Chapter Ten

"Got it!" Joseph said, holding the book desperately in front of him. "Guard me."

"No problem," Mey-Rin said. She aimed her sniper from behind the chair.

Alan was flung into a wall near to him.

"Alan!" Joseph caught him. "Tell Spears that I need Dracula to be at least near the first few steps of this throne. I need proximity."

Alan nodded, running back out into the battlefield. Sebastian had finally bowed out, picking up Ciel.

"We're getting out of here," Sebastian said. "Our work is complete."

There was a carriage waiting outside, and that's when Bardroy and Adeline ran into it as they were making their exit while Dracula was occupied.

Sebastian ran outside with Ciel, he clicked the reins, and they were off in an instant, Bardroy and Adeline in tow. Along the way, Ciel explained what was going on. The other girls were found across Dracula's castle. He intended on using them to gather more soul energy to make himself immortal, or closer to being immortal. The girls would be used to help him absorb the Undertaker's soul. That was death itself, and as the most superior grim reaper, it would make sense that Dracula would want to control him.

"Did Undertaker even get off the floor, Sebastian?" Ciel asked out the window.

"I don't believe so, no," his butler replied.

"Lazy sod."

"It's all right now," Bardroy said, wrapping one arm around Adeline inside the carriage. "You're gonna be all right now. I gotcha."

All Adeline could think of was that none of this would ever be over. She thought within a few moments, Lord Dracula would be right outside the carriage door and she would be forced to go back with him.

The horses raced through the night, and Adeline began to realize she wasn't' the only girl to suffer such a fate.

Sitting across from her were six other girls, two of them were even sitting on the floor. Next to her were two more girls. She hadn't noticed because she'd spent the entire ride crying against Bardroy. As Adeline looked around, she couldn't help but notice that she was the only one he was holding. In his other hand was a gun from the United States. He was looking out the window, the light of his cigar seeming barely anything next to the crescent moon and the stars in the night sky.

Her necklace burnt her again, but Bardroy grasped it from behind her.

"Jus' 'till we get home," he reassured her.

Undertaker was right all along; the ex-soldier came for her. He'd saved her from Dracula, willing to die to protect her. And what had she done to deserve such a thing?

In her mind, nothing at all. In his mind, she was too down right pretty to pass up. There was no other woman in all of London that could get him so heated up over such small things. Since that day he saw her, all he'd wanted was to see her again.

Joseph was reciting the word to the incantation while the reapers kept fighting.

"Very well." The vampire began drawing energy into him from the Undertaker's corpse on the floor. He seemed to be reviving himself, which was not good. Had Adeline actually killed him?

Mey-Rin was warning Joseph, but he wouldn't stop reciting.

Dracula was keeping away the reapers like flies now.

"Too strong," Will said. "We need to retreat."

"Not yet," Alan said. Dracula then tied Alan into thorns, making him release his death scythe. No doubt the others would come soon after. Eric's eyes widened as he realized that the thorns had a special poison in them. It was turning Alan's blood black.

"In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!" Joseph finished his incantation. Mey-Rin was ready to fire.

Just then, Dracula seemed to stop cold.

"What? What's going on? Why am I not—"

Joseph finished the incantation, and a light sprung forward from his book behind the throne, and a large circle enveloped all of them. Mey-Rin decided she would no longer shoot Dracula. There were enough people who wanted that revenge more than her.

Dracula's body started to become overwhelmed. Undertaker retrieved his own soul, absorbing it back into his body and standing up as though nothing had ever happened here. The vampire had fallen, and Undertaker stared him down. His soul had only been temporarily suspended; it had never been released from his body. Such was the talents of a grim reaper holding the greatest power. He didn't even have to fight this time.

"Do you think that I would so easily be defeated?" Undertaker asked, kicking the vampire and walking up the throne. Mey-Rin grabbed Joseph and they headed for the door, where they found their escape from the castle along with the powerful book that had been used to petrify the great Lord Dracula.

Undertaker stopped in front of the vampire again after retrieving his item, holding a golden cross above the vampire's head, which instantly burned him, but Dracula still had the power to take that away.

"Maybe I should change the skull on my death scythe," Undertaker pondered. Dracula was powerless now. He raised his death scythe and swung it down until he sliced the great lord in two and then stabbed him through the chest, revealing the cinematic record of this resurrection of Dracula.

"I'm sure you'll come back again, Lord Dracula. But this time, as I have many times, I win," Undertaker replied. The other reapers watched, and Eric got Alan out of his thorn prison, hoping the poison hadn't set into his veins.

William T. Spears took out his soul ledger, finding it completely erased except for Lord Dracula's (the ? time of resurrection) record. It was stored inside his book, and his body did indeed turn to ash, just as Joseph said it would.

"Incredible," Ronald said, wiping the sweat from his brow. "Please tell me we get double time for this!"

"I'm sure they'll be something," Spears said. "I can't image the association letting this one go so easily. Thank you, Mr. Undertaker."

"Not a problem," he replied.

"But why were you protecting Adeline when she stabbed you in the back…literally?" Grell asked.

"That girl needed my help as much as I needed hers. She does not wish to be a vampire, and that Bardroy fellow should keep her from becoming one. She was not one initially, and since she still wears the cross of the lord Jesus, she has always been protected. I needed a way into that castle undetected and under the radar of Lord Dracula. Had I not been lying there, none of you would be alive. I would say that's pretty important, wouldn't you?"

"This whole time, she was protected?" Eric asked. "Even though she's nearly a vampire?" Undertaker nodded.

"She's resisting every morsel in her body, every fiber of her being, and she will be rewarded. No human should ever have to endure that in her lifetime."

"Why are you doing this for her?" William asked.

"I've known Lord Dracula for a long time. This woman was cheated out of many things in the course of her life, but this was certainly not her fate. And I will change it for her. Besides, she asked nicely, and now the Lord Dracula cannot be resurrected for many, many years. She helped you out too."

Undertaker laughed as he kicked up the ashes, and the reapers walked out of the castle, though Alan had a bit of a limp.