A/N: Ah, my first 7th Heaven fanfic. I've written Fanfics for video games about Harvest Moon so this isn't my first fanfic on here. I loved 7th Heaven growing up so I was like, "Why not write a fic about my favorite character, Simon Camden." I haven't seen 7th Heaven in years so please bare with me. The story takes place at the same time as Simon's "almost" wedding with Rose. Was there a wedding? all I remember was that they didn't get married at the end. Which to my amusement.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Well, except for my OC, whom basically is me, 5 years younger, and with a totally different lifestyle as me. I have a place to live XD

I can't believe that I'm doing this. I'm running away to California. Thousands miles away from my hometown, which, in my opinion, wasn't home. I had no home. I had no family. I have a family, of course, but they want nothing from me. I guess I should've expected that from how I've treated them. I've ran away from home to be with a guy who only wanted me for sex. I didn't know it back then, so I've lived with this guy for about two years. I was always high on drugs at that time so I couldn't control my actions.

It was when I came home from work on that one day when I found out the truth. I just got fired as well, so I wasn't a good mood either. Anyway, I've came home to see now my ex boyfriend having sex with a different woman on my living room's couch. That's really discussting. Not to mention, he hit me and told me to get out, and, tbat, I was a fun little toy.

So I left. He literally through my bags in the street. With nowhere to go, I had a thought. I really don't have a life here. I can go anywhere. Start a new life. Why not in California? I want to get away from my old life, if you can call it a life, as soon as possible.

I'm now on a plain. I'm going to California. I'll be going somewhere called Glenoak. Wherever that is. Before I've gotten on the plain I overheard some people talking about it. Guess they live there. I was considering going to LA, but who am I kidding? I would never make it on my own in LA. Glenoak wasn't better, considering that I wouldn't make it on my own there either, but hey, I got to go somewhere.

"My little brother's getting married, I'm going to go surprise him. I came from New York."

"Does New York have a airport?" I questioned the woman next to me. Pretty sure that I live in Maryland, not New York.

"Oh, they do, I uh, had to get off of that plain and rest for a bit." She rubbed her stomach. Is she pregnant?

"It's none of my business, considering that I just met you, but are you-"

"Pregnant? Yes, I am. Twins."

"Should you be flying in your condition?" She literally did looked like she's about to give birth at any moment now.

"I'll be fine. I still have a month to go. I was a flight attendant, I know how to handle myself in these situations."

"Someone actually give birth on a plain?" I asked curiously.


"And please don't be the first one," A flight attendant passed us, "This young lady is right, Mary Camden. You really shouldn't be flying in your condition. However, I'll let it slide since you're going to see Simon and the others."

This is where I've lost interest in the conversation. I don't know these people, of course I was lost.

Man that was a long flight. Eighteen hours of sitting. At least I had someone to talk to. The woman named Mary Camden was nice. We've talked about anything. She told me that she grew up in Glenoak. She also said that she has six brothers and sisters. I had to admit, I was jealous. I'm a only child. I'm now at the baggage claim, waiting for my bags. I literally have no idea where to go from here.

"Hey Shannon." I turned around to see Mary with a guy. "Thanks for talking to me on the plain."

I smiled. "It's no problem," It's not like I had a Choice.

"Oh. this is my brother, Matt. He was on the plain as well, but had a different seat as me."

Kinda explains my seat on the plain. Oh well, I'm not complaining.

"Mary, we should get going. Lucy and Kevin are waiting."

I turned around to see a couple with a child walking in this direction. Time to make my exit. only one problem.

"Uh, hey, I uh..." I started, "I'm new in town, I was wondering, is there any cheap hotels around here? I don't have a lot on me." I admitted. I literally came here with nothing.

"You don't have a place to stay?" The woman with the baby asked.

"Not at the moment, no. It really was a last minute decision to move here."

"Ah..." The woman paused, "Come with us."


"Luce, What are you doing?" Matt questioned. "I don't think we should bring a stranger to the house."

"Uh, guys, maybe we should consider it?" Mary looked at me, "She told me...things."

It's true that I told this woman my life story on the plain. I don't know I guess I wanted to rant.

"Well, mom and dad are at the church, if the girl has a issue, dad should be able to help. He always does." Lucy looked like that she made up her mind. "Besides, we really should get ready for Simon's wedding tonight."

I was silent. I listened to the conversation with complete confusion. There's a wedding going on it seems. Mary wanted to go to her house to rest before the event that was going to be happening. I shrugged, I really have nowhere to go. With my bags, I followed them.

I know Mary didn't go to the wedding. I also knew that she was Pregnant at the time with twin boys.