Power Rangers- Force Elite

Chapter 10 The Final Battle

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The Rangers entered the factory and began to make plans. Rex had a pack full of explosives, he was going to use to bomb the assemble line and take out the Geoid army that was built. The rest of the Rangers would hunt down the Sith Generals and take them out. The Rangers split up to do their jobs. Anakin went to the top floor of the factory, while both Ahsoka and Owi-Wan went to different floors. Rex headed towards the assembly line.

Rex located the assembly line and snuck about placing explosives on the machines. A group of Geoids saw him and began firing at him. The Clone Ranger retreated back and looked up to see a crane moving a big vat of molten metal above the Geoids. Rex fired at it and the vat tipped over and emptied it's contents on the Geoids destroying them. More Geoids showed up and began to attack Rex. The Ranger retreated and found a dolly with a bunch of fuel canisters on it. Rex placed a explosive and pushed the dolly towards the Geoids and the assembly line. In one quick motion Rex pulled out his blaster and fired at the explosive at the dolly. The explosive went off and set off a chain reaction that caused the other explosives to go off and destroy the assembly line and Geoids. The factory shook violently as parts of the factory caught on fire.

"This place is out of commission." Said Rex as he ran off.

Ahsoka entered a large room and found herself facing Phobos.

"It's time to end you little Jedi!" Declared Phobos as she pulled out her lightsaber.

"Not likely!" Said Ahsoka.

The two of them charged at one another and began to exchange blows. As they fought the floor shook violently and their was a loud explosion from below. Phobos kicked Ahsoka in the chest knocking her to the ground. The Sith General charged at the Ranger swinging her lightsaber down at her, but Ahsoka rolled out of the way and jumped to her feet and with a quick Force dash she charged at Phobos and sliced her across the chest. Phobos shouted in pain as a large scar appeared across her chest and she fell onto her back.

"It's over." Said Ahsoka.

"Never!" Screamed Phobos as she sat up and prepared to launch a Force blast at Ahsoka.

Ahsoka was quicker and she fired a Force blast at Phobos that knocked her back to the ground. The floor beneath Phobos made a loud cracking sound and gave away. Phobos let out a scream of dismay as she plummeted into the inferno that had once been the droid factory and vanished in the flames. Ahsoka felt the Sith General die by sensing her demise with the Force. The Ranger walked away from the scene.

Obi-Wan faced off against Desolous in another room. Desolous swung his lightsaber at Obi-Wan forcing him to block it and retreat back. The Sith General fired a ball of Force lightning, but Obi-Wan deflected at the celling using a Force blast. Chunks of the celling began to fall towards the two and Desolous grabbed a few chunks with the Force and hurled them at Owi-Wan. The Ranger sliced through the flying chunks and blasted Desolous with a Force blast that sent him flying into a pillar. Desolous staggered to his feet and the pillar made a loud cracking sound, before it fell forward towards the Sith General.

"Aaaaaaaa!" Screamed Desolous as the pillar crushed him to death.

Owi-Wan starred at the pillar and walked away.

On the top floor, Anakin found himself face to face with Andeddu.

"It's over Sith!" Said Anakin as he pointed his lightsaber at Andeddu.

"Ah your an interesting one. I sense a great anger in you. If memory serves, a Jedi is never supposed to use anger. It's a emotion more benefiting for a Sith." Said Andeddu.

"I'm no Sith and I'm taking you down!" Said Anakin as he began to charge at Andeddu.

Andeddu just chuckled as the bandages on his body shot forward and attacked Anakin. The Ranger sliced through some of the bandages, but a few managed to wrap around him and restrain him.

"I sense you've done some dark things your not proud of yet you'd do them again. You have quit a bit of blood on your hands. Oh and...your in love! Perhaps I'll pay this loved one of yours a visit." Said Andeddu as he searched Anakin's mind with the Force.

Anakin gritted his teeth, before letting out a wild yell and unleashed a powerful Force blast that destroyed the bandages and knocked Andeddu back. The Ranger charged forward and swung his lightsaber at the Sith Genera, who quickly took out his own lightsaber to defend himself. Desolous was forced back towards a large window and he tried to knock Anakin back with a Force blast of lightning, but Anakin deflected it back at him knocking him to the ground and destroying the window behind the Sith General. Anakin charged forward as Andeddu stumbled to his feet. The ranger thrusted his sword forward and into Andeddu's chest! The Sith General gasped in shock as he looked at Anakin.

"It's over." Said Anakin.

Andeddu started laughing weakly.

"My...time may be over, but your is far...from over. Your an interesting man...and I can see the potential in you. You used your...anger to finish me off and you...heard the Dark Side calling. You may be a Jedi now, but...your tainted. Farewell Jedi or should I call you Sith in...training."

Anakin watched as Andeddu stumbled backwards and fell through the window. The Ranger watched the Sith General plummet and vanish into a cloud of smoke. Anakin left the room.

Up in space Dark Specter sensed the Sith Generals die and decided to take his business elsewhere.

The Rangers returned to the ship and went back to the Jedi Temple. Zordon congratulated the Rangers on a job well done. The wizard then told them he had located one of his enemies on another planet in a different galaxy and since there were no more need for the Rangers, he took the powers back before he and Alpha departed back to their ship.

"May the Force be with you." Said Yoda as Zordon's ship departed.

The End.