"Odd Squad!Odd Squad!Stop right there!"shouted the Agents.

"Wait what?!Oh I get it,it was a decoy!"Ode said.

"Now what?"Odina asked Olive.


"She doesn't know."Otto finished.

"We have no clue where to find Ebony,"Ode looked around the forest.

"The...tree...has...carving...on...it..."Otto pointed at the blackest tree in the forest.

"Oh?Looks like that Ebony wants to be caught!"Olive laughed.

Ode ran over to the tree,"Go to the 's a tip:Street number is 2 times 3."

"2...4...6!"Otto counted,"Wow that was easy!"

"Let's go to six sixth street!"Olive said.

"Here!Another one!...To reach me,you the find L.C.M. of 7 & 3."

"So many threes!"Otto took the note.

"Maybe it's the only thing that'll rhymes with whatever she writes."Olive said.

"L.C.M.?What's that?"Odina asked.

Olive looked at Otto,"Mathroom?"

"Mathroom,"Otto agreed.

"BATHROOM?!"Ode and Odina said together.


"Don't!...Oh thank goodness!"Olive put Ode and Odina's hand on their badges and twisted it.

"Greetings Agents,"said Mathroom.

"Hello Mathroom,"Olive replied.

"So what's the problem?"

"Well,we were chasing a sorceress who left some notes to where she she wrote:Find the L.C.M. of 7 & 3,but none of us no what is a L.C.M."Olive leaned against the bars.

"L.C.M. meaning,generating numbers..."

"The smallest positive number that is a multiple of two or more numbers."

"Example: the Least Common Multiple of 3 and 5 is 15, because 15 is a multiple of 3 and also a multiple of 5. Other common multiples include 30 and 45, etc, but they are not the smallest (least)."

"Thanks Mathroom,"said Olive,"now we just need to find out 3 & 7's L.C.M..."

"So if we list three's top 10 multiples,and compare it with seven's top 5 multiple then we could find their L.C.M.!"Ode said.

"Generating numbers..."Mathroom started flip the big fortune tellers and opening them,inside was both seven and three's time table.

"Let's see,what we need to find now is a number in both their times tables,"Odina looked closely.

"They both have each other with is what all times tables have in common,but look!The number '21' is in BOTH the 3 and the 7 times table!So that's that's their L.C.M.!"Olive cracked the riddle.

"Let's go to 21 house on 6 sixth street!"said Otto.

"Thanks mathroom."smiled Olive.

"Your welcome,"