"Father, you could not possible think to betray him. Not after what he has done for you."

"Alucard, shut the hell up. If I can take his power, nothing can stop me. But, I can't do it alone. And since you won't help me, I had to go and recruit…"

"What have you done now?"

The two began walking in a circle. The younger, Alucard, knew he could not take on his father at the present moment, but he was willing to try. All he did was cause trouble, and sometimes the man wished his father would just stay in the ground.

"He's tried to resurrect you numerous times, and here you are! I swear that reaper is bored to his grave! But you cannot harm any more humans. I will not let you."

"Alucard, when will you learn that consulting with the humans is futile? They're born, they think they are invincible, and then they die. Too short of a time span to be significant. Do what you want, that's what I'll be doing. Sod off."

Alucard and his father stopped. Alucard sighed. This argument was getting nowhere and he had places to be and people to catch up with. He couldn't be bothered with this now. This time, he figured this was his father's way of getting his attention just to piss him off. Today, he simply was not in the mood.

"Off to see your priest friend?" his father was trying to get on his nerves again.

"If they are the only ones I associate with, then I'm sure you will have a harder time killing them," Alucard replied.

He walked away without another word. Upon reaching the castle's entrance, Alucard looked out at the brewing storm clouds. His senses tingled, and he drew his sword, thrashing behind him.

"Hehehe," the voice was enough to annoy him. It was that blasted grim reaper. "Inconsolable today, Alucard?"

"Sod off," the vampire transformed into a bat, hissed, and flew away.

The reaper continued to laugh, entering the castle to see what had become of the entertaining Count Dracula. Alucard hated his father, but he just found the grim reaper annoying, and he knew that.

The grim reaper found Dracula sulking in his throne chair, but upon closer inspection, something was terribly wrong.

"Hmm…now this isn't right, is it?" A pair of glasses emerged from his pockets as he placed them upon his face. Dracula wasn't moving a muscle and seemed perfectly still, but the grim reaper knew he was certainly not dead. In fact, he was the farthest from it. He couldn't be sleeping either; it was far too early for that.

His death scythe appeared behind him.

"Count Dracula…" the reaper spoke, walking forward. He sensed it now. This was a trap.

The vampire's eyes opened, glowing crimson and sharp. His aura changed from calm to angry as the shadows came up around him.


A/N: As previously stated in the summary, these are the references to Castlevania. If you didn't see it, Alucard is Dracula spelled backwards. In the Castlevania series, Alucard is Dracula's son and he does in fact side with humanity instead of his own father. I did not consider this story a crossover because Alucard is not a significant part of the story and Dracula is a commonly modified character.

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