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People bustling in and out of the stores. As usual, Akihabara is a busy town full with energy and a sight to behold. He looks upon the large neon sign with "AKB48" proudly sat on the building. The AKB48 Theatre is where AKB48 was founded and where they hold the Theatre Performances almost every day. Looking back, he can still see some things that remain the same. To be honest, he actually misses going there after leaving the stage. He walked past the building, heading towards another direction into a cafe situated quite hidden from the theatre.

Stepping inside the first thing he do is looked for the familiar figure of AKB producer Akimoto Yasushi, seeing that the man choose quite a hidden seats makes Minoru anxious. Greeting the older man, Minoru took the seat across him. A waitress came to take their order and both of them settles with a cup of coffee each. Sipping his coffee, He sigh, the great Akimoto Yasushi sighed. He looks at the young man that sat in front of him.

"It's been a while now, Urayama Minoru-kun"

Hearing the man begin his speech, Minoru fix his sitting posture a little indicating that he's listening.

"Yes, it has been three years since we last met face to face, Akimoto-san"

Minoru answered him. Seeing that the older man is still looking for the right words to say Minoru took another sip before he begin to question the man in front of him.

"Well, since you had call me to meet like this, there must be something that you want me to do"

Akimoto could only smile hearing the younger man prediction, has he always been this intuitive.

"Yes, and for some reason I think that only you could do this job"
"What is it, Akimoto-san"
"Urayama Minoru-kun, as the producer of AKB48, I would like to request something from you"

He said to him, every single movement that he makes clearly showing that he's serious.

"I would like for you to return to the theatre"

Minoru nearly spits the coffee to his face, choking and forcing himself to gulp down the rest. This is something that he totally didn't expect.

"Excuse me, did I hear it right"

He questions the producer.

"Yes, you heard me right"

He almost feels like fainting, only that is not the good choice at the moment. The troubled look on the producer face makes him feel a little edgy. Well, the man did kept his secret for a good while when he's still in the group and seeing the producer like this is something to be worried off.

"Is there a problem with the current AKB?"

He asked him.

"Yes, and I would like to borrow your power to solve this problem"
"Power... Akimoto-san you make me sound like I'm some kind of superhero y'know, if there's something that you need me to do let's hear it..."


"Excuse me Akimoto-san, why am I wearing this type of garments again"

He said to him while standing in front of the mirror looking a bit awkward at the sudden change of wardrobes. He is now clad in a milky mint collared shirtdress with floral motif at the edge. His black hair is dyed in a mild shade of strawberry blonde. A knee high socks and a pair of chickened Wellington boots complete his look. A tint of blush crept onto his cheek, really now, he looks at himself. His figure still remains the same as he was three years ago. All of him is still the same as the old Urakawa Minori except for the addition two centimetres that he gains after leaving the group. No wonder all the neighbourhood aunties wanted him as a son/daughter in laws.

Akimoto Yasushi could only smile the revival of Urakawa Minori. He had explained to him regarding the kenkyuusei situation. Minoru is going to be the newest batch of kenkyuusei instructor in some sense. Akimoto had been thinking of moving the current batch to another studio on the edge of the city, specially built in case something happens to the current AKB48 Theater. Not many people recognize him though since only the older members and the fans that attended his graduation 3 years ago.

After done with the little shopping, in courtesy of Akimoto money, they drove through the city towards the spare studio. Before leaving, the producer shows Minoru where he'll stay during the time. The studio is connected with the changing room and an adequate space reserved for living. After informing him that the sessions begin earlier next week, Akimoto Yasushi leaves the place.

The 16th generation kenkyuusei... Just how good are they... For now he must change his clothes and start practicing all the dance moves once again.


"All sixteen members of the 16Th generation kenkyuusei will be excluded from election "

The crowd that gathered in the theatre went wild as Akimoto Yasushi said to them. A few of the girls already on the verge of tears while the older members permanent and concurrent just stared at their producer clearly bewildered.

One of the girls gathers her courage to ask him a question regarding his statement.

"From now on all the 16th generation member training will be moved to our second studio, session will start next week; the manager will post the location on the board, dismissed"

Without any other explanation, Aki-P leaves the place letting the girls to figure the rest by themselves. Ohh, how he's going to enjoy this when the wheels started to spin...