Part One

"He's staring at you, Abby," Lucia smirked. Abby looked across the room and locked eyes with the blonde Adonis that she had been exchanging glances with. He didn't look away this time, but smiled at her. She smiled back. He was holding his pool cue waiting for his friend to finish his turn.

"Ugh. Your turn," Johnny grumbled after failing to sink his ball.

Mike snickered. He quickly survived the table. "Number three," Mike called. He leaned over the pool table. Resting his cue over his finger he lined up his shot. Mike sunk the ball. Upon straightening he couldn't stop his glance from travelling right back to where the brunette goddess was standing.

When Mike took too long to get ready for his next shot, Johnny followed his friend's line of vision. Johnny shook his head. "Just go talk to her!" he urged, "The two of you have been making googly eyes at each other all night."

"She probably already has a boyfriend," Mike said. There was no way a woman that hot was unattached.

"We can put the game on hold for you to get her number," Johnny insisted.

"So, are you going to go for it or not?" Lucia nudged.

"Are you trying to get rid of me?" Abby quipped.

"No way, Chica," Lucia shook her head, "You just seem into the pool player."

"What makes you say that?" Abby questioned.

"Oh, how about you've been undressing him with your eyes," Lucia pressed her lips together and shrugged her shoulders.

"Am I that obvious?" Abby cringed.

"It's not just you- he's been doing the same thing," Lucia replied.

"If you won't go over and talk to him I'll do it," Lucia raised an eyebrow.

"Give him some time to come over," Abby said. She was progressive in most aspects of life, but preferred to let a man be a man in certain arenas.

"Why wait? His friend is kind of hot," Lucia smirked and pushed herself out and away from the bar in a purposeful motion. Just like that she was gone.

"Lucia," Abby protested. But it was too late, the Latina would not be deterred. Half embarrassed and half excited, Abby watched her friend go over and introduce herself to the guys.

"Hi," Lucia greeted as she sauntered up to the men. Johnny straightened from the shot he was about to take and set the bottom end of his pool cue on the floor. He gave Lucia a good once over. Johnny liked what he saw. "I'm Lucia," she said.

"I'm Johnny," he replied, "That's Mike."

"Hi," Mike greeted.

She motioned her head back to where Abby stood. "My friend over there, her name is Abby," Lucia said.

"Abby," Mike repeated mentally. He licked his lips.

Abby saw Lucia lean over and whisper something to Mike. Whatever Lucia said caused him to lift his face and lock eyes with Abby. There was mischief in his ocean orbs. He tilted his head and smirked. The good kind of butterflies began to flutter in her stomach. He was coming over.

"I'll keep Johnny company," Lucia promised.

Mike handed Lucia his pool cue and took up his jacket. He made his way around to the bar. "Hi," Abby reached out her hand as he approached her.

"I'm Mike," he took her offered hand and shook it, "It's nice to meet you, Abby."

"Yeah, that's my name," she bobbed her head.

"May I buy you a drink?" Mike asked.

"Ok," Abby agreed. They flagged down the bartender. "I'll have a Madras, please," she said.

"Madras? Where are you from?" Mike inquired.

"Baltimore," Abby answered.

"Small world," he remarked, "I work out of the Hoover Building in DC."

"Hoover as in the FBI?" Abby inquired. Mike tipped his head in the affirmative. "No kidding," she replied.

"Make that two," he told the bartender. Their hands rested close together on the bar. So close they were almost touching. The bartender quickly got them their order and set a glass in front of each of them. The couple settled into a comfortable conversation between sips.

"Ever heard of Lockhart, Sinclair, and Jackson?" Abby inquired.

Mike's brow furrowed for a moment as he thought, "I think I've seen their billboards."

"That's the law firm where I work," she explained.

"Oh, so you're just here on vacation too?" Mike questioned hopefully.

She nodded, "I'm a junior partner at the firm."

"Wow, now I know I really am out of my league," he remarked.

They heard a cheer coming from the direction of the pool tables. Lucia had sunk the winning ball. She threw her arms up in the air. Johnny stepped up beside her. He was about to say something until Lucia placed her hand on his bicep. The song playing on the jukebox changed. Lucia grabbed Johnny's hand. "Dance with me," she requested.

"As you wish," he grinned. Johnny allowed her to lead him to the dance floor.

Back at the bar Mike's attention returned to the woman beside him. "Wanna get out of here? Maybe hit the beach for a walk?" Mike asked as they finished up their drinks.

"That sounds nice," Abby answered. The bar wasn't that far off of the beach so they wouldn't need to drive. "It looks like Johnny and Lucia can amuse themselves," Abby smirked. Their two friends looked like they were getting along very well. While Mike paid for the drinks she texted Lucia to inform her of where she and Mike were headed. Mike & Abby headed for the exit.

He opened the door for her and they stepped outside. The brisk night air surrounded them very quickly. "It's a little chilly," Mike draped his jacket over her shoulders.

Abby looked up at him through long eyelashes, "Thank you." Buying her a drink, opening the door for her, and now the jacket? Mike was a gentlemen and that made him all the more appealing. He reached for her hand and she let him take it in his larger one. Despite the dim light and the fact that she had just met him, Abby felt very safe with Mike.

Once the couple reached the beach they took their shoes off so they could feel the sand between their toes. Mike & Abby rejoined their hands keeping the footwear in their free ones. They walked up to the edge of the ocean, letting the Pacific lap around their ankles. This time of morning there was hardly a soul on the beach. In sync they walked and talked while the sun slowly began to rise.

"So let me get this straight, you went to both Virginia Tech and Quantico? That is an impressive education," Abby said.

"I coasted- didn't do a lick of work," Mike deadpanned.

"You're a liar," she teased.

"I am," he chuckled. Abby threw her head back laughing. "I guess I'm trying to make up for the nuisance I was as a teenager," Mike said, "Make my Grandfather proud."

"Are you and he close?" she inquired.

"He's the reason I joined the FBI," he admitted.

"So, Agent Mike, what brings you out west?" Abby asked.

"My boss is worried about me burning out," Mike admitted, "He kind of ordered me to take my stored up vacation days- go dip my toe into the Pacific- you know, recharge."

"Sounds like you got the same lecture I did," she giggled, "I've been going nonstop since I was nine- my dad finally took a look at me and said I needed to actually experience life and not just the inside of an office- so I took the summer off and here I am."

"We're a pair of workaholics, huh?" he replied.

Abby stopped in her tracks, but didn't let go of Mike. Mike turned around to face her when he felt her hand tuck him back. "Can I ask you something?" Abby requested. Mike nodded. "When my friend Lucia came up to you back in the bar- what did she say to you?" she brushed away errand strains of her hair that the ocean breeze was picking up.

"She said 'My friend over there, her name is Abby and she's the chilliest chick in this place'," Mike repeated as a smile crept across his face, "'You better get your ass in gear before someone else starts hitting on her'."

Abby chuckled and closed the gap between them. He drank her bright face in as she looked up at him. "I wasn't looking at anyone else," she admitted.

"How are you real, Abby?" His eyelids lowered as he focused on her red painted lips. He clearly wanted to kiss her. Wasting no time Abby tilted her chin higher and leaned in toward Mike. Taking the movement as consent he meet her halfway. Lips found lips joining leisurely. Their connection created a jolt that hit each of them like a live wire. The shoes fell from her hand as she took hold of his face and drew him in for a second, more heated kiss. Mike dropped his shoes, while pulling Abby flush to his body. Breathless they broke the kiss. He rested his forehead on hers. Mike knew he'd have to take her back to the bar to her friend soon. "Can I see you again?" he requested.

Abby pursed her lips playfully, "I don't know- is there some secret girlfriend I should be worried about?"

Mike laughed. "I don't have a girlfriend- my job keeps me too busy to meet someone," he replied, "What about you? Is there a guy that's going to come out of the woodwork and deck me?"

"My dad can get a bit protective," she quipped, "But I don't think he has ever physically harmed anyone over me yet."

"Does that mean I can get your number?" Mike requested.

"As long as I get yours," Abby replied. They got out their phones and exchanged contact information. She noted it was just bright enough for pictures. "Photo for the contact icon?" Abby held up her phone and batted her eyes at him.

"All right," Mike agreed. He straightened his shirt. Switching her phone camera over to the front facing one, she leaned in and kissed Mike's cheek which made him smile wide. Abby hit the photo button at just that moment and the app let out a click. She brought the phone down and examined the resulting photo. "Awesome on the first try- It's a new record," Abby said before showing it to Mike.

"I like that," he approved, "Can I get one for my mine?"

"Sure," Abby readied herself while Mike pulled up the camera on his phone. Once he had it set up, he wrapped an arm around her and kissed her temple. She smiled as the flash went off.

"It's a little fuzzy. One more time?" Mike said. Abby nodded. They reset and he took the pic again. "There- perfect this time," he grinned. Mike angled the screen so she could see the pic.

"Nice," Abby agreed. Just then her phone beeped from her pocket where she had stashed it. Abby got it out and read the message. "Looks like the girls are ready to head back to the condo," she deflated.

"Then we better be heading towards the bar," Mike replied with a little more pep than he felt. At the end of the beach, they wiped off their feet and put their shoes back on. He took her hand once more.

"You finally decided to show up," Johnny teased. He and Lucia were leaning against the hood of the convertible when Mike & Abby came walking up.

"Some of us need some beauty sleep," another one of Abby's friends quipped from the drivers' seat. The blonde smiled at the couple.

"That's my cue," Lucia straightened. Johnny walked her over to the passenger side.

"I had a blast with you tonight," he said.

"Me, too. We'll have to do it again soon," she got in.

"Definitely," Johnny nodded.

"Where are you sitting?" Mike asked Abby.

Abby bit her lip and motioned with her head to the seat behind the driver's. Mike opened the door for her. She slid inside and buckled herself in. He closed the door. Mike held onto the top and craned down to Abby's level. "I'll call you soon," he promised.

"I look forward to it," Abby replied. Mike thought about kissing her, but wasn't sure she'd be comfortable with that in front of her friends. Instead he tucked a stray hair behind her ear. Mike tapped the door and Abby's friend started the engine. He stepped back to give the vehicle room.

Johnny came up on his side, "I'll be your wing man anytime." Mike stared after the car wondering exactly how in the world he was going to restrain himself from making that call immediately.