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I'm Back... In a way...

Phase 00-2: Shadow Operative

*Aria of the Soul

"Welcome to the velvet Room..." Igor greeted his guest, Yosuke Hanamura, as his vision focused. Back in the Velvet Room the guest thought to himself.

"I see that you have made progress in your journey. How do you feel of traversing in unknown lands and traveling with new allies?" Margaret asked.

"Seriously...? You have no idea where to begin with." The guest retorted in disbelief. He explained his recent endeavors, of his time in the lands of Sol Cluster and Great Fang. He included his friends he made; Finnel, Aoto, Tatsumi, Saki, and Hikari Gojo.

To recall his situation, he was supposed to on standby for his friend due to the Arena Incident, which was the standing point of their case that they unraveled. While they waited for their friend to return, he recently acquired a music disk from an unknown girl and played it. Once played, an unusual language was sung followed by a loud screech. The following day, the Investigation Team decided to look into the mysterious voice that sang last night. Without their leader, they couldn't exactly act, yet when a certain circumstance arose, it prompted Yosuke to dive into what should've been, the TV world, but what he entered was different world where the residents call Ar Ciel. The place, Sol Cluster was extraordinary, seeing that he was over the supposed clouds and a tower that extends so high, it probably reaches out the atmosphere.

As to his situation, Yosuke and his friends are now trapped and seeking a way back home, climbing the tower where they think they fell from. Worst enough, their Persona abilities became unknowingly weaker than they were back home and had the need to require assistance from their friends of Sol Cluster. Thus, their journey to climb the tower was their best option as they gathered each other that were scattered throughout the Great Fang and growing stronger by such means.

Still another thing to note that one of the natives recognizes him as Yuto, but Yosuke has never been in this world for long and found it concerning.

"Fascinating, you have achieved to seek you way home and managed to bond with new comrades, but you all still have stepped on one stepping stone on many steps to take." Igor commented.

Yosuke didn't know what to say, even with a peeved expression across his face. "So... what now? Climbing the tower is our main objective but..." He recalls that Rise and Naoto were still missing on note and their Leader, Yu is still out of contact to them.

"Your journey will lead you to where you must take, I'm sure you all will cross paths once more." Margaret stated as she looked down to her compendium. "It seems your bond to another is your necessity to bring about your kindled path, I suggest you work on your bonds and learn more than what you all know." She suggested as Yosuke's vision began to fade to black.

Tatsumi Port Island

A few days ago...

Several days have passed since the mysterious screech rang across the country as the civilians continue to go about their business. Yet there were rumors and unnecessary gossips that fill the air about that case, a song that followed up with an unnatural discord.

While they all minded their own business in the city of Iwatodai, a certain man in an aqua baseball player uniform carrying a duffle bag, with a baseball bat stuck out from it, was walking with a young man in a Gekkoukan school uniform and a dog, Koromoaru, in toll.

"So Ken... I'm guessing that Soccer season's done this year?" The Baseball player, Junpei Iori mentioned.

"Yep... Though, I can say that your little league 's done too?" Ken Amada replied.

"Oh yeah, my team's score so many victories... and we lost some matches too..." Junpei stuttered as he moped afterwards.

"You win and lose some, besides, your team did the best they can. I guess you gotta train them harder?" Ken suggested.

"That would make me a slave driver!" Jenpei whined as Ken laughed. As they arrived at a business building, they soon realized that they were called for a certain task that they might be aware of. "Wait a sec, you guys too, Ken?" Junpei mentioned as he turned his junior.

"If this is about that Hymmnos we heard, then..." Ken pondered as he also got the idea. They both nodded and proceed entering the building.

Junpei and Ken, enters a meeting room that had their Shadow Operative friends waiting for them. Mitsuru Kirijo, a dark-red head wearing a fur coat was sitting in the center of the room, Akikhiko Sanada, wearing only guerrilla-styled pants and cape as he wore no shirt, revealing scars all over him, Yukari Takeba who happens to be wearing a... Pink jumpsuit? "Is... is that... Yukari-senpai, are you the Pink Argus!?" Ken questioned aloud.

"What the... what's up with Neo Featherman outfit, Yuka-tan?" Junpei asked with astonishment.

Uh... C-Can we please not talk about that? Ugh, I'm gonna get butterflies in my stomach..." Yukari groaned from embarrassment.

"I am glad that you all arrived safely." Said a monotonous voice coming from the door. It appears a blond-haired lady a black military coat dress named Aigis along with Fuuka, who has teal-colored hair with a white sundress.

"Everyone, it's nice to meet all again." Fuuka greeted as she enters the room.

"Looks like everyone's accounted for." Akihiko stated as he turned to Mitsuru as she replied with a nod.

"Very well, shall we get this meeting underway?" Mitsuru suggested as she stood up in the center of the room. "As you all were aware, there was an incident with the mysterious loud noise that appeared overnight a few days ago?" She recalls.

"Yeah, it's been a long while since I've ever heard that." Yukari agrees with concerns. "But what just happen, why Hymmnos? Does it have something to do with Ar Ciel?" She wonders.

"We can't say for certain. We don't know how this happened or why. All we know, is that it was clearly Hymmnos and that we are the only group who knows what it is." Akihiko stated.

"So what now? Would that mean that we're being called from... Metafalss?" Junpei wondered.

"Who knows. If this phenomenon has something to do with Ar Ciel, then we will have to look into this." Mitsuru suggested. "With no way to explain, we all know that we labeled this Ar Tonelico incident as an classified case.

"But how? The last time we entered Ar Ciel, we were sucked into a light back at the dorm a couple years back. If we're to enter that world, how would it even be possible?" Yukari asked.

As everyone pondered about it, Mitsuru sighed as she stood up and walked towards a huge flatscreen TV. "Have you all review your folder in front of you? It was regarding a case that we were involved in recently." She mentioned. Yukari, Junpei, Ken, looked down to the folder in front of them and read everything that involve a case that was set in a rural town and that there were other Persona Users, about entering the TV world and that it was filled with Shadows.

"There's other Persona Users out there!?" Ken exclaimed. Yukari and Junpei were as surprised as well.

"Indeed. We were on a mission to retrieve someone specific and they happened to be around to investigate this phenomenon themselves. Students of Yasogami High." Mitsuru told them.

"But what's this about entering TV's? Come on Senpai, you can't be serious." Junpei chuckle as he pointed to a highlighted part that mentioned what he said. But apparently Mitsuru proved him wrong when she place her hand into the TV. "Oh..."

"You need to learn to keep your mouth shut, Stupei." Yukari sighed.

"I can understand that you don't believe me, but matters more that something occurred that the TV has subsequently changed." Mitsuru explained.

"Change? Did the 'portal' between this TV world and our world changed." Ken wondered as Junpei went to take a closer look.

Mitsuru nodded. "As we check several TV's that connects to that 'world', it wasn't usually windy as I placed our hands through. The question I would want to ask is about is the Hymmnos, and world of Ar Ciel, and this entrance that supposedly should send us to the TV world, should it have something that connects them both or-"

"MY HAT! Junpei exclaimed as everyone else turn to him with his entire upperbody already in the TV, alarming the rest of the Shadow Operatives as they try to rescue him.

"Junpei, what the hell are you doing!?" Yukari questioned as the wind picked up within the room. Ken quickly reaches and grabs him by the leg as Koromaru bit onto the other.

"Gh...! Something sucking him in! AAAAAHHHHGH!" Ken stuttered as he held on as hard as he could but eventually, Junpei was sucked in along with Ken and Koromaru.

After the vacuum of wind died down with papers all over the place, the remaining Operatives regained their composure and deliberated of what just happened.

"Junpei-kun, Ken-kun, Koro-chan...!" Fuuka stuttered as she witnessed her friends get taken. "We have to go in! They need help!"

"Yamagishi, if we act to rash, we will only end up in a bad situation." Mitsuru interjected.

Fuuka stuttered otherwise but Yukari sighed heavily. "Don't exactly care for Junpei, I'm more worried for Ken and Koromaru. What the hell was that idiot thinking!?" Yukari stated as she retrieved her Bow she brought. "Senpai, if this really does connect to that world, we have to make sure if they're gonna be okay." Yukari suggested quickly.

Mitsuru gave a pained expression, as her stressed was building. "If we're talking about that world, then I supposed there's no need for uncertainty..." Mitsuru sighed as she gave it quick thought until she gave her answer. "Takeba, go and search for Iori and Amada and establish a place to stay."

"*Sigh*... Okay." Yukari agreed but when she step forward to the TV she then realized no one's following. "Wait a second, I'm going in alone?" She realized.

"None of us were even prepared for this, you and even Iori brought your weapon here." Mitsuru said as she also pointed out Yukari's Bow and Junpei's bag with his bat. "If you're not up to the task, Akihiko will-"

"No, fine, I'll do it. I am so going to give that idiot a piece of my mind." Yukari explained as she poked her finger through the screen as she felt a strong wind on the other side. "Well, that explains it. Some strong wind from the other side's what picked that idiot up. I'll find them and see if I can find a hub to stay at."

"Very well, We'll finish up our end and follow you guys soon. Be careful." Akihiko asked.

They all nodded and Yukari took a deep breath... and jumped into the TV. The rest of the Shadow Operatives looked at each other. "Um... is it okay for them to leave like this? I hope no one will know that they'll be missing for a while..." Fuuka mentioned.

"Luckily, they their associates of their profession are well informed that they're on an vacation and their jobs are not as busy, I'm to believe that they won't have to worried about them for a while." Mitsuru assured.

"Last time we went in, we've been gone for a while." Akihiko mentioned. "Let's get everything we need and follow suit, they're gonna need the help."

"Indeed." Mitsuru as she and the others followed suit.

"And what Sister. If her we leave her side, she will wonder where we will be." Aigis mentioned.

"... You're right." Mitsuru agreed. "We'll have to bring her along with an update of our crisis. Get everything you need for this trip and be ready. We are about to return to the unknown world, once again."


With the others that fell into the TV, Junpei was falling down face front followed by Ken who held Koromaru followed by Yukari from afar. While they fall through the ripples of black and white, a blinding light flashed before them as they covered their eyes.

After the light faded out they notice a big structure nearby and notice Junpei noticed that they were ascending. "Holy crap, wha-where are we!? Are we still falling!?" Junpei yelled as they continued to fall.

"Senpai, we ARE falling!" Ken exclaimed as Junpei looked down to see falling and then stretch his head upward to notice the clouds below, only to realize, by now, that they are falling.

"OH SHIT!" Junpei yelled as he yelled like a girl as he panicked as his body swerved all over. "This never happened to us before! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" He continued to yelled.

As they guys were panicking all over, Yukari continues to speed down to them. "I literally wasn't expecting this, what should we do!?" Yukari pondered fast as she looked around until she notices a large structure nearby as they fell. "Ken, Junpei!" She shouted for his attention as they turned to her. "That structure over there, your Persona, hurry!" She instructed.

The guys turned their head to the structure and immediately caught the gist of it, with Junpei drawing and pointing a gun-like tool to his head. "Trismegistus!" Junpei shouted as he shot his head, summoning his persona; a figure in red with gold strides down to its legs with a winged helm of a bird with a red orb in its beak along with wings on its back and another pair that connects the arms to the legs. As the Persona was summoned descends, it manages to catch Junpei, Ken, and soon enough, Yukari and flies towards the structure as the Persona dives in slow enough to safely land the Persona Users.

A loud impact rang across the structure as a local pair heard the noise. "Hmm...? That sounded like something fell..." mentioned a Aqua-haired soldier with a mechanical arm.

Another person, a red-haired mechanic looked around and then looks to where the dust cloud appeared. "Oh, damn, it's near the elevator!" She exclaimed as she rushed off.

"Uh... Hey, wait!" The soldier replied as he followed.

With the dust cloud disbursing, the Persona User coughed out the rest of it as they recovered. "Okay... okay... that was too close... almost lost it." Said Junpei as he dust his basball cap off and wore back on.

"Ugh... THAT's what you were worrying about!? You damn idiot!" Yukari exclaimed, deliverying a punch to his shoulder.

"Ow... hey! That hurt!" Junpei retorted as he pressed his other hand on the bruise. "Just so you know that this cap was very expensive to get online..." He mentioned despite Yukari's dour expression at him.

While Junpei and Yukari were arguing at each other, Ken looked around as Koromaru snuffed around. He then looked up as he sees the structure above them. "Is... this Metafalss? They sure took their time to construct all this so fast." Ken commented, getting his Senpais attention.

"Yeah, I never thought they were constructing some bridge to Metafalica... Wait, don't they have airbusses?" Junpei wondered, but when he looked up, he notices something different. "... Come to think of it, doesn't the Grand Bell look a lot different than the last time we were here?" He mentioned as the others looked up.

"That... doesn't look like a bell..." Ken reminded.

"At any case, now that we're here, we're now stuck until we do something." Yukari groaned. Let's find a place to stay, and then work our way back to our world." She suggested.

"Okay... So... where do you think we should go?" Junpei asked.

Yukari said nothing but looked around and the guys took a hint that they're lost. "Well, there's that elevator. We'll have to take our chances and keep moving." Ken suggested as he tries to open the elevator door, but with no avail. "That way's off-limits, I'm afriad." Said a guy's voice. The Persona Users looked around until they see the pair above them. "That way's to our personal junkyard, we can't have anyone going down." The soldier said.

"What brings you guys around here? You guys aren't even as combat ready as you should around here." The lady mechanic referred.

"Uhh..." Junpei stuttered as he was at a loss of words.

"Wait a minute, could you give a moment?" Yukari asked. The pair somewhat agreed as the Persona Users huddled. "We can all agree that they're as strangers to us. Don't say what they want to know, got it, Stupei?" She glare at him.

"Okay, Okay. Just don't call me that!" Junpei retorted silently as they returned to the conversation with that pair. "Yeah, we're kinda lost. Do you know a way back to the... uh... city?" He asked.

"Uh... yeah, we were looking for some stuff, some... parts... so we could make something." Ken added. "But we don't have the tools we need..."

"And here we are. We're stuck..." Yukari followed with a sigh.

"You guys came from Archia? Not exactly a good place to find anything with dangerous creatures roaming around." The soldier informed.

"Yeah... tell me about it..." Junpei stuttered.

"Alright, alright, don't dilly-dally." Said, the lady mechanic as she pulled the ladder down, allowing the Persona Users to climb up. Ken held Koromaru to get him up on the floor above them. "This path should lead you down the city below, can you manage?" She wondered.

"Don't you two worry about us, we're combat ready!" Junpei assured.

But you guys don't have your weapons, you guys forgot it on the way here." Yukari mentioned.

Junpei staggered as he looked around to find metal rods, he picked up a metal rod and gave a metal pole to Ken. "Okay, now we're combat ready!" Junpei stated.

The pair sweat-dropped as Yukari sighed. "You can imagine how I feel to be put up with him." She sighed as the soldier laughed.

The full group traversed down the metal bridge where the natives calls the Garvelt Bridge. They say that there was a history about this place but they didn't know as much as the should. That being said, they kept to themselves, just as much as the Persona Users did as well.

While the duo guided the Persona Users, Ken pondered about something... "Wonder how those guys are doing... I just realized that we have some friends when we came here before." Ken recalled.

"Ooh, that's right! Croix and Coco-chan and the others! I wonder how they're doing?" Junpei realized as they wondered.

"They're probably busy, with their job they're probably busy moving to that 'place'." Yukari guessed.

As the Persona Users were reminiscing, the pair who're guiding them felt a little suspicious. "Any idea who the really are, they don't seem to look like the locals. I mean, just look at them." The soldier whispered as they both glance back at the Persona Users. "I get the feeling that they aren't from this tower..."

"You think so...?" The lady mechanic assumed.

However, their path down was halted by a Thunderbird ambushed them as it towards the mechanic. The Soldier caught sight of it and blocked the bird's dive attack, straining the soldier's prosthetic arm. "Gh... Well shit..." The soldier grunted as he clutches his disabled limb. "Krusche, you okay?"

"Jack!" Krusche exclaimed as she checked the soldier's arm. "Dammit, it happened again!?" She groaned in frustration.

"No, kidding, that was a strong one...!" Jack replied. As the Persona Users came to their defense.

"Holy shit! You guys alright!?" Junpei asked.

"Yeah, I'm good! but my arm!" Jack replied as he looked up to the Thunderbird, three more appeared, circling around them.

"Alright, leave them to us." Junpei stated, stepping forward with an iron rod. "Alright guys, the usual?"

"Let's do this!" Ken agreed readying the metal pole.

"Just so you know, your not the boss of me." Yukari stated to Junpei.

*Light the Fire up in the Night - P3

The Persona Users waited for a moment to strike as the bird circled them. "A bunch of birds? Piece of cake!" Junpei stated with a daring expression as he pulled out his gun-like tool, a Evoker. He placed it at his head and pulled the trigger.

Krusche and Jack were all question and exclamation marks as they witness what he was doing. "Wha-What are you doing...!" Jack stuttered as they heard a glass shatter.

"Let's go, Trismegistus!" Junpei called forth as his Persona took form.

Junpei's summoning was apparently shocking to the pair in front of them, much less for Yukari and Ken in order to keep a low profile. "Agh, that idiot!" Yukari stated as she pulled her bow string, readying to shoot. One of the Thunder Birds dive upon Ken but stomps on the bird with Deathbound and then jumped away to the other birds left in the air. The Thunderbird screeched as it began to take wing, but Ken pinned it down and Koromaru rushed in and bit the bird by the neck, killing it as the bird screeched its last, leaving three left in the air.

Yukari readied her bow and aimed at another bird as she fired several arrows, shooting it down as it spiral through the bridges and hitting debris nearby as it fell below. "Guys, how are you doing?" Yukari asked to her friends

"J-Just peachy!" Junpei replied as Trismegistus continues to chase the last two Thunderbirds. As the Persona continues to chase them down, until Ken catches one by spear threw his weapon and missed the bird, but Koromaru caught the diverted bird by surprise and brought it down, with his Persona Cerberus, snatching from the air and mauled it with its teeth, followed by tossing what remains, into the sky below. As Koromaru's Persona roared, the last Thunderbird immediately flew away, with victory to the Persona Users. "Alright! That was a... cinch..." Junpei stuttered as he began to limp.

"Junpei, seriously? You must've realized that would happen." Yukari reminded in disappointment.

"Well, at least we've managed to fend off the birds, I rather not be bird feed." Said Ken with their canine companion agreeing.

Thus, includes the skirmish.

Junpei was feeling fatigue right away after the bird escaped which the others were skeptical about him. "Ugh, Junpei, you know about the effects that'll occur when you use your Persona here, right?"

"Yeah... right... I kinda forgot..." Junpei groaned in response.

"Immediate exhaustion without a Reyvateil singing, that's usually works like last time." Ken reminded.

While the three and Koromaru were granted a sigh of relief, Jack and Krusche, were speechless of the recent skirmish. "... Okay, we definitely can't deny that they aren't from here." Jack mumble to his partner.

Krusche remained silent as she and Jack stared at the Persona User as they looked back to them.

"Uhh... ohh..." Junpei stuttered as he realized they witnessed what they saw... "Er... I can explain!"

However, Yukari whacked him on head in order to silence him as she then spoke in his place. "You guys saw the whole thing, right?" She asked.

"Yeah..." Jack replied as an awkward silence fill their atmosphere. "*Sigh* There's no denying it, you guys aren't from this tower, right?"

"You know that much, but we don't know if you guys are from here either, right?" Yukari replied in suspicion. "Look, we're not here to cause any trouble, if you could point us to the city to rest, we won't get in your way... whatever you guys are doing. Will that be fine?"

"Alright, follow us..." Krusche agreed as she and Jack willingly guided them down the trail as they soon discovered a huge city below, hanging off the edge. "Welcome to the Archia Also know as the Archia Corporachy." She greeted as they walked down.

Unbeknownst to the group heading to the City, a young man with bright red hair looks down to the group as he picks up it katana out of Thunderbird that attempted to escape. The next thing he did was grinned and walked away, into a red and black portal.

Archia Corporachy

There pair lead the Persona Users into the city street that was buzzing with people. "Huh... Well, we should be able to blend in from here..." Junpei said as he stretched.

"Yeah, but we still don't have any any money that we can use here... Leaf I mean..." Ken mentioned.

"We got you guys into the city without any problems, so were square?" Jack asked.

"Yeah man, thanks we'll figure something out." Junpei replied.

They nodded and began to part ways until Yukari recalled something to them. "Wait a second." She pleaded as the pair turned around. "Sorry for asking, but is there anyway to earn... uh... Leaf? We're low on cash."

"Are you serious, we were already scrounging up as much as we need." Jack retorted with a scowl.

"Huh... Actually, I could use something to eat..." Junpei added.

"Go find the shop Nya Nya Ya, you could probably sell some stuff that you guys have." Krusche suggested.

"Yeah, we have to report back to our boss. We'll see you around." Jack wave as they left.

"Nya Nya Ya..." Ken wondered.

"Maybe the owner's a fan of cats?" Junpei wondered.

They walked through the town in search of the said shop. Through the shopping districts passing over bridges until they managed to find the shop the pair mentioned. "Be right there, I'll be out in a jiff." Told a female voice in the back.

While they wait, Junpei immediately felt exhausted and collapse, sitting down on the ground as he looked pale. "Aw man... I could really use something to eat..." Junpei groaned.

"Well, we would have to be involved in this mess if you hadn't dived into the TV!" Yukari complained. "I mean, what were you trying to do, sticking you head in the TV!?"

"I-I don't know, I was wondering if that 'Entering TV' and stuff was true. I didn't know it'd suck me into it right away!" Junpei retorted.

"I thought you were grabbing your baseball cap when you stuck your head in, wasn't it?" Ken recalled as the three sighed heavily.

"Sorry for the wait, welcome to Nya Nya Ya!" Said the owner as the Persona Users see her walking up to them. She wore a pink Kimono that had puffed armlets.

"Arf! Arf!" Koromaru exclaimed playfully as he approaches the owner so familiarly.

"Huh...? Wait, you..." The owner muttered as she went down to pet Koromaru, until she realized. "It's... It IS you, Koro!" She exclaimed with glee as she then looked up to the Persona Users. "! ... Kenny! Junpei? Yukari! It's you guys she exclaimed as she went to hung all three of them. "It's great to see you guys again! And Kenny, you look tall!" She mentioned as she scans the Young Persona User.

"Huh... You are..." Ken stuttered as they all realized who she is.

"Sasha!?" "Sasha-chan!?" They exclaimed.

"Yep, that's me!" Sasha replied. "I so glad to see you guys again, I've always thought that you guys returned home, never to see us ever again!" She mentioned as she sniffle.

The group gave their silence as that was supposedly true. "I'm sorry, Sasha, but that part was the idea. We had our own lives to deal with." Yukari mentioned in a disappointing tone.

"I... see..." Sasha muttered, looking down.

"Hey, cheer up! We're here now, so that counts, right?" Said Junpei, trying to cheer her up. Besides, is that the same Kimono? You look like a merchant from our world."

"Ah! *Sniff* Yeah, sorry... and thanks!" Sasha said, wiping off her tears. "So how did you guys get here? The security of Sol Cluster is insane, if you got in.

"Sol Cluster? This tower isn't Metafalss?" Junpei asked.

"No, the structure, of Metafalss is entirely different from this tower. We're in a different region, if you're wondering." Sasha corrected.

"Well, that complicates things... we don't even know what to do." Yukari commented as Junpei's stomach growled.

"Oh, let me get something for you!" Sasha respond as she went to the back of the shop. She returned and gave them some snacks to go on. While they sustain themselves with something to eat, they shared their lost time with each other, sharing their daily lives, participating in sports and being a TV show. "Wow, I'm jealous! I see you guys are living you lives."

"We made a promise to him, and 'him', that we live our lives proudly." Yukari stated as she looked up in the sky.

"Come to think of it, why are you here in Sol Cluster, you said the security is dangerous. Are you guys okay?" Ken asked.

Sasha nodded "We're okay, although, Ms. Cocona had to hide from the Clustanian Army, so I haven't seen her for a while now." She explained.

"Coco's being chased? Why?" Ken question.

"You remember that Ms. Cocona's an IPD Reyvateil, who depends on Infel Pira for her Song Magic? Well, Clustanian Reyvateils weren't able to identify her and considered us a threat and they shot us down and they're still chasing her." She told them.

"Seriously!? Um... shouldn't we worried? If someone's hunting her down, shouldn't we someone do something? We can try help, but were not familiar with this tower." Junpei suggested.

"I know you guys mean well, it's just that, Me and Ms. Cocona are on a mission!" She whispered to them. "I'm sorry, but can't exactly tell you the specifics..."

"No, that's fine." Yukari assured. "The thing is, I can bet that there's a reason for our presence here, right?"

"Probably... Oh right! " Sasha agreed but then recalls something and goes to the back again, returning back out with a map of the Tower. Here's a map of this tower, we're here and... Oh, yeah get this..." Sasha told them of the recent events occuring around the structures of Great Fang and a rumor of "Conjurers" interloping within. The specifics hardly made sense but the Persona User might had an idea.

"These 'Conjurers'... they could be Persona Users...!" Ken assumed.

"Could they be Mitsuru-senpai and the others?" Yukari wondered.

"Ms. Mitsuru? This was dated a few days ago, did they arrive before you?" Sasha wondered. "In fact, how did you guys get here in the first place?" She asked again.

The Persona Users lit up and gave a pained expression. "Um... you might no believe us, but we..." Yukari muttered, yet Junpei interjected.

"We just stumbled across a one-way portal here, purely by chance!" Junpei answered immediately.

"Junpei!" Yukari excalimed, punching him min the shoulder for interrupting.

"Ow, it's true, isn't it!?" Junpei retorted as he pressed the pain.

While Ken sweat-dropped, Sasha laughed as Koromaru was lying down patiently.

"Ugh... anyways, what Stupei said is sort of true. And Mitsuru-senpai and the others were actually behind us, preparing themselves as we entered first.

"Oh... so then who were those guys on the news?" Sasha wondered.

A moment of silence and Ken recalled something back home, come to think of it... Senpai, didn't we looked into that report that mentioned other Persona Users?" He mentioned.

"Other Persona Users?" Sasha repeated.

"Yeah, we've looked into a report that mentioned other Persona Users back home. I was surprise myself when they mentioned about a case those guys were in." Yukari continued.

"If that's the case, then what the rumors say, is that those 'Other Persona Users' are here, in this region as well." Ken followed up.

A moment of silence in the atmosphere, with the Persona User raising questions that need to be answered. However the moment was broken until a pair entered the shop. "Yo, babe!" Jack called out as he and Krusche arrived. "Oh, it's you guys." He mentioned with surprise. "Hey, you guys aren't causing any problems to her, are you?"

"What? N-No! Sasha-chan's actually an old acquaintance of ours!" Junpei exclaimed.

"That's right! They're my best of friends who helped me and my friends when we were in trouble." Sasha assured.

"Oh, Well, sorry for getting wrong idea." Jack apologize. "Anyways, here's the parts you need, where'd you want me to put them?"

"To the side over there, I'll take of the rest." Sasha assured as he placed the parts in the designated spot.

"So did you guys come from where Sasha's from? I wouldn't expect to see a guy using a power like that." Krusche mentioned.

"Oh, they aren't from Metafalss, they're not from Ar Ciel actually." Sasha told them.

"SASHA!?" "Woof!" The Persona Users exclaimed.

"Not from Ar Ciel...?" Jack repeated as the pair stared at them. "Well, those outfits aren't exactly familiar around here..."

"Look, we're not asking where you guys are from and we're trying to keep a low profile." Yukari stated. "This might be asking a lot to you but-"

"'You want us to keep our mouths shut about you', right?" Krusche continued as the Persona Users had exclamation marks on them. "Fine, we can do that. We're not from this tower either, so we're even?" She suggest as this gave them a sigh of relief.

"Yeah, thanks, we appreciate it." Yukari said.

"That being said..." Jack muttered as he looked to the group. "How about you guys work with us?" He suggested.

"What!?" Everyone else exclaimed, including Krusche and Sasha.

"Jack, what are you doing, you can't be serious!" Krusche stated in disbelief.

"I'm just saying. Just the two of us aren't exactly and ideal to venture near the Tower, and we aren't exactly near our own goals. Besides, if we had an extra hand, our jobs could be more smoother than it should be." He suggested. "Beside, you guys said you're low on cash, right?"

"Are you... employing us?" Ken assumed.

"If it's not a problem, I mean you guys said that you need some Leaf to eat right?" Jack mentioned.

"Now wait a minute..." Yukari asked. "We can't just get involved in your mess, we don't even know what we have to do!" She stated.

"We can fill you guys in on the jobs we do, and we can vouch for your service with our client. And we won't them about that thing you guys can do. I mean, did you guys have any plans that you guys need to take care of?" Jack asked.

"Not really, we just caught up in something and we're stuck here..." Junpei mentioned.

"All the more reason to take some jobs until you guys figure it out. What do you think, Krusche?" Jack asked his partner.

"Ugh... Now that was rude of you, making deals with out me." Krusche grumbled.

The Persona Users were discussing about the offer and came to a conclusion "... Well, it's not like we have a choice in a matter, and we can't standby and rot here, it's so disgusting. So we'll accept for the time being." Yukari answered.

"We appreciated it. You secret is safe with us." Jack replied as he and Yukari shook hands. "Anyways, we have another job that we have to participate so we'll send a word out for you guys." He mentioned.

"Alright, get everything you need and meet us in front of the Think Tank when your ready." Krusche told them as the pair left.

"Okay... so let's get ready to make some moneh!" Junpei boasted.

"You guys still need better weapons, I mean those metal rods, seriously?" Yukari pointed out.

"Sasha, does your shop have Synthesis work shop?" Ken asked.

"Sure, anything for Team JJKKKY!"

"Team... Jacky..." Th Persona User repeated.

"Yeah, Team JJKKKY, Mr. Jack, Junpei, Ms. Krusche, Kenny, Koro, and Yukari." Sasha defined. "It was just J&K with them but with you guys around I'm pretty sure you guys will go somewhere. I m happy to help you at any way."

"... Heh, I guess we're a team then?" Junpei chuckled.

"Shut up, and make yourself a weapon, Junpei." Scolded Yukari as they went to use the Workshop.

Whatever they Shadow Operatives are here for, their path is intertwined with our Heroes.

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