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Opening my eyes, I looked at the man next to me. Finding myself letting out a soft smile, part of me didn't regret last night's actions. Granted, I wasn't expecting Simon being my childhood crush either. Yes, I should've known sooner, but I didn't. I carried those letters around because they'd bring me happiness. And I'm glad that I actually shared them. Rolling onto my side, I whispered Simon's name into his ear.

Simon woke up softly, giving me a smile. "Morning," He whispered, wrapping his arms around me. "About last night….we should tell them."

I looked at him curiously. "Who about what?" Giggling, I knew what he meant. I just wanted to hear him say it.

"My family about us." He kissed me. "About those letters, our childhood friendship becoming actual relationship. I know that we just met, and I know that I literally almost gotten married, but I like you. And, like I said I never stopped thinking about the little girl behind those letters, you. Would you like to be my actual girlfriend?"

"Only if you promise me that we'd take things slow." Smirking, I kissed him back. "Like I said I think Rose forced you into that marriage situation, and that can't be healthy. I had my share of forced relationships Simon I don't want to rush into anything."

"It's a deal." He held me in his arms. "We should return to the house though, we kinda disappeared….."

"And who's fault is that?" Giggling, I kissed his cheek before getting off of him. Finding my clothing, I threw Simon his shirt. "But you're right, we should head inside. I promised Lucy that I'd meet her at the church."

Once we were ready, we entered the backyard. About to entered the house, Simon stopped me with a kiss. "You should go around front. If we go in together, we'd have a lot of questions to answer at once, trust me I know my family." He pulled me closer.

Wrapping my arms around his neck, I responded to the make out session. "We'd get questions regardless, especially if you're going to keep kissing me." Continuing Kissing him, I soon separated from him. With a wave, I went around front. Once I reached the front door, I opened it very slowly and poke my head inside. Slowly entering the house, the first thing I noticed was my belongings. My suitcase was there, however the letters I left all over the floor wasn't. It's just a feeling, but I think somebody already knows about me and Simon. Hearing voices, I entered the kitchen to see Simon talking to Matt. And Matt was holding my letters like he just discovered something.

"Hey guys." I greeted innocently, slowly approaching Simon's side. Simon tried his best to not hold my hand and it was cute. Meeting his gaze though, I knew what he was thinking, Matt knows something.

"I just want to know one thing." Matt spoke, Handing me back my letters. "The dare, did you do it?" He smirked at Simon. "Anyway I should get going to the airport, Mary and Sarah are waiting." And just like that, he was gone.

"He knows?" I asked, holding onto Simon's hand.

"He knows. And let the teasing begin." Simon laced my fingers with his.

"Does he live in New York?" I giggled.

"I wasn't talking about Matt." Before he could continue, his parents came down the steps.

"Morning you two, sleep well?" Annie asked us, just noticing our hands while looking at her husband.

"We need to tell you something." Simon spoke, not letting go my hand. "Last night, we stayed up chatting. Somehow the conversation turned into our childhood and…." He looked at me.

"Turned out, um….Simon was my pen pal years ago." I handed over the letters that Simon had sent. Letting them read my letters, Simon continued

"Long Story short, Shan and I are officially together." He smiled at me. "I know it seems like we're rushing, but I promised her that we'd go slow. I don't want to make the same mistake like I made with Rose. That wedding shouldn't have happened."

"And I had my share of forced relationships," I continued, "I wouldn't force Simon into anything that we're not comfortable with. I also like to clean up my life, get a fresh start."

Looking up from my letters, Mr. Camden spoke first. "You know, I remember Simon writing these letters. Just wasn't expecting to see you here in person." He cleared his throat. "We'll talk about this sudden relationship later, just glad that you're here. I'll ask around and see if we can help you."

"You must be hungry, hm?" Annie stood up, getting breakfast on the table. "While it's great that Simon found you, we're just concerned. You did just arrived yesterday dear."

"Yes ma'am I can understand that. At least I'm here now and you can get to know me better." Resting my head on Simon's shoulder, I looked up at Simon. "I should get to Lucy's. She's expecting me." Feeling comfortable under Simon's arm, I blinked when the mentioned woman entered the house.

"Hey guys what's going on." Lucy looked at us curiously.

It took a while, but everyone now knows about me and Simon. Even Ruthie and the boys. "Well, that was awkward," I looked at Simon with a sigh. "It's official, they hate me already…" I rested my head on Simon's shoulder. "You think that we rushed things a bit? Your mom's right, I did just arrived yesterday."

"I don't think they technically hate you, they're just concerned about me in general." He spoke softly, continuing. "I promised that we'd go slow, and I meant it. I know how you'd to get your life together."

Smiling, I kissed him before standing up. "Thank you, you're really sweet." Thinking for a moment, I continued. "First thing first, Lucy wants me to sit through her teen girls class. Think you can give me a ride? My driver's license's expired over a year ago and I don't have a car."

Smirking, Simon got up on his feet. "I can do that, I have to get back to school anyway. I have work in the morning."

"Escaping from your girlfriend already?" Teasing, I walked with him to the car. Amused, I was trying to fake a pout, however was failing badly. Smirking, Simon told me that he'll be back this weekend, which to my disappointment. Although maybe I could use this time to find a job or something.