong to show Sasuke that loyalty, friendship and determination is better than the short cut, better than the vile path the snake will try to take him down.

"Thank again for having me, Team Seven haven't been the same since the incident." Naruto said, not very comfortable talking about it.

"No pro-blem Naruto." Hinata said, she would do anything for her Naruto.

Kiba was enjoying training with his dog, he turned to see his team and Naruto, "Hey guys. Hey Naruto what are you doing here?"

"Well um…" Hinata was about to explained but…

"They invited me to train with you guys, you don't mind." Naruto finished before Hinata did.

"Sure our sensei came earlier said we can train ourselves if we want today, so you're not intruding or anything." Kiba said, he said it wasn't normal for the Kohona twelve*, but they all knew that it had something to do with the failure of the Sasuke retrieval mission.

"Really thank you man." The sun kissed blonde said, he was going to train extremely hard and stop anyone that get in the way of saving his best friend, believe it*.

Hinata smile, she would never admitted it but she wanted to help him any way she can. Her ninja way was to get strong to prove to her family that she wasn't weak, and she would fight alongside him to prove it. She fell like she could take on that no good snake with only Naruto to help her.

Shino knew that something was different about Hinata today, but couldn't find any logic explanation for it. Even his bugs didn't find anything different about her. Could she just started to feel more comfortable since she started to train in a different style from her family style.

"I say I train with Naruto, a rematch from the Chunin exams." Kiba said, he was a little bitter about losing and wanted to prove that he could beat the sun kissed blond in a battle no matter what it takes.*

"I defeated you once I can do it again, believe it." Naruto declare to the heavens above. He was a teenager and didn't believe in saying no to a friendly spar. He could get better if he train with clans heirs, he would prove that he is a the best Hokage material in the village.

"Hey it was dumb luck that you manage to kick me in the face."* He said, he was so embarrass to have been knock out by accident.

"Good because an insane snake mess with my charka, so this is my opportunity to prove myself." Naruto said, upset he didn't get to show his stuff at full strength.

Shino actually was looking forward to this. He knew that seeing a comrade in action would be helpful in knowing how to fight alongside with him without damaging his bugs.

Hinata smile, "Should-n't you guys have a refe-ree?" She asked. She didn't want her teammate and crush to just keep on hitting each other without any real progress in their Taijutsu. So someone to tell them enough is a good choice.

They both groaned at this but figure that might actually be a good idea. "Okay, Hinata since it is your idea." Naruto said, he wanted a rematch with the Inuzuka heir. "I am going to beat you like a rug."

"I'll crush you're like a roach." The canine like boy said.

"Don't you mean flea." The jinchūriki said, thinking that he was actually kind of pest if he wanted to be.

"I'll show you." He said, as the Hinata held him back, Shino did the same thing. "Calm down you two." Shino said.

"Okay." Kiba said, it took them a minute but the two boys calm down. They went in a training ring. Hinata got outside the ring and spoke, "This is friend-ly spar, no ass-assin Justus nor any move with the intent to kill, so watch how you used those Kun-ais knives." She said both nodded, and did a the hand sign to show that they were ready for a spar. The two both jumped at each other.

To be continued…


1) I know that not correct with Shikamaru promotion and Sasuke defection but changing the name didn't read right.

2) No, I am not Japanese nor do I pretend to be. The only thing I subbed is Godzilla.

3) Before you asked no this is not bashing, he and Naruto will have a rival but their teenagers so insecurity are normal things.

4) Yeah, I hated how Naruto manage to finished off Kiba so here he simply kick Kiba in the noise knocking him out here.

5) Sorry the end was a bit abrupt but I am not go at fight, so I figure I would have a whole chapter for the two sparring.


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