Moving to Megakat City.

Chapter 1: Fast Cars.

Written By Jlargent.

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Burlington, Vermont: April 7th 2016

"Whelp, that takes care of that." I muttered to myself loading up the U-Haul van, my name is Amelia Jonas I was a college student attending the University of Vermont but…I'd rather not say as to why I am being expelled. It's too painful for me to mention, let's just say the past few weeks were a definition of hell. I reached into my pocket to pull out my phone, I looked at the time "12:56, I'll need to hurry if I want to reach home in a couple of days." I said to myself thinking about how much time I have to make if I shortcut my way home. After making sure my things were secure enough to prevent anything from breaking if god forbid I get into a crash I shut the sliding door and climb into the cab of the rental truck and turn on the engine I carefully pull out of the parking lot of my dorm and make my way to the highway for my long trip home.

Megakat City: 2:07 p.m. Callie Briggs POV

I carefully poke my head up only to quickly duck down narrowly avoiding a yellow beam of magic coming from the Pastmaster's watch, today was like any other day except that for some reason the Pastmaster had returned and had somehow joined forces with Dark Kat Probably their mutual hate towards the Swat Kats I thought to myself, apparently Pastmaster must've learned from his failed collaboration with the Metallikats and decided to betray Dark Kat first and the two have been slinging spells at each other for the past few minutes now neither one backing down and the majority of downtown Megakat City caught in the crossfire, the Enforcers arrived moments before only to prove as useless as ever and our only hope is the SWAT Kats, if they were there. Apparently Dr. Viper was wreaking havoc at the waste disposal plant prompting the vigilantes to respond.

"Just another day at the office." Felina Feral joked as she head shoots one of Dark Kat's minions, I rolled my eyes at the jab and fired the gun that I had taken from a dead Enforcer and shoot at another creepling hitting it in the mouth killing it easily.

"I'd rather be doing paperwork than this, paperwork is at least normal." I countered.

"Yeah, but that's boring as hell." Felina replied shooting at a magical construct Pastmaster created.

"At least the worst thing about that is a papercut." I continued joining in shooting the construct.

"You ever notice that we're having a casual conversation in the midst of a battle to not only save the city but our lives as well?" Felina asks as one of her bullets manages to hit a weak spot effectively destroying it.

"Our lives have gotten to the point where it's normal for a supervillain to attack weekly." I deadpan "This is part of our new normalcy." I said reloading the pistol mentally thanking Felina for teaching me how to defend myself since crime in Megakat City was on the rise I asked Felicia to help me defend myself so that I wouldn't rely on the SWAT Kats all the time. It began with firearms training and then to hand to hand combat. At first I hated the days that I had to spar against Felina but I quickly learned that I became as good as she was when she completed training.

I looked up and saw that the Pastmaster was charging his watch for another spell, without thinking I fired at the device just as Dark Kat hits it with his own magic.

"NO!" Pastmaster screamed as the combination of magical energies exploded in front of him creating a blinding flash of light, the sound of a truck horn echoed right before the sound of a crash. When the light faded there was indeed a moving van in orange and white with the words "U-Haul" on the side and it was slammed against a light pole with the Pastmaster sandwiched in between crushed and obviously dead Then again he may have a way to come back from this. I thought worriedly that the undead sorcerer would cheat death again, it would not be the first time that he had managed to survive.

I looked around and saw that Dark Kat had taken advantage of the situation and retreated along with his creeplings, I ignored that and headed towards the crashed vehicle to see if the driver was still alive, I could hear Felina calling for ambulances, I hesitate for a moment not entirely sure what to do in this situation, I reach down to feel the driver's neck for a pulse and to my shock I did not feel any fur, I did hear that there are some cats that live in desert regions without fur maybe she is from there. I could feel a steady pulse so she is unconscious, I gently move her head back to see if she has any cuts or bruises from the impact and I gasped because the face wasn't that of a cat, I could tell that whatever it was is female.

Her face is much rounder and smoother than any cat not to mention flatter and was framed with dark red hair, her eyebrows were perfectly trimmed with long eyelashes I carefully open her right eye, her eye was a deep shade of green that I have never seen before and her iris was not slit like a cat. Before I could examine her any further the sound of an ambulance was drawing closer. I could also hear the sounds of an Enforcer patrol car alongside them Probably Commander Feral wanting to know what happened. I thought knowing that his suck-up Lt. Steele was going to be next to him trying to make himself look smart by pointing out the obvious. Soon the patrol car and the ambulance arrived and Ulysses Feral steps out holding his signature cane and Lt. Steele exiting out of the passenger side door.

"Miss Briggs." Feral greeted neutrally, Steele did not comment rather he gazed at me with undisguised lust that sent a ripple of revulsion through me.

"Commander." I replied.

"What happened here?" he asked me. I explained what happened, Commander Feral wrote in his notebook while Steele stood there ignoring my words and just stands there staring at me. He flips the notebook closed and asked me where the mysterious creature was and I tell him that she was heading to the hospital.

This seemed to snap Steele from his lust induced state "Commander we should kill this creature since it could pose a threat to all of us." He insisted.

I had to resist the urge to either kick him between the legs or face palm at his words "Lt. Steele you will not be doing anything of the sort." I sternly tell him.

Commander Feral nods in agreement "I agree with you Miss Briggs. Lt. Steele if you make any more of those comments I will assign you meter maid duty for a week in the red light district." Steele flinched at the prospect of working at the roughest neighborhood in all of Megakat City. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Felina taking pleasure at Steele's dressing down by her uncle. It was no secret among the Enforcers that Steele is the least liked individuals on the force.

Felina walked up to her uncle "Commander, with your permission I would like to interview the driver." She asked him.

Feral thought for a moment "Permission granted Lt. you may ask her any questions relevant to her species. And take Miss Briggs with you since she could provide with some necessary answers our new resident may have questions about." He tells her, Felina nods and motions for me to follow.

"Thank you for getting me away from Steele." I whisper to her.

"No problem. The guy's too much of a dick for us to stand but we can't touch him without anything to prove otherwise." Felina replies opening the passenger door to her patrol car. I enter and strap the seatbelt on while she enters the driver's side and straps in before starting the engine. Soon the two of us were going to the nearby hospital.

End Chapter…

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