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Please note, this story will have slowish updates as I develop it more. My plan is to cover up to the defeat of Voldemort and then a little bit more so this will not be a short story. I am constantly refining as I go so please be patient with me. My goal will be to update every 2 weeks.

Harry was lying in his bed behind the partitions in the Hospital Wing. Poppy told him after his Quidditch match against Slytherin that if he came back she was going to put a plaque on his bed so that every time he came back he was in "His" bed.

He had decided not to take his Dreamless Sleep Potion yet as he wanted to think about his last two years at Hogwarts, the Safest Place in the UK.

First Year: Troll in the school nearly killing Hermione

Jinxed Broom in his first Quidditch Match.

Three Headed Dog


Wraith in the Forbidden Forest, come to think of it, who sends first years into the Forbidden Forest for detention?

Voldemort possessing his DADA Professor and nearly killing him.

Second Year: Rogue Bludger in the first match of the year (Thanks Dobby)

Petrified Students

Aragog and his family in the Forbidden Forest

BASILISK – he didn't think he needed to say any more on that topic

Voldemort trying to come back – Again.

So in his first two years at Hogwarts Harry concluded that he had been in mortal danger at least 10 times and in perilous situations a lot more than that. For the supposedly safest place in the UK Harry wasn't feeling very safe at the moment.

While he was lying there, contemplating his current situation and how he should proceed with the rest of his schooling he heard the Headmaster talking to Mr and Mrs Weasley.

"Albus, how did this happen?" asked Mr Weasley

"I don't know Arthur," the Headmaster responded, "We can just be thankful that Harry was able to save the day, again."

"Albus, this means that the Weasley family now owes a Life Debt to the Potter family" said Mrs Weasley. "Harry is the last of his family, surely he knows the traditions of the Ancient and Noble Houses and what this means to us."

"Unfortunately Molly, Harry has been raised by his muggle relatives and so has no concept of exactly where he stands in Magical Society and what it means to be a Potter" responded the Headmaster.

"What!" exclaimed Mr Weasley, "Surely his Magical Guardian would have ensured that he was trained in the Protocols associated with his status! I know he doesn't wear his Heirs ring but he should at least be aware of his holdings. As the last of the Potters he is eligible to claim his Head of Family once he turns 13."

"As his Magical Guardian, I felt it was better for Mr Potter to have a normal childhood away from the concerns associated with the Potter family and his status within our world. I plan on going through this all with Harry once I feel he is old enough to understand all the implications associated with taking up his status." The Headmaster stated. "Harry has a Destiny to fulfil and I can't have him being distracted by matters associated with being the Last Potter."

"Albus, this is close to being against the law. As his magical guardian you are supposed to ensure that Harry is fully aware of his place in Magical Society. He needs to understand his role and commitments if for no other reason than to ensure that he can maintain his alliances with the other houses, especially as the Heirs for those houses are probably here with him at Hogwarts. If he doesn't approach them then they will think that House Potter no longer wishes to be aligned with them and seek alliances elsewhere." Exclaimed Arthur.

"I have everything well in hand Arthur," Dumbledore stated. "I shall start ensuring that Harry knows what he needs to know when I am happy that he is able to deal with it. With everything else that has happened in the last two years I do not feel that he needs this added pressure placed on his shoulders as well."

"Alright Albus, I hope you know what you are doing," said Arthur. "We don't need House Potter losing allies at this stage"

The three then moved away and Harry could not hear anything further in their conversation.

Harry couldn't believe what he had just heard. The Headmaster was keeping information about his family from him and keeping him blind to his standing in the Magical World. Could this be why people sometimes looked at him like they expected more? Could this be why people like Susan Bones looked down on him? He thought it was because of the whole Heir of Slytherin thing, but could it be because he was unintentionally causing offence with his actions?

Sitting there in his hospital bed Harry decided to do some research in the school library and then go to Gringotts as soon as he got back London.