"Go Deacon get the team out I'll stay with Alex" Deacon looked at his older brother who repeated his previous statement "Deacon go, Alex what exactly are you planning to do"

"Set their asses on fire"

Deacon, Luke, Caleb, Lea and Olivia watched from the edge of the woods as the Harvelle Roadhouse burst into flames "Aiden will be fine, he's a tough guy and Alex she freaking tele and psychokinetic" said Luke hugging Deacon. Caleb stood next to the girls one arm round Olivia's waist and the other resting on Lea's shoulder's

"Now What we have no idea what we are going to do or where we're going" whispered Lea

"We'll head to the nearest motel clean up and go from there" replied Deacon "That's what Aiden would do"

"Can't we just take a minute to grieve for all those hunters back there" answered Olivia sobs breaking up her words.

"S'cuse me but did someone you know die in that fire" asked a feminine voice from behind them "Pretty cool sight huh"

"Speak for yourself Alex you weren't the one that got shot twice in the bloody arm" groaned another. The group turned round to see Alex and Aiden the later leaning against a tree right arm across his chest the left covering the upper gun wound the lower one still bleeding.

"Listen right now we need to get somewhere safe Olivia, Caleb and Deacon you guys go in one car, Aiden Luke you guys come with me now move." Said Alex they headed towards the car.

"Jeez how'd you afford the Lexus Alex credit card scam? "asked Caleb.

"No I nicked halfway nice isn't she had to replace the number plates and repaint her but she's a sweet ride come on we can talk elsewhere somewhere safe"

"You guys go and crash on the couches don't touch anything but the couches" Alex said dumping her duffel on the floor by a bookcase.

"Isn't this breaking in?" asked Lea

"Not if you know if you know the owner look you guys just rest up, Aiden come on lets patch you up" answered Alex dragging Aiden to the kitchen.

"Must say Alex this brings back a few memories and rather pleasant though it was the other way round and no bullets were involved" Aiden said wincing as Alex passed a match over a pair of tweezers "really." Alex looked at him with a raised eyebrow "we are going to get those bullets out whether you are sitting on that chair or I am pinning you to the floor."

"Alex listen about the week in Georgia do regret any of it, I mean I know we agreed that we couldn't do it because we were going separate ways but I never stopped thinking about it you think that we could give a relationship a shot"? Aiden asked lifting his other hand and cupping her cheek Alex took a deep breath in she had missed him loads since that week she finished off the last dressing.

"I think we could give it a go but I do have two older brothers who would indefinitely kill you if you hurt me"

"I'll fight for you if I have too"

"You would"

"Yeah and you know it" they were only a few inches apart by now and Alex could felt her heart thumping and could only hope that Aiden couldn't hear it. He leaned in his good arm snaked round the back of her neck and kissed her.


In the motel room Alex flinched as Aiden stitched the deep scratch wounds up dam Vampire had sharp nails "Stop it the more you fidget the longer it will take" grumbled Aiden as he pulled the thread again "So Sam and Dean Winchester are your brothers huh heard a lot about them." Alex gave a small laugh "I bet however I'm just as bad as they are" said Alex then did one thing she would regret she kissed him pulling back when he didn't respond "Sorry" muttered Alex flushing.

"Sorry for what, you did nothing" replied Aiden his eyes meeting hers "I knew there was something about you when I saw you working the first time at the bar you seemed way to good at getting rid of drunk men hitting on you, you pack one hell of a punch and you are way to beautiful and that shoulder less top and neckline only make you more so" Alex flushed at the last statement she opened her mouth to make a witty retort but was cut off by his lips on hers. Her finger curled into his shirt tugging it up over his head his own hand ran themselves over her bare shoulders Alex hissed as he found a sensitive area on her neck Aiden pulled back "Too fast?" he asked his silver eyes full of concern Alex shook her head fingers running over the hard muscle on his chest. There was no more talking for a long time after that.

End Flashback

There was bang as the front door opened the couple jumped apart and ran into the living room "Who the hell are you and what are you doing in my house" yelled the middle aged man shotgun raised two younger guys stood behind him one supporting the other.

"Dean, Sam" yelled Alex flinging herself forward.