Moving to Megakat City.
Chapter 9: Adding another Kat.
Written by Jlargent.

Me: That's right! The first Human/Kat Yuri story is BACK! I'm sorry for the delay but I promise you that I WILL finish this story, and the people has spoken. Felina is now going to be with Amelia and Callie. Now onto disclaimers, I do not own SWAT Kats in any shape or form, any original characters belong to me. Now let's do this!

Callie's POV.

I yawn and stretch as I realize for the first time since I became the deputy mayor that I woke up late. I thought back to yesterday while I was having lunch with Ami.

Flashback…yesterday afternoon.

"Hey Cal!" Ami said as she waved to me and sitting next to her was two other secretaries Joan and Marie of the Fire Department and Urban Planning Department respectively, to be honest I really haven't interacted with them all that much but it beats eating alone. After we established that we were together we decided to keep the status of our relationship quiet, generally two women having sexual relations with each other is not that unheard of but due to our jobs in the mayor's office it would be best to not say or do anything that would jeopardize that.

"Callie." Joan said dressed in the usual black pinstripe suit. As far as I know Joan had worked hard to reach her position since it is typically a male dominate role but she has proved that she can handle the workload and still have time for her twelve-year-old daughter who is enrolled in a private school in the city.

"Hey SoCal!" Marie said lightly dressed in a more casual green pantsuit. Marie is more laid back of the three of us but she can easily adapt to any situation and has shown that despite her attitude she can do the job.

"So how are things?" I asked the two of them.

"Meh, so-so. Joan and I were talking about where we were going to on vacation. Me, I'm going to hit the beach and get laid." Marie said. I nearly spit take at her words, the one thing you should know about Marie is that she has no shame nor filter unless children are nearby.

Joan merely rolled her eyes and slapped Marie upside the head "Language Marie, not everyone is used to your…eccentricities." She said.

"That's because I'm too awesome for that." Marie countered.

"As for myself, I promised my daughter we would go camping sometime despite the fact neither of us has any experience in the matter." Joan said.

"Uh, is that really a good idea? I mean neither of you has had any experience camping and it could easily backfire on you terribly." Ami pointed out.

"I assure you that we will take every precaution before we leave." Joan reassures her.

"So, what about you Cal? Looking forward to some R&R?" Marie asks me.

I sigh "Sadly, I'm going to sacrifice my vacation days yet again due to a budget error in the payrolls and not to mention write a speech for Manx's upcoming hospital fundraiser." I spoke.

Joan looked pensive for a moment before speaking "You know, in all the time I have seen you work here I do not recall you having ever taken a vacation." She commented.

Marie nodded "Agreed, if it weren't for the fact, we know you have an apartment I could swear that you lived here." She replied and then paused before asking "Wait, when was the last time that you actually TOOK a vacation?" she asked in a slightly fearful tone.

I thought back for a moment before answering "I think…when I first arrived here around five years ago?" I replied. Making the jaws of my friends drop.

"Wait, so what you're saying is that in the last five years or so you haven't taken a single vacation day? Even if you were sick?" Marie asks me incredulously.

"Whenever I was sick, I powered through it." Callie replied.

"Okay that's it, all those in favor in forcing Callie Briggs to actually take a vacation say "aye"." Marie said.

"Aye!" was the general consensus among us minus Callie.

"Now come on!" she protested.

"Sorry Callie, majority rules." Joan quipped with a small smirk on her face.

"Look Callie if you don't take this then you will literally work yourself to death. And face it you're going on one no matter what you say to deny it." I said.

End flashback.

I sigh at the memory since they had a valid argument and that they essentially forced me to take a three-month paid vacation. How they managed that when confronting Manx, I'll never know. So here I am waking up to the first day of my vacation and of course the all-important question pops up.

What the hell am I going to do for the next three months?

I sigh as I exit the shower and slip on a pair of dark pink jeans, simple sneakers and a simple white shirt before grabbing my purse to head out and come up with a plan on the fly. To be honest I think I needed this, I mean between the chaos of running the mayor's office, helping the SWAT Kats and my growing relationship with Amelia I'm starting to think that maybe taking some time away from the office is going to help a lot. At that thought the phone rings, I check the ID and see that it was Felina.

"Hey Felina, what's up?" I asked her.

"Hey Callie, Amelia told me that you finally been given a day off." Felina said.

I rolled my eyes "I did so under protest and you know it." I snarked.

"Details. Anyway, I was thinking that we should get some lunch. I mean we haven't hung out in a while so I figure we could catch up." She offered. I thought for a moment realizing that she was right, I haven't spoken to Felina much since Amelia arrived.

"Sure, I was actually about to head out when you called. How about we meet up at the diner near my apartment?" I asked her.

"Sure, but you're buying." She laughed knowing that she would pay for her meal anyway.

Ten minutes later Felina walks into the diner wearing her uniform minus the body armor revealing surprising nice curves. I wondered what she looked like underneath the vest and I approve. After exchanging pleasantries and placing our orders we decided to gossip a bit to kill time until our food arrives.

"So, the secretary slipped some laxatives into the Mayor's coffee and a few seconds later Manx was banging on the bathroom door not noticing an 'Out of Order' sign and when he finally entered someone removed the toilet paper and locked the door to his stall." I finished bringing the story to a finish about the infamous "Prank Day Marathon." It's a yearly tradition to prank the Mayor within every inch of his dignity. There are a few rules to the event.

As long as the pranks themselves are not malicious anything goes.

The Mayor or government officials are fair game, innocent bystanders such as security guards or visitors are off limits.

The pranks themselves must not humiliate the victim to the point of having them mentally breakdown as a result.

The pranks must be as creative and effective as possible.

Government officials cannot know about the event nor can they actively participate in any manner.

Have fun!

"Oh, Bastet above we need something like that at the prescient. Lady knows it would remove the stick from my uncle's ass. Don't get me wrong I love my uncle but he's way too strict about the rules." Felina said after calming down from nearly laughing herself to death from the sheer number of pranks that were pulled.

"So how are things with you Felina? I mean are there guys you're interested in?" I asked her.

Felina rolled her eyes "You sound just like my mom, you know that right?" she said before taking a sip of coffee "To be honest I've haven't had any luck in the dating department but most of the guys in headquarters are either too afraid to approach me because of my uncle, wants to date me for a quick promotion, too intimidated by a woman capable of kicking their asses, or are sexist thinking that women should stay at home and take care of the children and pop out more of them." Felina shuddered at those words. To be honest I did too.

"Maybe you should give up on men for a while." I suggested not at all surprised at those types of men in the police. There's a few of those types of men in the office as well.

Felina sighs "Maybe I should. Unless an idea walks into the diner any second." She moaned.

And at that moment I realized that both karma and irony exist for a reason as Ami enters the diner. I waved her down and she sits next to us.

"Hey, I have an idea. How about a girl's night out? I mean when was the last time either of you did anything outside of the office together?" Ami pointed out as Felina explains her current situation to her.

Felina nodded in agreement "You're right, maybe going somewhere relaxing and having some fun might be what the displaced human ordered." She joked.

Ami rolled her eyes "Ha, ha, very funny Lina. What do you think Callie?" she turned her attention towards me.

"Sure, we could do with a night of fun." I agreeing with her.

"Okay then, we'll meet up here at…seven-thirty?" she suggested.

"I might be a bit late but, yeah. I'm game." Felina said in confirmation. I nodded as well.

"Great, we'll decide what to do afterwards." Ami said as she paid for her food and heads back to the office. Felina finishes her food as well and pays for hers as well as mine surprising me.

"What brought this up?" I asked her.

"What? Can't a friend help another friend out?" she asked rhetorically before leaving.

I shake my head at her actions "I swear, that woman loves trouble. Then again it may explain why she's in the Enforcers in the first place." I muttered. I decided to Kat watch the patrons of the diner for a bit before leaving.

Later…7:25 p.m.

After leaving the diner I decided to head back to the apartment and catch up on my reading, and before I knew it, it was almost time to meet up with Ami and Felina, thankfully, I made it early and apparently I wasn't the only one that had the same idea as a red sports car pulls up next to the curb and the canvas top pulls back to reveal Felina in a blue tank top that looked a little snug on her and a black miniskirt and black heels. Goddess above she looked like a walking sex dream brought to life, I had to mentally slap myself to prevent myself from drooling like an idiot.

"Hey Callie, am I late?" she asked me seemingly ignoring the fact that she was sexy and she knew it.

I swallowed before answering "Actually, we're early. Ami hasn't arrived yet." I replied.

"Fear not for I have arrived!" Amelia said walking up to us, she was wearing a light red dress that reached down to her knees and a thick black belt across her waist, and matching flat heeled shoes.

"So, what's the game plan Ami?" Felina asks her.

"Actually, I found a nice bar with a comfortable atmosphere. It just opened up recently and they offered us a free drink in exchange for publicity for the place." Amelia replied.

I raised an eyebrow "Isn't that an abuse of power?" I asked her.

"You would know but, in this case, we're just helping out a new business." She pointed out.

I sigh "Fine, I'll let this slide this time. But you really need to tell me these things beforehand." I said as we entered Felina's car.

"I knew there was a reason you loved me Callie." She said and before I could say anything Amelia kisses me on the lips in front of Felina.

"Holy shit, when did you two hook up?" Felina asked in surprise.

"Um just recently. Do you have a problem with this?" I asked her nervously.

"I'd be a hypocrite if I did, to be honest I'm actually bisexual. I've had a few girlfriends before I enlisted in the Enforcers but due to the fact that there is a "Don't ask, don't tell" policy I had to break things off with her. And haven't had a meaningful relationship or even a date since."

Amelia winced "Ouch. I could see how this would affect you. I mean back home we're more tolerable towards the LBGTQ community but still there will always be people who just want to hate for the sake of hate no matter what." She said.

"Where is this place anyway?" Felina asks her successfully changing the subject.

"It's out on the corner of Maple and 7th the place is called "The Final Curtain Call"." Amelia said pointing to the street for Felina to turn "Left please." She replied. After a few more miles and turns and an a near fender-bender we arrived, it was a nondescript bar with a wine-red door, you could hear the sounds of a band inside, but it wasn't overly loud, nor was it too soft. It was a comfortable level to relax to as we entered the bar, it appeared to resemble a classic thirties style lounge with red curtains hanging from the rafters giving the place the feel of a theater rather than a lounge but it wasn't too dark and it wasn't too bright either. A Kat in a long sleeve button up shirt, black vest, matching bowtie and slacks approach us.

"Welcome to The Final Curtain Call. My name is Lucy, and I'll be your waitress for this evening. If you would follow me please." She said leading us to a table near the stage which was empty at the moment, we could see a drum set and some other musical instruments. Obviously, the house band must be on break before their next set.

"So, when did this place open?" Felina asks Lucy.

"It opened a few months ago. The owner wanted a place where women could feel at ease at the end of the day and spend it with their significant others in a romantic setting." Lucy replies, I look around and see a few other lesbian couples aside from us in the place but paid us no mind, Lucy then hands the three of us menus. After placing our orders, we sat in comfortable silence enjoying the atmosphere of the place.

"Excuse me." A voice interrupts our musings as an older woman wearing an inverted color version of Lucy's uniform approaches us "Hello there, my name is Jeanne, the owner of The Final Curtain Call." She said extending her hand.

"It's nice to meet you." Amelia replied shaking her hand.

"I just came to see if there were any concerns you had." Jeanne asks.

"Actually, there are no problems with this place." Felina says.

"That's nice to hear. I put a lot of effort into this when I started this place." Jeanne replies.

"What inspired you to build this place in the first place?" I asked.

"My great grandmother, bless her soul, was a lounge singer during the gangster days in Megakat City. Stacy Albright or "Starbright" as her stage name was famous, every night she drew in a sold-out crowd. On stage she had men wrapped around her fingers without any effort, but off stage she had a lover. Her name was Jeanne, if you saw the two together you could easily tell the two were in love but kept their relationship a secret. However, one-night Jeanne's ex-boyfriend followed her and caught the two making out and in a jealous rage stabbed Jeanne and attempted to kill Stacy.

Fortunately, a cop happened to hear Jeanne screaming and before he could kill Stacy the cop killed him, Stacy never really did get over the death of Jeanne and she eventually married the cop that saved her that night. I was named after her secret girlfriend, and she kept her relationship secret from the rest of my family except for me. After she passed away, I decided to dedicate this bar in the memory of my great grandmother who loved ahead of her time." Jeanne explained.

I wiped the tears from my eyes at the touching story "She sounded like a wonderful woman." I replied.

"I agree." Felina commented.

"I think she would be proud of you if she could see you right now." Amelia agreed.

Jeanne smiled "Thank you very much. Enjoy your evening ladies." She said before heading off. At that moment our food and drinks arrived.

"You know, hearing Jeanne's story I was thinking something." Felina said.

"What would that be?" I asked.

"This is going to shock you but…I want in." Felina answers.

"In what?" Amelia asks her, I was also curious as to what Felina was asking.

"I want…to be a with the two of you." She answers hesitantly.

"Wait, as in a threesome?!" Amelia asks incredulously.

"I admit, I did not expect this coming from you Felina." I said blushing slightly at the proposal.

"Look, I know this is coming suddenly out of nowhere. But can you at least give me a chance?" she asks.

"What brought this on in the first place?" Amelia asks her. I was also wondering why Felina wants to join us as well.

"To be honest, I felt a bit jealous." Felina admitted.

"Jealous? Of our relationship?" I questioned her.

"Yeah, pretty pathetic huh, but honestly, I want to try this at least. I mean the worst thing that could happen is that we'll have a mutual split." Felina said.

Amelia laughed "Funny, I said the same thing to Callie right before we had sex." She replied making me blush.

"At least we'll get a threesome soon." Felina said making the Amelia and I blush.

"You know what, I think it may be the wine talking but why not? I mean it wouldn't be that bad right?" I said.

"Let's do it." Amelia agreed holding up a wine glass, the three of us toasted to a newfound relationship. And we're feeling like we're on cloud nine.


"Did you get the evidence?" A male voice asked in a deep voice keeping his identity a secret.

"Don't know why you needed photographs of that freak with the deputy mayor but I got them." A woman muttered handing the man a film roll.

The man chuckled "Trust me this will be very useful to my plans." He replied.

"Fine, whatever. Now my payment." The woman asks irritably.

"Of course, I promised to pay you after all" The man said reaching into his pocket.


"Sorry, but you're a loose end that needed to be cut." The male said pocketing the gun before walking away from the body as it falls into the water below…

To be continued…

Me: So, I'm back, and before you say anything about the DADT policy I decided to make this as a point of a lot of sexist attitudes didn't change until more and more women entered the more male-dominated workforce in the 90's. And during this time a lot of hate crimes towards the LBGTQ community was on the news a lot, so from there I decided to make Felina a relatable character towards Amelia who had to hide her homosexuality from her mom. For Felina she has to hide her bisexuality from the Enforcers.

Now for Jeanne, I felt like I needed a character that would be a sympathizer to the plight of the LBGTQ community and opens up a modern-day speakeasy inspired by her great grandmother.

Now as you may have noticed I have a new poll up and will stay up until I feel the final result can be chosen. The poll is for my next one-shot. Next time: Discovered and Fallout. So, until next chapter stay tuned!

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