20. Anniversary

It took a while, but eventually Rex's friends became his friends too, and Noah felt like he had finally found where he was supposed to be in this messed up world.

There was a comfort in numbers that he hadn't felt in so long and even as much as missed his one on one time with Rex he couldn't say it wasn't reassuring to fall asleep with actual conversations going on around him or the assurance that he could fall asleep with Rex wrapped around him without worrying that something was going to get them in the dark of the night.

Even as the summer drew to a close and the group got closer to their destination Noah couldn't help but feel like leaving everything he'd ever known to be with Rex on this incredible journey was the best decision he'd ever made.

Especially since this would probably be the first winter since the Event that the colder months wouldn't drive him to the brink of starvation again.

Once his town had been foraged clean he'd struggled to last the harsher months without the benefits of what little the local foliage had to offer to supplement what he'd found in homes.

This winter at least the group had a plan. They had planned a detour on their trip to stop at an apple and pear plantation a few weeks back and arrived just in time to catch the beginning of picking season. Rows upon rows of untended trees soon around the main farming complex and there appeared to be little damage other than what had naturally occurred due to the lack of upkeep. It had been only a small family orchard and was far enough away from any heavily populated areas to have not been destroyed by a large amount of people turning during the Event.

They had initially approached it cautiously, overly aware that Evos could settle in anywhere or that there might have been survivors there already, but the place had been abandoned by both.

They'd scoured libraries along the way to learn as much as they could about preserving and ways of making a variety of things from the two kinds of fruits in hopes of being able to settle there for the rest of the winter.

They'd been luckier than Noah had ever dreamed they'd be and within days of arriving they'd settled into a comfortable routine of winter prep. By nightfall each day they were usually too tired to do little more than eat what they had on hand and go straight to bed. But even just being able to fall asleep in Rex's arms in a real bed was a greater pleasure than anything had been in weeks.

Especially because despite the fact they'd been together for months now privacy had been scarcer than Noah had ever dreamed it'd been.

Between unsuitable campsites, needing to stay grouped together for safety and just being too damn tired to share more than a kiss goodnight the pair hadn't been able to get further than some heated making out since they'd joined up with the larger group.

They'd come close once or twice. So close that both boys would be frustrated for hours after from want of each other, but they'd settled for what they could.

For soft kisses in the early morning hours before everyone else got up. Warm hands searching under clothes for the softest places, but never able to linger long before the spell of the morning was broken by the presence of the others.

It was slowly driving the new couple mad and the rest of the group seemed to find more humor than pity at the situation.

Finally it was Noah that decided enough was enough and he was going to get some quality time with his boyfriend whether it was convenient or not.

He'd been with Rex for six months as of that day and he wasn't about to let that mark pass without doing something to mark the occasion.

It took a look wrangling on his part, a bit of bribery and more than a little begging, but he was finally able to get the rest of the group to agree to give him and Rex some of the alone time they so desperately needed.

They'd agreed to spend most of the evening hanging out in one of the barns they'd been fixing up and to leave the pair to their own devices. (Though not without more than a little bit of teasing).

Noah bore it red faced and embarrassed beyond belief, but comforted by the thought that being with Rex would be worth it.

From there it was only a matter of getting Rex back to their room and getting everything they'd need together without making him suspicious. Which was far easier than expected seeing as he only needed to mention that the others would be busy for awhile in the barn to convince Rex to start a make out session on the family room couch.

It took everything he had for the first few minutes to just enjoy these first few tentative touches without dragging both of them back to the room they'd claimed as theirs the first day on the farm.

But once Noah relaxed into the kisses and Rex grew more confident that they weren't going to be interrupted; they were both able to start enjoying the contact to its fullest.

Noah bared his throat to Rex's teasing teeth and didn't try to withhold his gasps for the first time since their relationship started, which seemed to only spur his boyfriend on further.

Freshly ungloved hands found their way under Noah's top as the blonde's own slipped effortlessly into Rex's sharply cropped hair. Both were cleaner than they'd been in a while due to the well on the farm property and both boys relished that additionally bonus in this moment more than others.

Once or twice over the course of their first week there they'd been able to get pretty hot and heavy on the couch, but each time they'd gotten this far they'd been interrupted before Noah had been able to really let himself enjoy Rex's hands on his skin and his lips on his neck.

Now that he knew that nothing was going to disrupt them the rush that had always existed in these moments was gone and Noah was able to keep his own movements slow and tender.

Rex seemed to pick up on his mood because he too kept his movements deliberate and gentle.

It was enough right up until the moment it wasn't and Noah just had to roll his hips forward against his boyfriend's to get some kind of friction.

"God, Rex." Noah breathed as his boyfriend pulled him closer by the ends of his jacket.

The Evo beneath him bit lower on his neck and made his own soft sounds of delight.

"Rex is busy right now enjoying the vision that is his boyfriend. Leave a message after the beep." The raven muttered before catching said boyfriend's lips in another heated kiss.

Just when Noah didn't think he would get anymore relaxed in Rex's hold warm hands found their way back under his shirt and began tracing coaxing circles into the base of the his back.

Noah brought his own hands forward to grasp Rex's face and deepen their kissing.

Want coursed through his veins like the best kind of adrenaline and all he could hear was the rapid thumping of his pulse in his ears and Rex's quiet moans.

When they finally had to pull a part for air Noah could barely stand to have even that small amount of space between them.

Rex smirked up at him and let out a quiet: "Beep."

The blonde let out a startled and breathy laugh that only ended when Rex caught his lips in a tender kiss.

"You're crazy, you know that right?" Noah asked when they parted.

The raven haired teen beneath him merely slide his hands out from under Noah's top and brought them up to his face.

"Only about you." He muttered softly as he tilted Noah's face forward to place a kiss on his cheek.

Noah relished the sweetness of the touch in contrast to their earlier heat. It was a pleasant reminder that as much as he craved the more carnal aspects of their relationship: it was love that fueled it as much as the want.

Unable to hold back the secret any longer Noah blurted out: "Crazy enough to not be mad that I bribed our friends to stay out of the house for a couple of hours?" He admitted in a rush.

Rex's eyes widened at the sudden confession.

"Seriously?" He breathed.

Noah blushed and ducked his head to hide it.

"I just really wanted tonight to be special." He admitted shyly.

Rex's eyes softened and he was gentle as he tipped his boyfriend's head up again.

"Every day with you is special Noah." Rex admitted just as shyly.

Noah was so embarrassed it was all he could do to bury his face into Rex's neck as the other boy laughed at his boyfriend's discomfort.

"You can't just say things like that!" Noah moaned against his throat.

"I might have to do it more if it gets you to make noises like that." Rex teased as he played with the ends of Noah's hair with his free hand.

Noah relaxed at the touch and pulled back slowly. His face was still flushed, but the sight of his love's grin put him at ease.

"I just wanted to be able to celebrate our anniversary like a normal couple. Like it could have been before the Event."

Rex wilted a little at that. "Trust me Noah; if this were pre-Event I would have planned something way more special for our anniversary than what I was able to cook up."

Noah was surprised at that, he wasn't even sure if Rex knew it was their anniversary, what with time being so much harder to track post-Event.

Rex chuckled lowly.

"Don't look so surprised! I know how important you think keeping track of time is now. How important you find dates to celebrate in general."

The raven smiled and pulled his boyfriend into a tight hug.

"And what you think is important is pretty important to me too."

Noah stared wide eyed at the wall behind his boyfriend's as he was held so tightly.

It was so easy to forget sometimes that Rex really cared about him as much as he cared about the Evo. That he listened more than he ever appeared to.

Noah buried his face against Rex's shoulder and returned the hug just as tightly.

"You can't just say things like that." He muttered against Rex's neck gently.

It was all he could think to say other than what he wanted to most at that moment. That he loved Rex. Loved him so much.

But neither of them had said those words out loud, even as much as their actions showed it.

Rex huffed a soft laugh and turned his hug into something gentler.

"You're so important Noah. You have no idea how happy I was to find someone like you when it felt so much like the world was ending. The last six months have been some of the greatest of my life and that's because you were there." The Evo confessed with aching sincerness.

Noah's eyes pricked and he moved to lean back and look at his boyfriend, but the boy beneath him held him still.

"I just really want you to know that I'm not just with you because you're here. That I'd be with you even if the Event hadn't decimated the population and there were a million boys our age to pick from. It's not because you're convenient. It's because I can't imagine life without you."

Noah was sniffling by the time Rex was done. He couldn't say it hadn't crossed his mind that Rex was only with him because of the fact that their options were limited. That someone as wonderful as Rex wouldn't have looked twice at someone like him in a world with literally over a billion other options. So hearing Rex address that concern, and do so in a way that so directly annihilated it, only made the blonde love him more.

"I couldn't imagine life without you either. I don't know how I made it all those months alone. After knowing you, I couldn't bear such silence, such loneliness again. I never knew how long I'd been waiting till you arrived. Brilliant and brave and everything I never knew I needed. I could have looked for someone like you forever and never found them. But if I'd known you'd existed, I would have looked forever anyway. Forever till I found you." He admitted with only the slightest of tremors in his voice.

Rex held him so tightly then. Like letting go meant losing him.

"Don't lose me Noah. Don't ever lose me." He begged into the blonde's hair. As though he was the one in this relationship that was merely human and so very vulnerable.

"Never." Noah promised back, never even allowing himself to think of the many thousands of ways they could be parted in this new and terrifying world.

Not now. Not here in this moment when he was with a boy who made everything seem possible.

Noah wanted nothing more in than moment than to be closer to his boyfriend. Closer than they had ever gotten the chance to be before.

So he pulled back. Far enough to see Rex's duel colored eyes looking at him just like they had on that first day. Like Noah was a prize to a game he didn't think could be won until he had.

Far enough that when the distance was finally closed again it only heightened the pleasure.

Everything but each other vanished as Noah all but melted into his boyfriend's lap. He couldn't seem to kiss Rex deep enough or press down hard enough to satisfy the ache growing rapidly inside him. Everything felt amplified to a degree that he'd never achieved before and he knew that Rex was the cause.

Noah couldn't shed his clothes fast enough or pull Rex free of his own any quicker as everything got more heated between them.

By the time both boys were bare of everything by the last layer of their clothing Rex was hoisting Noah up and the blonde was wrapping his legs around him. The shorter teen barely registered that they were moving as he continued to litter Rex's neck with bites and coat his face in kisses. He only let go when he felt the edge of their bed at his back and he'd barely touched the mattress before Rex was on him again.

"Rex please." Noah begged as he tried to pull his boyfriend closer.

Rex caught his lips again to silence him as his hands made quick work of their boxers.

This was newer and hotter than anything they had ever tried before and both just wanted more.

"Noah you sure-" Rex started, but the blonde cut him off.

"Yes, please Rex. Please."

The raven grinned down at him and ran a hand through Noah's splayed out hair.

"You're so polite at the weirdest of time." He teased.

Noah flushed in embarrassment even as he turned his head to lean into Rex's touch.

"Don't you want….?" He asked with sudden shyness.

Before he could grow self-conscious Rex swooped down and pressed their foreheads together.

"Of course I do, God I do, but I also want you to be absolutely sure."

Noah looked up at his boyfriend with lidded eyes.

"I'm sure Rex." He assured him before sealing the promise with a kiss.

One of Rex's hands twisted in Noah's longer locks to angle the kiss better as the other found its way to lower parts of his soon to be lover's body.

Noah squirmed at the intimate touch and the added coolness that followed not long after.

He'd nearly bitten his lip bloody by the time Rex's free fingers found their way to his face and swiped over his lips.

"You don't have to try and be quiet tonight, remember?" The Evo teased.

He leaned forward until his own lips were to Noah's ear.

"I want to hear you." He admitted breathlessly.

Noah could only gasp wordlessly at the request as Rex's other hand continued to touch him in places no one else ever had before.

"Rex." He moaned with tentative volume.

The Evo on top of him smirked as he adjusted his fingers and drew a much louder moan from his boyfriend.

"Ready?" He breathed between them.

Noah nodded enthusiastically as he braced himself with one hand and pulled Rex into a kiss with the other.

He tried to convey everything in that kiss. Every drop of love and trust and desire that he felt for the boy in his arms as they finally consummated their relationship.

It was worth every day of the last six months of waiting to feel that ever present ache that had existed within him be satisfied by Rex's body finally intertwining with his.

It was exactly and nothing like he'd imagined it would be.

He could feel every breath that Rex took as every tremor that passed down his spine was shared between them.



"Move please." Noah requested with breathless politeness.

Rex laughed even as he complied.

"Only you." He added with insuppressible fondness.

Noah laughed with him until their motion morphed his laughter into a low moan.

His lips found Rex's again for a moment before the raven's mouth moved down to his neck.

The human bared it proudly for Rex's roaming mouth and begged him to bite harder rather than stop.

(It's not like their friends weren't used to it. They didn't even blink at Noah's hickies anymore.)

Noah's fingers found their way into Rex's hair as the pace of their love making increased and it was all the blonde could do to hold on.

"Rex." He breathed between them.

Blood was rushing in his ears and his body was thrumming with sensations he'd never thought it was capable of prior to that night.

"Please." He begged; the word turning into a chant as their pace increased.

"Please, please, please."

Rex caught his lips in another kiss to silence him as he shifted back to pull the blonde into his lap.

The new position drew a yowl of pleasure from the blue eyed teen as he clawed at his boyfriend's back.

He could feel Rex's eyes on him and any other time that would have made him self conscious, but not now. Not when his lover's duel colored gaze was focused so intently on him. The outer blue so bright around his normally chocolate gaze that it looked nearly iridescent in the faint glow of the moonlight peeking in-between the drapes.

The glow snared his own blue gaze as the sight reminded him that the boy beneath him was unlike any other. Both human and Evo. Capable of punches that could destroy buildings and caresses that could leave carry Noah's breaths away.

He was probably making love to the most powerful man left on Earth.

But more importantly, he was making love to a man who loved him.

And who he loved back.

He buried his face into Rex's spiked hair as his pleasure peaked and painted Rex's stomach between them. White replaced everything in his vision as Rex lengthened his pleasure with well aimed shifts beneath him.

Noah nearly sobbed at the intensity of it all as he clung to his lover with desperate strength. His whole body trembled with the aftershocks as Rex's hands drew soothing circles on his back.

By the time he was done gasping for air the raven had lowered him back onto the bed and was carding his fingers through his sweat dampened hair.

Noah laid loose limbed beneath him for a moment longer before curling his legs back and pulling Rex forward. "You too." He muttered hoarsely.

Rex shook his head wordlessly as he placed kisses against his lover's sweat soaked collarbone.

Still too high to compose his own verbal argument Noah merely dragged his boyfriend down and hooked his ankles behind Rex's back to keep him pinned against him.

"Please Rex." He half cooed. "For me?"

The dilation of the Evo's pupils was enough to confirm his request.

Noah braced himself against the headboard as Rex brought them together again with deliberate concern for his comfort.

"Oh Rex." He breathed.

Rex's only response was to bury his face into Noah's neck and set a pace that drew shrieks of pleasure from the blonde's lungs.

The Evo's skin against his own was scorching and all Noah wanted in that moment was to be consumed.

Everything came to a crescendo as Rex bit sharply against Noah's neck and drew the loudest moan yet from his blonde.

This time Rex was the one seeing white as he panted wetly against Noah's newest hickey. By the time he was able to blink it away Noah had gotten them on their sides and was smiling sleepily at him.

Rex chuckled lowly at his blissed out look and reached out to wrap his arms around the blonde.

"Best anniversary ever." He breathed between them.

Noah huffed a laugh and buried his face into the crook of his lover's neck.

"Best anniversary so far." He countered weakly as drowsiness continued to overcome them both.

Rex hummed softly in response before dropping a final kiss to Noah's brow.

"I love you." He admitted a few minutes later; when he was sure Noah's breaths were even and he was fast asleep.

Come morning both boys got enough teasing from their friends to keep them red for days, but neither complained. They both knew it had been worth it.

(Even if all three teased that they could hear Noah's screams from all the way in the barn.)

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