Summer came and went like every year, and now school was back in session. When the final week of summer arrived, Nick had Kate stay home and wouldn't let her go anywhere. While she was trapped inside her home, forbidden to leave, she's noticed this she-wolf that Nick was dating has most certainly been doing heroin inside their home. Nick didn't seem to care that she was doing it, in fact he was giving her money for her to buy it and it appeared like he was joining her. Kate on occasion had to keep her door locked in order to keep the lady from wandering in there high. During the summer, Kate had to start wrapping her chest up in order to keep her tits from showing as her breasts appeared to have grown a bit bigger. It was a pain in the ass at first, but she got used to it. Before she was trapped inside her home however, she managed to spend the summer how she wanted, which wasn't much, mainly heading into the bar to hopefully get some money as she played her work guitar for the bar patrons. The people that went there tipped often and in big amounts usually. She's gotten her cash up to twelve hundred dollars.

Resuming hidden identity.

Monday, August 19, 2013

It was the first day back at school, it was his sophomore year at this time. Only three more years of school left to deal with. Leo was currently walking down the stairs at home, looking around the living room to see if Nick was around. He saw him and his junkie girlfriend laying on the couch passed out, beer cans everywhere. He was going to have to clean this after school, he just knew it. Tiptoeing himself towards the door, he opened it as quietly as he could before walking out.

"I really don't want to head back…" He sighed before he began his walk back to school.

When he finally made it back to school, he looked around and saw the freshman students lining up at the roster set in front of the classes. He went over and took a look at his new homeroom and who was in it. It appears it was the same students from last year, Humphrey is in her homeroom and Jacob isn't. After he looked at it, he went and got his schedule before heading into the lunchroom.

Homeroom Room 420.

First period: Algebra 2, Room 420.

Second period: Reading, Room 323.

Third period: Science, Room 470.

Fourth period: P.E, Gym.

Fifth period: Study, Room 420.

Sixth period: Economics, Room 419.

Seventh Period: Drivers E.D, Room 320.

He got himself a quick bite in the lunchroom, having not eaten well for a few days do to Nick being stingy with his food. While he was sitting in the lunchroom, he heard his name get called to the office. Confused, but finished with his food, he threw away the trash and went to the office. He was told to go into the principal's office, to which he did. When he got there, there was a girl sitting in a chair, looking away from the two of them.

"You wanted to… see me, Mr. Anderson?" Leo asked him.
He nodded.

"Yes, we currently have a new transfer student, her name is Lily Felcro a freshman. She's a shy one as you can tell. Would you mind showing her around the school?"

"...Um... why me? I don't mind though..." Leo assured him, though deep down he didn't want to.

"Well, with her being a freshman, I would normally let any freshman transfer students get accustomed to the school with the other's, but do to how shy she is, I thought I'd have another student help out this time." He smiled at her. "You two have something in common after all."

He was right about that, he himself was a transfer student. Leo looked at this girl who kept her eyes averted from them. She seemed to be approximately five feet and four inches tall, pure white fur, decent chest size, curvy hips, probably weighing around 120 lbs and had lovely violet eyes. Wow, she was really pretty, students were definitely going to eyeball her. Leo sighed.

"..Well, uh...Let's get to it then, Lily..." Leo said as he looked at her.

The girl nodded before slowly standing up and walking outside the room. Leo looked over at Mr. Anderson who motioned her to leave politely as his phone rang. He closed the door behind him and motioned the new wolf to follow him.

"Do you have your classes already?" He asked her.

She nodded and handed Leo her schedule. He looked over it and nodded.

"Yeah I can show you where these are." He nodded.

She looked away a little as she took her schedule back and followed him out of the office. When they got out of the office, the tardy bell rang, but due to Mr. Anderson, it was alright for the two to be out in the halls currently as Lily had also handed Leo two excuse forms that Mr. Anderson had signed for the two. He shrugged a little and started showing Lily around the school, after which he took her to her first class and headed off to his own class.

The day went alright, when lunch came, he noticed people were staring at the new girl in awe, as she was trying to find a table to sit at, all the snobby popular kids were hitting on her as she walked around. He paid no attention, but to his surprise, she sat down in front of him. He had his burger in his hand about to eat it when she sat down. He looked at her confused.

"...Eh?" He looked confused. "...Don't you want to sit with the popular kids?"

She shook her head and started eating, with her back against everyone. Oh good grief, the only reason he sits where he sits is due to no-one sits over here and it keeps him out of sight. That was now over as everyone was looking over at the two of them. He sighed, but understood his predicament. Leo was the one who showed her around the school and was nice during it. The two sat in silence and finished their food while jealous eyes stared Leo down, rumors have most likely already begun.

Eventually school ended and Leo and Lily were walking outside. It seems that Lily has taken a liking to him. While the two were walking out, Humphrey came over with a friendly smile and a friend. The friend he had with him had russet fur covering his body with a creamy white color fur covering his chest and front torso, along with green eyes, and a decent athletic looking body standing at a height of five feet and seven inches tall and weighing approximately 165 lbs. (Humphrey had grown to the same height and now weighed 150lbs, Kate was now five foot six inches tall weighing about 135lbs)

"Heey! Leo!" Humphrey called out, he had something in his hand.

When he got to them he handed Leo an envelope.

"I'm throwing a party next week, you wanna come?" He asked him.

"...I'll… um… see." He answered not promising anything before looking to the other wolf beside him. "Who's your friend?" Leo asked him.

"Oh, this is Garth, head of the football team." Humphrey told her.

"Hey man, who's the white wolf hiding behind you?" Garth asked.

"...She's the new transfer student… I'm surprised you haven't heard about her.." Leo replied.

"Oh, I have. It's just the only details I've gotten from anyone was that the new transfer student had white fur. Which there happened to be a few freshmen who have white fur." He explained to Leo.

He looked at her and smiled.

"Hey, the names Humphrey and that's Garth." Humphrey introduced himself and Garth.

"Hey." Garth waved.

She stayed silent and did a small wave while hiding behind Leo.

"Ah, the shy one… Gotcha, anyways, you can come as well if you'd like." Humphrey handed her an envelope as well.

She put it in her binder. However while the three of them were doing small talk before they parted ways, Lily looked down at the ground and noticed a white bandage poking out at the bottom of Leos shirt. She looked confused before it dawned on her. She looked up, seeing the two boys leave.

"...Do you ride the bus, walk, or does someone pick you up?" Leo inquired.

"...I… have a ride… they'll be here any minute." She finally spoke, her voice was cute.

"Alright, I'll… stay with you until then…" He told her as he sat down on a bench.

She sat next to him and they sat in silence. A few minutes passed and she looks over at him as a nice 2013 Chevrolet Malibu pulled up with tinted windows. The passenger window rolled down and a grey and white male wolf was sitting in the driver's seat.

"...There's my ride… I'll… um… see you later." She told him as she went to the vehicle and got in.

Leo watched the two pull off before he made his way home. Along the way however, Leo encountered Jacob on the way home. He didn't seem to be in the mood, but he did trip her while walking off. When he recovered from falling, he made his way home where he was greeted with two strung out wolves on the couch, beer bottles everywhere and the tv on.