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Chapter Sixteen

They weren't able to find the weapon within the walls of the Golden Shelter Rest Home, but they found out at the time of the search that Jack Green had something there that most there wouldn't think would be there at all—his car. A warrant was called for the search of it and soon enough the weapon, a 36 inch straight aluminum pipe wrench was pulled from the trunk of the car. It was clearly covered in blood, hair, and what Tao said was brain matter. The wrench was said to appear to be the murder weapon by the onsite CSI, but this couldn't be confirmed without testing first. As this was to be an expected answer, no one was shocked by this. Also found in the care was a box of drug paraphernalia as well as an address book that caught the attention of a few of the officers, as they recognized the names therein.

Unfortunately, one of the very first tests confirmed there were no fingerprints on the weapon. So even though the weapon was in a location that the man could have gotten it into as he was in possession of the keys, there was no way to connect the weapon to Tony Green.

"Is there any sort of way to track his purchase of the wrench?" Hermione was the one to inquire.

"It might be difficult if it were made with cash, but…" Brenda paused when something came to her mind. "It couldn't be that easy." She looked over to Sanchez. "Go into interview and ask for a look at Tony Green's wallet. I don't care what you ask him for, but we need to see every card in it.

"What are we looking for?" Julio asked her.

She smiled and said, "A customer discount card for a home improvement warehouse store."

Grinning Sanchez left even as Hermione frowned and asked, "What exactly is a customer discount card and how is it important to the case?"

It was an hour later that Brenda and Sergeant Gabriel strolled into interview. Sitting down across from him, she studied his face openly. He sat there with his arms crossed over his chest, his own blue eyes looking everywhere but at her. If there was one thing that this young man reminded her of, it was of a child not getting his own way. He was actually pouting! Well, there was nothing to be done about that, she thought, as she got under way.

"Hello, just in case you didn't hear me when we first crossed each other's paths, my name is Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson and I run the Priority Homicide Squad here in the LAPD," she told him. "Do you recall your rights as they were read out to you?"

He nodded stiffly. He had tried to call his grandfather, but to no avail. Either the man wasn't picking up his calls that day or just Tony's, but in either case he wasn't getting through to Eli. As for asking for a lawyer, Tony told them that he didn't need one.

"And it has been told to me that you refused council, is that correct?" she asked and again he nodded. "Alright then!" She beamed at him, saying, "Let's get underway, shall we?"

"I have nothing to say," he told her.

"Oh but I think you do," she murmured. "I can see that you're dying to speak to someone, but it's not easy finding someone you can speak to is it? After all, it's not every day that you set out to kill a man, do it, and then attempt to avoid capture, is it?"

He flinched at her words, even going as far as to say, "I didn't…"

"But you did and I can prove it," she said, just as Tao came into the interrogation room holding up the wrench in its clear plastic evidence bag.

His eyes went wide at the sight, looking over to Brenda. "So what? That means nothing."

"On its own? You're absolutely correct," she replied. "But that along with some calculations proving the height of the killer made from the blood splatters from the cast off from the weapon along with the facts that it was found in your uncle's car…"

"Anyone could have put it there!"

"Let's say that's the case," she told him. "It isn't, but let's say it is. This is the one thing that proves you wrong." She picked up his discount card for the warehouse discount store along with the faxed receipt and a still photo from what had to have been a security camera tape. It was clearly an image of Tony and right in front of him was the large wrench that was the murder weapon.

Shaking now, Tony looked to be on the verge of tears.

"What I want to know and perhaps you can answer for me is why were you so angry at Kurt?" He looked up at her sharply, as she went on. "You'd been upset at the other drivers, you even went as far as attempting to fire them, but you never tried to kill them before. I keep thinking that there's so much more here than meets the eyes."

She looked over to the monitor when it flickered to life. Tony looked up to it slowly, frowning at the sight of a tattooed covered man.

"Do you know who that man is?" she asked him to which he shook his head no. "Not a surprise. That's your uncle's drug dealer. Anything and everything that your Uncle Jack wanted, this man got it for him." Looking back over to Tony, adding, "And not once did your uncle ever buy ecstasy from him." She pointed to the drug dealer on the screen, adding, "He said that your uncle was rather old fashioned in his choice of pills. That Jack stuck to Quaaludes, valium, and the like." She laughed. "He went so far as to say that ecstasy was too 1990's for him."

"He had other people he bought from," he said, his voice tight and slightly higher than it had been before.

"That may have been so in the past, but not lately," Brenda told him. "We know because we found your uncle's little black book of drug dealers in his car and with the exception of that man there…" She pointed at him on the monitor. "He hasn't purchased anything from the others in close to two years." The screen went into split screen, showing a rather bedraggled young blond woman. "You, on the other hand, are a different story."

Squeezing his eyes shut, he muttered, "If only that fucking driver had just left those pills alone!" Tony raked at his slightly too long brown hair, squeezing his fists in the strands as he did so.

"Kurt Gunderson found them?"

"Yes," he muttered. "And the idiot gave them to my uncle!" His eyes went hard. "What kind of-of fool gives pills to an addict like that?!"

"But that's just it, I don't think Kurt gave them to your uncle," she said casually. "I think he gave them to you. Otherwise, I do believe he would have flushed them."

"He-he might have," he admitted. "I don't know. These past weeks…But he must have given them to my uncle! Who would do that?"

"Someone who thought they were his," Brenda pointed out to him. "You hid them in the limo?" He nodded. "But not once, but twice, didn't you?" He shrugged. "But how was the driver supposed to know that they were yours?"

"Oh God…" he breathed, shaking as he kept saying, "…Oh God…"

"You bought the ecstasy, but you blamed Kurt?" He nodded, unable to speak past the lump in his throat. "But why did you buy those pills, Mr. Green?"

He started shaking all the more, as he said hoarsely, "It isn't my fault."

"You were already planning on killing your own uncle." she pressed. "I know this because you didn't buy any pills before that or haven't since that batch of ecstasy you bought and hid in that car." She stood up. "You didn't kill Kurt Gunderson because he gave him the pills…" Pulling out an MP3 player, she pressed play.

"…Yes, this is Kurt Gunderson! My boss…Oh my God! You got to get here! I found him in a pool of vomit in the back of the limo when we pulled up to the restaurant…I've tried CPR…He's breathing, but barely…"

Pressing the stop button, she was silent for a time before she leaned down into his face. "You killed him because he didn't let your uncle die like you wanted him to. And that just got you so angry, making you take it out on the person you blamed for your plan failing." She pulled out the insurance form. "Jack was, after all, worth more to you dead than alive." She went to the door, opening it and called for the uniformed officers. "Anthony Green, you are under arrest for one count of murder in the first degree and one count of attempted murder in the first degree."

The officers yanked him to his feet. He pulled to a stop in front of Brenda, pleading, "What was I supposed to do?! He took all my money! And for what?! For what?!"

Coolly she said, "Needless to say, the charges in regard to your uncle are subject to change the moment he dies."

Hermione joined them as the team watched as the young man was being pulled towards booking. "You're good." Brenda looked at her startled. "I never even thought about insurance policies in regards to the uncle. Well played."

Smiling, she said, "Thank you."


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