Author's note: It's been awhile, guys! Hey! Anyways, I'm back, but this time… I'm doing a co-write with Hugh Takinamee! If you guys check him out, he has some a great story going! So, this is a co-write that Hugh and I are doing, and since we both like Duncney, we've decided to do this! Enjoy! ( This was written by Julz... ) ((Oh yeah it was))

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Prosperity rose in the United States in the years following the First World War. The Roaring Twenties, especially, brought new immigrants to the country to claim a piece of the American Dream.

A large ship carrying immigrants from the United Kingdom finally docked on Ellis Island. Fresh from its month long voyage as the ship crossed the Atlantic Ocean, one of the first people to officially step into the United States was a British couple with two children. In fact, the patriarch of the family fought for the United Kingdom in The Great War. Seeing new land for the first time in a month felt refreshing for him. Meanwhile, the mother was carrying her young daughter and held onto her young son's hand as they disembarked. That young son was named Duncan.

As the family went through checkpoints inside Ellis Island, young Duncan hoped that he would be one like his father, fighting for the country he lived in. Looking at the Statue of Liberty cemented his decision. His eyes danced around like mad men, taking in all he could.

Meanwhile, inside New York City, a young schoolgirl hustled across a narrow street before the school bell rang. She skipped steps to hurry to class unnoticed. As she set her pile of books down, a booming voice made her jump.

"Courtney! You're late. Again…" A large, disgruntled man sniped at the young girl.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Worthington," Courtney bowed her head down as she entered her classroom. Mr. Worthington gave her a disgruntled nod in her direction and went on with the morning announcements. Courtney sat there in obedient silence, reflecting over the fight she had heard her parents having that morn.

It just so happened that in the following weeks, a new student was introduced into Courtney's class. And he had a British accent. All the girls in their 6th grade class fawned and sighed over the new boy, with his black as night hair and Caribbean blue eyes. He basked in the attention he was receiving, except from her. She had made up her mind about boys long before she knew him, but as fate must have it, her opinion would change. As both Duncan and Courtney grew respectfully, they came closer- in a way. Between the bickering and quips and nags, neither of them realized just how the other really felt deep down.

It wasn't until after enduring the hell called high school that the two of them learned. Both Courtney and Duncan were accepted into the same college, and consequently had to deal with each other all over again. As the year went on, the couple came to an understanding of each other and made it official. The day that Duncan proposed to Courtney was also the day Duncan later received a letter calling him to war and the night before he left, both him and Courtney sat in their room listening to the sound of silence.

And then the silence was taken aback by the voice of Courtney, seemingly worried about her fiance's future. What if Duncan went out there and never came back? What if he was alive and was with another girl? What if, what if, what if… That was all Courtney could think of. What if…

"Duncan," Courtney spoke in a soft tone. "I know that it's not up to me to say what goes on in your life, but… If I could have the chance to say... " Tears began swelling in her eyes, wishing that everything up to that point never happened. The draft letter, the silence between the two, everything.

"I know," Duncan only sighed. "It's going to be hard, princess. But all I'm asking from you is to bear with me, and trust me, okay? I will come home to you once it's all done," he reassured. Courtney then wrapped her arms around Duncan as if she was wrapping a piece of herself, not wanting to let go. Duncan, however, sat there, basking in the sound of silence.

The day has arrived. Duncan, along with his parents, and Courtney were at Pier 25, along with thousands of families surrounding them. In the USS Lincoln, tens of thousands of soldiers waited aboard to say their final goodbyes to their families as they headed into uncertainty.

"Duncan! Go!" Courtney shouted as the multitude of cheering took over. Duncan nodded, hugging his parents, wishing him luck, before kissing his fiancé one last time.

"I love you, Duncan," Courtney smiled, trying to not shed tears.

"Love you too, princess," Duncan smiled back. "I'll be back, okay?"

Courtney could only nod, as Duncan turned around and steadily boarded the battleship. Once he was in full view, side by side fellow soldiers, he waved to his parents and Courtney down below. Duncan's parents smiled, proud that their son would be fighting as his father did. Courtney, however, was beginning to tear up. Seeing Duncan happily waving from up above, she couldn't help but also wave back and be proud of her fiancé.

Later that night, Courtney prayed for Duncan's safety before going to bed. The sound of silence was beginning for her.