"Who else could help us?"asked Odina

"I think y'all 'er pretty smart ta past tha test Obfusco gave y' WHY NOT DEAL-"Ebony said.


"Who else could help us?"repeated Odina.

"Dunno partner."signed Ode.

"There's gonna be someone,who?Agent Obfusco?"asked Otto.

"He's impossible to understand!"Olive yelled.

"This is helpless,no one could help us..."sniffed Odina.

"She's SUCH a crybaby..."thought Ode.

"Let go to the Cake Room,that might cheer her up."suggested Otto once again.(note from author:for dinner tonight we had pizzas and i felt like Otto...)

"There's a CAKE ROOM?!"Odina brightened up.

"Odina is just like Otto when he knew there was a doughnut room and cake room."Olive whispered to Ode.

"I bet they like food more than The Minecraft Pigs does."Ode said,going to Minecraft world in her head.

"We all have NOTHING in common,"thought Olive,signing.

"O'Hara,send us to Polly's lemonade stand."spoke Olive when they were ready for the squishanating pose.

"Preparing to squishanate...squishanating..."O'Hara pulled the lever for the 100000000th time of the day.

"Ah!"shouted the two pairs of Agents.

"Polly!Have you seen a teenager by the name of Ebony Pearl?"Otto ran to Polly's stand.

"Of course not!I'm a seller,not a police dog! Why do you need Ebony anyways?"replied Polly Graph.

"She mind controlled Ms.O,Dr.O and Oscar!"answered Olive.

"Oh?Then maybe she'll be in the woods with the darkest trees,since her name is Ebony."said Polly.

"Thanks Polly!"Otto said and they went back to the HQ.

"Incoming!"O'Hara said,she pulled the lever,

"My hand is soar,"she complained.

"Open," said the Agents,

"Hello Olive,Otto,Ode and Odina."O'Hara signed.

"Cheer up O'Hara!"Odina said as she walked though the door,

"I don't think I can..."she whispered to herself.

"This is quiet,usually when we come into headquarters,Ms.O would come up to us and say:'There you two are!Something very odd is happening.'"Otto said.

" is Ebony Pearl our first mission?I mean we've just joined the squad."asked Ode.

"I think,apart from the missing pebbles 'mystery' we solved this morning when we moved to our desk..."Odina began.

Ode blushed,"Shush,Odina!"she whispered to her.

"What?I thought you collect pe-"

Just then,Otto started giggling,Ode was Chinese pulled his suit,

"You are such a geek!"she yelled into his face.

"Let's just plan to defeat that Ebony."Otto pushed Ode away,"And I'm sorry for giggling at you..."

"It's okay,"Ode changed expression instantly,"I'd got used to it."she turned to Odina.

"Wha?Me?No!No!No!"Odina denied.

"Let's save the squad."Olive said.

"But we took the tubes for 10000000 times today!And it's still 2:07 in the afternoon!"complained Odina.

"Oscar's invention!The teleport-anator!"Olive suddenly said.

"Teleport-anator?Otto said puzzled,"Is that even a word?"

A bed looking machine was in the middle of Oscar's Office.

"Now,how do you work this stuff..."

"Now,she must be somewhere,but where?"Odina looked around.

"Trees!Now I could make the most BEAUTIFUL wooden table!"came a voice.

"Shh!It must Ebony,let's creep up to her."whispered Olive.

The Agents crept forwards to the sound,it grew louder and louder...