A/N: Hi guys, I apologize for the long hiatus. I have decided to scrap Orange Flash and remake it. The new story is 'Blaze'. Orange Flash has a lot of holes in it. I have tried to see how to fix them within the story, but it's not going to work. That is why I have decided to revamp the story entirely. A warning to those interested in 'Blaze': I did NOT follow the script. My main problem with Orange Flash was finding a way to merge the plots of Flash and Naruto, without messing it up. I will not be doing that in Blaze. I intend to maintain the main characters and it will remain a Naruto x Tayuya pairing. However the plot will be different. As part of my research I read stories with crossovers like this one: with Arrow, Justice League and Flash. So there will be certain similarities between Blaze and them but fret not Blaze will be its own unique story. I can only hope that you all love it; that will be the true test.

Thanks to everyone who has supported Orange Flash. I am sorry if this disappoints you. I hope you will give Blaze a chance. Thank you.