I dunno about you, but I've always thought that Sherlock clean-shaven was hot. Now, I don't think so anymore. My body's definitely confused. Saw this theory about the Sherlock scruff on tumblr, and I thought 'YES'.

Pretty short story, but thank you for reading and hope you still like it nonetheless! :DDD

"And when are you going to shave that ugly scruff off?"

Seated on his black leather chair in Baker Street, Sherlock huffed and adjusted the newspapers he was reading. "What's the matter, John Watson?" he replied, eyes briefly glancing at the doctor, who was settled on his comfortable old armchair opposite. "Afraid Imma steal yo girl?"

"You're not stealing anything with that dirty look - and Mary's not a girl." Then John seemed to realise something. "And since when do you speak like that?"

Before Sherlock could get a reply in, John rolled his eyes. "Are you Shezza again? Because that persona of yours is disgusting."

"He's not disgusting; he does takes showers."

"But you stink to high Heaven."

"He doesn't stink. He uses a type of cologne you're not used to, that's all."

"I still don't see the reason why you have that unshaven look on. You never look unshaven."

"It was for a case. I asked your assistance for it, but you were so adamant on wanting to spend 'Family Day' with Mary and Elizabeth, remember? I had to ask Molly instead."

"Oh, that. That was about two weeks ago. So, what - the case is still ongoing? Am I even supposed to be here?"

"The case was long solved; if it wasn't, I wouldn't be here spending my time justifying about my scruff, would I?"

"Case in point."

"Very punny."

John soon frowned in thought. "Although, why are you still unshaven? Judging by the growth, I'd say it's been days since you last touched a razor. Case long closed, baddie caught, so why still look homeless?"

"Does my scruff bother you that much?"

"I remember how much flak I've gotten for my mustache when you came back. It bothered everyone."

"That was an ugly mustache. Even Mary hated it."

"No, she didn't."

"Yes, she did."

"Well, I shaved, and I no longer bother anyone. You, however, still look messy."

"But I don't bother anyone. Mary hasn't said a word about it."

"You bother me. And I want to know why."

"Afraid Imma steal you instead?"

"Can you please stop talking like that? It's disturbing. And I don't get it - you were clean-shaven when you asked for my assistance. Last time you were unshaven, you were Shezza in that drug den, but even then you shaved soon after. You haven't shaved in days- oh."

Sherlock did not like the way John cut himself off mid-sentence. Still gripping the newspaper in hand, he asked in a slightly tight voice, "'Oh'?"

"You said Molly assisted you for the case since I couldn't do it."

"Yes. So what?"

"You haven't shaved in days, when you're usually the opposite."

"Get to the point."


"What 'Molly'?"

John gave a smirk when he saw his friend's ears turn slightly red. "'I don't shave for Molly Hooper', hmm?"