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PHASE 02: The Arco-Clustanian Accord


They set forth on a long journey to face an ordeal.

Nevertheless, their voyage was anything but smooth sailing.

They found themselves by a vast darkness for they have yet to find answers and questions in their minds.

Upon the deck of an Airship, Aoto and Saki were having a nice fresh air after the devastating meal they had last night. Yosuke and the rest of Investigation Team came up to check on him. "Yo, Aoto, are you feeling better?

"Urrgh... I'll live..." Aoto groaned. "Holy shit, even after I ate a better dish, I still can taste the bitter leftovers of that.. dish..." He stuttered as Saki pats his back.

"Again, we are so sorry. I thought we had the recipe right." Yukiko apologized.

"You two were using foreign ingredients and you didn't gave a quick though in what you put in?" Kanji recalled.

"Hey, I thought we were doing it right. I just... didn't read the labels..." Chie muttered as her sentence trailed off...

"We can't even have you girls in the Kitchen without Naoto helping you guys. In fact, we should probably asked Finnel to teach you guy properly." Yosuke suggested.

While they all laughed it off with Chie and Yukiko frowned in disappointment, Richa appeared on the deck to check on them. "Aoto, eveyone, are you all enjoying the flight?

"Huh? Oh, sure." Aoto replied as he weakly turn to her as everyone nodded.

So, you want to go to Ogai, right? Why? Are you going on a romantic getaway with your girlfriend?" Richa asked.

"G-girlfriend!?" Saki repeated as she blushed.

"N-no! We're not like that!" Aoto retorted.

"You sure, that modesty on your faces says otherwise..." Teddie giggled as it irritated him back.

Aoto: "C-can it, Ted!"

"Hhmhmh... you're both blushing... How adorable!" Richa said as she smiled.

"Uhh... Not exactly into this mushy stuff, come on, Yukiko." Chie said as she and Yukiko went inside the ship.

"Wha- I said we're not like that..." Aoto assured.

As the guys laughed it off, Yosuke wondered what she does in her occupation. "Now that I recall, you're one of the top people at the Archia Think Tank, right? You must be doing really complicated research." He mentioned

"Oh yeah, of course. No other institute can compare to us. When Antibodies first emerged, our technology saved humanity." Richa stated.

"Antibodies...?" The guys asked.

"Oh... I guess your generation isn't familiar with them, huh? Antibodies are new life forms that suddenly appeared on this planet... The most dangerous, and most grisly of the Grim Reaper's pets. Our mother ecosystem, Ar Ciel, sicced them on us." Richa explained.

"The Grim Reaper's pets? Ar Ciel sent them?" Teddie wondered.

"The Grim Reaper's just a figure of speech, of course." Richa corrected. "They came in groups and wiped out many towns in Great Fang. Nowadays, their horrifying raids have mostly been quelled, but a few decades ago, people thought they'd kill us all."

"That sounds... frightening." Saki followed in a worried tone

"But... why would your planet send those creatures after you?" Yosuke asked that left Richa pondering.

"It's always stunning how little people know anymore..." Richa commented as she explained. "... 700 years ago, humanity stupidly unleashed a catastrophe known as the Grathnod Inferia. As a result, the world was covered in the toxic Sea of Death below and the plasma of the Blast Line above. But, humans failed to learn from the devastation they caused. Soon, the planet viewed humanity as an infection."

"Holy hell... Not exactly a fan of history, but holy hell..." Kanji muttered.

"It wasn't easy to defend ourselves from the Antibodies. They were completely immune to the poison of the Sea of Death, and they drew their energy from the Blast Line. But, the Archia Think Tank researched this new species and eventually engineered a method to defeat them." Richa assured

"Wow... I didn't know they did amazing research like that." Aoto complemented.

"So, humans are safe now, right?" Saki wondered

"... Well, it's not that simple." Richa denied. "There's a rumor that Clustania has started using Antibodies as bioweapons."

"Clustania!? But I thought you said the Antibodies have been quelled..." Aoto exclaimed as the guy looked worried.

"That's why this is such a big problem. If Clustania can control those killers, there'll be a tremendous power gap." Richa guessed.

"You don't say..." Yosuke muttered as they recall that unusual creature they saw back at Ciela Gate.

"... So you're saying that the incident that happened at that time..." Aoto muttered as he tries to ask, but Richa notice Hikari Gojo walking nearby.

"Kyah! Doctor! Where are you going!?" Richa asked flirtatiously.

"Oh, well, I was just going to the cafeteria or something..." Hikari Gojo replied.

Richa: "I'll go with you!"

"... But, I want to think about something by myself for a while." The Doctor mentioned as he skedaddled away.

"Doctor! Nooo!" Richa pleaded as she tripped. She stands back as she pursues him "...Wait wait wait! Please, Doctor!"

The guys and Saki watched as she leaves the deck. "Huh... I can't tell whether they're cool or goofy." Aoto sighed as Saki giggled.

"Uh... We'll give you some space. Gonna pack up, I just hope we'd arrive in Archia without any incidents." Yosuke told the couple as they leave the deck. They will be arriving in Archia soon.

Archia Corporachy

Once the group got off the Airbus, they all looked up to the huge city, hanging off the edge. "Wow, so this is Archia?" Teddie asked, astonished by the infrastructure of the city.

"It's more packed than I thought." Aoto agreed.

"The Archia Corporarchy consists of an industrial district, above, and a residential district, below." Richa stated as she stepped forth. "It's the only place in the entire Tower where humans can safely walk without fear of being captured by Clustania... Although, they have yet to recognize Archia as an independent country."

"Hmm? So then, Archia isn't even an official state?" Yukiko asked.

"Correct. For instance, on their map, it's labeled as their territory, known as the Parie Executive District. But, there is virtually no Clustanian influence over us." Richa explained.

" I don't really understand everything, but I guess there are still some places where us humans are still dominant in this Tower?" Chie summed up.

"Hmhmhm. As long as you know that much, you'll be fine. Okay, let me tell you some things to keep in mind..." Richa closed her fan a she pointed to the certain places of the city. "First, don't step foot outside of town. Second, don't go to the upper part without permission. There are important facilities that the Archia Think Tank controls up there, so we don't want any trouble."

"If we get caught near the Archia Think Tank, we'll be in trouble...check." Katene noted.

"Although, Doctor is always welcome anywhere he pleases. Would you like to come up there with me again?" Richa suggested suggestively.

The group all sweat-dropped as the Doctor was inclined to agree. "... No thank you. I wouldn't go, even if you asked." He scowled.

"Wait, so we can't climb the Tower without permission?" Yosuke asked.

"Of course, it's dangerous for anyone to climb the tower, with the war against Clustania and creatures that nest around the Garvelt Bridge..." Richa answered as she trailed off. "Why do you ask...?" She asks.

"Huh? Er... no reason, just refreshing my mind." Yosuke stuttered a lie. "Anyway, We'll be around. I'm sure you guys have something you wanted to do, so think we should split up for the moment?" He suggested as they all nodded.

"Aright. Why don't we get some coffee, Gojo? We've got quite a bit to catch up on." Katene offered.

As the Doctor accepted, it made Richa mope. "Awww, that's not fair... Then, please let Richa go with you two!" She asked.

"Well... actually, if possible, we wanted to go to Ogai right away." Aoto requested.

"Oh, yeah, sorry. I will take you there right now." Richa retracted back to the pair.

"Richa, I ask that you please take them safely. I dread the thought that there may be Clustanians lurking there." Hikari Gojo asked.

"Yeah, you were attacked in Ogai once, right?" Yosuke mentioned, but Saki couldn't remember.

"Please guard them as their escort. If you're with them, I won't be that worried, Richa." Said Dr. Gojo

"Oh, of course, Doctor. If you ask me to do something, I'll always do my best!" Richa assured.

"Then, I'll take a look around town. I wanna check out the V-Board Racetrack, too." Tatsumi said, having plans of his own.

"V-Board Racetrack? Think we can tag along?" Yosuke asked as Tatsumi.

"Fine by me, not exactly interested with a company, though..." Tatsumi shrugged.

"I guess we can take a look around the market along the way?" Chie suggested as Yukiko, Kanji, and Teddie agreed.

"I could probably find some stuff to use for... stuff..." Kanji muttered.

"How about you, Finnel?" Aoto asked but she remained aloof as the group turned to her. "... Finnel! What are you gonna do?" He repeated.

"Huh? Oh... uh... I'll go with Yosuke and the others." Finnel decided as she returned to her sense.

"What were you thinking about?" Yosuke asked.

"I'm... sorry" Finnel apologized as she laugh weakly.

"... You wanna say something, just go and say it. When you want to gaze at the stars, I can keep you company." Yosuke assured.

"Thanks... Yosuke." Finnel replied as she blushed.

His friend were shockingly astonished by their interaction with each other. "Wow... and here I thought the prince of disappointment was never capable of scoring a girl..." Chie commented as Yukiko and the others laugh.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean!?" Yosuke retorted with leaving Finnel with a question mark.

"Okay! Let's all meet at the Inn when we're done with our own stuff. There's an Inn called Eulark. I'll book us some rooms there." The Doctor assured.

"Roger. See you guys later!" Said Aoto.

"Uh-huh. see you around!" Teddie waved as the groups split apart.

Richa: "Alright, we should get going."

Aoto: "Right."

V-Board Racetrack

While everyone went their way into the city, Tatsumi arrived at race track they had many people speculating on the current race. "Oh wow, this is awesome!" Yosuke exclaimed excitingly, however, he notices something. "... But hold on... There isn't a lot of protection to their selves." He said as he speculated the racers.

"Not necessarily, just take a look at me." Tatsumi pointed out at his clothes and armor. "It's one thing to protect yourself in the race, but wearing to much protection will only hamper your speed and mobility, lighter armor is a essential necessity."

"That's cool..." Chie uttered as she gaze upon the race. "This looks fun, hey you think we can participate?" She wondered as the group looked surprised.

"You want to join now? I don't know. Even if you register, I never seen you V-Board before. Plus, the next race isn't isn't within a few more days, I mean, aren't you guys supposed to be find your way back home?" Tatsumi asked.

"Well, I know how to use those kind of boards, if that's what you mean..." Chie replied weakly.

"... You referring to 'Snowboarding'?" Tatsumi mentioned as Chie's head tilted back up. "I'm only saying that we have our own agendas that we have to take care of, I'm not saying that you shouldn't join." He assured.

Chie: "Eh heh heh... thanks."

"Anyway, I need to check my V-Board with my mechanic, it should be nearby." He told them, guiding them down.

Just then, a voice rung with the Persona User's ears. "Huh...? Senpai, you guys hear that?" Kanji asked.

"Yeah, did someone call for us?" Yosuke wondered. Little to what they know, they couldn't make out who spoken, and so they continued to follow Tatsumi to his mechanic's shop.

Nya Nya Ya

"Welcome to Nya Nya Ya" Tatsumi greeted as they all entered the shop. The place was filled with parts all over and spare V-Boards on aside. "Sasha, I'm back."

In response, the girl named Sasha poked her head from the back and jolted towards him. *Gasp* Coco-"

"Wha-Whoa, Sasha!" Tatsumi alerted.

"Huh... Oh! Uh... Tatsumi! You're okay!" Sasha replied.

"I'm alive that's for sure." Tatsumi replied. "Look, I know this is sudden, but think you can check on my V-Board, see if you can tune-up some parts if you can?" He requested.

"You got it!" Sasha replied as Tatsumi lent his V-Board to her as she began to tinker on the table in front of them.

"So... she's your mechanic, Tats?" Yosuke asked.

"Yep, she checks up on my V-Board and runs a shop here." Tatsumi replied as he looks around.

"With a lot of parts that J&K brings me, I can do anything should I find the right parts." Sasha adds. "Come to think of it, are you guys Tatsumi's friends?" She wonders.

Oh, sorry, Sasha. I didn't introduce you." Tatsumi bring it up. "I've met them since my stay in Great Fang." Tatsumi greeted. "They also came from another world." He mentioned, whispering to her.

"Oh... I see. Nice to meet you. I'm Sasha! Welcome to my Synthesis Shop, Nya Nya Ya." Sasha greeted.

Chie: "Nice 'ta meet you to, Sasha-chan."

"It is nice to mee you too, Sasha-chan." Yukiko greeted and bowed

They all introduced themselves to Tatsumi's friend. "She's my oldest friend. She may look young, but she's a savvy engineer who can make anything. Trust me, she does the maintenance on my V-Board. Sasha's tune-ups are the best in the business."

"Oh, cool." Yosuke commented as he then remembers that he has a V-Board. "Oh right, think you can looked a V-Board that I have?"

"You have a V-Board?" Sasha mentioned as Yosuke transformed his weapon and showed her his V-Board. "Whoa...! That's amazing!" She replied with excitement.

"Uh, yeah! I was hoping if you can take a closer look at it, since, you know, you're a mechanic and all..."

"I can do so, but this model is unheard of, truthfully. This looks custom-made." Sasha nodded. Yosuke told her about how the V-Board transforms and splits into blades, details that refer to the V-Board in question. "I see... This really is unusual... Alright, I managed to finish up Tatsumi's tune-up, so... this may take a while." Sasha agreed as she began to work on it.

"Wow, Sasha-chan's a real pro!" Teddie commented.

A moment later, they heard another voice ringing in their ears again. "!? There it is again..." Yukiko mentioned as the group turned to them, with the Non-Persona users turned to them.

"What's wrong?" Finnel asked.

Yosuke: "We're starting to hear a voice for some reason..."

"A voice? But I don't hear anything...?" Sasha replied.

"So it's just us...?" Yosuke wondered, but then realized something, wait, if it is just, then..." He the other pondered off as they thought of someone that might have a form of communication."

As they focused their thoughts on that specific person, her rung out loudly. "SENPAI!" Rise exclaimed into their heads, causing a feedback to their ears.

"Ow...! R-Rise-chan?" Yosuke stuttered as he gripped his ears.

"Y-Yosuke-senpai!? Your okay!" Rise stuttered in response, sounding sad.

"Oh my god, it IS Rise-chan!" Chie exclaimed.

"Holy hell, it's her!?" Kanji followed

"Guys, what's happening!?" Tatsumi questioned.

"It's a friend of ours! She's communicating with us via our Personas." Yosuke answered as Tatsumi and Sasha looked surprised.

Finnel: "Huh...?"

"Senpais, you jerk! Where have you been!? Me and Naoto-kun were worried about you ever since!" Rise cried on the link.

Yukiko: "Rise-chan..."

"We can tell that you're all accounted for. I'm glad that you're okay, Senpais." Naoto entered the conversation.

"Nao-chan, you came for us!" Teddie exclaimed with.

"Do not be so coy with us, you and Yosuke-senpai will owe us a lot of explanation about your venture in this... world..." Naoto stated in disappointment.

"We'll apologized as much as you need Noato-chan." Yosuke agreed. "Anyways, where are you guys? It's better now that we regroup." He suggested.

"Hmm... when we fell, we did wound up near the city the locals call Archia. We managed to climb up a structure above in order for Rise-chan to find you guys from a better view." Noato exclaimed. "I horror the thought of you all... well... No, never mind. Apparently we're in a predicament at the moment."

"Uh... okay, we'll come to you. Hang tight." Yosuke guessed as the group nodded. "Finnel, Tatsumi, I think the rest of our friends are still around. Is their any place that's above the city?" He asked.

There's the Garvelt Bridge. It's a large structure that has long succession of bridges and stairs, which gives it the name." Finnel explained.

"Garvelt Bridge, huh?" Kanji repeated. "Well, they ain't gonna rescue themselves, right, Senpai?"

"Yeah, that place still has creatures nesting there, if not including any other rogue machinery." Finnel included.

"Right. We'll be right back, okay?" Yosuke said as he and the rest of them rushed out of the shop.

"Oh wait a sec, Tatsumi!" Sasha immediately catching him before he left. "You won't believe who I've met before you returned. Kenny, Koro, Junpei, and Yukari!"

"Kenny!? They're here!?" Tatsumi exclaimed. "Wh-Where are they right now..." He stuttered.

"Uh... they're working part-time with J&K. Together they form Team JJKKKY!" Sasha explained.

"Team... Jacky? What kind of boo-ish name is that...?" Tatsumi muttered. "Um... never mind, I'm sure we'll meet again." He shook the thought off and continued to go after the group.

"Now... let's see what this V-Board's like. It's definitely custom-made..." Sasha muttered to herself as she checked it thoroughly, but what she discovered was unusual compared to the common V-Board. "Hmm, now this is odd..."

Elsewhere, Mute and a pair of her soldiers were out of breath as they rested within an alley. "Dammit!" Mute exclaimed.

"... What now, Captain? We're already in a deep end. And we lost too many soldiers..." one of the Clustanian Soldiers stated.

"We need to cut our losses and return to Clustanina-" Another Soldier suggested but was cut off by Mute.

"Shut the hell up! I know!" Mute retorted as she grits her teeth. "I can't go back empty handed... it all their fault...!" She thought as she recalls her defeat in Great Fang.

"It's this way!" Finnel stated as Mute and her soldier overheard someone familiar. They peak out from the alley to see the Persona Users rushing elsewhere.

"Th-Those brats!" Mute stuttered as she grips her hands on a building, cracking debris off...

"We don't have the man power to go against them. If they're here, who knows what they'll do if they were to reach Clustania." One of the Soldier stated.

Captain, don't even think about going at them. We need to report the General!" Another Soldier exclaimed.

Mute: "Tch... fine."

Garvelt Bridge

Upon entering the bridge, they all looked up to see the 'bridge' extends... very high.

"... Shit, that's high." Kanji commented.

"This bridge extends all the way up to another place called the Kniehar Signal Station, continuing up from there will bring you to..." Finnel stated until, Yosuke interrupted.

"Hold on a sec, we don't know what we'll get into if we go up with nothing to go on... We're here to find our friends." Yosuke reminded.

"Huh? Oh..." Finnel frowned.

"We appreciate you going that far to help us, but were worried for our friends." Yukiko assured.

"I supposed there's nothing we can do." Tatsumi sighed. "By the way, you left you V-Board back at Nya Nya Ya." He remined him.

"Right..." Yosuke realized as he sweat-dropped. He looked around, and with luck, to find a pair of rusted metal pieces that works like blades. "Meh, it's not like we're gonna be here for long. Let's rescue Rise-chan and Naoto-san, and we'll be back." He assured.

As they climbed the bridge, they encountered foes in their path. Yosuke manages to use hidden kunais included to his weaponry so they continued to press on.

"Senpais! Your here!" Rise called out, communicating from her Personas.

"Rise-chan, you are you and Naoto okay?" Yosuke responded.

"We're fine. We were trying to search for you guys but the metal pillars rusted and gave away." Naoto explained.

"Is there a way for you guys to reach us? This place kinda look like a maze..." Chie mentioned.

"Well, we did discover an elevator, but it's not working... It seems to be broken..." Told Naoto. "Other than that, I don't think we can find another way..."

"Alright, if you can guide us there, we should be able to reach you." Yosuke suggested.

"Okay, just climb up the path and you should be able to see an Elevator at you end." Rise stated.

"I hear that Rise-chan and Naoto-kun are alright. Thank goodness..." Yukiko sighed with relief.

"Uh..." Finnel stuttered at them. "Who were you guys talking to?" She asked.

"Oh, that's right, they can't hear Rise-chan..." Chie realized as along with everyone else, with Tatsumi unfazed, and Finnel confused.

"Is that a Persona thing?" Tatsumi guess. "I bet you guys have that ability to communicate with other through thie Rise person?"

"Indeed, Tatsy! Rise-chan is our lovely support when it come to our enemies analysis!" Teddie replied.

"Teddie, you got to stop calling me that." Tatsumi sighed.

Unbeknownst to them, a pair of people arrived after them as they watched the group in front of them. "Now who are they?" Krusche wondered.

"Their uniforms... Oh geez, we better follow them..." Jack sighed.

Skit Topic: The Teen Idol

They continue to climb as they cut through birds and machines. Finnel was wondering who this Rise's like.

Finnel: "... I'll bring this out now, but who's this Rise like?"

Yosuke: "Who Rise-chan is? She's an idol from where we're from. A Teen Idol!"

Tatsumi: "An Idol? Like one of those who sing?"

Teddie: "Rise-chan is very popular, she's even showed on commercials and even has so much fans!

Chie:"Yeah, Rise-chan's not a Reyvateil, of course, but she can be dangerous flirt sometimes."

Finnel: "A Dangerous... Flirt?"

Yukiko: "She can be very sweet, but even she has her competitive side on many occasions."

Finnel: "It sounds like she's perfect in many ways..."

Kanji: "What do ya mean, she's terrible cook like our Senpais. I mean, have ever ate an omelet that didn't taste like anything?"

Chie: "What was that!?"

Both Chie and Yukiko were giving glares and meaningful smiles at Kanji for the remarks he said, which in turn he took a step back.

Finnel: "So she can't cook too...?"

Tatsumi: "Well, no one's perfect, at least..."

Skit Topic: Ace Detective

Continuing up the multiple stairs cases, Finnel remembers them mentioning Naoto.

Finnel: "Oh yeah, you guys mentioned someone named... Naoto? ... Is he like... Aoto?"

Yosuke: "... What?"

Kanji: "Hell no! She's a frickin' Genius Detective, ain't some stubborn punk.

Yukiko: "What Kanji-kun is saying, is that she's a very intelligent individual who's family supports the authority in looking into crimes and such."

Teddie: "She's a beauty that looks so mature. So mature, that she wear a lot of male clothing.

Tatsumi: "Male clothing? Wait, she cross-dresses?"

Yosuke: "Yeah, it's something about a personal insecurity. She actually fooled us."

Tatsumi: "... I see..."

Yosuke: "In fact you guys should see her rack. She's quite-"

Chie immediately interrupt him as she smack Yosuke's head from the back, dropping him on the metal flooring.

Chie: "And we're walking, and we're walking..."

The peeved Chie walked away as the others sweat-dropped.

After defeating more enemies along the away, the groups decides to take a break for a afternoon sightseeing. "Okay... I think we deserve a little breather..." Yosuke suggested as everyone agreed. He told Rise about their side as they rested.

"Hey, I've been meaning to ask, but how were you guys doing, Rise-chan, Naoto-kun? I know we fell from the sky a couple days ago." Chie asked.

"Tell me about it, when the wind diverted our fall, we suddenly found ourselves between Archia and Garvelt Bridge." Naoto answered. "Luckly some people from Archia managed to help us out from some trouble."

"I think Naoto-kun almost sprained her leg during that fall." Rise mentioned as the other lit up.

"Now that doesn't sound good." Yosuke commented as they stood back up. As they continued their search for their location the eventually arrived where they mention they last been.

"Is this the place?" Yukiko asked.

"Yeah, I think that's the place where we fell from..." Rise stated.

"That's great." Yosuke agreed in relief as he peaked over the bridge as he see Rise and Naoto far down. "Hey, Yeah, I can see you two down there, Your both pretty far down..." He mentioned as the rest of the group followed and peaked over as well.

"The hell? We went all the way up here and we missed them!?" Kanji grunted in disappointment.

"I supposed the elevator nearby is the only thing that can bring us to you guys." Naoto sighed.

"I'm lucky enough that I can easily pick you guys up with my Persona." Said Rise as she notice some sort of presence next to them. "Hang on, I'm picking up something near your location... I thought it was nothing..." She mentioned.

"What's the matter Rise-chan?" Teddie replied.

"Well, it's a little odd..." Rise mumble as she narrows down the unknown source next to the group. "Is someone with you? I'm detecting some sort of shadow presence near you."

"Shadow presence?" Yosuke repeated as the group, excluding Finnel and Tatsumi, looked around. "We... made some friends here, Finnel and Tatsumi, they're natives here."

"Natives? Then how could I-" Rise wondered, but then a loud crash rang throughout the Garvelt Bridge. "! Naoto-kun!" Rise exclaimed.

"Rise-chan? Rise-chan, what's going on!?" Yosuke questioned.

"These machines here! They attacking us!" Rise exclaimed as the group witness a giant mech from above attacking Naoto and Rise.

"However you guys can make it here, we need your assistance, hurry!" Naoto followed as she engages the mech.

"R-Right!" Yosuke agreed as they looked around for a path way. "Damn, how are we gonna get down from here!?" He questioned.

Teddie was pressing a button at the elevator while Kanji tries to forcibly open ts door, which brought no avail. "It's not working! Why isn't it working!" Teddie exclaimed as he panicked as he constantly pressed the button down.

"Grrr... Piece of junk! It ain't opening!" Kanji growled as he pulls out the elevator door.

"Oh no, we can't get the elevator working...! What should we do!" Yukiko exclaimed.

Chie looked down as she looks for something, following with an idea. "Then we'll have to jump!" Chie suggested which shocked the group.

"Jump? From here!?" Finnel exclaimed. "But this place is no good to jump here you'll end up hurting yourself! Not to mention you'd fall into the Sea of Death if you miss!"

"We don't have much of a choice, don't we!?" Chie retorted as she prepares to jump.

"H-Hold on, what are you guys doing!?" Jack questioned as the group turned to Jack and Krusche.

"It's you guys..." Tatsumi muttered in a bilious expression.

"Uh... we're in a middle of something. Our friends are in danger!" Yosuke explained.

"We can see that. Of all places..." Krusche sighed as she looked down.

"You think you can help us?" Yukiko requested.

"... Ah hell, might as well. Just don't touch anything down there." Jack agreed as he sighed, approaching the elevator.

"Jack, you can't be serious, we can't just let them into that place, it's... it's a graveyard of vicious machines!" Krusche stuttered seriously.

"All the more reason to help the others below us. Besides, take a good look at theses kids, they aren't from here." Jack whispered as he pointed out. Krusche took a look at the Persona Users and reluctantly agreed.

"You're helping us? Why?" Tatsumi questioned.

"It's a small favor that we owe those girls." Jack answered as the Persona Users realized who the natives were mentioned. "Anyways, we rigged this elevator so that no one would enter, that place down there is dangerous."

"Don't worry about us, we have our share of trials we faced!" Teddie boasted.

"Let's hope you guys don't over do it, now come on!" Krusche exclaimed.

As they all rode the elevator down. Yosuke recalls what the pair mentioned. "By the way, you guys said this place is a graveyard? What did you mean by that?" He asked.

"Ah... well, you see, when all machinery gets scrapped, they're brought here to get recycled into something useful again. That facility is below us. So, the lower we go, the more dangerous it'll be." Jack explained. "Those uncontrollable robots may attack us. They're completely indiscriminate and attack all living things without exception.

The group remained silent as they imagined the horrors. "Guess we'll have to step up our game." Kanji suggested.

As the reached the bottom to where the elevator ends, the sounds of explosions and metal clashing against each other grew louder than they heard above. Fearing the worst, the rushed towards their location despite the warning J&K said as they left them behind.

As they managed to arrive, they see Naoto on a knee with Rise behind her with her Persona out as they faced against the giant mech. "Naoto!" Kanji exclaimed.

"Rise-chan, are you two okay!?" Yosuke added.

"Yosuke-senpai, everyone!" Rise responded.

"Are they your friends?" Finnel asked.

"Yeah, Rise and Naoto." Yosuke replied as he and his friends readied their weapons. "Finnel, can we count on you for your Magic?" He asked.

"Uh... s-sure! I'm serious, I'll do my best" Finnel assured.

"Not to worry, leave this to us!" Chie stated to Rise and Naoto as they engaged the Rampant Guardian.

*Reach out to the Truth -First Battle-

As music played in Yosuke's headphones, the group surrounded the mech as Finnel began to sing.

"Huh? So this is what they call song magic? What the...!?" Rise wondered astonishingly as she and Naoto watch Finnel singing her song magic. But just as Rise scanned Finnel as her scanner Heads up Display (HUD) changed as a graph appeared below the screen with frequencies of Finnel's Song Magic. "Wh-Whoa... what is this...?" She wondered.

With that, Yosuke, Kanji, Tatsumi, and Chie confronted the mech as it wind its fist back as swiped its front in an arc, hitting Kanji and Yosuke off their feet, Tatsumi backed away enough for the attack to miss, and Chie jumped onto the arm.

As Kanji and Yosuke were blown off the bridge while Kanji manages to grab onto the ledge as Yosuke held on to his leg, preventing their fall as they looked to the clouds below. "O-Okay, th-that did not end really good...!" Yosuke stuttered as looked up to Kanji, holding on to dear life.

"Yosuke! Kanji!" Tatsumi exclaimed as he watched Chie running up the machine's arm. Chie dashes towards the head as she forces her kick into the armored helm as the force pushed the head back as Chie bounced off as her foot was inflicted in pain.

"Ow! That armor literally thick...!" Chie exclaimed as she hopped back in pain.

While Tatsumi caught its attention, Teddie and Yukiko took the advantage to rescue Yosuke and Kanji from the ledge, pulling them back up. "Damn... I... think I lost a chunk of my lifespan..." Kanji stuttered as Yosuke agreed, returning to the fight.

"That machine has a hard body, maybe we can hit it with lightning. somehow?" Rise suggested.

"Then lightning it is. Finnel!" Yosuke stated as he turned to Finnel as she purged some pieces of clothes.

Finnel's Purging left Rise and Naoto baffled. "What on earth is she doing...?"

"I... have absolutely no idea... but... her power charging at a faster pace...?" Rise explained.

"Er... try not to think so hard... please...?" Yosuke cringed as he focus his artes on the machine. But the rampant Guardian retaliated as it launched micro-missiles at the group. Luckily, Yosuke and Chie saw it coming and protected Finnel, Rise, and Naoto by using their Personas as shields. "Ow... we made it in time..." He groaned while he had Jiraya out as it showed static on the Persona.

Tomoe danced with its windmill double saber, striking back with various combos followed by Chie using combos with ice attacks. Yuikiko used her Fans to throw Agi's and a pair of Fire Plumes for at the Mech, but as the smoke fills the air, the machine's fist appeared out of the dust and nearly struck Yukiko as she had her Persona pull her away. Yet the rampant machine continued and went pound her as it slammed its fist down, but Kanji managed to block it with Take-Mikazuchi as the Persona caught the other fist from striking, causing them to hold at a stalemate.

Despite how much they threw at the Rampant Guardian it still stand as Yosuke dashed in towards its flank, staggering it with his Garudyne as it fell on its knees, allowing Tatsumi to jump and hack its lens from seeing, followed by Take-Mikazuchi to wind-up an electrifying fist. Although the Persona's devastating blow was so powerful, the machine remains active, despite a pressure it has. "It shield battery can't take it anymore, now's our time to strike!" Rise exclaimed as she scanned the machine. "Miss... uh... Finnel... san?" She asked as she became more baffled upon Finnel with only her undergarments revealed.

"I'll protect you guys!" Finnel declare as she unleash a special attack... as her clothes reappeared.

*Hole in the Dancing Star Formation

The sequence started as she dances as she emits orbs of light that flew upwards in a spiral formation as she sang her song magic. As Rise managed to focused on her song magic, her HUD changed within Finnel's song as she watches her in dynamic angles with her persona background.

After the sequence ended, stars fell upon and pummeled the Rampant Guardian and the floor under it began to break. Following afterwards, Finnel readies a final blow, sending a red orb into the sky as it transformed into a star, and then shot downward towards the enemy, braking the footing where the enemy stood and exploded on the machine as the group watched the explosion back on top.

"Wow..." Chie muttered in awe. Everyone were all baffled with their mouths open.

"*Whew* That was refreshing!" Finnel stated with a sigh of relief as everyone else had bug-eyed expressions towards her.

"So that's song magic..." Naoto muttered to herself. With that, there no more enemies, ending the battle.

After the fight, everyone regrouped to check on Rise and Naoto. "Naoto! Y-You okay?" Kanji asked with worry.

"I'm fine. We're able to stay alive if it weren't for you intervention." Naoto chuckles.

I'm glad you all okay, and also..." Rise turn to the guys excluding Tatsumi, with an attitude. "What were you guys thinking, going into the TV... well... into this world with us!? We were worried sick of what might of happened to you!

Yosuke and Teddie stuttered but Kanji... "I wasn't my fault! I tripped on a cord!"

Rise glared back at Kanji and then turned to Yosuke. "And you... One thing for sending Teddie in an unknown place without us, but you? I thought you'd go with all of us together." Rise remind with pouting.

"Yeah, sorry, I guess I wasn't thinking before I went in..." Yosuke replied weakly in an apologetic tone.

"I'm... shocked! You ladies weren't worried about me?!" Teddie stuttered as he shed tears.

"Well... I guess what's done is done, so you better make it up to us." Rise sighed as she brought her smile back. She then turned to Finnel and Tatsumi. "So, you guys are gonna introduce us to your new friends?" She asked.

Upon realization both the pairs met haven't each other, so they introduced themselves. "It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Finnel-san, Tatsumi-san." Naoto greeted.

"Likewise. I'm guessing you guys came here the same way as the rest of them?" Tatsumi guessed.

Just as Naoto went to say her piece, J&K interrupted their little reunion. "Uh, guys, hey! Yeah, this place isn't safe you know." Jack reminded them.

"Oh, right! We can tell you guys on the way back. To... Archia, right?" Rise mentioned.

"I rather not beary squished by machines anytime soon..." Teddie agreed in with a horrid thought.

They return to Archia Corporachy with Rise and Naoto in the toll as they're safely rescued.

A/N: I guess I can cut it here...

When I think of it, Rise's Persona abilities is more peculiar, compared to the others, seeing that she serves as the Team's scanner and support. But how could I utilize her abilities with Reyvateil? Other than that, a sugarcoated theory could probably work...

And in the story, I do recall that it has been a couple days since they entered the world compare to the small group of the Shadow Operatives. I'll get to that next chapter.

BTW, Omake Skit

Skit Topic: Risky Stripping - Naoto and Rise's point of view.

As they shared their story as they traversed the Garvelt Bridge, something was bugging Naoto and Rise.

Rise: "..."

Naoto: "..."

They gave the males a certain glare as they looked between them and their Reyvateil friend.

Finnel: "... What's the matter?"

Rise: "So... are you going to tell us why were you stripping in a middle of combat?"

Yosuke: "Oh boy, where to begin..."

Yukiko: *Constant Laughing*

Some how, everyone knew that those questions were gonna appear once more, and so they explained the details to them.

Rise: "Oh, so that explains it... Although, is Purging your close really necessary. I mean you're literally showing a lot of your skin. Unless you're into that... *giggle*"

Finnel: "Unless I'm into... *Gasp* How dare you!?"

Finnel was fuming with embarrassment and anger, she was blushing too.

Tatsumi: "I know it sounds really boo-ish, but it's our best weapon because of your powers."

Naoto: "I see... I truly pity your position, Finnel-san."

Kanji: "... Huh, you guys are taking this really easy..."

Naoto: "This is her problem, that she's stripping her clothing off. It may be her act of survival, but even I find this method ridiculous."

Rise: "That's not exactly a problem for me, I show a lot of skin on many occasions. Commercials, modeling, and even dancing with exotic outfits.

Yosuke: "Yeah... I can imagine that..."

While Yosuke and Teddie were lost in thought after he muttered, Finnel looked at him with a peeved expression and then turned to Rise and glanced at her chest, gritting her teeth.

Finnel: "Lucky her that she has boobs..."

*Windstone - Kenji Ito

*Reach out to the Truth -First Battle- - Shoji Meguro