Previous Chapter: There was bang as the front door opened the couple jumped apart and ran into the living room "Who the hell are you and what are you doing in my house" yelled the middle aged man shotgun raised two younger guys stood behind him one supporting the other.

"Dean, Sam" yelled Alex flinging herself forward.

The shorter of the two caught Alex before she knocked the pair of them flying and hugged the taller joining in.

"Alex thank goodness you're alright, when we saw the roadhouse" the taller said

"Sam I thought you'd recognise my handiwork honestly where did you vanish to anyway"

"Idijit glad to see your not a crisp, where's Ellen and who are these punks"

"Nice to see you too Bobby anyway these guys are a group of hunters I worked with taking down a vamp nest in Georgia, Sam, Dean, Bobby meet, Lea, Luke, Caleb, Olivia, Deacon and Aiden."

"Any friend of Alex's is a friend of mine" said Sam shaking hands with them. Dean was quietly observing the way Aiden's eyes kept flickering to Alex.

"Sam you ok?" asked Alex

"Yeah I'm ok short stuff apart from being kidnapped, stabbed and miraculously surviving" Alex gave a small sideways glance at Dean who looked a little uncomfortable "Sam go and get some sleep." The dark haired brother headed up the stairs Dean went to follow "Dean kitchen now go. Bobby good to see you up and running and don't worry Ellen was out buying pretzels." Deacon looked at Alex then at her oldest brother who was edging into the kitchen.

"You're scary Alex" Deacon said

"Thank you now I have to speak with my stupid older brother" Alex stood up from the couch and followed her brother to the kitchen. The group in the living room soon heard raised voices.

"You stupid ass, Dean how could you do that" they heard Alex's raised voice

"I was thinking of our brother" was Dean's reply

"Yes I know that but did you ever consider how I would feel or Sam if he found out he blame the whole thing on his gifts and you know that" the sound of shattering glass followed and Olivia and Lea winced.

"Your right Al I wasn't thinking" there was a pause in the conversation then Alex spoke again but a bit more quitter.

"How long were you given anyway?" her voice was quiet.

"She gave me a year and said if I tried anything Sam would die" confessed Dean

"That freaking bitch I'm going to kill her" yelled Alex.

"Alex no you can't if you do like I said Sam will die" Dean said there was a silence then the group heard a sob.

"It should have been me Dean not Sam and you know it"

"No Alex if you had ended up there then your friends and boyfriend wouldn't be alive right now" Dean answered.

"He's not my boyfriend asshole"

"Sure because the fact he wouldn't his eyes of you means nothing right" teased Dean.

"Sod off you're one to talk what about all your girls not to mention your feelings for Jo"

"I don't have feelings for Jo"

"Ow because Jo deffinatley has feelings for you."

"S'cuse me but there's a lady named Ellen wanting to see you" said Luke looking between the two siblings.