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Fashion Show

Marinette was touched. After she'd helped Adrien out with getting away from an akuma as Ladybug, he had wanted to repay her in some way, and she'd let slip that she wanted to be a fashion designer one day, so he'd promised to give her a ticket to the next fashion show. A few days later, he'd told her about the next fashion show and given her a ticket, as promised.

The fashion show was tonight, and she was ecstatic. She'd already put together an outfit to wear, but she was still worried that someone would recognise her because of the mask. She hoped that it would be dark enough for her to be able to remain incognito. If not, she would wear sunglasses as a last resort if she had to.

She finished up the section of homework that she was doing and looked at the time. The show started at 7:30pm, and it was 7pm. She needed to go now if she wanted to get there early enough to scope things out, so she stood up and looked at Tikki, who was munching on a cookie next to her papers on her desk.

"Time to go, Tikki!" Marinette exclaimed excitedly. Tikki giggled and flew up to her face.

"Adrien was so nice to do this for you, Marinette! I hope it's a lovely night!" Tikki smiled, and Marinette pet the kwami's head with a finger affectionately.

"Tikki, spots on!" Marinette said, and she transformed into Ladybug. She grabbed her outfit and put on everything quickly. When she was done, she was wearing a black shirt under a red hoodie that had a ladybug on the front of it, and black jeans with red flats. She was also wearing her hair in a ponytail that would be easier to wear under her hood and still be different to her normal style. The point of the ladybug hoodie was so that if someone saw the mask, they might simply think that she was an avid Ladybug fan rather than Ladybug herself if the worst outcome happened. She'd take being thought of as a weirdo than having someone make a scene and ruin the show by recognising her. She completed the ensemble with some pink gloves that she'd made herself. The hoodie was also her design.

She looked in the mirror at her outfit. She fretted momentarily that it seemed too casual for a fashion show, but she couldn't really help it. She popped a pair of simple black sunglasses into one of the hoodie's pockets and snuck out of her room through the hatch. Then she grabbed her yo-yo, which had been put in the other hoodie pocket, and swung toward the venue where the fashion show was being held.

She landed in an alley a block away from the venue and walked the remaining way, since it would be too obvious if she swung in on her yo-yo, regardless of her outfit. She popped up her hood and approached the entrance, where a bouncer was accepting tickets. She grabbed her ticket and got into the line that was fortunately not too long yet. When she made it to the front of the line, she handed over her ticket, avoiding eye contact with the bouncer nervously.

"Front row seat, huh? That's the best spot, ma'am. You're very lucky," The bouncer told her, and Ladybug sighed in relief that he hadn't recognised her. "Go right in, and enjoy the show!" She thanked him before walking in, and she took a seat in the corner of the lobby while she waited for the doors to open and let the guests take their seats. Fortunately for her, she didn't get much attention other than a few looks at her hoodie, and she suddenly wondered if she should have chosen less obvious. A few seconds later, she saw Adrien enter the lobby and start looking around. She wondered if he was looking for her, and if she should approach him.

"Adrien!" She said quietly when he got close to her, and Adrien turned to her, coming over to her with a curious look on his face. "It's me, Ladybug!" Recognition lit up his eyes, and Ladybug started to have more confidence in her outfit since Adrien wasn't able to recognise her at first. "Sorry about this outfit, but I can't have people knowing that Ladybug is attending among them, right?"

"No, it's fine!" Adrien assured her, and Ladybug took a second to admire the suit he was wearing. He looked very handsome, and she couldn't help the blush that rose to her cheeks. "The hoodie's actually pretty cute. Where did you get it?" Ladybug held in a squeal. Adrien complimented one of her designs! Ladybug was over the moon that her hard work hadn't gone to waste.

"Actually, a friend of mine made this hoodie for me, along with these gloves." Ladybug put her hands out, palms up, and Ladybug blushed as Adrien felt the material of the gloves.

"They're so soft! And they look really good. Your friend is really talented!" Adrien smiled, and her blush intensified. She feels like she might drop dead from joy if he keeps going.

"I'm sure she'd be grateful to hear that Adrien Agreste was complimenting her work." Ladybug replied, trying not to stutter, and Adrien rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly.

"I'm not that large of a nameā€¦ That's all my father. I'm not even going to be modelling in this show," Adrien admitted, which surprised Ladybug. She was sure that she'd be seeing him on the catwalk. "But I don't mind, honestly. Not only does it mean that I get a little bit of a break, but I can spend time with you and make sure that you're enjoying yourself." Ladybug couldn't help but blush and she cursed herself for being so easily flattered by him. He was just so perfect, and she only wished that he knew how she felt about him.

As Ladybug was about to say something, she heard the call for people to enter the hall and take their seats, and Adrien led her inside, where a night of fashion and glamour awaited her.

Ladybug came out of the hall at the end of the show, and she felt great. She was slightly tired because of the hour, but she was mostly in awe of all the amazing designs that she'd seen in the show. All of the Agreste pieces had impressed her, and some pieces from other labels had been wonderful as well. She didn't think there was a design that she had seen that she didn't like.

"So how was it?" Ladybug turned to see Adrien standing next to her, and she saw that he looked rather shy. She wondered why that would be; after all, he'd been right next to her and had seen her reactions to all the items.

"It was amazing!" Ladybug exclaimed, and the shy look faded off Adrien's face and made way for a smile. "Everything was so impressive, and it was inspiring!"

"I'm glad you enjoyed the show," Adrien said, and Ladybug grinned at him. "Maybe next time you could come to one that I'm modelling in." Ladybug's jaw almost dropped. That would be a treat. Her Marinette side was sure that if she ever attended a show that Adrien was in, she would dream about it for months afterward.

"You'd invite me to a show that you would be in?" Ladybug asked, mostly to see if what he was saying was real, and when Adrien nodded, her heart soared. "I would be honoured to attend."

"Then I'll make sure to get you a ticket the next time a show's on, and I'm in the line-up." Adrien smiled, and Ladybug noticed that his cheeks appeared to be slightly rosier than usual. Was he blushing? Ladybug dared to think that he was, and that made her heart soften even more for him. He wanted to impress her, and it was adorable. She wanted to hug him, but she figured that would be inappropriate for this sort of event.

"I look forward to it! But for now, I must go home. See you around?" Ladybug said, starting to walk toward the exit.

"See you around!" Adrien called, and Ladybug looked over her shoulder to see him wave at her, and she waved back before turning back around and leaving. As soon as she was flying over rooftops and away from the venue, she let out a cheer. She was absolutely thrilled at how everything had turned out, and she had a plethora of ideas that she couldn't wait to put on paper. That night, she dreamed of flashy clothes and of Adrien modelling her designs.

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