WARNING: Fanfiction may contain angst, triggering topics, hamburgers, ships breaking apart, violence, gore, humour, bitch-slaps, Italy Romano's soap-needing mouth, snapped!nations, swearing, and many other frightening topics.

The authoresses of this collaboration fanfiction do not own Hetalia, or our ships would've come true, ship wars would stir, more angst would occur, history would be shown more, and many more changes.

This fanfiction has been made for entertainment purposes only and does not earn cash in any way or manner.

In respect for all ships, there are no official ships for this fanfic. Ships shall only be hinted and may be taken as platonic or romantic love, depending on the reader (Hooray for multishipping!). Headcanons are drizzled here and there for the sake of plot.

Accents are also used at a minority in this fanfiction to provide diversity for each character.


HUMAN NAMES (and certain selected fan names) AND COUNTRY NAMES ARE BOTH USED.

Please do enjoy this fanfiction that we've poured our blood, sweat, and tears into.


"We're puppets with strings and our people control us. If they wish for war, we wish for war. If they fight with a country, we fight with its personification. The forlorn part of it is that we can not do anything about it."

War has become all but legend. Pollution, global warming, corruption, stealing, murdering- any and all crimes committed by man have tipped the balance, and it has been taking its toll on the anthropomorphic personifications of its respective nation. Long gone are the days where a stranger shall encounter a stranger and they shall exchange smiles and compliments before continuing their day, as they have been replaced with paranoia if the next person one meets is preparing for homicide. Sides have been taken in the three way war of nations.

An international conspiracy rises among the personifications to build a global empire- and the supporters claim the name of the Allied Powers, the opposers claim the name of the Axis Powers, and those neutral claim the name of the Associated Powers.

"Blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb," is the only rule that applies in this chaos. As families are torn apart and as treaties and alliances are made, one colour stains them all. The blood of the covenant.

This is the Pact of Blood.