Chapter 7!

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In this chapter, Elfia arrives in the Heavens and things change.

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Elfia grunts as she held onto Munto, her hair whipping around her as they went higher and higher into the sky. The golden light around them blocked her view, she opened her eyes and looked up at Munto who was focused on flying.

She fought back a blush as she felt her heart race, she pushed her feelings away for the moment now was not the time to be getting all lovely Dovey!

Elfia then gasped as they broke through the light and the first thing she saw was blue, a blue sky that stretched for miles and miles. Clouds floated below them as the golden light shone behind them from where they now floated.

'This is the Heavens?' Elfia thought as she glanced around before spotting something in the distance.

"What's that?" Elfia asked looking over Munto's shoulder making him turn around as the things in the distance fired at them.

"Holy!" Elfia yelled as Munto held up his hand and summoned Akuto while out of reflex Elfia created a shield with her magic right as the blasts hit.

Elfia yells as the shield took a beating while Munto fired back taking out most of the shots when it stops Elfia was panting her magic was slightly drained and her body was starting to ache more. She grunts a bit as the shield vanished around them, Munto watched as it vanished into a blue mist he looked down at Elfia.

He noticed how tired she looked and held her closer, he felt bad for putting this strain on her body. She had used a lot of Akuto in such a short amount of time, he would find a way to thank her for all of her help when this was all over.

"Elfia look," Munto said making her look up at him a he turned them to look at the pillar of light that they had created.

"What is it?" Elfia asked as she gazed at it.

"That hole was created when we ripped through the space-time continuum, we have to return before it closes," Munto said as Elfia looks back at him.

"I take it that closing is a bad thing?" Elfia asked with a raised eyebrow as Munto nods.

"The light that's coming out of it is the bond that connects our worlds, to the world, it's just an ephemeral thread of light, however, it is our last hope. We have to turn the bond of that light into an entity after it settles, we will then connect the two worlds," Munto explained as Elfia nods understanding what he was saying.

"This is going to be one hell of a task," Elfia mutters as she leans on Munto making him give a small smile before he spoke.

"If we can achieve that, the cycle of Akuto will be restored, we will then be able to rescue both worlds from destruction," Munto said as Elfia looked up at him.

"However it won't be easy," Munto said making Elfia sigh.

"It never is easy, but," Elfia said making Munto look at her.

"If we have faith and courage we can achieve anything we set our minds and hearts on, as long as we keep believing and never give up our future will always be bright no matter the outcome," Elfia said she looked at the light before looking at Munto with a smile, he stared at her before giving a small smile and nodding at her words.

'Elfia, the more I learn about you the more you surprise me' Munto thought as he watched the one who had captured not only his interest but his heart as well.

He was then shaken from his thoughts as he looked up to see his men approaching, Elfia looked and saw the five men flying over and tensed but noticed that Munto was not getting defensive and forced herself to relax.

"Munto!" A blue-haired male said as he flew to Munto's side.

"Thank goodness your all right," A man with long sleeves said with relief on his face.

"Is she the girl?" The blue-haired male asked making Munto nod.

"This girl has a name you know," Elfia mutters but Munto heard her making him hide a smirk but Elfia sees it and went to say something but gasped as pain ripped through her body.

"Ah!" Elfia yelled in pain as she clutched her waist in pain, her body! It felt like it was on fire, was this a sign of it starting?

"Elfia!" Munto said as he adjusted his hold on her as she shook in pain, he watched as she panted hard her face strained as she grits her teeth in pain.

"What is wrong Lord Munto? Is the girl alright? Is she hurt?" A short and round man asked as Munto carefully handed Elfia to the man beside him.

Munto checked Elfia over and touched her forehead only to pull back when a blue energy arched off her skin and almost struck him, Elfia growls in pain as her Akuto flares lightly.

'Ah! It hurts, Hedwig! Ugh, what do I do! It feels like a war is raging inside me' Elfia thought as she tried to fight through the pain.

A light then lit up the area distracting Munto and his men, this made them miss the marking on Elfia's chest glow thought the fabric as it began to pulse in time with her heartbeat.

"Here it comes, it's Gridori!" Elfia heard the blue-haired man say.

"Protect the girl!" She heard as she felt Munto's presence move away from her.

She opened her eyes in time to see him blast a mass of white matter that reminded Elfia of clay in a way, she winced as Munto flew backward.

"Louie, take Elfia back to the Magical Kingdom first," Munto ordered as Louie nods.

"Be careful he has already defeated the Outsider Gass," Louie said as Munto flew forward saying "I know,"

'Munto, you better, ugh, not die on me' Elfia thought before closing her eyes.

"Let's go!" Louie said making everyone move.

"Suzak! We'll cover you, our first priority is getting Elfia to safety," Louie said as the man holding Elfia nods before flying in front of the group.

Elfia by this point in time was ready to claw at her own skin as the pain and heat in her body started to reach levels that would start ripping her body apart, her breathing was labored as she faintly heard fighting. She managed to force her eyes open to see over the man, Suzak if she heard correctly, shoulder. She could see the men from before fighting huge beasts or machines, while in the far distance she saw a huge mass of white attacking a small red figure.

'Munto' Elfia thought before spotting three of the machines following them.

"Behind you!" Elfia said through gritted teeth as the machines fired at them.

Suzak did his best to avoid the blasts before one forced him to stop and face the machines, he moved holding Elfia in one arm and was about to launch an attack when the machines were hit from behind.

Elfia looked to see Louie, he flew over as Elfia got a bad feeling. She looked back at the machines only to see remains twitch.

Her eyes widen as she yelled, "Look out!"

Her cry came too late as spikes shot from the remains and hit Louie and Suzak, this forced the man to drop Elfia.

'No! Damnit! I can't help anyone like this!' Elfia thought as she fell through the sky.

'I can't fail, I promised to protect everyone, my family, my friends, Munto' Elfia thought as she felt a pressure in her chest.

"I won't give up, I refuse to give up!" Elfia yelled as something inside her snapped as both Akuto and magic surged to life as the sky was engulfed in a golden blue glow.

Elfia screams as she felt her body burn, her eyes closed in pain as inside her both her magic and Akuto destroyed the barrier that held them apart inside her and merged together. This caused her body to arch as her inheritance kicked in full force and began changing her but due to the Akuto in her, it caused her inheritance to change and evolve. Elfia screamed again as she leans forward as her jacket was torn away from her body as the ghostly outline of wings showed on her back that was soon replaced as devices begin to form.

Elfia grunts as the marking on her chest glows while on her back the same symbol appears between her shoulder blades with tribal angel wings on either side of the symbol that rested on her shoulder blades. The mark glows as the strange devices, 10 in total, finished forming, the red gem at the base of the wing-like blades glow.

Elfia pants as she felt the pain and burning leave her, she felt the Akuto and magic dancer under her skin. She glanced behind her and gasped at seeing the wing-like blades on her back before she could question what they were a sharp pain hit her head making her growl and clutch her head.

She yells as information about her new 'wings' was forced into her head be it from genetic memory or a gift from magic itself she did not know. Whichever one it was bloody hurt! It felt like her head was being ripped in half, she was about to scream again when a yell reached her ears making her eyes widen as the pain was washed away by concern and adrenaline.

"Munto!" Elfia yelled as she remembered the situation she was in, right, she was caught in the middle of a fight.

Glancing behind her she flexed her new wingblades, despite her pain and sore body she was very thankful for the new wings. Nodding she looked forward and with a grin, she shot forward and headed in Munto's direction as the light around her fades.



Munto growls in pain as Gridori, now in a humanoid shape with red hair as if to mock Munto, held him in a bind. He grunts opening his eyes as he felt something tug on his heart, he gasped as he glanced around only to see Elfia falling.

'Elfia!' He thought as worry and panic invaded his heart.

He was about to yell when a huge explosion of golden blue light filled the sky, the surge of Akuto filled Munto and shocked Gridori enough to release his hold on the red-haired king. Munto looked around at the light, the Akuto was strong and pure but there was something else in the air something that felt alive in some way. He remembered the energy that arched off of Elfia's skin and remembered something when they first touched hands 2 years ago and released the Akuto back into the Heavens her memories and emotions had flooded into him.

He had learned much from her memories, her childhood, her friends, and about the hidden world she belonged to. The energy, magic, if he remembered correctly was like Akuto but not as it had its own self-awareness in certain cases.

'Is this blue energy magic? Elfia's magic or a different kind?' Munto thought when a faint scream reached his ears.

"Elfia!" Munto said as he turned in the direction of her scream.

"You should be more concerned about yourself!" Gridori yelled as a blast of Akuto hit Munto before something wrapped around his throat making him yell in pain.

'Shit, I can barely breath' Munto thought as he went to use his own Akuto to break when Gridori sudden screamed and released him.

Munto coughs before looking at Gridori only for his eyes to widen in shock as he saw what appeared to be a strange blade sticking out of Gridori's chest, he then saw the black markings of the Outsider form across Gridori making the power-hungry king struggle as the marks held him in a bind.

"Mind if we cut in Munto?" Elfia said as she flew into view with an arm held out as 9 wing-like blades hovered at her back as her eyes gave off a hidden glow.

Beside floated Gass, the Outsider, even with his missing arm and tired state, he was using powers with no problem. He gave Munto a nod of greeting before looking back at Gridori.

"Elfia? Gass?" Munto asked confused, where did Elfia get those devices from? And what were they doing to Gridori?

"You fools! What do you think you are doing?! And you bastard Outsider, how did you escape!?" Gridori yelled in a rage.

Gass gave a small minute smile saying "How ridiculous, I can't believe someone would save me, a person who has severed all relations,"

Elfia glanced at him, wondering what he was going on about and what did Gridori mean by Outsider? She held back her questions in favor of holding Gridori still with her wingblade.

"You involved yourself with people and lost your status as an Outsider! You fool!" Gridori yelled as he suddenly shot forward going to attack Gass in his rage.

He made a mistake though since Elfia was right beside him, she grins moving in front of Gass and processed to ram her knee into his gut before sending him back with a blast of Akuto. She then shot forward and with a magic enhanced punch she hit him right in the face making him yell in pain as his mask was destroyed, she flew back as he clutched his face his mocking red hair turned to fire as Elfia used two more wingblades to impale him.

"I don't know what you are on about but I think it's time you were taken care of," Elfia said as she tried not to show how tired she was, her body was at its limit as it was from her inheritance as it was.

"Why you!" Gridori yelled glaring at Elfia as Gass flared his Akuto.

Elfia grunts as she recalled her wingblades just as blackness engulfed Gridori making him yell as it seemingly crushed him before both he and the blackness vanished, Elfia nods and turned to the man who was taller than her. He has tanned skin and was fit he looked to be in his twenties with black short hair and black eyes with a cool beard and mustache. His body was covered in black markings that made her skin crawl as she sensed a curse eating away at him, she felt a pull at her magic it wanted to help him plus for some reason he reminded her of Hedwig in a strange way.

'Oh, what the hell I've got enough magic left to heal him and maybe help with his curse' Elfia thought and at her mental command four of her wingblades moved and began circling Gass making him watch them.

Munto flew closer wondering what Elfia was doing, he was still amazed by how she handled Gridori it seems she had some training in fighting but he could tell she was still getting used to it. He silently wondered if he could help her improve, he heard Gass gasp making him look over at the Outsider and saw a green glow wrapped around him as the wingblade's red orbs and black markings glowed green.

Munto watched as the black markings across Gass's skin faded as his arm regrew, Gass then grunts as a different symbol appears on his right shoulder. (The same symbol Elfia has on her chest, the Digimon crest symbol of Light, plus she has Dead Fantasy Namine's Wingblades!)

"Oh come on, is my luck that strange?" Elfia mutters panting lightly as she recalled her wingblades from the now healed man and turned to Munto.

"Are you okay Elfia?" Munto asked as he flew closer to her.

Elfia went to reply but a wave of dizziness washed over her as blackness crept into her vision, pain raced through her as the adrenaline in her body wore off. At her limits, Elfia managed a small smile before she let the darkness embrace her and passed out.

"Elfia!" Munto yelled in concern as he quickly caught her, her wingblades vanish as she went limp in his arms.

"She is exhausted, she has used up a lot of energy and Akuto," Gass said as he flexed his regrown arm, somehow, she had stopped the curse that was eating away at him from when he went against his Outsider duties.

"I will take her to rest and heal, Gass, thank you," Munto said making the man nod a small smile on his face.

"It is I who should be thanking you Munto, Elfia," Gass said before he glanced to the side and flew off as the mess that Gridori made started to fall apart.

Munto smiled before looking at Elfia with concern, she looked pale and delicate in his arms now as he held her close. He then looks up determined and flew back to the Magical Kingdom, he along with many others needed to rest and recover from his ordeal.


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