It was a long and brutal firefight in which one Chole Sullivan found herself in when the machines suddenly shut down and over her headset she heard the words she wanted to hear for many years "Skynets central core is down repeat Skynet has been destroyed".

Several minute's later she along with the rest of tech com was in a strange room looking at a weird looking device which she learned was a time machine and after Kyle Reese was in the process of being sent back in time she noticed someone approach John from behind and try to grab him from behind but she was a little bit quicker and swung her weapon at his head and when he wouldn't drop she aimed her weapon pulled the trigger and separated his head from his shoulders only to reveal it was a terminator.

After Kyle had been successfully been sent back Chole and John jury rigging a connection to the skull to a power supply they found out it was Skynet itself and it's plan was to turn John into a terminator and send him though time to ensure it's own survival. After hearing enough Chole pulled the plug and Skynet was no more.