Author's Note: Hello Everyone! Z-King here the co-author to the Godzilla X Titan series here to give you a trailer on a new fanfic project, of course the first trailer for this is on the Z-King and Lord Primeval fanfiction Trailers title.

Now things are still being planned for this story so don't expect it to be shown here in a couple of days/weeks/months yet, but I managed to think of a new trailer to get you guys interested…I hope.

SO lets start the trailer!

We see a map of the four nations with each continent showing color of the elements that where born there and circling around them are two orbs, one glowing in a mixture of white and blue and the other one glowing black and red.

A Storyteller: Long ago the four nations lived in an ever changing cycle that was maintained by balance between the two Avatars of the dark and of the light.

The black and red orb rolled across the map and caused it to burn and decay but when the while and blue orb rolled upon it the map was restored.

A Storyteller: The Dark brings war, chaos and death, while The Light brings peace, order and life.

Then the two orbs clashed against each other trying to push one or the other off the map.

A Storyteller: And thus the two would clash, forever fighting to bring the world their purpose.

Then the orbs stopped glowing and soon vanished from sight and the colors of the four nations started to change. The color of the air nations started to vanish and the red color of the fire nation started to spread towards both the water and earth nations.

A Storyteller: Then one day, the two vanished, and the world lived for a hundred years of war, a world without the avatars.

Then suddenly the two orbs appeared, the light in the southern parts of the water tribe and the dark appearing in the earth kingdom.

A Storyteller: Until one day. The conflict began anew.

(Play Requiem for a Dream)

A blinding light shines upon Katara and Sokka as they managed to see the frozen forms of Aang and Appa.

While in a destroyed earth kingdom village a lone figure stands above a dead villager, the figures eyes glowing red through a dark mask.

The world of the Avatar has changed.

Aang, Katara, and Sokka arrive at a village.

Aang: Hi, I'm the avatar!

At once people either ran in fright or held a weapon at them.

Katara: Light he's the avatar of light!

Aang: Yes I am! I got to start remember to say that.

Sokka: You think?!

There is no longer just one.

The Dark Avatar in full view, mask and all, her appearance is of a girl appearing to be around the same age and height as Katara but wearing a dark colored outfit that mix Azula's Earth kingdom clothes from book 2 and Korra's Earth Kingdom battle outfit form book 4.

Multiple Fire nation soldiers surround her and instantly used their fire bender to burn her but then she circled her hands and started bending their fires and launching them right back at them.

Now there are two.

A Merchant: It's bad enough with the fire nation but now that your back, now we have to deal with the Dark Avatar!

Aang stands in horror as the Dark Avatar walks towards him, he is about to turn when suddenly a wall of earth rises behind him.

Zuko: Doesn't matter, one or two of them I will capture both Avatars!

?: To all who stand in the Dark Avatar's way.

Zuko charges in ready to strike only for the Dark Avatar to stop the attack by grabbing his fist with her hand.

?: Be they strangers or allies of the Light Avatar.

Sokka charged with his boomerang but was then pushed back by the Dark Avatar's Air bending. Then Katara ran in and used water bending to make a water whip to attack.

?: All will suffer by her hand.

The Dark Avatar avoided the attack and ran towards Katara to grab her arm and using her fire bending started to burn her arm causing Katara to scream in pain.

Aang: NO!

The story has changed, will the outcome change as well?

Aang and the Dark Avatar face each other.

Aang's eyes and tattoos shined in a blue glow, while a red glow shined through the Dark Avatar's mask eyes.

Dark Avatar: I have been waiting for this day for a long, Long, Time.

The two Avatars then charged at each other and as they clashed a mix of light and dark flashed.

Z-King presents.

War of the Avatars.

A Last Airbender retelling.

Coming soon.

Author's Note: Well here is the trailer, like I said the rest of the story is still in the works and before anyone asks no the Dark Avatar is not Azula.

Now I wont give everything away for what I have plan for this series, but it is a story that's stays true to the series but with a few alterations.

I will try not to make it a cut and paste kind of story with things being the same like in the show and keep it somewhat original but some things will stay the same but with a twist.

And I bet some of you are wondering…will their be OCs? Yes and you guys can help!

You guys if you can think of some characters to be introduce to this story, but there is some conditions. They can't be to powerful so no Mary/Gary sues and they can be good guys or bad guys and you can only offer one character per author. You can send your character idea in your reviews or PM me but please don't get upset if I don't use them or if I did not do them right.

I'll also except help from any fans of the Avatar series to help me out with this, the more the merrier they say.

All I ask is that you respect my choices and decisions for this story and where I want it to lead, just as I will respect your ideas and aid.

Thanks and wish me luck!

Ps. Once I actually do the story I will move this trailer to fanfic trailer fic (Try saying that five times fast.)