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The Idol, the Detective, and the Bear's Journey

(Two days ago)

"Wha... Wha... WHAT THE HELL!" Chie responded as everyone else were screaming.

"Uh... we're... H-How did we appear from the sky!?" Yukiko questioned.

"Th-This wasn't supposed to happened! Senpaiiiiiii!" Rise cried.

Even Naoto was surprised, but kept her focus. She glanced around for what to do next and then saw structures to the right. "...! The direction of our flight path... we should be able to..." She thought. "And if this is the TV world...!" She planned an idea. "We have to stick together! Chie-senpai, we're still in the TV world! Your Persona! hurry!" She yelled as she drew her revolver in order to summon her Persona.

"Ngh...! Right! Help me, Tomoe!" Chie yelled calling forth her Persona, axe-kicking her tarot card below. Her Persona, Tomoe appeared, catching its summoner.

As the girls caught each other, Chie with Yukiko and Rise and Naoto, a sudden gust then pushed the pairs away, inevitably, and tore them apart from Naoto and Rise. "Oh no! Rise-chan! Naoto-kun!"

Rise/Naoto: "Senpai!"

Both groups became split apart with Chie and Yukiko continuing to fall as Naoto and Rise were blown elsewhere.

Garvelt Bridge

"NNnnnnnggghhhh...!" Junpei grunted, picking up heavy pieces of machine parts. "So... how much parts does Sasha-chan need anyway!?"

"It's supposed to be part for those 'V-Boards'. I'm surprised their more popular here than Metafalss." Ken mentioned.

"You guys got what we need?" Yukari asked as she arrived nearby along with J&K.

"Looks like that's all we need, let's... huh?" Jack replied but then notices an object falling and veered into another area of the bridge, nearby. "... Did... that fell out of the sky?"

The group dropped their junk and investigated. But what they discovered where a pair out cold. "Who... now who are they?" Krusche questioned.

"It looked like those two fell from the sky." Jack mentioned. "Could that mean..."

Koromaru approached the girl and boy and barked back at his friends. Junpei and the others took closer look at them, as Junpei took a better look at the girl. "Hey, I think I seen her before..." He mentioned.

"Never mind that, Junpei, we need to bring them back to Archia." Yukari suggested.

"It's not exactly safe to sleep outside here, obviously." Ken agreed as he help the boy onto Junpei's back as Krusche carried the girl as they returned.

Not to mentioned the retrieved the parts they left.

(Present) Nya Nya Ya

The group returned to Archia and Naoto and Rise told their part of their experience as the rest shared their side of their story. The group that rescued them, Team JJKKKY, told them about this world and the beings called Reyvateil. "I see... That's quite a complicated situation." Naoto stated as she sipped her drink. "After those people rescued us, we went into town if you guys were around, but we then heard about you guys going around in this 'Great Fang' place. You all made quite a highlight." Naoto told them as she took out a piece of newspaper that vaguely mentions them.

"Human... Conjurors...?" Yosuke read out loud as they read the article about them.

"And you guys were lucky that they didn't disclose what you guys looked like." Rise mentioned as the group sweat-dropped.

"A-Anyways...!" Yosuke uttered as he got their attention. "We're all accounted for but without our leader. So... what do you guys think we can do?" He asked.

"Huh? Yosuke, I thought you were the leader." Finnel pointed out. A moment of silence filled the air followed by a burst of laughter.

"N-No way! That dork can never lead, let alone get around a isle of produce!" Chie laughed as Yukiko laughed harder.

"Yeah, He's usually our leader's side. He never lead before." Rise agreed.

"Yosuke's the butt of everyone jokes!" Teddie followed.

"Oh come on, I know that! You guys don't have to rub it in like that!" Yosuke exclaimed as he shed a tear...

Finnel: "Sorry I asked..."

Tatsumi sighed as they continued their conversation, until Sasha came out from the back. "Thanks for the Drinks. They seem a lot more lively." Said Tatsumi.

"Anything for friends and people like them!" Sasha agreed. "Oh, right! Mr. Hanamura!" She hollered to him as she brought out his V-Board. "There's something I want to tell you about your V-Board."

"Really?! Did you find something?" Yosuke wondered.

"Yosuke-senpai has a... V... Board?" Rise asked.

"Yeah, it's odd." Sasha mentioned. "This isn't like any other V-Board it tinkered with, it's completely made from a different schematics... The weirdest part is that the flipper in this isn't even installed onto this."

"A Flipper...? You mean a slipper, a thing you wear on your feet?" Chie guessed.

"No, a 'Flipper', a floating energy device that makes machines float." Tatsumi explained.

"You say that this V-Board doesn't have this Flipper, which is necessary to float. What do you mean by that?" Naoto asked.

"Yeah, I found this actually." She brought out a green crystal gem, shaped like a small, fine cut diamond, that was glowing. "There's a port that had this installed in its place, I believed this 'crystal-like' thing serves as the floating energy device." She theorized as she installed the crystal into its port and changed it back into it's blade form. "Who ever made this must of really personalized his or her weapon. It literally serves like a blade, splitting into two blades, and even as a V-Board."

"If you put it like that, it would've been impossible to create in reality. Then again, how is it even possible for someone to make something like this?" Chie wondered.

"A mystery indeed. Then again, we're not exactly in a position to investigate this when we don't anything of this world." Naoto recalled as everyone realized too.

"Oh that's right! We need to return home." Yukiko mentioned.

"So... what now? I mean, if we're gonna attack the tower we're gonna have to get ready for anythin'." Kanji suggested.

"Not to mention your gear seems to look outdated. You guys should probably make some new gear." Tatsumi suggested as well. However, the Persona Users sweat-dropped as they looked away. "You guys never made your weapons, right?" He guessed disappointingly.

"My Senpais have our town's 'Blacksmith' to make our weapons, making them ourselves was... out of our question." Rise mentioned.

"Oh Boo..." Tatsumi sighed. However, he then notices Aoto entering the shop. "Aoto? Hey, are you done?"

"Tats? Guys? Yeah, pretty much." Aoto replied with a defeated sigh.

Tatsumi nodded as Teddie looked around. "Hmmm? ...Where's Saki-chan?" Asked Teddie.

"I left her in Ogai." Aoto answered as the others had exclamation marks, excluding Naoto and Rise. "I found out she was a Reyvateil that belonged to the Archia Think Tank.

Yosuke: "Huh, really?"

"Uh-huh. The Chairman of the Think Tank told me it was best to leave her there for him to take care of." Aoto frowned.

"You don't look very happy. Do you miss her? Oh, of course you do. She was a good girl." He sighed.

"... I didn't know she was sick. And her illness was jeopardizing her life." Aoto mentioned. "And He did told me if she stays at the Think Tank, she'll live a lot longer!"

"Saki-chan is sick? Will she be alright?" Yukiko asked, feeling worried.

"I supposed it was her home in the first place. It... really is the best solution for her." Aoto nodded.

"I see... Sounds about right... I guessed you made the right decision." Yosuke agreed

Kanji: "Yeah..."

Everyone went silent until Naoto and Rise bomb-dropped the silence

"Excuse me!" Rise exclaimed. "As much as you guys want feel sorry for this Saki-chan, who is she and who's the old guy?" She asked.

"Old guy?" Yosuke repeated. He turned to Kanji, but she was actually looking at Aoto with his white hair. "Oh..."

Yukiko and the other burst to laughter while Aoto gave a complex expression. "What the hell...? Hey, who are you calling me an old guy!?" Aoto retorted but then notices the School Uniform she wears. "Wait, you have the same outfit. Are you friends with Yosuke and the others?"

"That's right! I'm Rise Kujikawa." Rise introduced herself.

"And I'm Naoto Shirogane. Thank you for watching over our Senpais'. Naoto greeted as well.

"Huh, a bubbly girl and a obedient-looking guy? I thought you guys were unusual enough as it is." Aoto joked.

"Hey, what did you mean by that!?" Chie questioned as Naoto sighed. Their spirits managed to get back up.

"Um, excuse me... Is he your friend?" Sasha asked.

"Huh? Oh, sorry, Sasha. I didn't introduce you. This is Aoto. I've known him since I went to Blue Canyon Hamlet." Tatsumi greeted.

"Oh, I see. Nice to meet you. I'm Sasha! Welcome to my Synthesis Shop, Nya Nya Ya." She introduced herself.

Aoto: "Oh, nice to meet you, too, Sasha."

"She's my oldest friend. She may look young, but she's a savvy engineer who can make anything. Trust me, she does the maintenance on my V-Board. Sasha's tune-ups are the best in the business.

Aoto: "Huh... that's cool."

"Hehe...thank you, sir! Oh, by the way, I launched another satellite the other day! Please try it out!" Sasha mentioned. "This time, the actual use ratio was probably about at least 30%!

"Still only about 30..." Tatsumi muttered.

Sasha: "Sorry, sir."

"Oh, no, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to... I'm the one who's making you hurry." Tatsumi assured.

"No, sir! I'll do my best to achieve 100% as soon as possible! Team JJKKKY is helping me a lot, too." Sasha included.

"How on Ar Ciel did that name come to form...?" Tatsumi questioned with a disgusted expression.

"Hey, what are you guys talking about? Satellites and Team... Jacky?" Aoto wondered.

"The... satellite is like... an experiment we're working on together." Tatsumi explained. And Team JJKKKY... Originally J&K are a team that'll do anything you pay them for. Archia hires them a lot as mercenaries.

"They also help me a lot. And I'm surprised that our old friends are working with them too." Sasha included

"I'm sure they're up to something fishy. You can be a bit naive sometimes, and that makes me nervous." Tatsumi said with resentment and imagined about his friends. "Still, it's hard to believe those guys are helping a suspicious pair..."

"Oh, wow. I'm surprised you're so worried about someone. Some girls are gonna be jealous." Aoto snickered.

"What? Why would we be jealous?" Finnel questioned as the other girls gave him a brooding stink-eye.

"*sigh* Anyways, Aoto, These guys are gonna need to upgrade their gear. Think you can work your magic?" Tatsumi requested.

"Their gear?" Aoto repeated as he looked to the Persona Users, getting the idea. "Oh, right. If this place has the materials, I think I can spruce up something."

Yosuke: "We appreciate that, Aoto."


At an certain organization, Team JJKKKY were in the chairman's office for a debriefing. "... And that's all I need from this job. Is that clear?" The Chairman asked. He wore a white, with blue strides, down the feet with gold-material metal on his chest and arm.

"Sure thing, boss. Good thing we got more guys to work with." Jack chuckled as they others behind them kept quiet.

The Chairman, however, was quite intrigued by J&K's new allies. "I see that you have a new crew by your side. Do you think that they're capable of performing their task?"

"What are you saying? You're asking us to sneak into the tower." Yukari stated. "If anything, some extra hands is necessary."

"We excel in combat just as they can. This is actually a piece of cake!" Junpei boasted.

"Let's hope your skills are as good as you say." The Chairman replied as they carried out their job. As they left the room the Chairman took a moment to ponder about them. "Hmm... we don't have any records about them, and now even those two seem more suspicious..." He told his second-in-command, Richa.

"Shall we observe them?" Richa suggested.

"No... they said those people needed leaf, there's no need to worry over some scapegoats, whoever they are." The Chairman stated. "Continue to observe Saki and report any updates." He ordered.

Richa: "Understood."

As Richa exited the office, the chairman then looked over a filed report that was reported recently. "Now what is this about humans wielding unique powers...?" He thought.

The group entered the marketplace in front of the buiding, Ken and Koromaru waited for their team to arrive as the group reunited as Ken pouted. "One thing for not allowing pets into the Think Tank, now you guys are calling me a kid!" He stomped his foot down as Koromaru whined."

"I-I know what you're thinking but we needed you to be anonymous for a reason." Junpei reassured. "Really! There's no way we're trusting that Chairman. I mean just take a good look at him!"

"At any case we have to head to the place called Kniehar Signal Station, something called a 'gateway address'?" Yukari repeated.

"Correct, hafta extract that and any other information that we can salvage." Krusche stated clearly.

"Alright. We're commencing the operation in a few days, when he calls for us. Pack up for anything and be ready. We're meeting at the room at that time." Jack told the team.

At another point the group walked out of Nya Nya Ya. "Anyways, I'm done with the maintenance on my V-Board. If you guys are going to the Inn, I'll go with you." Said Tatsumi.

"Alright, I guess I can leave the rest to Sasha. let's go." Aoto agreed as Sasha waved goodbye as another group said hello to her as they went in.

A dog however caught a scent to Yosuke's group. "Koromaru!" Ken hollered as the dog returned to the group.

Eulark Inn

As they entered the Inn, Hikari Gojo was waiting for them at their room. "You're all here." the Doctor said as he then notice two more unfamiliar faces. "? Oh, are those two friends of yours?" He wondered.

"Gojo-san! Uh, yeah, they're friends of ours." Yosuke nodded.

"You know this person?" Naoto asked as they gave their greetings and introductions pleasantly. "I see. Thank you for taking care of our Senpais." Naoto bowed.

"Of course, they've been a great ally towards us during their stay here." Hikari Gojo agree. "That being said, you guys are Persona Users as well." He mentioned. Naoto and Rise staggered of what the Doctor said. "It's nothing new, your friends have the same power and they helped us several times here and there."

"Oh, so that explains it." Rise sighed.

"Not to worry, there are some people that's aware of you powers and they won't tell anyone, you have my trust." Hikari Gojo assured. Feeling a sigh of relief he looked around to see if everyone's accounted for, yet Saki wasn't here. "Come to think of it... Aoto, where's Saki?" He asked.

"Saki?" Rise repeated as Naoto wondered quietly.

"He left her in Ogai" Tatsumi mentioned.

Wondering who this Saki girl is, Rise and Naoto asked Finniel. "I think she's Aoto's girlfriend or something. And that she's a Reyvateil, too." She whispered them as the two looked surprised.

"I told everyone else earlier, but she was a missing Reyvateil that belonged to the Archia Think Tank." Aoto told the doctor.

"... Archia Think Tank? So Saki's now at their facilities?" Hikari Gojo asked, as he gave a serious expression.

"Yeah, Chairman Raphael told me that she's sick, and he would take care of her, he said she'd be okay. The Archia Think Tank looks like a decent place. I'm sure she'll be fine... What is it, Doc? You look kinda scary..." He mentioned as the others looked to him.

"Aoto... *sigh* I supposed there's no point in sugarcoating it, so I'll just come out and tell you. Raphael probably tricked you." The doctor stated, much to the rest of the group's attention.

Everyone: "Huh!?"

"... T-Tricked? How?" Aoto questioned.

"Listen, the Archia Think Tank is the largest research facility in the world, but they've also got a dark side." Hikari Gojo explained.

"A dark side? Master seems to distrust the Archia Think Tank, too, but is there any reason for it?" Tatsumi asked.

"Yes... I had a sister. She was the only family I had." Hikari Gojo. mentioned as he continued. "One day, she developed Reyvateilic symptoms. Once you develop Reyvateilic symptoms, you have to start taking injections of a life extending agent, called Diquility. Unfortunately, we weren't that wealthy. We couldn't afford the life extending agents.

"Diquility... Reyvateilic Symptoms...?" Naoto muttered as she tries to add up.

"I let my sister go through the latest blocking operation that the Archia Think Tank had been offering for a low price." The Doctor continued.

Yosuke: "What's this blocking operation?"

"You suppress the Reyvateilic qualities from manifesting and it keeps the symptoms from fully developing. Back then, I believed that if she had this surgery, we would be able to live together as if nothing happened, but..." He sighed looked down and showed a sad face. "... After the operation, it was like she was possessed. She went crazy... and she died."

The revelation shock the group as he mentioned his relative in this circumstance. "Gojo-san..." Yukiko frowned.

"Possessed...?" Noato wondered. "So then, did you tell the Archians about it?"

"Of course I accused them, but their explanation about her cause of death was a meaningless, perfunctory formality!" Hikari Gojo exclaimed, but then calmly checked his glasses. "Right after the incident, I started to investigate the Archia Think Tank, to find out what exactly happened to her. Through the course of my investigation, I found out that many children passed away after having the same operation. That's when I concluded that they were probably used for some kind of experiment.

"Wait. It's insane that there could've been so many victims, but... why does that necessarily mean that Saki-chan's also in danger?" Chie guessed.

Y-Yeah, isn't Saki-chan an Archian Reyvateil?" Yosuke assumed as well.

Hikari Gojo: "I doubt that, actually."

"You mean that might also be a lie?" Rise assumed.

"Isn't that too much to speculate?" Naoto mentioned. "I mean, this Think Tank may have its own conspiracy, am I to assume...?"

"That's correct. How do you explain Saki's memories about the pre-school? Why does she remember that but not the Think Tank? Even if she really was sick, what if my theory is true...? Either way, Saki will die." The Doctor stated.

"Then... we gotta get Saki-chan out of there! Who knows what those bastards might do!" Kanji exclaimed as he was about to exit the room.

"Hold on, Kanji-kun! We don't even know we dealing with and what will happen. We can't afford to gallivanting off towards a company we don't have anything to go with." Naoto stated.

"What? Why the hell not!?" Kanji questioned. "We can't just let that bastard get away with killing the doc's sis. He needs to pay!"

"Indeed! He has a nerve to say her death was meaningless! My bear blood boils from that phrase! And don't forget that ex-bear-amenting on those poor souls!" Teddie growled.

"I'm inclined to agree. How dare he do that to lives innocence!?" Chie agrees.

"That's enough!" The Doctor stated as they turned to him as gave a weak sighed. "I appreciate your concerns about my past, but you friend has a point, You have no idea what the Think Tank's capable of." He said as they felt depressed.

Yosuke: "Aoto...?"

"Yeah, I get it, too." Aoto nodded. "To be honest, I still don't know if Archia tricked me, but let's go back to the Think Tank tomorrow."

Hikari Gojo: "That sounds good."

"We can help you guys, too." Rise suggested. "Well, it's not like we had to return home anytime soon..." She mentioned.

As the other agreed, it donned to Finnel about what she said. "Home... Come to think how exactly did you guys came here actually?" She asked as everyone wondered.

"What do you mean? I believe we were falling right out of the sky if I recalled." Chie assumed.

"Yeah, same goes for me too." Yosuke agreed, even Kanji nodded as well.

"If that's the case... the did were you guys falling over Archia by any chance?" Finnel added.

"I'm not sure what you're talking about... if we were falling right after this city we might of missed landing somewhere in the Great Fang. Otherwise I think we were falling at a higher area from the tower, I think..." Yosuke mentioned.

"Higher area than the Archia Corporarchy..." The Doctor muttered in theory. "That's odd, if you really did fell from somewhere at the top of the Tower, you should've hit the Prome Wall..."

"Prome wall?" The Persona Users wondered.

"Yes, the Prome Wall is a plasma barrier that Clusternia uses to keep intruders from climbing the Tower." The Doctor explained.

"Huh? If that's the case we really might of hit it..." Kanji agrees.

"However, they'll have to open holes into the wall to allow their ships to enter through. But in your guys' case, if a hole through the Prome Wall wasn't open, it'll only melt you all before you even fell through." Hikari Gojo stated as the Persona Users tensed up.

"But... Wait a moment. We're still here and most of us ended up in the Great Fang. We never hit the Prome Wall." Yukiko mentioned. "Did someone made a hole for us?"

"I don't think anyone from Clustania would open the Prome Wall unless they were bringing soldiers to Great Fang." Finnel mentioned.

As they pondered about that, Yosuke recalls of when he went into the TV world after Teddie and turnedto him. "Wait a sec... Teddie, you went in the TV... came into this world before any of us!" He mentioned as they had exclamation marks above them. "Ted, did you see anything when you arrived here?"

"Grr! NOW you're asking me, beary specifically!?" Teddie exclaimed as he stomped his feet. He began his side of the story...

(Flashback) Junes

Teddie (in his costume) was walking in the Electronics corner as he waited for the rest of the customers to leave. "Hmm... Now that I think of it... this scents smells beary suspicious..." Teddie pondered as he took a whiff at the TV they've been using regularly. Soon as the customers left, he immediately face the TV "Cost is clear. Time to bear-dive!" He stated excitingly as he entered the TV.

While he dives through the Black and White, Teddie suddenly began to smell an unusual scent that was not from his world or the TV world. "Wh-What is this-!?" He stuttered until a flash of light blinded him.

In a night-sky and within a land with a bottomless sky below, several Reyvateils were minding their own business as they see a faint light suddenly appeared far off from the land. "Wh-What was that?" They wondered to each other.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHAAHAHAAAAAAAA!" Teddie exclaimed as he fell from the sky as he had no control over his fall. As he fell he manages to notice a structure nearby and deflate himself enough for the wind to carry him to safety.

At another point, One of the soldiers reports to their leaders on her Telemo. "Yes, just as that light flashed in a distance, some of us were certain that we saw a silhouette coming out of that light." She explained. "And then it floated... right into the Slave district." She mentioned.

"Then rid of it as soon as possible. It's better we don't let it mingle with the cattle." Stated the voice on the other side of the Telemo.

"Understood." The soldier obey as she order the rest to search for the object of interests.

In an unfamiliar location, Teddie inflated back into his puffed like mascot as he went numb to his knees, terrified by the fall. "Th-th-th... That was... beary close...!" Teddie exclaimed as he quivered. Soon as he calmed down and took a deep breath, he then looks ahead to see unfamiliar structures in front of him. "Hmm... now this is strange..." He said to himself. He took a quick whiff to sense any shadows and yet their was none. "That's strange... for a place in the TV world, I don't smell any shadows..." He muttered as he began to explore the area.

But as he delve into the district he then over heard a group coming around the corner. "Split up the soldiers into three with Type 1's eradicate the mysterious object." Said the leading Soldier as another group approaches them.

"That thing that fell around here isn't there. In fact, what are we looking for, sir?" A soldier asked.

"I... well, it's supposed to be something round when I saw it fell here..." The Leading soldier muttered.

"Sir, you sound just like that Sergeant who was sent to Great Fang." Another Soldier snickered.

"Nhh! Shut up and just find something out of place!" The leading soldier exclaimed as her subordinates obeyed.

"Ohh... lady soldiers... So strong and really passionate...!" Teddie thought with distractive imagination, but then realized that he's the one out of place. "Oh wait, I'm the one who's out of place...! Teddie exclaimed silently as a group of soldier were about to approach him. Teddie panicked as he then stood there.

"Huh? What's this thing?" Said a soldier as she went to inspect Teddie.

"Whatever that thing is... huh, was this thing here before?" Another soldier asked.

Teddie was sweating bullets as the three cornered him as the inspected a great deal. "Eek... Please don't pull down my zipper...!" He panicked in thought as they checked the zipper. But as they continued to inspect it, one of the soldiers back away a bit.

"I think this thing must be some sort of cleaning bot or something..." Said a Soldier as Teddie had a Exclamation mark and question mark together as they turned to that soldier.

"Are you serious? Why would something like a cleaning bot suppose to look like a bear?" Another soldier questioned.

While they began to bicker, Teddie took the chance to skedaddle away from them as they realized the "Cleaning Bot" went else where. But even as he walked away from prying eyes, the soldiers found him once more. "Hey! Where do you think you're going?" A soldier questioned.

Teddie sweat-dropped as he began to ad-lib... mechanically. "Errr... Finding broom... I was... strucked from behind. Broom missing..." Teddie stuttered.

"Oh... Ha, I told you guys this thing's a cleaning bot!" The soldier bragged as to the others sigh.

"Alright then." Another soldier sighed as she approached Teddie. "Have you see some sort of round object floated somewhere here?" She asked.

"Uh..." Teddie pondered. "... Round... Round... I am round..." He replied.

"Hey this guy's was struck from behind, right? It probably wouldn't know... worst enough, we're wasting out time, right now!" A soldier exclaimed.

"I guess... Whatever that round object was, it's probably still around here... Let's get going." A soldier suggested as they left, with the Type-1 mech had it's lens on him when they left.

Their departure gave Teddie a moment of relief. "Close call..." Teddie sighed he looked around as he wonder if he should return but then reconsiders it and decides to explore a little more. "Well, it's not like I'm expecting them to finish school so early..." Teddie guessed as he continues to explore.


That story Teddie brought up took them by surprise. "Yeah, that's kinda hard to believe..." Chie sighed as she rubbed her head.

Naoto: "'A cleaning bot?' I supposed that could actually work..."

"Wait, wait! I'm not done. There's more!" Teddie assured as he continued.


Teddie continue to explore as he entered another area with an the abundant presence of golden horn-like pipes through the area. So astonished by how big the "instruments" were he even slipped into the pipe and wound up in another area. "Whoa...! Neat!" Teddie commented with glee. As he continues to venture down accessible paths he took and hid away from the female soldiers treading by. He even slipped through a heavily locked door as the soldier went through.

As he walks down a path, he then wondered about something. "Hmm... I haven't sense any shadows around lately..." He muttered as he sniffed the air. "Could it be that something happened to my world... huh...?" Teddie gasped as he caught a unusual scent. "Hmmmm... familiar... but completely different... why is it...?" Teddie muttered as he followed his nose, only to fall into a pit. "Eeeek!" A thud rang as Teddie hit the floor. "Owchies..." Teddie groaned as he pressed his head, but when he looked in front of him, he saw a friend of his in a capsule.


Teddie told them that Yosuke was placed in a capsule, which gave his friends a whole lot of mixed reviews. "... What!?" Chie exclaimed.

"Yosuke-senpai was... was in a capsule...?" Naoto wondered.

"Now wait just a damn minute! I came here after you entered this... uh... tower!" Yosuke stuttered. "How the hell did I even end up in a... capsule... before you!?" Yosuke questioned with shock.

"Bear-lieve me! I am beary shocked as well!" Teddie replied. "I did my best to get you out, and the lock was... beary difficult..." He continued.


Teddie was doing everything he can to release Yosuke from the locked capsule "AAAAAAAAHHHHH! *Clang*" Teddie swung a metal bar at the capsule and it immediately bounce back as Teddie dropped it from the shocking recoil. "Hnnnngh! I did everything I could think of..." He grunted as he recovered from the recoil. "Hm... I think I read this from a manga... if this was a sort of test tube... there must be... a console!" Teddie pointed out as he searched the area.

It wasn't long before he discovered the console in question. The problem is that he never used a computer before and some unusual characters were being displayed, which Teddie believe that it was a different language. "If only Yosuke let me use a computer... NO! They're for nerds and I... well, I supposed it's just for this occasion..." He sighed as he began to tinker with the console. "Be beary careful, Teddie the great, one false press on the wrong button and..." But as he pressed random buttons, he then notices a readable name on the screen. The name on the screen listed "Yuto_ax. Clustania". "Whoa..." Teddie stuttered as he realized what this means... "That's a weird name... then... Yosuke has a brother!?" He exclaimed as he continued to pressed every button on the console.


"Are you serious...?" Yosuke questioned in disappointment. "Teddie, you know that I'm a single child, right?"

"I-I know that! You're even single in a relationship." Teddie replied as Yosuke began to fume.

Yosuke: "You... frick'en little bear!"

"Senpai, calm down, please!" Naoto pleaded as a lot of the group laughed..

"From what you've told us, you went around the Clustanian territory and found Yosuke or that person named Yuto...?" Hikari Gojo deduced.

"Um-hm! I've tried all sorts of button until I managed to release Yosuke, and he was like a zombie when I spoke to him! Bear-naked included!" He mentioned.

"WH-WHAT!?" They all exclaimed as Teddie continued.


"Yosuke! Yooooosuke!" Teddie exclaimed as he yelled into Yosuke's ear, but was no avail in response while he only had underpants on him. "Come on! I'm trying to tell you to put these close on!" He told Yosuke as he place his school uniform and other clothing out for him, the same clothes he wore back home. "I've always wondered why you told me to pack these in my suit on such occasions..." He muttered.

However, Yosuke did not move an inch as he stood there with dull eyes. "Well... looks like there's no other options..." Teddie sighed in depression as he began to lift his clothes and proceeding to change Yosuke into them.


Everyone stood there in disgust by what they've heard. "That was... very... unpleasant." Finnel sweat-dropped. They all looked towards Yosuke who was equally disgusted.

"Well if you put in that way, it looks like you got yourself an actual butler. Color me envious-" Aoto sarcastically remark.

"Shut! Up! Now! Aoto! Yosuke stuttered, cutting him off with an intense anger shown from his face.

"Should we stop or do you want to continue?" Tatsumi asked. "It's starting to sound more weird..."

"I was getting to the part where the soldiers started to attack us!" Teddie exclaimed as he continued nonetheless.

Teddie and 'Yosuke' back in his clothing, returned top-side from the pit as they arrived at supposed elevator. "Those ladies must of used this at some elevator..." He thought as he continued to constantly pressed the call button. But suddenly an alarm went off as several Type-1 mechs surrounded them both. "Y-Yikes! What's going on!?" The Teddy bear exclaimed.

"What the hell, so thing wasn't a cleaning bot!" yelled a soldier as a group of them arrived.

"Uh... Wh-What do you mean?" Teddie stuttered in an attempt.

"Hey, you're not gonna fool us like the other back their! Surrender now or else!" She demanded.

"Eeek...!" Teddie jumped as all their weapons were pointed as them. "Y-Yosuke, what should we do!?" He stuttered to him but he didn't spoke as he stood there. "Yosuke?"

"If you're not going to surrender, then you're both good as dead!" The leading soldier exclaimed as she began to cast her song magic.

"Wow... that's bear-mazing... wait, this is bad!" Teddie stated as he looks around as they began to charge their weapons. "Gotta do what I gotta do... Bear-sona!" He shouted, summoning Kintoki-Douji to the soldiers surprise.

"Wh-What the hell is that!?" One of the soldiers questioned as the Persona brought down a tomahawk in the center of the stalemate, causing an explosion that fill the area in a cloud of dust, prompting Teddie to skedaddle.

"Run away!" Teddie exclaimed as the soldiers and mech began to fire randomly into the dust cloud. Then again, Teddie looked back to see Yosuke stand there and not getting hit. "What are you doing come on!" Teddie exclaimed as he rushed back and pulled him away, eastwards into another structure.

While they left the area with the soldiers, Teddie continued to pull Yosuke away... "Is this why I've been mooching off of Yosuke? I beary regret it all!" he cried as he struggles to pull the emotionless Yosuke away.

When they enter another facility, Teddie was grasping for air, assuming they were safe. "That... was... beary... close..." He muttered while inhaling and exhaling... but then another group show themselves on a floor above them. "We found them!" One of the sldier exclaimed. "Figures you fools would enter the console room, you're not going anywhere!" She stated as they prepare to strike them with their Song Magic.

"I-We can't get caught! Not like this!" Teddie retorted as he had his Persona launch Tomahawk at them.

Much to their surprise, they duct and the missile blasted next to a control panel followed by a red light flashing and a warning blared in an unknown language.

"Wha- No, the Prome Wall!" A soldier stuttered as they went to secure the said wall.

While the soldiers were distracted, this allowed Teddie and Yosuke to slip away.


"Holy crap, so that explains it." Yosuke muttered in a perplexed expression as they all heard his tale.

"When I think of it, I did heard rumors of the Prome Wall was flickering on some several occasions, but I didn't expect that was your doing, Teddie..." Hikari Gojo commented with astonishment.

"Aw man, if the Great Fang militia knew that was happening, they could've use that to their advantage." Aoto said with coy.

"It was still beary crazy, even after that went off. I couldn't even shake them off even after running back." Teddie continued.


The Clustanian soldiers continued to pursue Teddie, the mount of damages he caused on the run was relentless. No matter how much they locked their doors, in order to prevent them from escaping and trapping them, Teddie had the explosions that he needed to escape the clutches of the soldiers.

However, Teddie and Yosuke were finally trapped into a corner between the sky below and the soldiers that trapped them. "This is it! You can't keep running forever! Surrender now or you will both die!" The leading soldier demanded.

"W-What will you do to us if we do?" Teddie fearfully asked.

"That is not for you to know, fool!" She retorted.

"We'll probably erase everything from your pretty head. Maybe make you and actual cleaning bot-" Another soldier suggested.

Leading soldier: "Shut up, idiot!"

"... WHAT!? Teddie exclaimed. "I-I... I can't give in! There's no way I'll let you erase our memories!" He stated boldy, while the soldiers were not pleased.

"Real shame, we could've learn a thing or two from you both." The leading soldier regreted as she and the others charged their song magic.

"Time to man-up, Yosuke! It's do or die!" Teddie told Yosuke who still fails to realize what's happening. Teddie summoned his Persona as he then launched a Tomohawk at them while they, at the same time, unleashed their Song Magic, causing a huge explosion that sent the soldiers back and sending the pair into the sky. AAAAAAAHHHHH NOOOOOO!" Teddie yelled as the fell into the sky. While Teddie's lightweight had him falling slowly, Yosuke was falling straight downwards without Teddie. "YOSUKE!" Teddie shouted as the wind blew him elsewhere.


"And that's how I ended up next to the entrance." Teddie explained. He finished up following by having to hang on a tree branch, with his feet caught with it, for a day. He managed to break free from the branch and eventually made his way towards Eternus Shaft, where he found his way towards a Bistro.

"In other words... you're the one who set most of everything in motion for us... Is that right?" Yukiko assumed.

"Let's not forget Yosuke-senpai, if you actually found him before he realized he was falling, wouldn't that mean that he was actually another person that resides at this Tower?" Naoto included.

"This is insane... a disappointment from our world and a disappointment from here...?" Chie cringe.

"Don't give me that, I'm just as confused as you guys!" Yosuke retorted. "... So there's two of me...?"

The silence filled the air, nonetheless, they continued to a different topic. "Anyways, now that we got that out of the way, we should probably figure out a way to get Saki out of the Think Tank." Tatsumi stated.

"Well, I was gonna hit the hay for tonight, gonna check on them tomorrow." Aoto suggested.

"And it's still in the afternoon." Naoto mentioned. "Unless the worst comes to shove, we'll have to prepare ourselves. Think we can head back to that workshop? Um... Na na na?"

"It's Nya Nya Ya. Sure, we should probably prep you guys with some better equipment, besides your weapons." Tatsumi agreed as Aoto nodded.

"Then let's head over to Ya ya ya's!" Teddie exclaimed as he rushed out the door.

"It's Nya Nya Ya!" Tatsumi retorted. "*Sigh* He's always like this isn't he?"

"Yeah, try not to force the matter, he's that dense..." Chie replied as she and the others left.

The group now went separate ways for the afternoon. Finnel was prompt to follow but was thinking about Saki. "She's an Archian Reyvateil? I still can't believe it..." She pondered as Tatsumi approached her.

"Finnel, do you have a second? I need to talk to you." Tatsumi said, sternly. "Well, when are you going to take me to Harvestasha?" He asked as Finnel stuttered for the right words. "I know now's not the right time for that, but you don't seem to bring it up unless I do..."

"O-Of course I'm going to take you! I swear I will!" Finnel assured.

"Okay... Well, if it comes down to it, I'll look for her by myself. That's all." Tatsumi stated much to Finnel's surprise.

"Uh...!" Finnel wanted to speak her piece but Tatsumi left the room. "What should I do...?" She muttered to herself as she followed to where the others were meeting up.

Nya Nya Ya

Back at the shop, they explained their circumstance about their current gear to Sasha. "So you guys need to improve your stuff? Sure." She accepted despite the groups surprise.

Yosuke: "Wha... just like that?"

"Of course, I'll need the compensation for the labor." Sasha reminded them as she looks over the Persona Users weapons. "A simple additional tweaks, this and there, you should be able to utilize Harmonics when they are fighting alongside a Reyvateil." She told them.

Confused to the core, the Persona Users didn't understand the last part. "Harmonics?" Rise wondered.

"It's a special technique used between us fighters and our Reyvateil partners to strengthen each other mutually, you do well in protecting the said partners and fighting well, the more moved the Reyvateil's heart is, the more power her Song Magic gets." Tatsumi explained.

"So then, wouldn't that make us the scapegoat when she uses her Song Magic on the enemies? I mean, we'd be in the crossfire." Chie assumed.

"Why assume its a disadvantage to the fighters?" Tatsumi begged the question. "As I was saying, as she sings faster and her song exhibits more power, it also enhances our strength in our attacks, especially the Hymn Artes you use.

"Whoa! For reals!?" Kanji exclaimed. "Then we can actually break in that thinkin' Tank and grab Saki-chan from them!

"That's completely and utterly reckless, Kanji-kun! We'd force our Reyvateil friend into singing when she won't be able to keep up with us, destroying everything in front of you!" Naoto exclaimed.

"Yeah, that's going a little to far..." Yukiko agreed.

"... I'm sorry, something bad happened?" Sasha asked out of the loop.

"Hey we're back!" Junpei stated as he and the guys entered the shop, now noticing Sasha having customers. "Oh, you busy?"

Sasha: "Kinda. Did you get your dinner, I bet?"

"Yeah, you'd be surprise what their boss is having do. We're gonna go up the tower sometime later..." Junpei stated as he notices the two that they rescued sometime ago. "Hey, it's you two. You guys feeling okay?"

Naoto and Rise nodded as the other looked towards them. "Ah, yes. These two brought us here when we arrived near Archia." Naoto introduced them, Junpei, Ken, and their dog, Koromaru.

"Oh? Thank you for taking care of Rise-chan and Naoto-kun." Yukiko said to them.

"Yeah... wait, Rise... chan?" Junpei stuttered. When the Persona Users confronted each other they knew that something felt off from each other... "Oh My God! Is that Risette!?" Junpei exclaimed, surprising everyone.

"H-Huh!?" Rise stuttered as Junpei approached her.

"Holy crap, it's her in the flesh! Can I have your autograph!" Junpei requested as he took out his bat, with reaching his pockets for something to write with.

"Risette?" Ken and Finnel asked.

"Yeah, didn't we tell you? Rise-chan's a popular teen idol back in our home country." Yosuke reminded.

"You kinda forgotten the part on how someone here know's someone back home!" Chie exclaimed as Yosuke realized it.

"You guys!" Tatsumi stuttered as his eyes opened wide upon the sight of familiar faces.

"Huh...? Have... we met?" Ken asked.

Tatsumi didn't replied as he couldn't under circumstance, yet Koromaru approached him with friendly gestures towards him. "Woof!"

"Huh... looks like Koromaru made a friend." Junpei chuckled. "... Um... wait a sec... why's someone... are you..." Junpei asked as he pondered about something.

"Could she be someone like him..." Ken wondered but then turned to the other students. "Did you guys by any chance... fell into a TV...?" He questioned.

The response was that the Yasogami students had an exclamation mark appeared above them. "What...? wait, does that mean you guys are from... back home..." Naoto stuttered.

"Huh...?" Junpei notices as well. A pair of people from the same world as they are in this world of Ar Ciel.

"Hold on, you guys are from the same place as they are?" Aoto asked wanting to confirm.

"That school uniform he wears in a Gekkoukan High uniform, I recognize that uniform that belongs to another school from where we hailed from." Naoto mentioned.

"Then that means that they're from our world?" Teddie wondered.

"I'm surprised as you guys. Who knew that there would be guys like us here... go figure..." Junpei laughed weakly.

"If possible, is it okay for us to ask you some questions?" Naoto requested.

"I'm guessing it's about this world we're in?" Junpei guessed.

"Yes... You two definitely came from our world and you both seem familiar of this world. Do you have any ideas what is this place?" Naoto asked.

"You talkin' about the Tower or this world itself?" Junpei asked.

"It's hard to explain too. We were minding our business and some portal just appeared... Next thing we knew, we were in the region of Metafalss." Ken explained. "Honestly, this is like our second time being in this world."

Finnel and the Investigation Team took note about it and wondered about that place. "Metafalss, another region that stands above the Sea of Death, just like Sol Cluster." Tatsumi explained.

"So you know that place, too?" Aoto asked.

"Yeah, me and Tatsumi were from Metafalss. Ah, by the way, he's... an old friend of mine, you can trust him." Sasha reassured

Junpei: "Okay...?"

"Anyways, regarding how you guys arrived in this 'place', how did you managed to return, back to our world?" Naoto continued.

Junpei and Ken looked to each other as Koromaru pranced around Tatsumi. "I don't know... We did something when we came here and we were able to head back. Not sure what it is..." Junpei pondered.

"I think we made some impact, have we?" Ken wondered.

"Yes, you guys did." Sasha agreed cheerfully.

The Investigation, however, were still pondering the thought. "So you guys did something to benefit this world and you... were able to return home...?" Yosuke summed up.

"That's kinda of very long stretch..." Chie agreed with a pained expression.

"So then... how did you guys return? Is there some sort of meaning behind it?" Tatsumi asked.

"Yeah... if you guys came here, did stuff, returned home, and then came back... Shit, I'm lost on this..." Kanji stuttered as he tried to put together facts into his head.

"Yeah... it's actually hard to explain, I mean we went through a TV this time..." Junpei mentioned.

"You entered from a TV, too!?" Yosuke exclaimed.

"You know, I've been hearing you guys saying you fell from a TV, but... how the hell does that make any sense?" Aoto asked.

"It's a Persona thing, try not worry about it..." Yosuke assured, despite Aoto's annoyed silent.

"We were discussing the loud Hymmnos were heard back home, and Junpei-san... was sucked in..." Ken explained.

"H-Hey, I was just as surprised as you! I didn't know we can go through we can enter TV's!" Junpei staggered.

"There's even Shadows in this world and there's humans together, too." Teddie mentioned.

"Huh? You guys know about Shadows, too?" Ken wondered, but took a good look at the group again. "Wait, so the report mentioned student's from Yasogami..." He muttered.

"What ever the case, we were planning on heading into the tower, but we're doing side-tracking for a bit. A friend of ours is trapped here." Yosuke mentioned.

"Uh... apparently a friend is trapped in the Think Tank." Tatsumi explained upon Junpei and Ken wondering realization.

"The Think Tank? We were just there!" Junpei told them. "We're working with them, so maybe we could help guys."

"But you guys work with the Think Tank. You guys are willing to help us out?" Aoto said with eyes lighted up.

"You guys aren't bad people, so maybe we can." Ken assured. "So... what does this Person look like?"

"Hmm hmm... I got a photo of Saki-chan right here..." Teddie mentioned as he took out his cell and browsing his collection of photos.

"What? Teddie, when did you even take any photos at all?" Yosuke questioned.

Teddie: "I had my chances."

Junpei and Ken took a look at the photo of Saki.

Ken: "Uhh..." (Blushing)

Junpei: *whistle* "Neat..."

Wondering what their strange opinions were, Finnel the Investigation Team took a peak, turns out to be Saki in her undergarments, during her Purges. They all turn to Teddie with glares and nosebleeds. "This... this is my only photo, a bear and only lead!" He begged as he whimpered upon to tension on him.

"And... we're deleting it." Chie darkly stated as she wrestle Teddie of his phone, deleting the lewd photo.

"N-noooo!" Teddie cried as he searches for his photo. "It's not there... *Sob* *Whimper*"

"Uh... well, if I see her, we'll notify you if we do." Junpei assured.

After a good chat and all, Junpei's group left ahead with their supplies, leaving the Investigation Team to their equipment check. "Alright, I now have the proper materials for your equipment, including you're weapons." Sasha stated. "Let's see... Mr. Kanji's... Shield, Ms. Chie's Greaves, Ms. Yukiko's Fan, and Naoto's gun... Okay, let's get to work." Sasha declared.

"Hmm...? What about mine?" Yosuke asked as she turns to him. "I mean I don't know about Teddie's weapon, but..."

"What do you mean? Your weapon is already modified for Harmonics use so you're okay." Sasha assured. "Hmm... then again, Mr. Teddie's is another story..."

Yosuke: "Oh... okay... so we'll wait."

"Why don't you and Finnel dive while she's at it? We'll be going into dangerous areas once we climb the tower." Tatsumi suggested.

"... Now you're suggesting it?" Yosuke replied with surprise and then turned to the girls who gave meaningful stares back at him. "Uh... wanna go again?" He asked Finnel as she shrugged as she agreed.

Skit Topic: Dive into Relationship...?

As they left. Chie, Yukiko, and Rise were pondering what just happened.

Chie: "Seriously... I still can't get behind this... it's like Yosuke... has a... a... girlfriend..."

Aoto: "What do you mean? Isn't he like that with you guys?"

Yukiko: "Yosuke-kun is a bit... too nice, even for himself..."

Chie: "Seriously, how exactly did Yosuke get a girlfriend like Finnel-san, a Prince of disappointment like him...?"

Naoto: "Don't you two have anything good to say...?"

Rise: "It can't be help, being Yu-senpai's Second-in-command. He definitely takes the hits..."

Aoto: "Heh, if he's that bad, you should see Finnel!"

Naoto: "What do you mean?"

Aoto told them about Finnel's blunder before they met.

Aoto: "You girls say Yosuke bad, Finnel's klutziness is equally hilarious..."

Yukiko: "Shame on you, Aoto-kun."

Aoto: "Huh...?"

Chie: "Yeah, telling a girl's secret!? Don't you have any tact?"

Aoto: "What?"

Rise: "Yeah, you just carelessly tell us another lady's slip-up. (Glares intensely)

Teddie: "You're terrible, Aoto...!"

Aoto: "What, wait a minute! You girls get to talk about Yosuke's secret, but not Finnel's!? And you, too, Teddie!? I can see why Yosuke is having a hard time to even score a girlfriend."

"Uh..." The girls remained silent on the part.

Rise: "Still, I wonder what this diving is like."

Naoto: "I certainly hope it's not anything intense..."

Just the, the atmosphere turned grim upon the term.

Aoto: "What are you girls thinking now...?

The Steeplejack may never know a female's mind...

Archia Corporachy, Dive Shop

The pair arrived at a nearby dive shop, which was surprisingly nearby. Same pair of pods in the room just like the one in Great Fang. Yosuke and Finnel just realized what they're doing. "Oh wait, we're actually doing this again?" Yosuke realized.

"You realized that too?" Finnel sighed. "I'm also getting the feeling that they're talking behind our back..."

"No kidding... Alright, let's do this!" Yosuke readied himself as did Finnel.

Dive Sequence Activation, Finnel's Cosmosphere, Level 3


When Yosuke opened his eyes, he sees the casino-like structures once more. "This place... the 'World of Fate' game... So I'm back...?" Yosuke thought as he stepped off the stonehenge. "Maybe I can spin the wheel now...?"

"Oh, I didn't know you were interested in this sort of thing." Momoko flew into his presence as he turns to the Mind Guardian. "Sorry, but you can't play."

"What...? Why not?" Questioned Yosuke in disappointment.

"Because you're an alien, naturally. But you can watch the others play." She explained as she flies off. "Besides, you'll be glad you can't play soon enough..." Momoko snickered all the while.

"Okay...?" Yosuke muttered as he wondered what the Mind Guardian meant and proceeded.

But before he stepped off the pillar, Teppo called out to the Diver. "Wait a moment!" Teppo exclaimed, stopping him from jumping off the pillar.

"Wh-Whoa!" Yosuke tumbled as he regained his balance, turning back to her." T-Teppo, geez, I almost fell...!"

"Sorry, there's actually something that I wanna tell you." Teppo apologized as she walked towards him. "There's something to note when you and Finnel entered the Paradigm Shifts together." She told him.

Yosuke: "What... Does that mean... there's another glitch...?"

"No, it's not exactly affecting you both... I'm saying this because this never happened before, even for Reyvateils... " Teppo continued. "This is unusually last minute, but some strange particles seems to be appearing within the wave frequencies during the Paradigm Shift process.

Yosuke: "Strange Particles...? Is there more to it?"

"Continuing explanation, those particles are coming from you and transferring the Reyvateil." Teepo bluntly stated, losing Yosuke in the details.

"Uh... Is... that a bad thing...?" Yosuke asked with concerns.

"I ran a few diagnostics and I eventually noticed that it happened the same for the last two dives. So far there's nothing wrong happening to harm the Reyvateil's mentality. In other words, despite this unusual occurrence, it's safe to say that there's no problems with it."

"So you're saying is that these, non-lethal and strange particles, never appeared in the dive...?" Yosuke summarized.

"Not that I'm aware of, no..." Teppo agreed. "But for now, continue where you were. I'll make sure to keep an eye on it.

Yosuke: "Alright, thanks."

Level 3 area: Start Square

Yosuke eventually made his way to the area called the 'Start Square' to see the game begin. It's quite crowed too. "Yosuke, you're joining in, too?" Finnel asked as she notice him entering the area.

"Nah, I was told I can't, so I'm just observing." Yosuke replied. He looked around the see a multi-colored road with Finnel and the crowd on the "Start" panel. "Look's like you're in a decent starting spot this time. Be careful not to go to the Ghost Town Square." He chuckled as he pointed out.

"... H-Hey, don't jinx me! Of course I won't!" Finnel retorted back.

"Please take every precaution possible. Your carelessness may cause quite a conundrum along the way." A familiar face instructed as she appeared before them.

"Wait, you're... Naoto!?" Yosuke exclaimed with surprise.

"Yosuke, was it? I apologize for my unwelcome face that's intercepting your journey." Naoto sighed.

"I... didn't say you're unwelcome," Yosuke assured, but was still confused of her presence in Finnel's Cosmosphere. "... But how are you even-"

"Ah, Looks like I'm joining in, too!" Another familiar face. Yosuke turns to see Chie arriving nearby, which surprised him as well. "Oh, Yosuke. You're here."

"Chie, wait, you, too!?" Yosuke staggered upon seeing his lady friend. "Hold on, how are you guys even here in the first place!?" He questioned as the girls were just as confused.

"You really don't know anything about the Reyvateils' mind? It's easy to make the people who Finnel thinks about a lot appear in her Cosmosphere."

"Yurisica-san? Huh... I guess that makes sense..." Yosuke agreed. "In other words, the people that Finnel sees in real life appear in this world of hers..." He thought as he realized a fact about them. "But... You guys don't look like you'd be big on these kinds of games..."

"Hmhm, you're right. I'm not interested in this, but now that I'm here, I'll aim for the goal by any means necessary." Yurisica boasted

"Okay, just as long as you don't cheat." Yosuke laughed with a wry

"... Speaking of unsuitable characters for this game... look at those two." Chie pointed as Yosuke turned to the direction.

"Huh...? What the...!" Yosuke stuttered as he sees Soma and... Kanji approaching the starting square.

"Soma will definitely win! Heave ho!" Said the supposed Hyuma, Kabotatsu.

"Y-your...the little pipsqueak! The hell are you doin' here!? I'm gonna dig your own grave, here!" Kanji exclaimed.

"AAHHHH N-No! W-wait! Hey, this is inside Finnel's Cosmophere... Geez, those two really sound alike...!" Yosuke panicked as he stepped back as Kanji stepped forward.

"Enough! Don't fight from the get-go! Shape up or ship out! If you don't behave, it's back to the Ghost Town!" Stated a Hyuma flying in between the guys.

Yosuke: "Huh!? Uh who are you?"

"She's the Umpire, Destiny, so to speak. She's the Hyuma who'll see to it that we don't cheat during the game." Yurisica explained to him.

"Alright! Thank you all for gathering, fellow players! We'll start the Fate Game now!" Destiny exclaimed as she continue to explain. "The rules are simple. Turn the wheel, and advance the same number of squares as you've gotten. Isn't that simple? And yet, the results of your turn of the wheel will decide your fate. Is the ending that awaits you a happy one!? Or, will there be a tragic denouement? It all depends on the roulette! Alright, everyone, if you're ready, let's begin our fateful journey." She finished with a pop of confetti sprinkled the sky.

Just like that, Kanji bumped Yosuke out of the way as he turned the roulette as it stopped at a certain number. "Alright, I'm goin' first! I'm looking forward to stopping at the 'Lay the Little Pansey Down' Square!" He exclaimed while rushing off.

"Wha-wait is that even a square!? *Groan* Then again, this is Finnel's world, after all. I seriously hope it doesn't exist..." Yosuke groaned as he thinks back about Kanji.

"See you sons of bitches later!" Kanji exclaimed at a distance.

"... Well, I'm next." Yurisica stated as she spun the roulette to a number. "Not a bad start... Alright, see you guys later." She giggled as she proceeded.

"It seems it's my turn." Naoto followed as she did they same. "Fare thee well." She bowed and left, which Yosuke looked to her with a questioning expression.

Alright, now I'm going! I'll stop on a square where I can marry Yosuke!" Chie stated as she did the routine and rushed off.

"Wait... What!?" Yosuke staggered when he heard 'that' out of any person who'd NEVER say that.

"I'll stop on that Marriage Square, too! Yahhh!" Finnel exclaimed as she spun the roulette. "I'm not gonna fall behind to you, Chie!" She declared.

Wind blew upon Yosuke and Soma as the Persona User was still at a loss. "I have no idea why Chie was acting not like herself. I mean, marriage...?" He stuttered upon the thought and sighed. "Well, At least I didn't get kicked this time..."

"That's the price of being a popular man, Mr. Bonds." Soma giggled menacingly.

"The playboy must die from being trampled by a kitty!" The Hyuma, by Soma's side, stated.

"Playboy...?" Yosuke glared at her with annoyed expression. "But what about you? You joined this kind of game. What are you up to?"

"... Hmhm. You'll find out soon enough. I'm sad that you couldn't run with us." Soma digress as she spun the roulette to her number.

"If you joined, I would curse you so that you had to go to the Ghost Town!" Kabotatsu said as she and Soma left.

"*sigh* Does that Kabotatsu Hyuma carry a personal grudge against me or something?" Yosuke wondered.

"Oh, she's like that to everyone. Don't let her get to you." Momoko reassured. "Still, I can't wait to see who falls into the dark abyss. I'm so excited!" She giggled as she flew off.

"... I hope I won't even have to bother with them." Yosuke muttered and turned to the umpire Hyuma. "So, Destiny, I can walk around freely since I'm not playing, right?" He asked.

"Of course you may. But don't touch, help, or sabotage any of the players." She instructed.

"Right." Yosuke nodded. "Okay, I guess I'll look around and see how well they're doing." He thought and walk all along the path.

Level 3 area: Decisive Point

Right upon the path, the Decisive Point, Yosuke finds Finnel, Yurisica, and Soma in front of the fork in the road. "This place diverges, huh?" He thought.

"... Hmm...what should I do...?" Finnel Pondered as she notice Yosuke coming up from behind. "Hey, Yosuke! Which path should I take?" She asked.

"Huh? I'm not even sure sure. Where do they lead?" He replied back.

Allow me to explain!" Said another familiar face, Rise, appearing from behind the sign in front of them.

Yosuke: "R-Rise-chan!? You're here too!?"

"*Ahem* The straight one is Safe. It might take some time, but I'll have a secure, stable life." She explained, pointed forward. "To the left is Gamble. You might win big, but also might lose a lot of time, so to speak." She told them.

"So, which one?" Finnel asked again.

"Huh... Isn't this obvious...?" Yosuke tilted his head. "Wait, I thought I was told not to help..."

"Hmhm. Empires are not built overnight." Yurisica chuckled with a bold statement. "Do what you can each day and continuous effort will lead you to happiness. See you later!" She wave as she took the straight path.

Yosuke: "Yurisica-san took the Safe course, huh?"

"Hmph... What an idiot." Soma scoffed in her costume. "Life without risks is not worth living. Dream like you'll live forever. Live like you'll die tomorrow. I shall live a life of glory, since 'failure' is not in my vocabulary." Soma declared as she took the left path.

"And Soma took the Gamble course. Which one should Finnel choose?" Yosuke pondered the thought. Then again, every person has their own choices to make, and so far, Yosuke believes that it worked for him on some occasions. "Hm... Finnel, why don't you make your own decision? It wouldn't be fair to blame me if you end up unhappy." He suggested.

"I see... Okay, I'll think about it by myself." Finnel agreed as she took her time to think.

"Good luck!" Said Yosuke as he stepped out of the squared area. "What kind of life is it if someone else decides what path you'll take?" He wondered out loud.

"Well, you could have made the choice for her, just this once. Her Cosmosphere is this chaotic because it was made from her own decisions." Momoko suggested otherwise as Yosuke tried to ignore her. She was in a laid-back position as she spoke. "I'm excited to see what'll happen, though I already know how it'll end." She said as she floated away.

"Unbelievable..." He muttered as he proceed to another area.

Level 3 area: Happening Square

"... What the heck is this place? The Happening Square?" Yosuke wondered as he sees a door with a note on it, reading it aloud "'Turn the wheel of fate, and something corresponding to the result will happen to you...' That sounds kind of fun..." Yosuke commented as he opens to door of the room, finding himself in a Doctor's office with medical equipment included along with Yurisica in her Nurse attire.

"Whoa! Yursica, that outfit...!" Yosuke stuttered with surprise as his face started to turn red.

"Oh, hi, Yosuke. I wasn't expecting you here. I've become a nurse. How do I look, aren't I hot?" She replied back as she showed off her attire.

"Oh yeah! I love it! Yosuke stuttered with a delighted expression.

"When I come to Happening Square, the next person to come must be my patient. I have to perform an operation on him." She explained.

"Next person?" Yosuke repeated as he wondered. "Wouldn't that be Finnel? And... what did you mean by 'him'...?"

"Ah, that's right. Finnel took the Gamble path." The nurse told him. "Seeing how there's no one behind us, you'll be the one for me to operate."

"Wait, then... the next person is..." Yosuke stuttered realized what she meant.

Yurisica: "That's right."

Yosuke's expression immediately went cold upon realization. Apparently, he's the one to go under operation. "Ah... O-kay... I gotta run! You know, see how the others are doing!?" He stuttered, until suddenly several metal tentacles wrapped around him, trapping and strapping him onto a medical bed. Wha-WHAT IS THIS!?" He exclaimed with a terrified expression.

"You won't escape!" Yurisica stated as she approached the strapped Yosuke as he struggled.

Yurisica bent over Yosuke seeing her breast squishing onto his body. "N-No! Wait! Please! Yeah! Yes! Plea- Wait, what hell am I thinking. Damn that fetish!" He stuttered verbally and mentally. His mind and heart were racing as his fetish was coming true... and that Yurisica held a very pointy needle besides her.

"You gotta make up your mind. You're seriously ill. As a medical practitioner I can't let you go!" Yurisica flirtatiously stated. She even moist her lip as she followed.

"W-Wait! Come on, you know I can't play this game!" Yosuke stuttered as Yurisica them slammed the needle to the side of Yosuke's head, frightening him.

"Shut up! Once I succeed with this formidable operation, I will have made a name for myself! Cooperate with me! Help me conclude my success story!" Yurisica demanded.

"Then why the hell do I have to undergo surgery!?" The Patient questioned as a glint of teardrop swelled from his eyes. "Seriously, it's like I'm gonna get raped at any second... which could be a good thing... I think...?"

"Don't be scared. It won't hurt. I promise... Okay? It'll be the first and last favor I'll ask of you!" The nurse pleaded.

"Nghhh... Alright, fine! But you have to take this very seriously." Yosuke stated. "I don't wanna die, yet!"

"You'll be fine. I'm very sure of my dexterity." Yurisica reassured as she gazed at Yosuke's intimitated facial expression. "Hmhmhm. Seeing you like this, I just realized you've got a baby face."

"W-What the hell do you mean!? This isn't funny!" Yosuke exclaimed as he struggled

"Seeing your face as you struggle like this... is such a turn-on! It kinda makes me want to pull some naughty pranks..." Yurisica mentioned with a sadistic tone.

"A turn-on..." Yosuke muttered as he heard that, causing his face to turn red... but then recalls the "Naughty Pranks" part. "W-Wait... What!? D-Don't you dare!"

"Hey, don't move. Big Sis is taking care of you now... Okay?" Nurse Yurisica instructed as he pat Patient Yosuke on the head. Alright, I'll administer the anesthetic. This may hurt a little bit..." She then slammed the needle onto the side of Yosuke's butt. *PUNCTURE*

Just then the other players overheard a scream within the Cosmosphere, wondering who was screaming. Yosuke passed out from shock.

"To think she said it wouldn't that much!" Laughed a voice, within the darkness of Yosuke's mind. It's similar to Yosuke's but more sinister.

"Nnnngh... how... what happened..." Yosuke groaned as he tries to sit up on the medical bed.

"Hmhmhm. Good morning, Yosuke!" Yurisica greeted.

"How long was I out... Where am I?" He asked but then remembered. "Oh, That's right! You...! How was my operation!?" Yosuke asked as he stood up.

"Successful, of course. Thanks to you, my name will go down in medical history. Hmhmhm, now my future is set. Thank you for your cooperation, Yosuke." The Nurse smiled.

"Heh heh... So, I don't get anything for going through with that damn surgery?" Yosuke stuttered with a very weak laughter.

"Oh, you're not satisfied? Then..." Yurisica moved on into his personal space with her clevage on his chest again. "Shall I service you a little? Hmhmhm!"

Yosuke stuttered very badly, seeing how this never happened before, but soon manned up. "N-no, thank you! You already did more service than I needed today...! Have... Have a nice day!" He stuttered as he rushed oout the door.

"Oh, that's too bad. I thought I could play with you a little more." Yurisica sighed.

As Yosuke rushed outside, his face a purely red and flustered. "Oh my god! That was intense!" He stated as he breathed heavily. "*Sigh* If only I could stay like that forever... without those needles..." He muttered with his fantasies in his head. He soon shook off his imagination and took a deep breath before proceeding to another square.

Level 3 area: Bankruptcy Square

Yosuke arrives at the square where this place looks like a barren town that looks like one of those old western frontiers. "What's this place? I looks a lot empty..." He wondered as he comes across the sign that meant for this square. "'You started a new business but it suffered from a depression. A huge debt is all that remains.' That would suck. Who stopped here?"

Yosuke looked to his left to see Soma crouched down and faced down on the ground. "What a fool I was. I can't believe I stopped here." Soma muttered as she drew circles on the ground.

"And you made such a dramatic statement and you're already bankrupt? You're as clumsy as Finnel, too, huh?" Yosuke snickered.

"Shut up! You have no right to laugh at me!" Soma immediately turned her head to him with her eyes glaring intensely.

"H-Hey, Whatever. No matter how loud you cry, you're a loser otherwise." Yosuke stuttered as he flinched.

But just as Soma stood there, she received an epiphany "...! Haha, I don't know why I didn't notice it until now. Hehehehe! She giggled evilly as to Yosuke's wondering. "Just following the path that is already paved? It's so out of character... I'll carve my own path. I'll prove it to you right now!" She stated as she ran off.

Yosuke: "Soma, you're...!?"

"See you later. In Happy Goal Square." Said Soma as she left

H-Hey, that's cheating! Ugh, that gonna bite her back eventually. Will she really be okay?" Yosuke sighed. While he watched Soma leave, he then looked else where to see Finnel in the same position. " Uh... Oh, Finnel!

"Yosuke... I don't know why, but I was sent to this square. What should I do!?" Finnel cried with tears shown.

Yosuke sweat-dropped "Oh, huh? Um... Do your best with what you have. As long as you're still alive, you should be able to see the light somehow..." He advised despite her reluctance.

While he let her go her path, he then went go check on the other players on another square.

Level 3 area: Matrimony Square

Upon arriving at this square, he then enters a church like cathedral with a person waiting at the altar, looking like the bride. "Hello?" Yosuke asked as the bride turned around who appears to be Chie. "Holy crap, Chie!?"

"Oh, Yosuke! This is an emergency! I stopped on the Marriage Square!" Chie stated with delight.

"Oh, good for you... I guess..." Yosuke stuttered as he scanned her. "Wow... she actually looks good in a bridal dress, unless all that meat addiction would be a problem..." He thought.

"And now I'm getting married to you! Thanks for marrying me, Yosuke!" Chie stated.

"Oh, to me? That's good..." Yosuke nodded until he realized. "W-wait! M-me!? Did you say, 'I'm getting married to you!?' Has it already been decided!?"

Chie: "What do you mean? The Umpire told me so..."

"Congratulations! I hear Ms. Chie's new groom is you." The Umpire, Destiny assumed.

"Who the hell decided such an important thing!?" Yosuke questioned in a panicked expression.

"That is... The law of Great Nature!" Destiny stated as Yosuke gaved a peeved expression.

"So Yosuke, I may be a meat-a-holic wife, but my wish is that we'll love each other for the rest of our lives." Chie claimed as she blushed with her bridal dress twirls left and right.

"S-Seriously!?" Yosuke stuttered as he staggered. Out of anyone he would hear saying that, it was Chie. "Th-this has to be a fake... Dammit, this HAS to be fake!" He pondered.

"Wait a second!" Finnel shout across the room as she rushed in towards the altar. "*huff* *huff* I stopped on this square, too!" she exclaimed as she took heavy breaths.

Chie: "Finnel-san!"

"Congratulations! Ms. Finnel has stopped on the Marriage Square." Destiny congratulated. "Therefore, the bridegroom for the new bride, Finnel, shall be..."

The drum rolled as a curtained nearby lifted, revealing the supposed bridegroom to be Kanji. "Meee!"

Yosuke and Finnel's face turn blue as the sound of glass shattering from the realization. "Holy crap, Finnel has the worst luck ever!" Yosuke stuttered in his thoughts. "Better than that Mute, person..."

"K-Kanji!? Wh-why is it Kanji!?" Finnel questioned deliriously.

"Sorry, we're low on people. There are various ways to love that are all legit, so there shouldn't be a problem." Destiny assured.

"But that's a huge problem! What fate would match me up with him!? Please explain!" Finnel plead.

"Well... that is..." The Umpire stuttered to bring up any ideas. "Because... we follow the principle of first-come, first-served."

Finnel: "What!?"

Yosuke: "Now that's just ridiculous...!"

"Please pardon me for interrupting your fun." Yurisica entered the cathedral, joining the conversation.

"Yurisica!? What's up with that costume!?" Finnal asked.

"I became a nurse on the Recruit Square." Yurisica chuckled as she explained. "Do you want me to give you an injection?"

"N-n-no thank you!" Finnel assured as she came up with an idea. "So... you stopped on this square, as well? Then, I'd rather marry Yurisica!" She claimed.

What!? You little Bitch! How dare you have an affair on me on our wedding day!? The nerve of you!" Kanji roared as Finnel flinched, as somewhat, Yosuke, too.

"Unfortunately, Ms. Yurisica didn't stop on the Marriage Square, she's just exercising her right of Valuation." Destiny mentioned.

Yosuke: "... Valuation?"

"That's right." Yurisica followed with a chuckle. "Since Finnel sweetly volunteered to become my bride, I'm going to decide on her, I think."

"Huh? What!? Well, I don't care as long as you'll save me from this situation! Please do whatever that is!" Finnel begged.

"Okay. Then your partner is Yurisica." Destiny declared.

"Yes! So, what now?" Finnel cheer as she asked the question.

"The 'Retaliation Square'. You can steal 100,000 DP from someone or force them to go back by 15 squares." Yrisica explained as then Finnel's expression turned bleak.

Finnel: "... What!?"

"Wow... That luck... that is so... sad..." Yosuke muttered with a pained expression as well with the other players.

Chie: "How pitiful... Finnel-san."

"And since Finnel doesn't have 100,000 DP, she'll be reversed by 15 squares, willy-nilly." Destiny added.

"Huh? Hey! You're joking, right?" Finnel stuttered as she darted at the Umpire.

"By the way, the fact that you stopped on the Marriage Square is still in effect, so your marriage is secured." Destiny included, giving Her and Yosuke twice the exclamation marks above them.

Yosuke and Finnel: "Wh-whaaat!?"

Destiny: "Okay, Ms. Finnel, let's go."

As the agreement settled, Kanji grabbed Finnel and lift her upon his shoulder. "He-lp me!" Finnel begged in a panicked expression.

"Sweetie! I'm goin' home with ya!" Kanji exclaimed gleefully as he left with Finnel.

"... What a sad little girl... I can actually imagine if I was in her place..." Yosuke sighed as he heard Finnel yelling "Nooo~" as her voice faded out.

Chie: "Yosuke... You're staying with me."

"! W-Wait, Chie- Oh... AAAHHHH!" Yosuke shouted as he turned to Chie, who was exposing her undergarments. He tried to cover his eyes but he couldn't avert his sight upon the lewd image. "C-Chie, dammit! Why the hell are you half naked!?"

"W-well, after the wedding, this would be our first night married." Chie blushed."You know what that means!" Chie mentioned as Yosuke heart is beating rapidly and his face was red.

"What!? Wait a second!" Yosuke stuttered as he tried to think. "Oh god, what the hell am I supposed to think about!?" He panicked as he tries to think calmly. "O-Okay... As much as this seems pleasant. I..." He thought. As much as this Chie was willing, this wasn't about her, not even her Cosmosphere. Despite how much of a coward he acted next, he had to do the right thing. "You know what, screw this! Even if it's just a game, a man must not do this! I-I'll go see how the others are doing!"

Chie: "Huh? Wait, Yosuke!"

Yosuke ran out the door and slammed the door in front of Chie. Giving each other some space, he took a quick breather. "Whoa... Okay... I'm all sweaty." He gasped as he looked back at he Matrimony Square. "I never expected Chie to make a move on me in Finnel's Cosmosphere."

"Aw... you should have scored with her. Too bad you ruined it..." Momoko snickered.

"Hey, even though it's a game, I could never do something like that. I mean, this is Finnel's Cosmosphere we're talking about." Yosuke stated.

"Oh, you're such a square." The Mind Guardian tease as he growled at her.

As he looked towards the other squares, he decided to check out the finish of the game. Still, Yosuke was trying to blur out that image of Chie. "Yeah... there's no way I'll say anything what goes on here..." He thought.

Level 3 area: Happy Goal Square

Once he arrived, it turns out someone was already done.

"Ah, Sir Yosuke." Naoto said as he entered the square.

"Whoa, Naoto-chan, you're fast! Are you already at the goal?" Yosuke asked with surprise.

"Fast? Not exactly. I took a bit longer than the shortest route that I calculated. Luck was not on my side, unfortunately." Naoto explained.

Yosuke: "So, what about marriage?"

Naoto: "I have not married."

Yosuke: "Assets?"

Naoto: "I have enough to live comfortably."

"... You just got to the goal and that's it?" Yosuke asked, dumbfoundedly.

"What else matters? The best way to get a solid result is not to stop on the unnecessary squares." Naoto explained. "In the Employment Square, I became a public servant, which guarantees my future. Focusing elsewhere is foolish. Momentary pleasures do not equal happiness. It's an illusion. True happiness lies in Happy Goal Square!"

"That's pretty convincing, but sounds... boring." Yosuke replied. "I guess that's Naoto for you..."

"Of course it's boring!" Soma exclaimed as she entered the room, joining the conversation. "Her future is made by her own hand. Living a life like that is little more than torture. I got here on my own two feet. I never relied on that wheel. I defied my destiny and made it here my own way!"

"But, Soma, you didn't get here by spinning the roulette!" Yosuke mentioned as even Naoto caught wind of her cheating.

"Yes, you violated the rules. I'll report this foul play to the Game Master." Naoto stated as she called the Umpire.

"Foul play! You're under arrest!" Destiny exclaimed as she appeared.

"Hehehe. I disobeyed all the rules, and destroyed every obstacle in my path. Do you really think you can stop me now?" Soma questioned in a threatening tone.

"Easily. I'll send you to Bankruptcy Square!" Destiny countered as she snapped her finger, summoning what looked like Teddie in his costume and a headband labeled 'W.O.F. Security'."

Yosuke: "What the... Teddie?"

"Violation! Violation! Launching cheater back to Bankruptcy Square!" Teddie exclaimed monotonously as a Tomahawk appeared under Soma and launched her, breaking the interior ceiling with the missile flying elsewhere.

"Uh..." Yosuke was speechless of what he just witness. "So that's why I couldn't play..." He stuttered.

"Thanks for reporting game abuse. Later!" She said as she and Teddie disappeared.

Yosuke: "Okay... now I'm seeing everything..."

"Whew... Alright! I've finally made it to the goal!" Chie exclaimed as she entered the square, she was back into her school uniform and her green jacket.

Yosuke: "C-Chie!

"Yosuke, what were you thinking!? You can't escape on our wedding day!" Chie stated in a fuming expression. "Thanks to you, I was sent to 'After the Wedding Ceremony, Your Husband Escapes! Collect 30,000 DP' Square!"

"Wha-What? Is that even a thing!?" Yosuke asked. "Look, I'm sorry, okay?! You did manage to reach the goal, right!?" He asked, looking on the bright side, but Chie was still not having it. "Umm, I'll... go see how the others are doing! Bye!" He bolted out of the square, taking a deep breath as he rubbed his head. "... Great, now I'm a bit worried for Soma..." He sighed as he looked around. "Still, I wonder how's Finnel's doing, though...?" He thought as he decided to check on her.

Level 3 area: Happening Square

Returning towards the Happening Square, immediately hears loud crashes from behind the door and went to check it out. Soon enough, he finds himself in a run-down apartment room with Kanji chasing Finnel. "Something corresponding to the result will happen to you...' Hence the name Happening Square..." Yosuke sighed as he thought, opening the door.

"Damn bitch! No running!" Kanji yelled as he chased Finnel.

"Kyaaah! Please help me!" Finnel cried out.

"H-Hey! What's happening!?" Yosuke questioned as he intervened.

"Yosuke, help!" Finnel cried as she hid behind him.

"Wait, seriously, what's going on!?" Yosuke begged the question.

"Finnel-senpai, this bastard's your cheatin' partner?" Kanji questioned angrily as he crack his knuckles.

Finnel: "N-n-no!"

Kanji: "What!? So there's another one!?" Kanji questioned with Finnel's repeated answer.

"Holy shit... What a living hell..." Yosuke cringed in terror.

"Dammit! I can't believe I fell in love with you! You're dead to me, I want a divorce!" Kanji exclaimed as he stomped out.

Thus leaving Yosuke stupefied with Finnel crying. "Hey Finnel, are you okay? What was that all about, anyway?" He asked.

"Your Spouse Catches You Cheating. Pay 20,000DP Square." Finnel asnswered as she wiped her tears.

"Aw man... " Yosuke face-palmed. "Well, you divorced Kanji. That's not all bad, right? Just keep moving until it all ends." He reassured as Finnel walked off the square. "Now, I do kinda feel sorry for her..." He sighed.

"Really? She seemed to be enjoying the situation." Momoko mentioned as she popped her head out of his uniform.

"Huh...? Hey, how did you...!?" Yosuke flinched by surprise as the Mind Guardian flies out.

"Oh, it seems that another player just finished. Let's go see them." Momoko interrupted as she flew towards the Happy Goal Square. Yosuke soon followed suit.

Level 3 area: Happy Goal Square

"Yeah, I made it!" Kanji exclaimed as he arrives. Yosuke eventually arrives after him.

Chie: "Congratulations, Kanji-kun!"

"You can do it if you really try." Naoto commented.

"It was smart to divorce that cheatin' wife. I started a textile shop and became a real trend!" Kanji told them.

"What!?" Yosuke exclaimed in disbelief. And then the three turned to him with ire.

"Hey... you're Finnel-senpai's cheatin' partner!" Kanji pointed.

"What?! So then... my husband who ran away from me was actually Finnel-san's cheating partner?"

"W-wait, it's all a big misunderstanding that's gotten even bigger!" Yosuke stuttered as he took several steps back as they continue to surround him.

"If he cheated with Finnel, then I can't let him go. I must punish this filthy pervert!" Naoto declared as she drew her gun.

"Wha- Now hold on! Wait! I wasn't involved in this game in the first place. It's incidental!" Yosuke explained as he turned-tail out of the room and of the square.

"Hey! You tryin' to escape!? Stop!" Kanji demanded as he charges at him.

"Yosuke!" Chie yelled as Yosuke slammed the door shut and escaping.

"Whew... This is insane!" Yosuke staggered as he took some deep breaths. Afterwards, he then notice that Finnel and some players haven't finished yet. "Come to think of it, the only other players who have yet to arrive at the goal are... Finnel, Soma, and Yurisica." He mentioned as he explored the Cosmosphere.

Level 3 area: Bankruptcy Square

As Yosuke searched for them, he heard arguing from the Bankruptcy Square and headed over... only to find the three in n question brooding around.

Soma: "Why...?"

Yurisica: "I don't know..."

Finnel: "*Sigh*..."

"You're all here? Are you okay...?" Yosuke ask as they were still feeling down.

"Grr... What's wrong with making my own path!?" Soma rant as she blew her frustrations on a building, with a hole in the wall.

"I can't believe they were so intolerant of cheating. I thought I was being very stealthy." Yurisica assumed.

"In the end, you were all caught doing something illegal..." Yosuke guessed.

"But... I d-didn't do anything illegal!" Finnel exclaimed, with her innocence on the line.

"Yeah, I know. I feel really bad for you." Yosuke sighed but then tried to rally their confidence. "But, there's no use staying here forever. Let's go for the goal."

"If only it were so easy. To get there from here, we have to make a huge gamble." Soma mentioned.

"That is to bet everything I have and turn the Wheel of Fate." Yurisica included.

Finnel: "If I win, I'll be a millionaire, but..."

"It's the poor house for us, otherwise..." Soma stated, with their confidence blown away.

"Man... you're guy's luck are literally shot... Unless..." Yosuke commented but felt something off. "Wait... everyone else is done but you guys aren't... That definitely not coincident." He mentioned.

"Ah, you must thinking on the right track." Yurisica agreed, knowing that she and Soma weren't the only ones cheating, somehow. "It's strange, actually. I feel like someone is controlling the outcome of the entire game." She deduced.

"Really? I found it odd because the other players are my friends from reality and that they weren't acting like themselves." Yosuke theorized. "Buuuut... what do you mean?"

"Finnel, Soma, and myself are all here. Everyone else is done. Only the Cosmosphere's residents have failed." Yurisica explained.

"But couldn't that all be just a coincidence?" Finnel assumed.

"No. That is very unlikely. It's worth investigating." Yurisica suggested.

As Yosuke agreed, Soma did not. "I'm not interested. Do whatever you want."

"How uncooperative. Fine. Finnel, turn the wheel and put all of your belongings on the line." Yurisica asked.

Finnel: "Whaaat!? Me!?"

"Yes. I'll watch for foul play as you turn the wheel. Or, can you spot if someone is cheating?" Told the Nurse.

Finnel: "I don't think so..."

"Then, you must turn the wheel. Yosuke, come with me."

"Right." Yosuke understood as they head for the Roulette.

Level 3 area: Roulette

They arrived at the Roulette area Soma followed nonetheless. "Alright, are you ready?" Yurisica asked.

Finnel: "Yeah..."

While they made their plans, Yosuke notices Soma waiting nearby. "Well, you're here, too, after all. Why are you so stubborn, Soma?" He asked.

"It's not like I came to help you guys. I just got a feeling that this is going to be a fun event." Soma answered with Yosuke sighed.

"Hmm, your reason doesn't really matter. So... which number did Finnel bet all of her possessions on?" Yurisica wondered.

Finnel: "Well... on six."

"Okay... Well, I don't think you're going to win either way, but if the wheel acts funny at all, you have to call it luck."

"But... I didn't win anyway..." Finnel mentioned.

Yurisica: "I know that. I'm sorry, but you're going to the Ghost Town."

Despite the moment of silent, Yosuke looks up at the Roulette and thought of an idea. "Hey... Can't I turn her wheel, like some... designated dealer?" He asked.

The three turned their head to him with question marks. "... You? Why?" Yurisica asked.

"I may be a guest and observer of this game, but I'm still here for some reason." Yosuke told them. "It shouldn't matter what luck I have, but whoever's tampering the wheel, wouldn't know that. Would that work?"

"'Shouldn't matter what luck you have'? You would only graze a fluke." Soma scoffed.

Yosuke: "Hey, I'm just saying..."

"Wait... that's actually a good idea. You must be loved by the Goddess of Fortune. I wouldn't be surprised if he gets a good result." Yurisica said inclined to agree with the idea.

"Is Yosuke really that lucky!?" Finnel lighted up.

"I am...?" Yosuke wondered as he tried to get up to speed from the compliment. "Well, I did won a few lotteries, I think...?" Yosuke said as he went into position, along with Finnel

"...What an annoying oddball..." Soma muttered as she stared at Yosuke.

"Oh, I think it's an effective strategy. They're so simple, that I'm sure it'll make a difference." Yurisica chuckled. "Although, I don't know whether his luck is in his favor or he's just bluffing or hyping himself up or whatever..." She trailed off.

"I don't think he has a decent brain like yours." Soma stated.

"Well, he may be the type of guy who does things without thinking logically." the Nurse assumed.

"You're overestimating him." The Jester told Yurisca as she continues to stare at the Persona User. "That one... Every time he arrives here, he gives off an unusual presence every time he enters this world."

"Perhaps... But he and Finnel can be useful, depending on how you use them. We have to take advantage of it while we still can." Yurisica suggested. "You have to be a little more flexible. Stubbornness will only serve to hinder you in the end."

Soma: "Hmph...!"

They soon arrived at the console where the can spin the wheel of fate. "Alright. Time to make you a millionaire, Finnel!" Yosuke declared as he stretched his body.

"But if I don't win, it's still okay. So, please don't feel any pressure." Finnel reassured.

Yosuke: "What? Hey, don't ruin my tension."

"That's not what I meant. I'm already happy that you're turning the wheel for me. I'm grateful for that." Finnel corrected.

"That's so... selfless of you. Don't sell yourself short." Yosuke humbly replied.

Finnel: "No, I'm not! You're... just special."

"Yeah... Special..." Yosuke sighed as he took a moment for himself. "Hmm... that usually starts the Paradigm Shift like last time... I guess we're on the right track..." He thought.

"Hey, you guys! It's time for you to turn it. We're going to get in trouble if Destiny finds out!" Yurisica mentioned off the roulette..

Yosuke/Finnel: "Okay!"

"We're ready. Turn it whenever you're ready." Yurisica stated as Soma watched through.

"Alright, I'll spin the hell out of it!" Yosuke shouted as he held out his hands as two green spiraling orbs appeared on both of his hands. "A new skill...? Well then..." Yosuke smirked as he used the new ability to spin the huge wheel, the skill... "Dual Garudyne!" He shouted as he ram both spiraling orbs at the wheel causing it the spin real fast due to the skill force of power. However, with the wheel turning so fast, it created a huge cyclone causing both Yosuke and Finnel to get caught into the whirl. "Wha-wait a sec- Awaaaaahhh!"

"What going on!?" Finnel questioned as she was pulled into the air, too.

Yurisica and Soma held on as the gust tried to pick them up. "Okay, one thing that he has an unusual presence, another thing that he actually created something like this!? Here!?" Soma exclaimed as she sees him and Finnel flying in the air, screaming and crying all the way.

Moments soon, the tornado died down and the Roulette gradually spun slower as Yurisica and, eventually, Soma watch the numbers.

Even Yosuke fell face flat on the ground with Finnel landing on top of him, hitting his spine as Yosuke yelped in pain.

Yurisica: "! Could it be...? 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 9..."

Soma: "...4, 3, 2, 1, 9..."

Finnel stepped of of Yosuke as she notice the wheel near her number. "8... 7... 6! ...No way! It really stopped on 6! Yes!" She cheered.

"Ow... huh...?" Yosuke groaned as he looked up to the Wheel on 6. He was gonna congratulate Finnel, but then notice the wheel jerking, along with the sound of some mechanical malfunction as the wheel landed on 5. "5? What!?"

Finnel: "Huh!?"

"No way. This thing was rigged!" Yosuke declare. "Guys you saw that, too, right?"

"Indeed." Yurisica agreed as she then notice something within the gears under the wheel. "Yosuke, inside the roulette! From that gap, someone just glanced at us." She pointed out.

As Yosuke turned to the direction Yurisica pointed at, a silhouette slid into the machine. "What!? Hey! You little cheater!" He exclaimed as he rushed in. Dammit! It's so dark! Nnnngh... There!" He stated as he found the rigger.

?: "Nyahhh!"

"What a fast runner! Damn, it's small, too!" Yosuke stated as he made chase.

?: Nyah-ack! Ow, that hurts! Let me go, nyahhh!"

Yosuke managed to exit the contraption and finds himself outside only to see Soma gripping her hand on a Hyuma by neck. "Soma, Y-You caught... her...?" He said a he look down at the perpetrator. The Hyuma had bunny ears.

"Is she the one? She's... a Hyuma. What's your name, sweetie? What are you doing?" Yurisica asked.

"Me name is Lorelei. In charge of wheel, nyah." She introduce herself. "Me job is turn the wheel properly, nyah."

"I see... You've been manipulating the outcomes of the wheel." The nurse concluded.

"Me wasn't manipulating, nyah! Me was just working as the manual said, nyah!" Lorelei stated.

"Manual? What manual?" Yosuke questioned as he walked up to them. "Who wrote that this manual!?"

"The untouchable Consensus of this world, nyah! Cross her and you'll be erased, nyah!" Lorelei answered.

"...Consensus!?" Finnel stuttered.

"... The untouchable Consensus of this world, huh?" Yurisica repeated to herself as turn to Finnel in disappointment. "Finnel, I don't believe you think so well of us? Including yourself in this world."

Finnel: "Huh!? What do you mean?"

"I don't know why, but 'She' doesn't want us or Yosuke to advance any farther..." The nurse continued.

"She's just fond of bullying herself." remarked as she scoffed.

Yurisica: "This is no time to joke around!"

"I wasn't joking." Some countered back.

While Yosuke kept on track of this, he help connecting the thoughts. "Then, the fact that she was confined in that dark, lonesome cage was also because..."

"Maybe that was also what her Consensus wanted..." Yurisica finished.

Within a moment of silence, Yosuke had an idea what they were talking about but even he was going to help out, bringing a conclusive suggestion. "If that consensus is something related to Finnel, then we'll just have to confront it. I mean gambling is technically a 50/50 thing between winning an losing." He suggested. "I don't know why this 'Consensus' thing is abusing her so theatrically. There has to be a reason behind this and I wanna know."

Finnel: "Yosuke..."

"That's a bold speech, but you don't even know half of what Reyvateils are. You really think this will gain her trust?" Soma questioned.

"I... I...wanna see the Consensus, and ask her why she did all of this to me!" Finnel stated. "...Besides, I can't forgive her for ruining Yosuke's good luck by cheating! I can't forgive her!"

"... Finnel, the Consensus is your Holistic Will itself. You won't like what you'll find there." Yurisica mentioned.

"Hey, if it's like facing your own shadow, I doubt it'll be that bad." Yosuke assumed with a winking expression.

Yurisica: "Facing your own... shadow?"

"I know that, but... I don't care. I don't want to be trapped in that dark, small place and go through these misfortunes anymore!" Finnel declared. "So... I'm scared, but I'll go!"

The bolstered confidence of Finnel's awakened her own courage, grown by her trust and faith in her allies.

Once more, Yosuke heard a glass shatter with everything all in grey and frozen.

Thou art I... And I am thou

Thou Bond has improved...

As everything gained its color again, a gust of wind blew once more, revealing the Stonehenge flashing. "Alright! Another proper Paradigm Shift!

"She's got some real zeal this time. I can hardly believe she's Finnel." Momoko floated nearby.

"Yeah... Aren't you having harder and harder times in Finnel's worlds?" Yosuke smirked. "You were enjoying her misfortune so much..."

"How rude of you. That's not true." The Mind Guardian denied. "It's not that I was enjoying her misfortune. I AM enjoying her misfortune."

"... Scratch that, you're still a sadistic bitch." Yosuke sighed with a face-palm. Thus he left with Finnel as they traverse towards the shining pillar.

Level 3 area: The Stonehenge

They arrived at the flashing Stonehenge, bright as usual. "Well, this is it." Yosuke said.

"Thanks for your help, Yosuke. I thought bad luck was something I was born with, but now I think I see a ray of hope. If the cause was the 'Me' in a deeper layer of my mind... I can change the 'Me' over there and be happy, too!" Finnel declared vigorously.

"Of course. Even for those with bad luck, it, in fact, could possible turn around. In fact, why not learn from me? If you think you'll succeed, then you will!" Yosuke advised.

Finnel: Yeah! Let's go, Yosuke.

Yosuke nodded and proceeded into the light with Finnel, concluding the game Wheel of Fate... this time.

Dive Sequence, Finnel's Cosmosphere, level 3


Shortly after they both exited the soulspace, Yosuke was brought into the data stream. "Huh...?"

"Yosuke, you finished the dive. Good for you!" Teppo congratulated.

"Teppo?" Yosuke said as he then recalls their earlier conversation. "Oh yeah! Anything about the particles you mentioned.

"Yeah, take a look." Teppo nodded as she brought a screen of the SH wave chart. "Just as you entered the Paradigm Shift, I found these... these glittering... things dancing around the wave frequencies as you entered, scattering all over the soulspace." She explained. "Do... you know what they are? That could help you look into this better, seeing how these are flaking off from you.

"Those glittering things... I don't know anymore about them... Then again..." Yosuke pondered as he recalls events that transpire that related to Personas and Shadows.

Teppo: "Hm... You know something?"

Yosuke told her certain events prior to this discovery, on how these particles may be related. "Hmm... Your guy's Personas and those Shadows... and this fog...?" Teppo summarized. "That's definitely not related to anything I heard of from Ar Ciel. To think some of they're traits are similar to a Reyvateil..."

"Could that mean something? I mean that may as well be something that helps us in reality." Yosuke guessed.

"If you put it like that, those particles you leave could act as a form of a beneficial immunity... to this fog you mentioned... but that is a theory that needs to be double-checked." Teppo deduced as she continued. "Nonetheless, I didn't detect any abnormalities so she's safe. You can continue to dive, but please review this matter to a Reyvatologist when possible." She explained with a sigh of relief from Yosuke he returned to reality.

At the same time however, Yurisica wanted to discuss something with Soma. "You seem pretty motivated." She commented despite Soma's silence. "... Hey, who do you think will win this game?"

"... That's none of my concern." Soma scoff as she turned her head away.

"But you always end up helping her. It's only natural. If we lose her to the Consensus, then we must all start over." Yurisica continued."Our Consensus does not wish for that, either.

"I don't care either way." Soma stated as she walked away. "Besides... That fool isn't wasn't what I thought, he's started to become my headache." She muttered as she disappeared from sight. She also notice a silhouette that was very blurry, but enough to look like Yosuke, gripping her hands at the sight of it.

Back with Yurisica, she checked her glasses as she pondered. "... I'm curious... It's like that young man has experience about his own self..."

Archia Corporachy, Dive Shop

Once they returned to reality, Finnel saw Yosuke pressing a hand to his head as he felt exhausted. So they had a converstion as the left the Dive Shop.

Skit Topic: Dive Review

Finnel: "Yosuke, you already made a Paradigm Shift occur, right?"

Yosuke: "Yeah, but I'm tired..."

Finnel: "Oh, I'm sorry. Was it that cumbersome?"

Yosuke: "... I can briefly tell you what happened, right?"

Finnel: "Just briefly."

Yosuke: "It was some ridiculous roulette game... Think of it as a overdose of the other's Mysterious Food X."

Finnel: "... Sounds like a really brutal world..."

Yosuke: "You have no id-... W-Well, it's your world, so how do you feel?"

Finnel started explaining. "Uh... I always thought I was never very lucky. So, whatever I did, it would only cause someone trouble."

Yosuke: "I see..."

"But when I woke up from the Dive, I knew that... I may be an unlucky girl, but I'm not unhappy, so I have nothing to fear anymore. If I keep fearing the worst results, of course nothing will ever go well. So, I think I should try new things more often... But that's an ordinary notion for most people." Finnel stated.

"I don't see anything wrong with it. Everybody's different. Well, I think it was a good change. If you try something big and fail, I'll back you up. So, just do whatever you wanna do! You got friends now we could probably help you." Yosuke reassured.

Finnel: "... Dancing..."

Yosuke: "... Beg your pardon?

Finnel: "... That came out of nowhere, but I was curious... And you guys said the Rise is a idol that dances, right? As a Reyvateil, singing is pretty much in our blood."

Yosuke: "You're Reyvateil, that's right. But you have to 'dance' with the rhythm of the song and music, including singing at the same time."

Finnel looked moping, assuming hope was loss. "I didn't said it was a bad idea, not with what's happening right now, at least. Besides, with that ribbon outfit you're wearing, you might actually pull it off!" Yosuke reassured as Finnel's eyes glimmered with hope, again.

Finnel: "Alright, When we get the chance I'm counting on you guys for help, Yosuke."

Yosuke: "I look forward to that, too, actually."

They returned top their group as they have a beary long day tomorrow.

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