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2. Library

After 10 emails, 5 letters and an uncountable number of phone calls Noah was starting to get seriously pissed off. He didn't care how hot his coworker said this Rex Salazar was, if he didn't return his damn library book soon the blonde was going to hunt him down and make him give it back.

Of course the one day of the week he had off his coworker Annie had loaned out the library's only copy of the Geometry Prep Final Review Guide a week before finals began. The very last day of the year that it was allowed to be checked out before it got labeled a book that had to remain in the library during the duration of finals.

Now, as the head of the school library, he was the one dealing with the sixty or so students having a meltdown about the book not being available.

Worse yet, this Salazar kid was a home school brat, so he had access to the school library, but he didn't actually go to the school.

Noah couldn't just track him down and corner him in a hallway like he could any other student.

Instead he had to call in a favor with Claire in the front office, get the guy's address and then waste his gas driving to the guy's house after school.

He was surprised to end up on the nicer side of town, the Providence district in fact, but he was even more surprised as he pulled up to the Salazar house.

The place was taller than any of the houses around it by several stories and a striking shade of white gray that made it look more than a little intimidating.

Suddenly Noah had a hard time remembering if Annie found body builders hot or not. (He didn't need to get his ass kicked over a book.)

Still, he was going to get it kicked by at least one of the desperate students at his school if he didn't at least try to get it back.

So, still trying to summon at least some of the anger he'd started his drive with, Noah walked up the impressive porch and rang the bell.

A strikingly loud chime filled the air and Noah decided he wasn't going to ring it twice. He'd done his duty, he'd made the trip, he'd-Oh, shit.

Noah felt his heart skip as the door opened to reveal the hottest teen he'd ever laid eyes on.

Topless and literally dripping with hotness, the raven haired teen was running a towel over his head and wearing nothing but gym shorts, somehow managing to look like he'd just stepped out of one of Noah's wet dreams.

"Um, hi?" The raven haired teen muttered as his chocolate brown eyes caught Noah's own.

The blonde barely suppressed a blush as he managed to stutter out something about the book, the attempts to contact him, and his general need to get it back ASAP.

The teen he presumed was Rex blinked at him in confusion for a moment before scowling.

"Cesar!" He turned and called over his shoulder.

In an instant Noah was left alone on the porch as he listened to what sounded like some pretty loud sibling bickering.

He managed to catch something along the lines of 'handle a little responsibility" "check your damn messages" and "just give me the thing".

By the time Rex came back he was wearing a black T-shirt and a red jacket, obscuring Noah's view of his chiseled chest, and carrying the book in question.

"Sorry about making you come all the way out here over this. Cesar swore to me he turned this in a week ago when I asked. I only got it for him in the first place because he couldn't get into the high school library anymore now that he's graduated. I should have known better than to give Cesar's contact information instead of mine. He never checks his messages."

With an eye roll Rex handed Noah the book and a sheet of folded up paper.

"That's my contact info in case this happens again. Lord knows I'll need to visit the library more now."

Noah's brows furrowed at that.

"Why would you need to visit more now?" He asked.

Rex flushed as he avoided the blonde's stare.

"Didn't know there were such cute librarians there till now." He admitted with a teasing grin.

Noah didn't stop blushing until he got home.

Nor did he forget to add Rex's contact info to his phone…..Right alongside the calendar reminder for their date that Saturday.

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