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Chapter 1: The Flying Thunder God

He was on his way home when a small Japanese restaurant has been finally opened. Since he took the bus every morning his route was different than when he's walking home. He can teleport straight home if he wanted to, but the evening breeze is what he loved most when taking this route. The recently opened restaurant was just at the edge downtown where there's not much of other buildings to distract the people from seeing the small restaurant. It was a perfect place since the people are walking in this direction as well, but most usually take their cars with them or commute.

"Good evening, sir!" the only staff he saw said, the man is about forty years old and definitely has no Japanese blood on his vein. "So, what will you be having?" He ordered a ramen for now, but should the food taste delicious then he'll definitely buy extras. He didn't mean to stare at the man, but it is the first time he ever saw an African-American cooking Japanese food. The chef noticed his stare and laughed, but while Naruto meant no disrespect the man saw it as a compliment. "My father is a business man and I grew up in Japan. He's rich, my pops, but he didn't want me cooking for other people. He wanted me to follow on his steps, but I don't like working with machines, you know, too complicated." He understood the part about machines, but he owns a motorcycle which was a gift by Kakashi last month.

"So, if you're rich why didn't you make this restaurant a bit larger?" the design was definitely similar to that of Japan, but like most middle-class eatery, the spacing is a little bit problematic. There's a long stool that covers the half side of the restaurant, and on the other side is the chef with his equipment while in front of you is a window that shows raw seafoods and other delicacies that shows off the freshness of the ingredients. "Much bigger, much comfortable, and more customers." He's definitely no chef or an expert when it comes to restaurant, but that's something anyone else would think of.

"Ah." The man expressed. "I started a restaurant on Japan cooking Italian cuisine which became a sensation. Of course, improvements had to be made on the restaurant so there's some expenses to be made. My father though, he didn't gave me a single cent because my dream is different than his. So, yeah, just came back here to see if a restaurant such as this would hit a popular level, if so, then I will make it bigger." That definitely makes a lot more sense, and the paper that can be drawn above the glass is a questionnaire that asks people if the food is bad, satisfactory, or really good. And another question asks the question if they'll return again, but he didn't knew the current poll for those questions.

His phone rang.

It's Kakashi.

K: How's the new apartment just for you? And is the '959 Panigale' treating you good?

N: It's perfect, but I don't use it when I go to school. Only one more semester before I graduate, and I don't want it to get scratched because of me hurrying. Still, thanks for everything! And the apartment is great, spacious but nothing too fancy.

Besides, he can teleport to the restroom, but the fear of teleporting there while somebody is inside is nothing when somebody is already taking a dump. Sometimes, you'll literally have to see shit to know you're in a crappy situation. He shook his head, while he's glad to hear from his friend the only thing worse than that is why.

K: That is good. Anyway, I'll be out of the country for a while, two months maybe, and I want you to take care of my house while I'm gone. Make sure to clean it good. Hahaha!

N: No way! Why do I have to clean your house?

K: Just send your clones to do it. Thanks.

N: Take care.

He returned the phone to his pocket and immediately thought about Kakashi. The man who helped him grow to be the man he is right now, but he knew that the silver haired fellow is not his father, but the student of his father. He knew what place he is from, Konoha, but despite using the internet and every books in the campus about that place went to nothing. Nobody knows where it is, heck, nobody knows what it is. No clue, no hint, no theory, no conspiracy, or anything else that might give him something about that place. Kakashi wasn't lying, he knew, but did that place really exist once? Space travel is impossible, not for him anyway. Superman is an alien, but even he knew that the Man of Steel still has tons of question about his home world, wherever that is.

"Sir, more ramen please!" it earned the older man a laughed before agreeing to serve him up another bowl of that delicious ramen. When the ramen reaches his hands he quickly devoured it with no restraint, like a wolf munching its huge prey, because it's definitely delicious, a lot better than those 'ready to cook' noodles he brought every day from the nearest convenience store.

After that session, the older man introduced himself as James, and he in return told James his name. The man sat beside Naruto and put on the table a large plate filled with different kinds of sushi. "Compliments from the chef!" he chuckled, opening two bottles of beer before him. "A beer wouldn't hurt now, would it? Besides, you look like your twenty-one, are you?" Naruto shook his head, earning a laughter from the chef. "Well, what they don't know won't hurt, am I right?" He took the alcohol and James opened the television that's mounted on the wall.

He already know what a beer taste like. One of the many fine things of not having any real friends out there, because he's afraid that one day he might return home and leaving this world might be a struggle. Still, having an apartment all to yourself means he can do whatever the heck he wants in it. That, and the fact that every Friday night is game night means pizza and a lot of sodas, sometimes alcohol. So, this is the first time he's drinking alcohol with another person, a real live person.

There's a flash news in the City of Gotham, but he could already guess that it's a villain of the bat vigilante that's roaming Gotham City. To be honest, he prefers the name Dark Knight rather than the Batman, which sounds totally funny for him. He imagined himself as a criminal who's on the run from the police only to hear his generic partner telling him to be careful of the Batman, he may end up laughing to be honest. Then again, some of the interviewed criminals or the one he saw who was recently captured by the police told him that the Bat is no joke. The fear in their eyes was definitely genuine, and it's not like the vigilante chose the name of Batman.

James groaned "I bet it's the Joker causing destruction once more." And Naruto could guess that this man beside him watches a lot of news. He doesn't really know much about the Joker except for the things he had done, not to mention that he's dressed up like a clown with goons wearing plastic clown mask. "If I were the Batman I'd definitely eliminate that guy, or put him somewhere he'll never get out. Because this guy keeps escaping jails." He explained, but why does the Batman always spared the Joker again and again, each time this madman is on the loose an innocent is hurt, worse, killed. But then what different is he from the Batman? At least that person is trying to make a change, unlike him who has powers and does nothing but live a normal life.

"Hey, James, what would you do if you're given a power someday?" Jame's eyes lit up, as if he's been dreaming of someone asking him that question for some time now.

He gave a soft laugh "For starters, I'm not going to wear one of those skin-tight garments those people are wearing. Of course, I'll save many people as I can, but it's kind of scary as well, you know." He actually does not, the man realized Naruto's expression and gave a pat on his back. "Imagine you're Superman, all-powerful dude, who can lift stuffs nobody can, not even with the technology we have. Now, in a situation where you're forced to make a tough decision. Your villain gives you a choice, save your best-friend, or sister, or lover, etc. you get the point. Or a forty people on a building that's wired to explode. And no, even with your speed and other powers you can only pick one. Who will you save?" he hasn't exactly thought about it yet, because in all the movies and cartoons he had watched, they all ended in a happy ending. Which is totally stupid when put in the reality they're in right now. "Exactly." His silence seems like the answer James was looking for. "I want to be a hero, but I don't want to be a hero. Because I'm afraid of not saving someone. Sure, it's fun, the fame, glory, and the attention from around the world sounds great and all, but I'd rather be James, owner of two restaurants." He finished.

Before Naruto could reply the answer James told him there was the sound of fighting not too far from where they are. They both looked at the television where the sounds of explosion are coming from, and they could see as clear as daylight that monsters are attacking Gotham City. Even the news team was interrupted by the military to flee the place now, and what he feared most is that Gotham there is not a single sign of costumed vigilante on that camera. "James, take this, it's a lucky charm and if you're ever in danger just give me a call!" he said, handing him a piece of paper which James could never translate. No one can. Only him and Kakashi.

They both got out of the restaurant with James deciding to close earlier than expected. Thankfully, James lives on the edge of the city where most people do and is definitely far from the danger he could see up the building a kilometer away from them. "You want a ride, kid?" he shook his head, while his area is definitely near the edge of the city as well it's mostly because of all the apartment buildings there. "Okay, be careful! I don't want my future customer getting hurt." They both shared a laugh and James drove off towards his place.

He got into an alley where he left a special dagger there and teleported to his place. His heart was beating very fast because he already knows what he's about to do. This is the very first time he's attempting this kind of thing and it is kind of scary and exciting at the same time. He grabbed a mask that's been given to him by Kakashi should he be in a situation forced to use his abilities, it's a porcelain mask with it bearing the significance of a fox. 'Really, a fox?' he shook his head, no time to think about his 'special' friend. He wore the black clothing for his upper body, it was a bit tight but he had already guessed that it's supposed to be that way. The black pants are a lot comfortable with it being quite loose in a perfect way. It definitely won't hinder his movements, but it's not loose enough for the opponent to grab him through his pants. He's wearing a grey flak jacket which he thought, won't protect him from bullets, but it might come in handy so he decided to go with it. He wore the metal arm guards, gloves that reached just above his elbow, and sandals that's pretty much usable on all terrain. He wore two holster on each side of his hip, but this was custom-made for his special kunai. Two more holster on his back which allowed him to carry four of those things. And a sword that was made from a metal called Adamant, though he has absolutely no idea what's special about that metal. Even more mysterious is when Kakashi manages to get his hands on this stuff, because if this is truly a sword that can deflect lasers and bullets, then what the hell does Kakashi do for a living. He knows Kakashi is a Division Manager at a mining company, he visited him once, and a man like Kakashi is usually required to visit different locations around the world. Wait. 'Maybe he did mine this rare metal, but stole some and… okay, let's not imagine him stealing a valuable metal. He bought it and made a sword out of it, then gave it to me?' he thought, but his thoughts were cut short as consecutive explosions took place. Not to mention the sound of military choppers moving towards the city. "They're here."

He got above the nearest building he could find and the sight before him is unbelievable. Half of Metropolis is already under siege, and the flames scouring the city grows larger by the second. He could see some flying creatures, but the others can pop from nowhere. 'Shadow Clone Technique!' sixty copies of him were made and he quickly faced the clones. "Listen up! Wear your mask at all times and alert me if you saw the one responsible for this mess! Your main job is to rescue and help the survivors still in the city! Protect them at all cost!" the others saluted while the rest gave a roaring sound "Go!" they scattered into the wind except for one.

"Wait, how do we know if it is their leader or something?"


"Just… if you find a strong creature or something different from the rest of them." Hopefully that's enough because he doesn't know where to begin as well. He already left a dagger outside the city where he expects the military's ground force to move in, but either way, they'll be away from danger. The Flying Thunder God technique is so complicated that his clones can never do it, and his clones can do a Rasengan which is a truly hard technique to master. Then again, the Flying Thunder God is a lot more different than the Rasengan.

He continued moving randomly towards the area he guessed to be heavy in fighting. Then he saw two people running for their lives from a horde of monsters. Of course, the horde is much faster than any normal human can be, but he sighed as he saw what both women were carrying: a camera. They're or journalist thinking they're going to make it in the big leagues if they deliver this story. He dropped in front of them and gestured to the two to stay behind him.

"Let's hope this works." He muttered to himself. He grabbed the four kunai and popped two more next to the other kunai.

The story of Kakashi telling him of his father's feat, how he decimated an entire platoon in a matter of seconds. Of course, it was obvious how his father did it, but the question remains whether he can actually teleport again and again, and again, and again, at such an alarming rate that the enemies won't see him coming. It was quite funny when Kakashi told him that there's a special horn from the enemies that orders them to retreat, because if that horn roars then his father is there.

"Your daggers won't work!" one of the woman complained, her feet starting to tell her to run.


Throw the daggers.


"What the hell happened!?" the two said in unison.

"There's no time to talk." He contacted the nearest clone through their connection and ordered the two to be taken to the edge of the city.

'Hey, chief, I think I found their leader. He's being attack by more weirdos.' His clone said in his mind. They weren't actually talking, but it's more of a feeling-like thing between the clones and him. Of course, it requires tremendous focus for one to actually feel or 'talk' to them. He asked what weirdos the clone was talking about. 'Hmm… they're wearing strange outfits for some reason.' He ordered the clone to continue with the main mission, rescuing civilians, and he'll be there to assist those strange people.

A little bit closer than before he could see Superman being pierced by two red laser beams that curved when he tried losing it. He didn't exactly saw the guy following Superman, but from the huge symbol of bat on his chest tells him who this man is. He didn't bothered following him, but tried reaching the group trying to fight that huge monster below.

"Their leader, huh."

-Line Break-

They're trying whatever they can for now, but they'll follow the Batman should he not return fast enough to rescue Superman. Of course, without two more from their newly forge group is going to prove quite difficult against their opponent who calls himself as Darkseid. But it didn't matter to her, she is an Amazon, and they don't back down from a fight. Especially from the likes of this person.

She looked around and saw them lying on the ground, pushing whatever strength they have to stand up once more. "Focus on me if you want to stop me!" the fist appeared inches away from her face and she knew blocking or dodging it is out of the way, she'll just have to take the full force of this punch. What choice does she have?

Time seemed to slow down for her, but it didn't mean her reflexes went faster as well. No, it's like a higher being is being cruel, torturing her to slowly watch how she'll get knocked out from this fight. No, if she's going down then she'll take it down with her, and for that to happen she must stand up after this impact.

Then blue-oceanic eyes met hers. His blonde hair drifting playing tickle with her nose as her eyes continued to lock onto his.

"Are you okay?" she shook her head, realizing that not only was there a man standing so close to her, but the fact that she didn't feel any pain at all.

"Y-Yeah…" did she just stutter, no, definitely not? It's because he's still holding on to her hips, yes, that's why!

"Who are you?" Aquaman asked the mask stranger.

It only occurred to her that the man was indeed masking his whole face, but despite that short period of time she saw his hair and those piercing blue eyes beyond the holes on his mask.

"Yes. Who. Are. You?" she firmly asked.

But it seems like Darkseid was in no mood to let them have his introduction.

Chapter End!

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