Hey guys! Long time, I know. I can't apologize enough for my vanishing. I've been going through a lot since I'd started this story much of which includes financial strain and depression that has all but vanquished my writing ability. Anyway I hope you guys aren't disappointed that this isn't an actual update but I wanted to let you guys know that I'm still here and your reviews, follows, favorites and private messages have really inspired me. I'm beginning to write again and am surprised that I feel such potential in these stories still even after my long drought-like writer's block. I'm just letting you guys know that there are chapters coming! I can only commit to a chapter a week right now because I've been working 40 hour weeks. I'm also letting you guys know that I've started a GoFundMe (can be found by searching JaneCorvin) which I know (at least I think) is unusual to do as a fanfic writer. I'm still not sure what the rules are at this game but if you'd like to donate that would help me out a lot. AGAIN I'm not charging or anything like that. If you feel it in you to give me a holla I love you. If you don't, I love you. As simple as that. Thanks for reading you guys and look out for an update next week!

Peace Love