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August 20, 2012.

It was a cold starry night in Jasper City, nothing big was happening, everything was going normal in the city, except for a small two story house in the suburban areas around the city. Luckily noise didn't transfer through the walls to the outside world.

"What the fuck did you say, you little fucking tramp?!" A drunken brown furred male wolf yelled with fury.

"I-I di-didn't say anything!" A young female wolf covered in golden tan fur yelled back at him.

"Shut the fuck up you lying bitch!" The male shouted as he slapped the hell out of the younger female, sending her into the wall behind her.

"Now go to your fucking room and stay there you bitch!" He yelled with rage.

The girl quickly got to her feet and ran up the stairs to her room with a bloody face. When the girl got into her room, she quickly locked the door behind her. She slowly walked to the bathroom and looked into the mirror. She was a beautiful she-wolf with golden tan fur and a light creamy white colored fur covering her B-cup breasts, down to her inner thighs with golden hair that came down to her neck and had a golden tail. She was 14 years old, approximately five feet and five inches tall, bore beautiful amber eyes and weighed around 120 pounds.

"Th-this really hurts." She said to herself as she hesitantly rubbed her face before she walked away from the mirror.

She slowly got undressed so she could take a shower. Once the water reached the preferred temperature, she pulled off her clothes revealing darker patches of fur spread across her body indicating bruises that were underneath, caused by the beatings of her foster parents. She slowly got into the shower and upon impact of the water, she flinched and bit her lip in pain. She let the warm water run down her body, soaking her fur in the process. When she got done with her small shower, she shook her fur and tail of the water in the shower before getting out and put on her night clothes after she dried herself off with a towel.

After she got dressed, she walked over to her bed and laid flat on it, staring at the ceiling. A second later, she reached under her bed and slowly pulled a knife out, flicking the blade out, and just stared at its sharpness. She got to thinking about her life, how she hated it.

"Why did my parents put me in foster care? Why did I get put into this hell hole? Why does it seem that everyone hates me? When can I get out of this?!" She shouted in frustration and sadness.

She thought about this over and over. She thought about it so much, every night she pulled this knife out from under her bed and stared at the sharp blade in front of her like she's doing now. The only thing keeping her from holding her arm up and slicing it to allow her blood to flow out of her body was the fact that she was afraid of dying and being a Christian, she new she'd go to hell.

The next day. August 21, 2012

She groaned as she slowly opened her eyes, not wanting to wake up from her slumber to the real world. She didn't want to go through another four years of hell, especially in a new school where no one knows her. She wanted to be finished with school, if she lives that long that is. She slowly put her feet onto the floor and stared at her dresser that contained her clothes.

"First day of being a freshman… in a new school with new people." She stood up and walked over towards her dresser.

She pulled the drawer out and started getting out some new clothes to wear. All the clothes that she had made her look like she was a boy. She pulled out a baggy white shirt, some blue jeans, a baggy grey zip up jacket, a new pair of panties, and a pair of white socks. She didn't bother getting out a bra as she didn't have large enough tits to show off, and her grey jacket did an outstanding job hiding her body figure.

She got dressed, brushed her hair, brushed her teeth, put some deodorant on, some cologne on instead of perfume, and looked at the small clock next to her bed after she got done getting ready. She was going to be late if she didn't hurry. She grabbed her binder and walked out of her room, closing the door, and started her descend down the stairs. When she got to the bottom, she looked around and saw her foster mother on the couch, passed out, with the tv on in front of her. She looked around some more to see if she could spot her foster father. She didn't so she took her chance and started walking towards the door.

"And where do you think you're going, missy?" She heard a drunken voice from behind her.

She whined a little before turning around to see her drunk foster dad in the doorway to the kitchen, holding a bottle of bud light.

"I-I'm heading to school." She replied, her voice trembled as she spoke.

"I don't see why you even fo teh that fupid place, yo so fucking stupid, nuthin can halp you, you fuckin tomboy lookin bitch!" He yelled with his speech slurred.

He then threw his glass bottle at her with a drunken look of victory, he apparently thought he was the king of the world at the moment. She didn't move as she let the bottle slam against the left side of her stomach. She had to stay still, otherwise he would've came at her. He nodded his head and wobbled back into the kitchen, probably to get more to drink. She held the left side of her stomach in pain as she slowly headed to the door. She quickly closed the door behind her and made her way to her new school.

She soon arrived at the new school she was attending. It was near 7:20 A.M. as it took her thirty minutes to get here. She looked at all the people flooding the school already. She sighed, holding her binder as she started walking towards the building, trying her best to keep from drawing attention to herself.

"J-Just keep calm, no one's going to bother you, you're just a new student in a new school, this is going to be bad..."

She knew it was just going to be a terrible day. She started walking into the building, seeing students huddled in groups talking. She pulled a sheet of paper out of her binder and looked at all of her classes that she had and what their room numbers were.

Homeroom Room 405.

First period: Geometry, Room 405.

Second period: Reading, Room 304.

Third period: Environmental Science, Room 460.

Fourth period: P.E, Gym.

Fifth period: Study, Room 420.

Sixth period: History, Room 419.

Seventh Period: Drivers E.D, Room 320.

She slipped the paper back into her binder and started looking for her homeroom.

"Well, well, it would seem that we have a new male student in our freshman class." A voice called out behind her.

She stopped and slowly turned around to see a group of three male wolves standing there. They all looked like freshman as well. The one that spoke to her was tall, slim, had black hair, blue eyes, and white fur. He was wearing a black shirt, blue jeans, grey shoes, and a black belt.. One of the others had blonde hair, green eyes, slim, kinda short, but not that short, and white fur. He was wearing a white shirt, blue jeans, and white shoes, no belt. The last one had brown hair, blue eyes, was kinda taller than the rest, and he had white fur as well. Now the last guy was wearing a blue shirt, blue jeans, and a black pair of shoes with a white belt.

"I've never seen you before, even when we were in middle school. You do know what happens now right?" The wolf whom previously spoke asked her.

"Oh boy Viper, come on let's hurry so we won't be late for homeroom." The shorter wolf said.

"I..I d-don't know…?" The she wolf replied, masking her voice to sound more masculine so they wouldn't catch on that she was indeed a female.

She knew exactly what was about to happen, she had found her new class bullies. She knew the day was going to be terrible, she called it. Last thing she wanted was for them to find out she was female, knowing full well what other horrors would await her if they ever found out.

"We give them swirlies." Viper states with a small menacing chuckle.

She shrunk down a little as Viper cracked his knuckles with an evil smile, she didn't want what was going to happen, who does? She mentally prepared herself for the incoming bullying, when yet another male voice was heard.

"Viper, leave the kid alone or the seniors will be giving your ass a swirlie." The voice stated

"You know what we do to newbies in our class, Humphrey." Viper said matter of factly with a growl.

The two boys had a sudden glare down as this Humphrey made his way over to the group. Humphrey had black hair, baby blue eyes, grey fur that covered most of his body, white fur that covered his chest down to his inner thighs (which of course couldn't be seen with his clothes on), and a black fluffy tail. He was 14 years old, had rather slim and almost feminine body figure, was about five feet and 5 inches tall weighing in at about 130 pounds. He wore black t-shirt, blue jeans and a pair of black Solomon though his voice clearly defined him as a male, he almost had a feminine look to him. It didn't help that his fur was overly groomed and combed over either. In fact Kate could hardly tell if Humphrey was in fact a male or female aside from his voice.

"Well we're in high school dumb ass. You can't act like a bad-ass because your ass will be taken down by the seniors if they hear about it." Humphrey argued back.

"You always ruin the fun." Viper growled angrily.

As Viper was growling at Humphrey, Humphrey pointed at the incoming principal who was making his rounds around the school to catch people who were tardy, or to help direct those whom were new to the school to their classes. The principal was a white furred male wolf with gray tipped ears and a gray tipped tail. He was approximately five foot and eleven inches tall with an average build working around 225 pounds. He wore a brown suit and a black tie.

"Come on guys, let's leave blonde here with Humphrey, his savior." Viper spat out before the group dispatched.

"You alright?" Humphrey asked.

"Y...yeah..thank you." The female replied, though still making her voice to sound male.

"What's your name kid?" Humphrey asked her with a small smile.

The girl thought about it for a second, and even though he helped her, she knew some types of people who only acted nice while in the presence of others, to make themselves look like they were someone to be around. If she told him that her name was Kate, and she was actually a girl? Who knows what would happen.

"...Um th-the name's….Leo…" She lied hoping he wouldn't be suspicious of her.

"Well you're welcome, Leo. The names Humphrey, but I gotta get to homeroom. Well, i need to find it first that is. See ya man."

She watched him leave before she slowly started finding her class all while thinking that she has some people thinking that she was a guy named Leo. From the distance Viper was staring at her.

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