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Chapter 8: A Friend in a World Full of Evil?

"I don't really mean to interrupt, but it looks like you will need some help with this one." Despite wearing a mask that covers the lower half of his face, he could clearly see the smile he gave, and he return it willingly. The aircraft above them hovered, the guns mounted on its body started churning towards their opponents who didn't seem to flinch at all. The raven-haired young man merely smiled, welcoming the guns pointed at him with welcome arms. That shows that either he is too powerful to even dodge that weapon or too arrogant, and Naruto is hopeful that it is the latter. His master looked up to the sky and nodded, as the guns began firing a series of highly concentrated lasers.

The raven-haired fellow snapped his fingers, as the man with a huge 'U' on his chest stood before the younger man and the lasers that are targeting their opponent. Just as Naruto expected, it seems like the people in front of them, despite looking different, is the Justice League from another dimension. Well, they're definitely not the Justice League or A.R.G.U.S. and they don't plan to do this in a more peaceful manner, but they are definitely their counterpart. His eyes, however, rested on the young man probably the same age as him, but he couldn't tell if he is indeed his counterpart or not. The Sharingan is definitely a game changer, because the only person who's eyes similar to the raven-haired man is Kakashi. "So, Kakashi-sensei, you know who this guy might be?" his teacher shrugged, he certainly doesn't know who that person is. That means they are probably in the same situation where they grew up on Earth, but if his counterpart is here then where is Kakashi's? And the last thing he needs right now is a pair of Sharingan fighting him.

"The Crime Syndicate owns this world now. GRID, proceed to phase two of our plan. Owlman will help you secure the place where our second phase will take place, but make sure there aren't any more troublemakers. If there are… eliminate them." Cyborg, who seems to be under the influence of another cyber-like being, nodded. The one that looks like an owl nodded as well, taking the mysterious person who opened the portal followed them. "It seems like he's still not here. Nevertheless, when he arrives he will definitely like this place as well." The raven-haired man's eyes rested on Naruto, grinning like he is the next most fun thing that will happen to him. "Now, let's-"

Naruto didn't bother talking with them, the last thing he needs right now is to prolong the upcoming battle. If they are indeed their counterpart performance-wise then Superman's opposite alone has the capability to destroy this world. He appeared in front of the Sharingan user using a highly advance Flicker Body Technique, landing a kick straight to the crimson-eyed fellow. "Tch!" Just as he expected, the Sharingan alone is a force to be reckon with. Having the ability to predict your opponent's movements is what he considers as godlike. While it still depends on the user's physical abilities, Kakashi is able to predict most of his movements thanks to the Sharingan, but he could not keep up with the succession of his very fast attack and sooner or later Kakashi has to wield. But if this guy has the Nine-Tails as well?

"Feel the power of the Uchiha." Suddenly his eyes turned into the Mangekyo Sharingan, a highly advance level of the Sharingan that is capable of unique and very godly skills. Kakashi would always tell him the story of his father's heroicness, battling the strongest shinobi that has ever lived, Madara Uchiha. While he knows what the full capacity of the Sharingan, he only knows little about the Mangekyo. Only the knowledge Kakashi has on these mysterious eyes. Naruto didn't hesitate trying to cut him down with his sword, but the Uchiha is able to dodge it at the very last second, only suffering a slightly long scratch from his sword. "What the hell- the Genjutsu…" Suddenly he started laughing, for a second Naruto thought that this man is not only strong, but mad as well. "I see… I see…" he managed to say, desperately trying to stop the laughter that has contaminated him. "So," his eyes narrowed, his face turning dead serious. "You're his counterpart then?" The Uchiha suddenly taking advantage of Naruto's shocked state, but he was too late as he was able to dodge it and jumped a few feet away from him.

"You're not my counterpart?" Naruto asked him, but he simply shrugged.

Suddenly two wolves made from lightning itself launched towards the young Uchiha. The raven-haired young man merged lightning with his sword and turned it into an elemental weapon powerful enough to cancel the two lightning wolves that charged at him like dog starving for six days. "Y-You!" There's something wrong with this person, Naruto thought. "You're not an Uchiha! How dare you!" Naruto took a defensive stance, this man is still a mystery to him, charging blind would be something an idiot would do, but he is definitely confused as to why the man in front of him is furious at his teacher. "You are not worthy of the Sharingan!" suddenly a thousand lightning-like needles was aim towards them and their allies, coming from a single direction, spreading like a fan.

Earth Style: Earth-Style Wall

Earth Style: Mud Wall

Naruto and Kakashi combined their techniques together, creating a thick hard shield with an element to counter the electricity rushing towards them. Naruto's Earth Wall was literally a huge and long stone that came from the ground, acting as a wall. Kakashi's Mud Wall covered his former student's hard wall, acting more to neutralize the lightning needles.

"Sasuke Uchiha. That's my name. My name will be the last thing on your mind as I slay you two."

-Line Break-

A.R.G.U.S. and the Justice League gaped at the duo who just countered that man's attack. First of all, the needles were as fast as a bullet yet those two had enough time and composure to counter it effectively. Even she, Karen, a Kryptonian whose cousin is considered as a new god is gaping at the sight. She's definitely seen more shit than your typical vigilante, but she's never seen Kakashi this serious and the power he possesses. It seems like it is definitely the same for the Princess of the Justice League as well, gaping at the masked man known as Kitsune.

She knew who Kitsune is, at least what the whole world knows as well. A man who has the ability to teleport and create almost the impossible, one of which is the one he calls the Rasengan. A very powerful ability that feels like you're seeing air itself form an energy around his hands. She'd seen Kakashi do this as well, but with lightning. A technique he uses to slay the lowest types of scums polluting this world.

"They just created a wall… from nowhere, right?" Steve Trevor asked, literally anyone who is willing to answer his question. She could create a wall as well, penetrating her hand towards the earth and pulling up a huge chunk of soil and use it as a shield. But what they did was definitely something else, they created a wall from nowhere.

Then again, she and everyone else had seen Kakashi sucked a huge flame like it was nothing, but no one reacted.

"Yes, now get over it. There are more important matters to deal with!" Kakashi yelled, snapping some from their thoughts. "Kitsune, we can't let these…" he looked at their opponents, but he doesn't even have anything to describe them at all. "We can't let them get anywhere near a city or town. We have to stop them right here, right now." She heard him said, the young man nodded as well, but they all knew that fighting opponents with the same tier as Superman has to be done outside any civilization or the casualty would be spiraling. "You know how powerful my Mangekyo is, right? Imagine a pair of them. And the fact that we don't know anything about his eyes for now is… quite frightening."

"I grow tired of this. Ultraman, kill someone." With GRID, Owlman, and the mysterious stranger who opened the portal gone there are only a handful of them left.

With Superman's speed, Ultraman appeared in front of her ready to end her life with a single punch. Before she could even move an inch Ultraman suddenly disappeared right in front of her! She blinked several times before realizing that Superman's counterpart is on the ground, her eyes turned towards the opposite side from where Ultraman was thrown into and she saw Kitsune's hand where remnants of the power he used still lingered. He then performed a series of hand seals which Kakashi followed as well, but with different seals.

The ground around Ultraman suddenly collapses deeper into the earth, each second is feet away from the ground from where they are standing. Kakashi then released a mud once again, but this time it's flowing nearly like water rather than the type of mud he used earlier. Then they both did a few hand seals again, this time they are in unison and it was easy for her to tell that they are going to do the same thing.

Flames burst out from their mouth, targeting Ultraman who has yet to surface deep blow the earth and under the muddy water that drowned the said villain. Of course, she knew that this is not enough to defeat Ultraman, if he truly is Superman's counterpart. It would take something more than raw elemental attacks to put down a Kryptonian and everyone knew it as well.

Still, she was thankful for his help when she froze. She doesn't know how bad she would be in right now, but whether she'd be okay or not if she ever took that punch and she doesn't want to find out if it will take her out or not. And she doesn't want to admit it, but he does look rather attractively enigmatic when she saved her. All that mask, blond hair, and blue eyes shining brightly even under the mask is definitely captivating. Unlike Kakashi who's an open-quiet pervert, and what does Helena sees in him anyway? She thought.

"It was a bit harder than expected, but mixing mud and oil is definitely a lot harder than the Rasengan."

"No way. Rasengan is definitely harder to master, even you can't use it effectively in combat!" now those two boys are arguing about which of their technique is better, but boys will always be boys no matter what number is printed on the age section of their I.D. and it's is kind of adorable for a hero who is a terror to any criminals and idolized by many as a person on the same level as Superman to be acting childish. Hopefully, it's not most of the time.

"Bravo. Still, he and I could've taken Ultraman alone. You're still weak, but it will indeed be fun breaking you here and now!"

-Line Break-

He just noticed it, but there's a man with a sack wrapped around his head behind the people who calls themselves as the Crime Syndicate. His thoughts, however, was cut for Sasuke charged at them with an intent to kill. Starfire who remained quiet till now flew above and launched numbers of starbolts, a high powered solar energy that she can manifest and can use however she sees it fit. Whether it acts like a glove or as an energy bolt for long-range combat is up to her to decide.

Dodging it with ease, Sasuke continued his attack with superhuman speed. Instantly launching himself from one side to another as the woman behind him flew towards them as well. "Bruce, get everyone out of here now! We'll deal with Ultraman when Superman is finally healed, you're the only one who can do it!" Naruto nodded at Diana's words. Despite him and Clark being close like brothers, it is Bruce whom he trust his deepest darkest secrets with. He knows the feeling all too well, but maybe it's because Bruce Wayne is the only normal human around them. Every member in the Justice League right now has powers of their own, unique and on a very different level from one another, yet Batman… a powerless hero who is hailed as one of the core members of the Justice League is on par with them. Maybe it is because of that that the Batman is trustworthy once you get to know him enough, and when you can defy the 'Bat Glare' he gives everyone.

Naruto met with Sasuke, exchanging blows with him from swords to their fist, and with Kakashi constant interference it is a lot easier to get a breather and plan for his next move. Oh, he knows. This part of the fight where they are exchanging physical blows is only the beginning, testing each other's limitation, but if he could end this within the next few moves he has on his mind then he will. God knows what his Mangekyo Sharingan's unique ability is.

"Super Woman and I will deal with this. If phase two is completed, gather them. Let them know they are serving a different master now." The rest of the Crime Syndicate dispersed, leaving Super Woman to deal with the female members of their remaining company. A.R.G.U.S. and the Justice League, or what remains of it, rode on their own ships and flew towards different direction. However, Naruto is still in touch with A.R.G.U.S. and the League itself.

"The Watchtower is compromised, Bats. We have to accept that now. If there's any place where Superman can be safe and treated back to his normal health, do it. Because we will definite need him when this Ultra-" The ground far from them erupted, with it came an inhumane roar. "Yep. He's back from the ground. Just… hurry up and do whatever it is you've got to do with Superman." He said, ending the connection.

A.R.G.U.S. promised to regroup their forces and would soon send help, but they also admitted the truth that they are still unprepared to fight Superman, let alone an evil version of him who doesn't care who gets killed or not. They promised help, but the question is when? "We need a plan, now!" Kakashi yelled, while his master is indeed a 'tactician' at least that's what he calls himself long ago, he is a lone wolf. Even now, Naruto knows that his team with these three ladies is hardly a team at all. More like a 'do whatever you want' organization, but with a 'single goal' attitude.

The only time Kakashi spent practicing team attacks is with him, and that was years ago. So, it falls to him to lead this ragtag group of resistance against the Crime Syndicate. Because their enemy is not looking for crime or destruction at all, they are looking forward to ruling the entire world with their iron fist, and with an army of villains… that seems quite possible. "Okay…" he took a deep breath as Helena exchanged positions with him, engaging Sasuke with her devices and her own style of fighting. "Kakashi and I will take care of Sasuke. Wonder Woman, Helen- Huntress, and you… um… tiger thing will take on Super Woman. Power Girl and Starfire will take care of Superman. I mean, Ultraman." They all nodded, resuming their own positions, luring and engaging their specified targets.

He would've taken Ultraman all by himself, but defeating Sasuke takes priority. Again, his unknown abilities especially the Sharingan can only be defeated by him or Kakashi. Not to mention that Kakashi would need him if he falls under the Sharingan's powerful visual techniques.

"I will do the hardest to defeat the Ultraman! For you." Starfire said, intimately.

-Line Break-

Time out! First she had to deal with the enormous fangirls asking her idiotic questions about 'Kitsune'. She would've ignored them if she weren't on a conference. After all, it is her and Superman who has to deal with the masses because they see them as a couple. If they only knew that Clark Kent is marrying a mortal woman who goes by the name of Lois Lane. Then again, some of these fangirls are bold enough to make her blush with their stupid interrogation.

'He's young! He looks definitely young like me, and you are young… I think? I mean, you're beautiful, but old beautiful. I mean, are you two going out? I'm young as well, you know. Not bad looking, but… yeah. Hi, Kitsune! If you're watching these please-' she cut her thoughts from the last disastrous conference they've had with the media. That young and promising reporter was fired, but after she started doing videos with her channel called 'Kitsune Theories' she got too popular and was hired back by the station with her very own show.

A knuckle-breaking punch hit her hand towards the ground, forcing her to cough the stranded wind down her throat. 'Hera! What am I thinking at a time like this?!' Super Woman, her counterpart, grinned like she has defeated Zeus himself. No, something is not right. While her enemy does indeed possess an Amazonian aura, she is not the Princess of the Amazon. She is not Diana Prince.

"You'll pay for that!" she charged right back up, but before Super Woman could even lashed out her lasso Cheetah and Huntress landed a solid attack on her before Diana herself forced her counterpart to the ground with a punch that's as powerful as she received. Gods of Olympus knows what kind of Lasso does it do. She's not stupid to not know that it's not the Lasso of Truth. Maybe something opposite of it? But a lasso forcing the victim to tell a lie is certainly useless.

Still, her eyes wandered towards the beauty that is now fighting Ultraman. She knows she's is not of this planet, or maybe she is also from a different dimension? But what bothered her most is her instant intimate relationship with Naruto. Oh, if she's some woman he's been seeing for quite some time she would've known that. Barry alone is a gossip machine when it comes to women, and the fact that even she considers her beauty to rival Power Girl's and hers is dangerous. 'Why am I even thinking of this?!' She's not ready to go out with someone yet. Not after what has happened, and the fact that she and Naruto are on constant danger forced her to stop whatever it is that was progressing for them. If only she'd acted like an Amazon and took that man because she like him then maybe she wouldn't be thinking of this stupid thoughts.

As far as the battle goes, it is definitely going a lot better with Power Girl and Starfire's battle against Ultraman. And with Huntress and Cheetah's help to battle Super Woman, she's not breaking too much sweat than she first expected. "If only the Justice League stayed behind this would've been over already." She muttered, but if Green Lantern and the rest are indeed here then maybe it would be all over, or maybe not.

If they stayed then the rest of their enemy would've cancel their other orders as well. And a larger scale of conflict would be happening right now, but then again… they are in the middle of nowhere with only international news choppers and the Air Force roaming the sky. At least this would be over soon. If they can take down Super Woman here and now she can help Power Girl and Starfire and the other two could help Naruto and this new guy, Kakashi.

The same can't be said for Naruto and Kakashi. The tension is building up with both sides still testing each other with light but strong abilities, both physical and their powerful techniques which Naruto calls as Jutsu.

-Line Break-

He charged towards Sasuke as he too charged towards him as well. He threw a Thunder God Kunai towards Sasuke and another one, but with lesser force than the first one. So far, every enemy he had come across with has been dealt and defeated with the element of surprise, and this won't be any different than the last one.

Kakashi is behind him with a Lightning Blade on his hand, ready to deliver the final blow as well. He took a long inhale of breath, each second felt like an hour because he knows it all too well that his enemy intends to finish this battle on this next move as well. The Sharingan versus the Flying Thunder God Technique, both are godlike abilities, but it will be up to the user who will end up as the winner.

This battle has gone off long enough!

He teleported behind Sasuke, grabbing the special kunai and pushing his other hand towards Sasuke. A good Rasengan is now making its way towards his back, he teleported Kakashi as the second kunai nears Sasuke's front. Attacking from both side will be impossible to dodge, and with the speed the Uchiha is going in he either meets the Rasengan first or Kakashi's Lightning Blade.

Kakashi fell to the ground with a thud, surprising Naruto, but before his Rasengan could meet Sasuke's back a skeleton hand draped with purple-like flame took hold of him. "What the?! What is this?!" He tried to resist, but the grip was strong enough. He started to panic with this new abilities that Sasuke has shown him, but he definitely felt his Rasengan hit something. The other hand…

His eyes traveled at the dismembered skeletal arm that's starting to fade on the ground. Sasuke chuckled. "As I suspected. That technique of yours is definitely dangerous, especially when it hits the target fully." His eyes shifted from the now departed skeletal arm towards Naruto. "Good thing I used two of the Susanoo's arms. Otherwise, I'd be dead by now." The shock on his face earned Sasuke a fit full of laugh.

He teleported away thanks to the kunai that he was able to let go before Sasuke grabbed him with those strange arms he calls Susanoo. His heart was beating way too fast, that was way too close to his comfort. He could've died because he pushed the panic button when Sasuke got hold of him and lost all of his composure for a second. He has to admit, as much as a great fighter he considers himself, a teleporter like him has some fears when being suddenly trapped as well.

He grabbed a kunai and prepared to attack Sasuke. Kakashi is on the ground, and the only reason that came to his mind is the Mangekyo Sharingan's powerful Dojutsu. He has to release Kakashi soon, but he has to get Sasuke away from his teacher first. "Looks like I'll be needing your help, partner." He smiled, feeling the Nine-Tails' chakra flow through him, though he has to address the issue of his friend being a snob. "Not everyone can be a glorious demon fox like you, buddy-"

It didn't hurt…

But he felt something…

He looked down, just above his heart is a hand with a Rasengan on it, but this one is a dark purple Rasengan-like orb that is surrounded by a series of white rings.

"I had trouble traveling towards this place, but Pandora's Box indeed worked."

Naruto felt light, too light that he could see the person piercing his body lifted him up a foot from the ground. He tried to move his arms, but everything felt too light yet heavy at the same time. His vision starter to blur, as his body continued to feel nothing but numbness all around.

"Yes, it worked, but there had been some difficulty. I expected you to arrive much later, but no matter. It seems like Owlman and GRID has finally managed to complete the second part of the plan."

"What about our prisoner?"


Naruto immediately teleported using the Body Flicker Technique, grabbing Kakashi with every ounce of strength left within him and used the Flicker Technique once more towards his allies' side.

-Line Break-

She sent a punch towards Ultraman, sending him to the ground creating a crater in the process. She never knew what a thrill it is to fight his own cousin, of course, this one is evil and deserves to be punched. But maybe the Clark on this world might be as near as the Superman on her world. If so, then she will definitely demand a spar between two Kryptonians.

"He…lp…" The alien, not her, gasped. They both rushed towards the two downed friends of theirs and immediately came to their aid. Apparently, the other group mostly defeated Super Woman as well, enough to leave the villain alone. The two are unconscious, but her heart started to beat much faster than she anticipated. It's the first time she's been on a battle this scale and with a down companion, and there's a circular void on his chest large enough for a hand to put through just above where his heart should be.

"Power Girl!"

"Power Girl!"

"Karen!" she felt hot after her best friend slapped her on the face. "A-Are they okay?"

She checked Kakashi first, knowing that Kitsune needs immediate medical attention whatever situation he is in right now. "It seems like Kakashi us just… sleeping? But Kitsune is…" She growled, looking over the duo of enemies that are still talking to each other, ignoring their downed allies and the enemies that is them. "We need to get out of her if he's going to survive!"

"Hmph! Go! Run! Challenge us whenever you are ready. I will make sure this world will entertain me long enough before the next fight." The raven-haired young man whose mask has the same theme as Kitsune's. Is that his counterpart, or the other one? No, it doesn't matter who is who right now.

"Let's get him out of here! I'll carry my man. We have a small… medical bay on the ship. I doubt that would be enough, but first-aid wouldn't be so bad with Kakashi's student." Helena said.

For some odd reason they all touched him in unison, hoping they would get to carry him towards the ship. Thankfully, their enemy is arrogant enough to let them escape. Ultraman and Super Woman is beginning to wake up as well, and the last thing they need is the man who can travel around the whole world in seconds chasing them.

"Just!" she calmed herself down. "We all have to carry him at the same time."


"One… two… three…"

'I now know where to find him! Bring this body to that place.'

A voice that doesn't feel like a human entered her thoughts when she touched him.

"Did you all…"

They all nodded.

"Should we?"

They rested him on one of the four beds on the medical bay.

'It's his only chance of survival.'

They heard the voice again, but for some reason they all felt a little terrified at this.

"I… don't know why, but I feel like I know the place where he wants us to go." Karen said.

"Yeah. It feels weird, but I feel his energy. Weak, but it's still there." Wonder Woman said.

"I, too, am feeling the same as you."

"Take me to that place as well! I can feel it… I can help!"

The person who came with the Crime Syndicate. Karen already knew of his existence, his ragged breathing was a distraction when things got quiet, but he lost track of him due to Kitsune and Kakashi's current situation.

"Who the fuck are you?!" she hissed, Wonder Woman drawing out her sword as well.

"I… am a friend."

Chapter End!

Menma:So, is he super-duper strong?

Sasuke: Meh.

Menma: He forced you to use Susanoo…

Sasuke: He's kind of good.

Menma: So, what technique did he used to force you to use your oh-so-great Susanoo.

Sasuke: L-Let's not talk about it, okay?

Menma: Wait, I got the replay tape!

Sasuke: Wha- How is that possible? What- Wait, we still have a world to conquer, you know!

Menma: Yeah, but nothing wrong with- AHAHAHA! He used nothing at all! You used the Susanoo on a Supplementary technique! *Sigh* Uchihas… *pats on Sasuke's back*

Sasuke: The F*ck does that mean?! He teleported, okay? I would've died if I took the Rasengan or the Lightning Blade.

Menma: *genuine smile* It's okay, buddy! I'm not judging *continues patting best friend's back* *sighs* Uchihas…

Sasuke: I super hate you...

And before anyone would argue with me about Naruto not being OP or at least strong enough... he is definitely an OP with that amount of chakra without the Nine-Tail's help. Not to mention that he thinks before just charging to his opponents, but that too is sometimes a disadvantage in its own way. Naruto is defeated because he was caught in surprised. I just tried this battle to be a bit more realistic with consequences for every action (Whether good or bad) And he's a prodigy as well.

And that bastard Menma did a sneak attack on him.

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