Alexandra Winchester stood behind the bar at the Harvelle Roadhouse her oldest brother had just rang to say that he had found their wayward brother Sam who had disappeared from the hotel room which he had been sharing with Dean there had been something in his voice though which sounded suspiciously like guilt. "Long day beautiful" said one of the men who sat at the counter with a whisky.

"Your drunk Megson go away and find some other girl" grumbled Alex as she cleared away several shot glasses from one of the tables after the incident with Sam's possession when he attacked Jo and she and her brother and got themselves the anti -possession symbol tattooed onto their bodies. She had made her way to the roadhouse promising her brother's she would give them a ring once she got there as much as she loved hunting with her brothers she also enjoyed taking the odd bit of time off between jobs to have a temp job where she could bail on short notice if she needed to because of craze ass demons on her way to the roadhouse she had worked at serval bar's to get cash for the road and to pay for petrol having nicked at car from a dealership halfway a beautiful Silver Lexus which she had sprayed black and changed the plates to prevent cops from tracking her down.

"Ash, having you found something?" asked Alex looking over at the drunk computer genius who had come over.

"Sure thing just bout to call him"

"Yeah he's on his way with Sam and cannot wait to chew him out for taking so long." Ash slid a piece of paper over to her which she glanced over to memorise then took out a lighter from her back pocket and setting it alight while Ash rang Dean to let him know that he had found something. The door to the roadhouse banged open and a group of five entered looking rather banged up "Honestly that last one nearly had you there" said the copper haired girl.

"No way that asshat could have killed this lovely thing" replied one of the blonde males who was learning on the dark haired male.

"Sure bro keep telling yourself that while he had you in a freaking choke hold you guys go find a table I'll go and get drinks then join you." There was something familiar about those voices to Alex but there were tons of regulars which came in "So can I get you anything then?" she asked.

"Two whisky's, six beer's and your name" came the answer. Alex laughed as she poured the whisky's and got out the beers.

"Alex and I'm between jobs so I'm just earning myself a bit of cash what's yours?"

"Aiden and I believe I met you in downstate Georgia when you helped us take out a nest of Vamps"