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Annabeth POV:

I looked up at the big brick building that I've visited so many times in the past few months. The air was brisk and I could feel it biting at my cheeks and nose. It was a little later in the evening, and the temperature was getting lower by the hour. I wrapped my jacket tighter around my body, trying to keep out the cold. Opening the door, I stepped into the lobby, where a lady gave me a slight nod and continued on her way. I walked towards the elevator, pressed the up button, and waited for the stupid thing to come down. I hated waiting for things. Jabbing the fourth floor button, I tapped my feet against the ground. No matter what I did, I couldn't stop thinking about him.


"You know, the fourth floor isn't so far away. You don't have to get impatient," Percy stated with his signature grin, "Your feet are going a mile a minute."

He glanced at me, his emerald eyes gleaming with enthusiasm.

"Yeah, well, I would've much rather have taken the stairs. It would be a lot quicker than taking this thing." I bit back with a smile on my lips. He refused to take the stairs. He was like a little kid. He absolutely loved pressing elevator buttons, and would fight you and pout if you did it instead of him.

He smiled, wrapping his arms around my waist. "Yeah and taking the stairs wouldn't allow me to do this." he gripped my chin and pressed his lips against mine. He tasted like sea salt, as always. I pulled back just a fraction, our noses still touching.

"I love you," I whispered.

"I love you too."

The elevator dinged, disturbing my thoughts and signaling me to get out. I walked leisurely down the main hall and to the right, leading to my destination. As I reached the end of the hallway, I knocked on the door that led to Sally and Paul's New York apartment. I could hear rustling and footsteps walking towards the door.

Sally opened the door, and smiled when she recognized it was me. Her smiles aren't as bright as they used to be. You can see the pain in them, as you can probably see in mine. She outstretched her arms, and I obliged, getting one of her tight and motherly hugs. She took in a deep breath and pulled back.

"Hi Annabeth, please, come in." she smiled and moved to the kitchen, opening up the oven and doing something to the stuff inside. The smell was all through the house. I loved Sally's cooking. Especially the sweets.

I walked in, closing the door behind me. I sat on the other side of the breakfast bar, Sally taking off her apron and setting it on the counter. Her hair was a mess, and you could see that she hasn't gotten enough sleep. I can't talk much, I'm pretty much the same way. Her blue eyes were watering, staring at me gently until I spoke.

"How are you?" I asked, even though it was a stupid question. I knew exactly how she was.

"I'm fine, thank you. It's been a rough few months. Are you any closer to finding him?" She choked out the last few words. I thought about all the things that me and the other campers have done in the past few months.

"Jason, Piper, and Leo were unexpected, but they seem to have a key role according to the Gods' gossip," I said, "you hear a lot of it when you know the right people. Everyone's helping to try and locate him." I could feel the tears coming to my eyes again. It's been happening a lot. One escaped my eye and dripped onto the counter.

Sally clapped her hands together, distracting me from thinking any more than I already am. "Well, I have a chicken in the oven, and Paul should be home any minute. Would you help me set the table?"

"Of course," I said smiling. I've been staying here a lot. It seems it's the only place I can get a little rest.

After the table was set and the chicken was out of the oven, me and Sally went to work on making vegetables and drinks when I heard the click of a door unlocking. Paul stepped in, his bag in hand. He came over to the kitchen and gave Sally a peck on the cheek.

"Hello Annabeth. Joining us for dinner?" he stated happily. I wonder if he got his raise. I did suggest it to the schoolboard, I thought. Or he could just be happy without a reason, I heard my other part counter.

"Yes, she is. She's also staying the night, right Annabeth?" Sally spoke. Breaking out of my daze, I nodded. "Paul could you set these on the table? Then we can all wash up and eat."

Dinner lasted about an hour. The food was amazing, as always. Paul did in fact get his raise, as he mentioned at dinner, clearly excited about his day. Sally and I made small talk, avoiding what we really wanted to talk about. Paul talked to me about Camp Half Blood, and what I was planning for college in the future. I picked at my dinner, not very excited to eat, but managed some before Sally glared at me for "starving myself."

Paul and Sally said goodnight around 10, heading to their bedroom. It was Friday, and no one had to work tomorrow. I kept glancing down the hallway, debating whether to face my fears or just stay on the couch.

After about twenty minutes, I walked down and placed my hand on the doorknob. It was cold but it felt like it was burning my hand. I reluctantly opened the door. His room was dusty, clearly untouched by people in a while. His clothes were strewn all over the floor. I chuckled half-heartedly, he was always a mess. The faint smell of the ocean lingered in the room. I haven't visited the ocean in a while. Too many memories.

I strolled over to his mirror by the closet. Looking at it, I could see the bags under my eyes, the messiness of my hair, and thiness of my muscular frame. I crawled under the covers of his bed, letting his smell surround me. There was a picture of us on his side table. I studied it carefully, I've never seen it before. We were on the beach, his hair a raven mess, just the way I like it. I was sitting in his lap, laughing about something that he probably said. He was smiling back at me, his arms wrapped around my waist. It was a beautiful picture. Tears flowed down my cheeks. I missed him so much. I drifted into sleep with his smile the last thing on my mind.

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