Thank god for black cowboy boots, otherwise Texas would die. He hated wearing dress shoes. Even though they were super expensive (cowboy boots always are) and he only wore them when he had to dress nice, they were so worth the money. He didn't mind sneakers or sandals, he just couldn't stand dress shoes.

They were so impractical, especially for a rancher like him. He could have to go out and pull a calf or sleeve a pig, something he couldn't possibly do in dress shoes. Besides, who else besides his dad wears those things more than once a year?

He attempted to brush through his curly brown locks one more time before he went down stairs but failed spectacularly. He blamed his mother. On one of the rare occasions America talked about the Republic of Texas, he said that Texas was a carbon copy of his mother. Same untamable curly brown hair, same warm, lively green eyes, same tanned complexion, same kind smile. According to Pennsylvania, they were a lot alike personality wise. America didn't like talking about Texas's mom much because he said it was too painful, but sometimes he would if he was in a good mood or feeling nostalgic. America truly loved the Republic of Texas and was devastated when she died.

"Can we come in?" America asked from the doorway.

"Yeah, y'all are more than welcome." he replied. He waved to Germany and Italy. "Hi! I'm Andrew Jones, the State of Texas."

"I thought America got you from Mexico." Germany said with confusion, knowing that neither Mexico nor Spain would never give a territory an English name like Andrew.

"He got my mom from Mexico. Mom apparently said she wouldn't give me a Spanish name just to spite Tía, so she gave me an English name. But Dad convinced her to give me a Hispanic middle name, so she picked Xavier."

He pronounced it "hah-vee-air", even though it looked like it should be pronounced differently.

"Anyway, my mom's name was Esmeralda. She was the Republic of Texas. So that's how I'm Dad's kid. I'm one of the few states that was actually born. It's kind of weird. The others think so at least. Nations usually can't exist under a state constitution. That's why my mom, Vermont's mom, and California's mom died soon after we were born. The Kingdom of Hawaii is still around but we think that's because she was an independent nation longer than our moms, but she's not the same as she was before Hawaii was born. And we don't know what happened to Russian Alaska. Russia apparently used to act like she existed at one time. At least, that's what Dad told us. But we never met her or found her. That's why Alaska's like the others and not like me, Vermont, Hawaii, and California. But enough about that. It's depressing and complicated."

"I see." Germany said as filed that information away for later. "Vermont mentioned his mother too."

Texas cracked a smile. "Yeah, I've heard about her. New Jersey says Vermont's nothing like her. Everyone says the exact opposite of me and my mom. The only stepmom I know is the Kingdom of Hawaii. I was too little to remember Alta California and the Vermont Republic was long dead by the time I was born."

"You said the Kingdom of Hawaii is still alive, but I haven't seen any other nations around." Italy observed.

"That's because she lives in Hawaii. She and Dad don't get along. They can only stand each other for the ten minutes they see each other twice a year when they exchange custody of Hawaii, so twenty minutes a year. Hawaii spends half the year with us and the other half with her mom." Texas replied. A devilish grin appeared on his face. "You should have heard the screaming matches when she was living here. Dad just doesn't have any luck with women."

"Okay, that's enough." America said as he looked up from his phone. He had to respond to England before the other nation called him to yell, but he did not appreciate his sons commenting on his love life in front of other nations. "I'll see you downstairs Tex. Please make sure Oklahoma is ready to go."

"Yeah, yeah." Texas replied as he started tying his tie. "If you can't find her later, she's probably with me. I'll see y'all at dinner or when you come looking for Oklahoma. Whichever comes first."

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Human Name: Andrew Xavier Jones

Official Name: The State of Texas

State Nicknames: Lone Star State, Friendship State

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Brown

Human Age: 15
Birthday: December 29, 1845 (28th)