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It all started with that spark, the unmotivation of several kenkyuusei. One thing led to another and a massive outbreak had happen to the largest and most popular girl group in Japan. Quite a number of kenkyuusei had been demoted from the group for breaking the rules against love. The producer Akimoto Yasushi was devastated though all the official members are doing well at the time. He had been thinking on how to encourage the troop under his care.

And so the story begun once again... the curtain once again has risen...


20xx, on the edge of Chiba Prefecture...

The cafe is packed as it always is when it begins its operation one and a half year ago. A pair of waiter and waitresses is handling the customers efficiently while another pair of workers handles the cash register and the desserts. The cafe had been known as one of the most popular confectionary shop.

"Araa... Yumi-chan, is the Master in today"

A woman in her mid-thirties asked the waitress that passing by.

"Sorry Matsumoto-san, Master had to do something today so it's only us today handling the cafe.

The young girl with high ponytail answered her question.

"Is that so, and here I'm thinking of having her make some of her delicious carrot cake for my son"

She said to her.

"I didn't think that would be a problem "

A voice came from the door, there stood a young woman. More precisely it's a young man in casual clothing smiling at people in the cafe.

"Matsumoto-san, how many times had I told you that I'm a man"

He said to her smiling as he paved his way inside the place.

"Maa, you could pass as a woman with that stature and voice of yours Urayama-kun and speaking about this if only you're a woman I may have force my son onto you"

Laughter could be heard from inside the shop as all the other customers heard of the old woman statement. He just smiles hearing the words. The woman bid him goodbye as she makes her way home. The cafe operates like it usually is until the evening with the occasional visit of a few of his regular customers. In the evening he called for his workers to gather and break some news to them. As soon as all the tables clear and the chairs placed back to its original places, Minoru called them to the staff room. His workers walk into the room looking solemn...

"Okay, I'm sorry for stealing your time but I had some important news to tell all of you"

All of them shares glance before focusing their attention once more to Minoru.

"What is it Master?"

The waiter asked Minoru.

"Well, I'm going to close the cafe for a period of time and I'm sorry for not telling this important thing ahead of time because something important had happen"

A horde of gasps and protest could be heard, one of them nearly cried, Minoru knows that the boy comes from a poor family and he's working to help his parents. After a few minutes the protests and growls dies, all of them accepted their fate. Minoru took out four envelops from his jacket.

"I'll be giving you your final pay and little extras as compensation before you can get another job, after this all of you can dismiss gather your thing and take the box with your name on it home with you, tomorrow you don't have to come anymore"

Although his statement sound cold but this is the only solution he could think off given the short time he have to make the decision to close the cafe. Well, he's going to miss all his customers and workers.


After gathering all their things the quartet says goodbye and leave the cafe with a final look they return to their own home. Minoru stepped out of the place before locking it down and putting up the sign that he'll be closing the place for an indefinite amount of time.


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