Summary: When Naruto charged up his Rasengan and clashed it with Sasuke's Chidori at the Valley of End something went horribly wrong or perhaps horribly right depending on your view of things. Oh Sasuke escaped alright leaving Naruto unconscious but the amount of Dark Matter that was released had to go somewhere and they found themselves locked into Naruto forever changing the blond.

This story will take backseat to Storm Blade Rebellion so it will be updated faster but with smaller chapters. A Naruto x Tayuya pairing with Naruto x Flash crossover

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto

Chapter 1

Naruto had just finished talking to Sakurawhen he heard about the state of his friends who had followed him. He was so angry at himself, first he failed to fulfil his promise to Sakura, he had failed to bring his best friend back and now all his friends would have been killed today if not for Gaara and his siblings.

'What kind of Hokage doesn't know how to save the people close to him? How can I say that I will surpass the Hokages when I can't even save my best friend? Argh I am such an idiot'

Consumed with pain and self-loathing Naruto knew that he needed to get out of here, he needed to get stronger, he needed to get better at protecting his precious people unfortunately his dark thoughts were drawing the Kyuubi's chakra out of him and considering the fact that he was in the hospital he ran.

Five seconds later he found himself outside of the hospital 'wait wasn't I just at the top floor how the hell did I get here?' looking back inside he found papers flying everywhere further confusing the blond reducing his sense of awareness so he did not see when a bunch of kids throttled him but he saw in great detail the fall in slow motion

"What the hell is this?"

"Sorry mister"

"Yeah okay" after leaving there he noticed that his hands were vibrating at super speed "what is happening to me? I need to see Baa-chan ttebayo"

The instant he took off running he blew past everything at insane speeds yet he could still see everyone as if they were standing still, smirking and deciding to test just how fast he was he pictured the Valley of End then he ran too it

"WHOOOOOOOO" unfortunately while he was excited at what he could do he stopped paying attention to his surroundings causing him to crash into a fallen tree

"Ow" standing up he noticed that this where Shikamaru had faced that redhead girl since the area was as thrashed as he described it "Damn Temari is scary"

Just as he was about to take off again he heard a groan nearby after checking the place he noticed a broken flute after pocketing it Naruto inspected the groaning trees and that was when he saw her. The redhead was still alive how he could not understand I mean with the amount of trees crushing her body he was sure nobody had the will to survive that yet she did

"Taijuu Kage Bushin no Jutsu" the clones helped him remove the trees slowly and with each removal she groaned in pain and the sound tugged at Naruto's heart strings so after removing the trees he noticed that her legs were almost non-existent and the trees that held her together before were no longer there so the blood gushing out was terrifying and apparently she picked that time to wake up and boy the scream that tore out of her throat also tore his heart in two

Making a split second decision he ran back to the village at full speeds picked up Tsunade at the Hokage Tower and brought her to Tayuya in three seconds flat he almost passed out

"What the fuck, Naruto what…"

"Baa-chan explanations later please you have to heal her"

Tsunade was then aware of the girl screaming her lungs out and looking down she realized why "Naruto in order to heal her I need supplies which I don't have I am sorry but she doesn't have a chance"

"What kind of supplies?"

"Bloods bags, medication, sewing kits, and food pills but seeing as we don't have th…" she couldn't finish her sentence before Naruto disappeared in a cloud of dust only to reappear five seconds later with everything she said and looking like he was about to kneel over

"Naruto how did"

"Can you heal her now? Please Baa-chan"

Confused and a little annoyed Tsunade went to work and whenever she needed something else Naruto would go and get it two hours later Tayuya had stopped screaming and was now unconscious

"Is she going to be okay Baa-chan?"

"Hai the Curse Seal used up its last energy to regenerate her legs although it will take weeks before she can walk properly let alone fight with them but she will live"

Naruto finally let out the breath he had been holding and that point in time his body decided to get some rest so he collapsed leaving Tsunade with two unconscious teenagers

"Damn brat"

Later that evening

Naruto woke up back in the hospital room and when he tried to stand up he noticed an IV drip attached to his arm

"That is the 50th we have injected you with"


"You heard me brat whatever technique or ability you have developed drains your glucose level severely"

"Oh well I feel better Baa-chan thanks"

Tsunade then sat down beside him and with a serious face said "Naruto explain now"

Naruto gulped "I don't know how Baa-chan but I can move super-fast now it is incredible"

Tsunade narrowed her eyes "When did you notice this?"

"Uh this morning after I was released"

'So Kakashi was right after all the clash at the Valley created a dark matter cloud but if Naruto was affected who else could have been affected? Would Sasuke also have unbelievable powers too?'

"Baa-chan what is going to happen to the girl?"

"Interrogation and then execution"


"Keep your voice down brat and why the hell not?"

"Well, well it is not fair"

"She helped your friend escape and you are defending her?"

"She can't be that bad ttebayo she had a curse seal on her at least now that it is gone she can be free from Orochimaru"

"And so what"

"So we can't execute an innocent girl"

"Brat have you gone mental this girl attacked your friends"

"Baa-chan" Naruto became sober all of a sudden "I can't get her screams out of my head. Baa-chan put her under my protection I promise I will not let her hurt anyone"

'Damn this brat and his ability to turn me into a soft pushy damn him'

"Fine brat she is unconscious for now but when she wakes up I will place her under your protection but if she so much as tips out of line she is toast got it?"

Naruto beamed "you got it Baa-chan"

"Tch rest you can see your girlfriend tomorrow"

Naruto choked on his saliva "what!"

Tsunade laughed as she left