Hello, everyone!

Recently I have been watching something called Munto a movie/anime story about two world's opposite each other with the celestial plain on the verge of destruction, and one little girl has the power to stop it.

So I was sitting at my laptop watching Munto when I thought 'Why not make a Harry Potter crossover?' and bada-bing, bada-boom this story was born.

I do NOT own Harry Potter or Munto in any way shape or form, I only own any Oc's I make and My story idea.

(NOTICE: I am redoing some ages since I am not happy with them plus I'm trying to make things a little bit more timeline believable but I'm only changing Danny's age!)

Here we go!


It was a nice day for once in November, the sky was clear of rain clouds and it was partly sunny. But the cold wind was still going strong, the tree's branches swayed in the wind as birds flew south for the winter that was closing in fast.

Sitting inside a house that was in the countryside close to a local village. In one of the windows watching the outside world was a little 3-year-old girl, her raven black hair fell to the middle of her shoulders as her bright emerald green eye's look through the window. She had on a black jumper with a blue skirt and brown shoe's, this was little Elfia Potter.

Elfia gave a small yet sad smile as she watched her parent's walk down a pathway to the nearby forest, between them holding their hands was Elfia's little 1-year-old brother. His name was Danny, he was also known as the 'boy-who-lived'.

"Pup? You ready to go?" A male voice said, as into Elfia's room walked her Godfather Sirius Black.

"I'm ready," Elfia said as she got off her window seat, she landed with a soft thump as she brushed the dust off her skirt before walking over to her Godfather.

Sirius sighs as he gently took his God-daughter's hand, ever since that night his best friend and his wife had changed. Sirius frowns as he remembered that night, a night he almost wished to forget.

It had been in October when the incident happened, the Dark Lord Voldemort had tracked the Potter's cottage house down. No thanks to that cowardly rat Peter, oh how much Sirius wanted to strangle the traitor! Anyway when Voldemort attacked he had knocked out James and Lily with the Crucio curse, before moving upstairs where Elfia was trying to keep her little brother calm in his bedroom.

As to what happened next in the room, Sirius had no idea. But Elfia had told him, she remembered seeing a bright green light and feeling pain. She then woke up with a pain in her head and seeing her mother holding Danny, as Dumbledore named him the 'Boy-Who-Lived'.

After that Sirius had watched as his God-daughter was pushed aside for Danny, even Remus could see that the fame had gone to his friend's heads. So Sirius made a plan with his werewolf friend, Sirius would take both Remus and Elfia on a trip around the world.

It would take Elfia away from her decreasing childhood here, and give her a new one with Sirius and her Uncle Remus. Sirius smiles as he glanced at Elfia, she was a sweet and smart girl with great potential. If only Lily and James could see that.

Shaking his head Sirius sent a nod at Remus, this made Remus nod back as he placed a note on the kitchen table. He then picked up the portkey that would take them to the airport, they would travel as muggles or non-magic folk to blend in better. It was Remus idea, and it would get Elfia use to muggle life if she ever wanted peace and quiet from the magical world.

"Padfoot?" Elfia asks as she looked up at her Godfather, this made Sirius look down at her.

"Yes, Elfia?" Sirius asked as he reached over and touched the portkey.

"Where we going?" The little girl asks with big curious eyes. Her hair moved on her forehead allowing her lightning bolt scar to be seen, it was a scar leftover from that night.

Sirius smiles as he said "First stop, America. We have to get a few thing's sorted out,"

Elfia smiles as she watched her Uncle Remus speak the activation word for the portkey.

"Marauders!" Remus yelled this made the portkey glow as Elfia braced herself.

And so with a small pop-like sound, the trio vanished from the Potter mansion. Unknown to them, it would be year's before they return back to England.


Inside the Hall of Prophecy's, an orb with a slight golden tinge to it glowed. Its prophecy had started and there was no slowing it down, while that orb glowed strongly another white orb glowed once before dimming and gaining a crack across it.

Fate had changed, and it was not slowing down for anyone.

Hope you guys and girls liked the Prologue.

In this story, Elfia will be taking Yumemi's place in the Munto story.

In the next chapter, there will be a short time skip as Elfia talks about her new life.

Until the next chapter everyone! This is SaberbladePrime signing out!