Okay, so. Author's note for ALL OF my stories. I have writer's block, and if you're a writer you understand how much that absolutely sucks. I've been writing and re-writing chapters, over and over again. I'm not going to post a chapter that I don't like, or rushed, because if I don't like it why would you? Anyways, little notes for all of my stories in case you follow one of the other ones. (This will be posted on every story.)

When He's Gone: This story wasn't planned out, courtesy of an inexperienced writer. (Sorry, I'm learning from my mistakes) I have no clue what to do next, so I'm messing around with some ideas and trying to put something good together.. I have no clue when the next chapter will be out.. Again, sorry.. I'm working on planning my stories more thoroughly so I don't leave you guys hanging..

Our Lives After: Not really feeling this story anymore.. Once all of this writer's block and stress goes away, I'm hoping to just end it in a few chapters..

Why Him?: As you can see, (If you read it or got a notification on a chapter update from me) I'm not really stuck on this story as much as the others, but I have future chapters written. The only problem with that is, they need chapters to connect them into this timeline. When I said future, I meant future. I don't like huge time skips so I guess I need filler chapters.

P.S. My writing style moves with the ideas I get. I do have other stories with like, maybe ten chapters on my laptop. I don't know if I will post them, but I don't want you guys to see a new story and think "She has time for these stories but not the ones already in there." That's not my intention. Like I said, when I get an idea, I write about it. And sadly, I haven't been getting ideas for my current stories.. Sorry for the disappointment..