How many times had he fantasized about doing this? A thousand perhaps. The scenarios his mind had so loyally created didn't come even close to the reality. Her lips were full and soft, softer than a peacock's feather. Her taste was exquisite, way better than the finest vintages he'd tasted in Tuscany. He was getting intoxicated and like a drunk, he wanted more. He took her lower lip into his mouth and sucked, making her moan. The warmth of her delicious mouth invited his tongue in and he eagerly accepted the invitation. Their tongues collided, fighting initially, trying to get the other out of the way for better access…seconds later, sliding against each other sensuously as if doing the tango, their erratic breathing providing the perfect rhythm.

She broke the kiss, evoking a grunt from him. She looked into his eyes, the blue shades of hers blending into his maroon pools. She could see love there and also lust. He didn't try to hide his passion or longing from her, augmenting her self-confidence. She took a step back, pushed the thin straps of her dress off her shoulders and it pooled around her ankles. Finding the front clasp of her simple black bra, she unfastened the hook, letting it drop to the carpet. After she'd removed her panties, she gazed into his eyes and unashamedly whispered, "Take me, Hannibal. I'm yours."

Dr. Lecter's breath hitched at her boldness and the heavenly vision she presented- long slender neck, fully ripe breasts with hard, coral tips, taut belly accentuating her curves, thin layer of pubic hair hiding her sex from view, and long legs which seemed to stretch for miles.

He was painfully hard, ready to explode if release didn't come soon. He couldn't wait anymore and crossed the distance between them. He held her body tightly to his, rubbing his erection against her, making her whole body hum in approval. Her head fell back and he devoured the flesh of her neck. She pushed his suit jacket off his shoulders, groaning when she realized there were two more layers before she could make contact with his skin. Frustrated, she tore open his vest and shirt, buttons flying away in projectile trajectory. He shrugged off the tatters covering his torso, exposing his broad shoulders and chest. Her hands roamed over his neck, forearms and back, making goose flesh rise in their wake. He cupped her breasts gently and marveled at how they seemed to fit in his hands. He pinched her nipples making them itch, and took one into his mouth, nibbling at it with his small white teeth then soothing with his tongue.


While his mouth was busy tasting her breasts, his hand traveled down her flat belly, halting at her sex, slick with wetness provoked by her desire for him. He spread her folds with his fingers and inserted his middle finger inside, making her shudder.

"Yes! More...I want...more…"

When he inserted his index finger as well, her legs turned into jelly. Dr. Lecter wound his arm around her waist to keep her steady, while he fucked her with his fingers, her juices dripping down to his palm and wrist...she was so wet. When he flicked her engorged clit with his thumb, she screamed in orgasmic pleasure, her eyes rolling back.


The blackness slowly receded as she came down from her high, stars still exploding in her mind. She almost had a second orgasm when she saw him hungrily licking her juices off his fingers, palm and wrist.

"You're delicious, my love."

She framed his face with her palms and kissed him hard, relishing her taste mixed with his own unique one.

"I want to feel you inside me. I want to become one with you. I want you to fuck me so hard that I won't be able to walk straight for a week. Will you do it for me, Hannibal?"

Her request was his command. Without further delay, he removed his trousers and underwear, laid her on the carpet beside the coffee table, spread her legs, positioned his cock at her entrance and looking into her eyes, rammed all the way home, her tight sheath enveloping him from crown to base. He suckled her nipples to give him pause, or else he would have come then and there.

Clarice coiled her legs around his waist, her heel digging into his spine, urging him to move. He pulled out slowly and pushed all the way in, making her cry out with pleasure and pain. He set a fast rhythm, his strokes intense and powerful. Her hair had come loose and her breasts were swinging with the movements, presenting an incredible image of his love which he captured and stored in his memory palace for future enjoyment.

He knew she was close but he wasn't done with her yet. He pulled out and commanded, "On your knees, Clarice."

She followed his order, flipping over, supporting her weight on her knees and arms. He grabbed her waist to hold her in position and entered her in one quick, fluid motion, continuing from where he'd left. The change in angle deepened the penetration, ecstasy coursing through her veins, replacing blood. She was close. A hint of touch at her clit pushed her over the edge and she came hard, her sheath convulsing around his thick cock, milking him. He couldn't hold back any longer and pushed to the hilt one final time before shooting his load inside her, and sagging on top of her. When the orgasmic pleasure ebbed off, he pulled out of her, his seed trickling out of her pussy.

He brought his mouth deliciously close to her ear and seductively asked, "Was the performance to your satisfaction, my love?"

She turned her head and captured his lips in a soft kiss.

"It was mind-blowing.'' She teased, "Your stamina is good. I don't know about consistency though. You ready for round two?"

He rubbed his erection against her inner thighs as he replied, "Am I?"

His eagerness made her chuckle.

Then he lifted her in bridal fashion and strode toward the bedroom.

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